Daily Standup 04 – Big Earnings Week, TikTok First Impressions & Two Minute Paper DALL-E 2 Analysis

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Daily Standup 04 - Big Earnings Week, TikTok First Impressions & Two Minute Paper DALL-E 2 Analysis

Daily Standup 04

– Big earnings week with Amazon, Microsoft, Google & more
– Marketing preparing to react based on performance
– Finally downloaded TikTok & first impressions
– OpenAI DALL-E 2 Two Minute Papers video



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Automated Transcription

All right, good morning, hope everything’s going well. Tyler Bryden. Here. It’s a Sunday morning. It’s interesting when you have a a dog.

Dogs do not to certain days so it doesn’t matter what day it is. 6:30 I get first of all, going to lick on the face and then if I don’t respond I get just straight up slap and that is tasia’s telling me that he needs to go to the washroom and you know, frankly I don’t want to go in the house so I get up, take them out and most of the time after that my brain starts running. I can cannot fall back asleep, so here I am doing the morning, you know, scroll the reading all this stuff and then taking a little bit of care of myself and then drop it down to this. So thank you to anyone who’s been forwarded along a few things that I want to talk about. Today I’m going to hop right into it is a big week.

So the reason this is a big week is that there are quarter one 2022 earnings coming out and. You know this has. This is a big impact on how people are feeling about. You know how this market is doing there is, you know the the market is going to respond to these earnings to see what where are we at. And obviously there’s this. You know, this threat of interest rates increases.

There are performance issues where our companies have been hit for performance companies like Netflix I think, which is almost 70% down year to date. And even if. There is sort of a a leveling or an evenness to these. Earnings, I think that there could be some punishment to some of these companies and there is some sort of expected headwinds in in a bunch of these earnings. So Amazon, Microsoft, Google. You can see McDonald’s, Spotify, PayPal like a ton and ton of companies.

This is broken down by day. I should share this tweet and. Yeah, it’s going to be a big one that indicates what is the health of the economy. What is the health of these companies, and what can we expect moving forward. So I know a lot of people will be following this and hopefully some good news.

We’ll revisit throughout the week and I think at the end of next week we’re going to be in a very different place from a knowledge perspective or or understanding of of where we are in the world right now. So a couple other articles on that. All interesting things, and maybe I should share these a couple predictions that are coming out and again a lot of things saying sort of some, some some. You know whether supply chain issues advertising you know, sort of online advertising challenges. You know like these sort of macro issues.

Like you know Apple introducing, you know privacy policies. Google introducing these privacy policies like there are so many factors right now that are impacting all of this. And yeah, they’re definitely going to be some sort of some insights about how that’s impacting everything this week here, so stay tuned the next part here. I’m frankly, I’m embarrassed to say. I I got on Tik T.O.K, I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know why. First of all why have I not done it for so long? I just first of all, I wanted to resist. There is sort of this idea of it being a China owned entity and sort of a data capture. Mechanism for that, which I think those concerns are, are very valid. There is the thought that, hey, this isn’t really for me.

This isn’t my generation that is active on this. This isn’t the kind of content that I’m interested in consuming. It is kind of content that I’m interested in creating. And you know, frankly, there’s enough platforms already, so if you are, you know you’re trying to be a a. You know, some whatever creator create compelling content there used to be this idea that you could sort of reshare, and you could reshare and. Just I create one piece of content, reshare those to all platforms, but what we’re seeing today is that.

Each platform has its own distinct voice culture. Kind of content that performs well on it and for you know, and so to just record a video and then you know publish that across everything is not going to resonate with the people who are on those platforms. I believe that and just as an example, this you know these videos I may need to keep under 15 minutes. Tik T.O.K allows a 10 minute videos to go be uploaded, does have a nice desktop experience. I’d say that but, you know, people are not watching 10 minute videos on Tik T.O.K.

They’re watching 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and so if you want to adapt your content to that then that is fine. But you can see where some of these creators, just from a brief review, are excelling because they’re creating it specifically tailored to that. You know, from quickly from my first impressions the the actual uploading and creation of video content. You know the text overlays the caption creation. Music is insanely intuitive. Obviously.

The you know the forever scroll that people talk about losing hours into Tik T.O.K is possible. I’ve already had a smart slight experience of that, but you know, I I’m more interested in the actual creation perspective and understanding what’s what’s happening. In here and you can see even through, you know, just posting a couple clips last. You know last night you know a couple of them are actually driving views already and I think the biggest part of this is, I mean, there’s a I’m not doing too much to optimize covers yet, but I think there’s this. The fact that I’m recording on desktop and then printing the the sort of caption or or what’s happening that drives a little bit of interest.

I’m sure it could do a little bit more there with emojis or things like that, but you know it’s very specific. Hashtags seem to be driving adoption, and if there’s not too much content in there, there seems to be some couple pass. So I’ve got a little bit of content where basically I’m, you know, dropping a couple clips from this, putting them, putting them on and labeling them. And then I went deep into the archives of my phone, which really. These these videos I don’t print anywhere and I don’t put these videos on a lot of them.

Don’t fail. First of all, professional to be on professional. To be on LinkedIn. Maybe try as much as I you know, debatable. If I actually am professional on LinkedIn talking about psychedelics and all this stuff, but you know there is a little bit of a barrier.

And on Instagram you know I do share some of this stuff, but generally I just. There’s no performance on Instagram and it’s it’s the people who follow me. These people who know me already. Those are the people that, like you know, sending messages and all this. Whereas what’s interesting about Tick Tock is this obviously dynamic new Audience Discovery acquisition opportunity.

So really, just throwing things out there into the wind, seeing what happens? I’ll keep you reported as I do this. You know, one of the other things that had really spurred my interest in this has been a company hashtag, paid that I’ve fallen for a long time from a friend. Who started that company university the mid? Very very successful. And as Tik T.O.K emerged they had been primarily been focused on Instagram but they.

They made a very deliberate push on tech talk and so they saw something there. Engagement rates, audiences, all this stuff and that that was interesting to me. So even just from an experimentation base understanding, I do consider myself a crater. A marketer. I’d like to understand these systems.

A lot of the other systems are, you know, YouTube. All these places are, you know, they’re they’re highly saturated, that tick tock is of course too. I’m late very late on this train, but you know, there is seemingly still this. Ongoing discovery mechanism that’s very valuable and even to see some views just drop in a couple clips that really aren’t that great clips or anything is is pretty interesting, so the last part I’ll hop into here. Just a video. I don’t want my one month free trial.

Appreciate that YouTube so it’s sort of Dolly and see if I can get a better image here. So two minute papers if you’re not aware. I love. I love this person so much. It’s wonderful person who just loves technology and for years has been basically doing deep dives on different advancements in artificial intelligence.

Whether computer vision, language generation like just a lot of things that personally I’m very fascinated and I know a lot of us are especially in technology. But then these things that have larger implications for the more general population and. Here you can see what he did was sort of scrape through a bunch of different scenarios with the administration from open AI’s daily to highlighting the improvements that it’s it’s made pretty mind-blowing advancements in here. Just this example. We all think about these creative images that we can generate, but what he was interested in is lighting shading, how it reacts to different textures.

How you can command. The objects that you want to be put in in different rooms or different places within rooms, and then how that impacts the image. Really some incredible descriptions and I I just I learned a lot from this video I’ve been following this. This Dolly 2 trend quite closely and this was just a nice big deep dive on it in a way that I hadn’t necessarily thought of. That opened up a lot of other doors for me, so definitely worth a watch.

As always, I should link these things. They don’t, but very yeah, if you like them, search them, find them. I’ll get better at linking all these things here too and then just lastly summarize. It is a Sunday, obviously a lot of interesting things happening in the world right now. For myself personally. Some of these things in the past had seemed disconnected like they they seemed like they didn’t really matter and now I’m seeing the world as a more interconnected place, especially as you know, a business owner. As as I’m talking to other businesses, you know how these interest rates or market conditions are impacting those businesses and also personally, like if you are. If you’re heavily invested in the stock market and that’s been a safety net.

For you, or a way for you to achieve your goals and now all the sudden, your portfolio is taking this massive hit that impacts you as a person and. And then beyond that, because not everyone has had the privilege or the the good faith to have the the the money to be able to invest in these places. However, they how are they being affected as well too? There’s all the inflation. All these costs.

All this stuff is so connected and we’re looking at other downstream effects of this war in Ukraine. Food shortages, all these things and so very delicate place right now. You were trying to remain on the side of optimism, especially on a day. Like this where for myself it’s a Sunday. It’s every Sunday everywhere mostly, but it’s a Sunday. Their sun is shining it out.

You have to enjoy these moments, spend it with friends, spend it with family, spend it with your dog even when he slaps you in the face in the morning and and then when it’s time to get back into to work with tomorrow morning whenever you work, do your best to be present, make an impact and do what you need to do to accomplish what you want personally. And then as a team that you’re working for. So thank you again so much for checking this out. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Look forward to touching base again soon.

Thank you.


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