Daily Standup 07 – Alphabet Earnings, The Othership Community & TechTo In-Person Events

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Daily Standup 07 - Alphabet Earnings, The Othership Community & TechTo In-Person Events

Daily Standup 07

– Alphabet and YouTube earnings
– S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq all red
– The Othership sauna, ice bath and breathwork wellness center and community
– First Wim Hof and cold plunge experience at Burning Man in 2019
– In-person events are back with TechTO!
– Stopping panels and fireside chats at events to let people connect again



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Automated Transcription

All right hello hello Tyler Bryden here. Thank you for tuning in. I’m going to jump right into something no one wants to talk about, but also that we want to talk about. Yesterday Alphabet, YouTube, Google all the all the names there, earnings reports. And you know, after a pretty incredible year like just insane growth during COVID, these earnings reports are starting to come out and they’re missing you know missing targets in lower than what people expected and lower than what people expected is.

Is an interesting way to put it, because many of us believed that we were going to see some drop in this after after COVID and and here it was. Here it came yesterday and then what we see if you want to see some red in the morning. There you go get to have some fun and interesting to read. You know I’m not going to be claim expertise on this, I’m just reading some threads and and and doing a little bit of research, but I know little breakdown from Anthony here and some very interesting sort of debate in the comments. About, well, many things, but this was expected and that some of these reactions are overblown.

But then also obviously this is, you know, the money printer machine was on and some of these that this is to be expected frankly so not been too much time on this because it’s sad. I hope you’re doing OK and hopefully we see a little bit more. You know some some green here not? Maybe not today, maybe not, but but in the future so wanted to hop into what was a great experience. So this is a place called the other ship.

It’s in Toronto and I followed this community for a really long time and they used to have this little tiny space. If you’re in Toronto around, sort of Davenport Dufferin area and they group there sort of brought together the these two elements which is basically sauna cold. Plunge and built it in like a shed or garage and started having people over there and it started to be this beautiful space. This beautiful community and I was lucky enough to go to their old space and then you know what what I found out is this team here was really making a push to expand what they were doing and bring it to more people and So what they’ve done is 2 two things and so tech TO organized an event yesterday. And so this maybe a nice group of us there and they have they have two things.

I’ll talk about the the actual physical space here. Let’s see if I can pop this up. Sauna, ice bath and it’s got just this massive. You can see this massive sauna in there. Everyone stretching. They’ve got lights where they they.

You know they can change the color of it and then it you know changes the changes. The ambience as well too. But Jeff a great great guy there and really, what they’ve done is built not just. Sauna cold plunge breathwork. All this they’ve really been intentional about building a community and because of that I’ve been back many times.

I know people are going there regularly and I really do. If you’re in Toronto, I recommend checking this out. It’s people who are very intentional with their work trying to do something impactful and they’re all in. They’re all present in the moment as they’re leading these sessions. You know you’re so you’re going like 15 to 20 minutes.

Sauna group of people exercises. You know different different sort of modalities. There of movement of meditation, all nicely guided and then after that you’re doing a a cold plunge. You know jumping into a bath a couple degrees and you’re sitting you’re going in there for two minutes and you’re going through this rotation of hot and cold. And what I found from this has been really nice impact.

Feel great the next day, but I also feel like I’m having really good sleeps after that. And so there’s there’s. I know there’s some science behind that, they explained. I blacked out while they were explaining it, but that original. Some of those original experiences have led me to be doing cold showers in the morning.

I found that’s had an impact on my happiness on my health on my stress response. And I think they are really on to something. There again, different comfortability levels with cold. First one was horrible yesterday. I actually enjoyed the two minutes and it was just really nice to spend some time back.

There and again recommended a lot. There are great people doing great stuff. They’ve built a sort of digital extension of this experience with an application and they raise some money. I’ve seen some great people who have invested in in them and I’m just proud to see the growth and the transformation. I think when that could have people work this hard to do something positive, it’s it at least has at the very least it has a positive impact in the community.

And then in that community, those ripples sort of spread wide and. Just as an example, there was someone there last night from Dallas who was testing it and was then going back and sharing that with her husband back in Texas. So they’re expanding. They’re looking at going to other cities, big ones, you know, Los Angeles, New York, and very inspired by sort of these bath. You know these bathroom bathrooms like bath places.

I don’t know if that’s the right term. Bath houses across the world and so definitely worth it. One of the I didn’t actually pull this link up, but there was. It was a really nice article that one of their founders wrote to about sort of founder burnout and stress response and how you can mitigate that with work like this, and I think that’s really important. I’ve gone through different phases of stress anxiety in my in my journey as an as an entrepreneur, entrepreneur and I found that if you can, whether it’s exercise or or things like modalities like these, if you can put some stress on yourself.

There, then the stress that comes through almost this artificial cognitive lens of business. You can be more resilient to that and I am definitely still working and on my own path in terms of the breadth work piece that they’ve been doing here. I have my own sort of anxiety and stress and sort of challenges with legacy lung capacity, and so the intentional breath work that they’re doing there is really valuable. It’s probably why I haven’t downloaded the other ship app personally. Breathwork scares me. I’m still still figuring out how to do that in a in a happy place, but overall I think that’s important, and when I do that work, even if I I struggle with it, it comes out with me feeling more present in the moment and and I’m ready to tackle the day and the stresses of life that we that we actually face.

So the last thing I just wanted to talk about. Actually, we’ll talk about this was I got I had I had my first experience with this at Burning Man in 2019 and we did a sort of. I’m half breathing session and and I was just in the middle of desert so breath, breath, breath, breath, breath, sort of this jungle music and I reached this sort of transcendental. Psychedelic experience without any substances involved and one of the really interesting things that they did through that exercise. Through the expansion of breath, the sort of community driven breathing was, you would do a test where you do pushups.

At the start, you know many pushups you can do holding your breath, and then you could do the pushups after, and I think most people could. After they did the breath work, they could do double if not triple the amount of push-ups while holding their breath after that. So that was a really sort of instant feedback way that I. Had sort of the experience of the sort of the profound benefits of some of this stuff, and it’s also a cool story from Burning Man. I had a video of it. I actually posted it on ticked off, which I’m still ashamed of, and because basically we were all almost naked in that tick.

Tock took it down, so I was going to show it here, but I’m not going to make that risk. It was a cool video. I will not be able to share that though, and I’m sorry. And lastly, just wanted to talk something about that I’m passionate about here. Which is tech Toronto amazing community for technology?

In Toronto, and I moved to Toronto in January 2020 and one of the reasons this compelled me to do it is I was connecting with people at tech TO events and there was tech to marketing and tech TO sales. And, you know, we had amazing events in London, but maybe 50 people there for a whole general event. And then I would start to go to tech TO Toronto and it would be like specifically marketing. It would be like 500, seven 150 people there and just the energy, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the technology. Really was one of the compelling reasons that I wanted to move to Toronto and to join the DMZ, and I met so many people in that time.

I just enjoyed those conversations so much and I had these sort of breakthroughs where I know there’s this operating wavelength where we could talk about something very quickly and that feet, you know, the the connection, the understanding that was a really beautiful sort of moment and experience in my life, and obviously with the pandemic. I talked to you. Had to shut down in person events, but it seems like they are back on pace to do in person events. One of them was this event at the other ship last night, which I was very grateful for. Grateful to see some people that I hadn’t seen in in person for a long time and I think many of us right now are craving this connection.

Craving this in person. Connection and you know my feedback from going to a couple events. Since the pandemic is over is that Scroll down. I think I got a couple of events coming up here. They’ve got Vancouver location and a couple other things going on too, but my feedback. Personally this is personal opinion is that.

The traditional structure of events will not have the same impact anymore because the feeling that I’ve had is. I’ve gone back to events. There are panels, there are fireside chats, etcetera, etcetera. Great the feeling that I have is that more unstructured networking events where you just bring people together in a nice space or in it during a nice activity and just allow them to chat, interact, talk, connect. I think that’s what’s going to drive success at events.

I think we’ve all sat enough. At home passively listening to people talk. And really we we all need to practice communicating again. We all need to have conversations again and so my feedback is if you are organizing events again, personal opinion is that you it would be great if you could allow, you know, put that priority on the networking and the connections and the conversations in the Community and not just put some people talking up at the front where we all have to sit in a crowd. We could do that at home if we wanted to do so.

Tech yellow, thank you. Glad you’re back. Glad that you have persisted through this. You organized some awesome stuff virtually and great to see you back in person here as well too. So that’s it. I talked about Alphabet, YouTube, earnings, SP500, Dow, NASDAQ, all read a wonderful other ship, sauna, bath, breath work. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing.

Check it out if you’re in Toronto and look for the app as well as if they’re expanding to your location. Definitely worth a visit. Some great people doing amazing. Enough, a little bit about some Burning Man, which I’ve made it seven days through standups without mentioning Burning Man. So I’m proud of myself and you should hope you’re proud of me too.

And then lastly tech TO great community here in Toronto doing events. And I I’m so excited to see things back in person. Sounds like a similar casual barbecues and things coming that and I heard even a rumor that there’s events that are supposed to be dog friendly, which makes me very happy. And that’s a great way to bond if you ask me. So thank you so much for checking this out.

I know this was a little different than the other ones, but hopefully something interesting to you here, and if you ever ever wanna chat reach out, please feel encouraged to. I’m more than happy to thank you.


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