Part 1: Getting The Perfect Domain From NameCheap

Part 1: Getting The Perfect Domain From NameCheap

Picking the domain is an important first step in getting your website and brand up. Getting a domain typically requires three steps: Choose a domain registrar that will register the domain on your behalf Find the domain you want (make sure it is available) Purchase...
Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through The Heart

Valentine’s Day Massacre After a horrible Valentine’s Day shooting in Florida that has left at least 17 dead, I mull over the discussion around guns, mental health, and the contrast in messaging that occurs depending on who the shooter is. Transcript...
The Demo

The Demo

My First Attempt In 2018 At Broadcasting I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and have wanted to build something for myself. This is a demo to figure out the process of broadcasting. I hope to develop this naturally over time and share the work I am doing, some of...



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