Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album Reaction

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Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album Reaction


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Alright hello, hello teller Brian here, hope everything’s going well. If you liked this video like comment, subscribe to the algorithm, do its thing. All that wonderful stuff. It was very exciting weekend for me and the reason was Beyoncé’s Renaissance dropped and you know might be weird. You know talked about natural language processing and technology and development and all this stuff but at the core level I’m an avid music fan. I’m a huge lover of hip hop of R&B, of soul of dance, music of electron and Beyoncé. Came with this and I’m I’m a super Beyoncé fan, so this was this was wonderful. A wonderful way to spend the week and had a lot of fun listening to this and a couple disclaimers. This is not a review. I don’t have the credibility to review Beyoncé. I don’t have the the plaques. I don’t have anything to really allow for me to do this, but this is just a reaction and a couple of notes and thoughts as I’ve been listening to this album and I’m going to continue to listen to this a lot more because there’s some incredible bangers on it that I’m very excited about before already, it’s #2.

Uh, I’m part of the LGBTQ plus community, so there are some. You know, a lot of people have talked about this to being an O owed to the black LGP. TQ Plus community and I that resonates with me. Obviously I’m not fully. You know, fitting some of those descriptors, but at the same time I think it’s a really powerful, beautiful thing and that you know brings me towards the album in an even more sort of powerful way, so I’m thankful for her to to do this and for her to continue to be sort of a part of of culture and pushing culture, and that just makes me.

Well, incredibly excited and grateful and I know there’s a lot of people out there you know, dancing to this full filled with joy and and filled with love because of this labor three, I have been to a Beyoncé concert. Jay-Z Beyoncé, the Carters. Everything is love to her. Besides DJ Khaled opening being a little whack, that was an amazing concert. And I’m I’m so grateful that I I got to go and I have spent years listening to Beyoncé lemonade. You know, which is now six years ago, which I didn’t even realize. One of my favorite albums of all time, something I continuously go back and listen to. And I think this Renaissance has many of those sort of threads to it, especially on a couple songs. And I will touch on a couple of those songs. So a couple other things. I mean, first of all, there’s some crazy.

Headlines around you know around around this album. Already like Ken Beyoncé. Just going back to be Ken Beyoncé, go back to just being a pop star so you know, talking about her comments on social statements and issues, things in the past that she’s done other, you know, other people saying that it’s sort of a chaotic mess of an album you can see I’ve been scrolling and reading in this so a lot of people sort of talking about a little bit more chaotic than some of the past ones, which. Maybe we could. I mean, maybe could be true, but in general I think one of the other common threads to it is that it’s a, you know, a very enjoyable listen. Very fun to listen to. You can play it start to finish and you can feel very.

You know, happy after and you know you can see some of the reviews. I’m gonna link all these as I always do. I love linking, you know link all this couple, you know, paywall. Backed ones, but overall there’s some people who think maybe not as tight and maybe not the sort of masterpiece. That lemonade was, or I guess is, and you know, I can see why that. I guess that sort of maybe criticism is leveled, but for me you know I’m just so excited by the whole thing that I can’t really do that and to share my excitement. Let’s see if I can find. Let’s see if I can find this video.

You can see this is my dance old session through our last night. Let’s see if I can get this full screen here. So a couple of sparklers.


OK, so that’s I can mean that’s my reaction to. That’s my reaction to the album. And you know, there’s a couple songs that really stuck out to me, so alien superstar is one of them. Heated is another one of them. I’m not going to go through track by track. This is just a high level, you know, reaction to this. I’m already 5 minutes in. I’ve given you nothing of value so you can see I’m just pouring out of enthusiasm without really giving any insight here. I am not fantano or any of these people with that, you know a couple of other things that I just think of. Though when I think of this as like Beyoncé at a core level is a monopoly.

And when you know when she drops an album like this, I don’t know if there was a lead up to this. I know you know, break my soul, which was a song that at first listen I liked and then now love and continues to like make me give fire me up and I went to the gym and worked out before this. Listening to the album and and so the rollout to me wasn’t that massive. I didn’t know that that single was coming out. I didn’t know when this album was coming out and maybe that’s just me missing announcement me not following the right people. Whatever that is online, but overall I just thought that this was sort of an unexpected rollout for me personally. After you know, six years of relative silence, obviously there was the Carters there, but over you know, I think I’ve talked about it in a previous video. These unexpected rollouts or album releases are huge driver of success in the industry right now, and Beyoncé here doing this towards towards the tail end of summer.

I I wish you’d maybe pushed up a month early, but that’s not my that’s not for me to say. Allow you know people are gonna be finishing off this summer dance and listen to this music, and I think there was this nice alignment with. COVID ending with pandemic ending and you know people going back to celebrating in clubs, celebrating on beaches wherever they’re partying wherever they’re having fun and Beyoncé is now accompanying that. With some music you know perfectly suited to do that. So I’m going to take my headphones off.

Couple of other things that I you know, just sort of that. I was thinking of are like so heated second sort of favorite song you know, maybe my. Put my headphones back on. I’ve been seeing people doing reviews and like playing just small clips of songs and I I don’t know how that works to be honest because I I don’t want to get any commercial.

You got a lot of. Gotta find myself off. Myself.

You know that’s just Beyoncé to me at her core prime. That makes me so excited and there’s a couple others like just to me beyond just great beats and and great sort of transitions to wrote all the songs, just some peak Beyoncé moments that you live for. Ones that are reminiscent to a couple moments on everything is love on lemonade. And you know, I’m thankful for you, know her as she continues that that she knows that she can relatively consistently hit those moments. And interestingly enough, a couple of the songs. I believe even heated I read had some. Some writing credits from Drake and when we talk about sort of this movement towards house, this movement towards electronic and dance music. There is some really interesting trends that we’re seeing here at Drake. Obviously releasing an album with with some odes to that as well too. I don’t think you know. Maybe getting the reception or delivery that he was hoping for. Unfortunately this week and he got, you know, had COVID, and so he couldn’t do OBO Fest, which I know was disappointing for a lot of people and that you know for myself not being as first of all, being bored in 1992. I missed a lot of some of the cultural influences on this album. There’s some things that I’m just unaware of.

But I can hear these sort of. Ages and eras bleed through and a beautiful way into some of the music and some of the songs. And, you know, I know there’s a lot deeper level that people are listening to that this, whether they’re producers, whether they’re culturally in touch with this music, whether they live through this time, that probably resonates even more deeply with them. For me it hits hard and it already sort of transcends these things because of the knowledge that it is touching into those. Even maybe without knowing every single reference and so.

One thing I noticed too was just like lots of voice changes throughout the album, sometimes even a couple of moments where like almost question if this is Beyoncé and I think that was a lot of fun. It added a lot of sort of uniqueness and you know these moments that I think great artists. Now I think of Kendrick Lamar on Dam where it’s like constantly switching up because we’re such. Instant gratification short, focused attention spans that we shift into different tones, different flows. Beyoncé did this many times throughout the album.

And I think she did a fantastic job of just keeping up high energy and excitement throughout all of it. And there are a couple I think connections to some of the older albums that she’s done. I think of The Lion King album and you know, I’ve got a reference. Exactly what song it is, but it relatively has almost the exact same beat. So energy on stage.

Maybe? This reminds me of Lion King. And so there’s lots of influences that pour through and, and I think even some past nods to other songs that she’s done. And obviously some of her favorite music. She’s sexy on the album. She says, you know, some wonderful fun, playful things. Beyoncé has been, you know, just being around some just beautiful, amazing women in my own life. I know how much of a role, model and idol she has been to embrace.

Femininity to brace woman. You know, you know, just grace the power of being a woman. The power of you know, loving yourself. The power of living yourself, living to your full self and full expression all these beautiful. Things that are so valuable for us to know and understand and have as part of our lives. She’s been a huge part of that for so many women across the world. And not just women. For for for men, for genders, for different races everywhere, and that that is always something that stuck with me. You know, I don’t need to be, you know, I guess you know a woman to just connect with the music that Beyoncé is making. It just transcends that and self love and.

All this stuff is such a beautiful thing so. That being said, there are some hilarious lyrics I, I think of the one it must be the cash because it ain’t your face and my partner Monica just sort of laughed at. Like sometimes you would just you’re a conflict Holocaust. Sometimes you would just think that was a horrible line and not conscious and not but the way she says it, the where it sits on the album. It’s hilarious to me and there’s lots of great lines throughout this that I think I’m still going to continue to uncover. And just like any music, the more you listen to it, it builds those sort of neural pathways in your brains. You fall in love you.

It’s some of it becomes more predictable, some of it becomes really exciting and then you hit those beautiful peak moments where. You know, you’re like This is why I’m listening to Beyoncé. This is why I’m so glad that she’s doing this. And so for me. Beyoncé’s renaissance.

Love it. The title here on Variety is a cathartic club inspired masterpiece that’s their album review. I’m giving no review really. There’s no stars here at the end of this, just a lot of love. For Beyoncé, a lot of love for you know, all the you know, the beautiful moments she’s giving me. All the self-expression she’s they’ve given me and I know so many people across the world. So thank you, Beyoncé, love you love this album. Going to continue to listen to it. This is just a reaction, but I’ll be continuing to play and if anything more.

Worthwhile. Any insights come out. Be sure to create another video, otherwise this is it. I hope you have a great rest of the day. This has been Tyler bride wishing you well. If you do like this I would talk more about these kind of albums, cultural moments, hip hop music like this that you just can’t ignore, feel, feel encouraged to subscribe. Feel encouraged to send me a message. I always appreciate hearing from you and excited to continue doing this. Bye bye.


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