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Episode Summary

– Disclaimer about me not being a doctor and just being from the research I’ve done
– There are actually quite a few people asking this question each month
– Believe this is left over from the war against drugs but also a reasonable concern
– I am curious whether people are planning on trying LSD or just curious in general
– LSD is synthesized in a lab from a chemical precursor isolated from a fungal source
– LSD is usually taken in micrograms (1,000 micrograms equates to 1 milligram)
– The standard dose of LSD is believed to be anywhere between 10 and 500 micrograms
– Overdose effects have been recorded at doses from 1,000 to 7,000 micrograms
– Deaths related to LSD have come from suicides, dangerous behaviour like jumping, falling or causing problems with police or others
– Erowid estimates that the risk of death from taking LSD is probably less than one death per million LSD use sessions
– As of 2010, a similar hallucinogen called 25I-NBOMe, 25I for short, has made the rounds in recreational circles
– Haddad and Winchester stated in 1990, “No well-documented human deaths resulting directly from the toxic effects of LSD itself have occurred
– When someone takes too much LSD it can cause scary hallucinations
– Technically, however, you can’t take so much LSD that it kills you
– In fact, we have seen some incredible stories on what many people would consider overdoses leading to positive experiences or breaks from addiction, trauma and more
– There are lots of “side effects” of LSD
– People can develop a tolerance for LSD quite easily
– If you do overdose or are experience a bad trip on LSD and are scared there could be harm, please seek emergency medical treatment
– Recommend doing LSD with a partner, friend, care provider that has experience with the substance
– Psychosis can become a permanent symptom of using LSD, especially in individuals with mental disorders or a family history of mental illness
– Think about your genetic history and own experiences with mental health
– There is the idea of set and setting that should be considered

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Automated Transcription

Hello. Hello, Tyler Bryden here. I hope everything’s going well. For anyone who’s been following this channel, you may notice something interesting. I’m sitting, I’m not standing, I’m lazy. I might not even need to point that out, but I am. And excited to be back creating content after a trip to Portugal. A trip to San Francisco. I’m back, baby. And here’s a video that I wanted to make today because I was doing some research on keywords and and I found that there was a lot of people asking this question. And the question is, can LSD kill you? And so I had sort of the first version of this article. I’m published and it’s like the answer I is no it cannot kill you. But it’s like that doesn’t seem responsible. That doesn’t seem like that might be the fullest answer here. And so I wanted to go deeper into this. And so first of all disclaimer that I am not a doctor and this is just from the research that I’ve done. Now I’ve got all the resources here. They’ll be listed in the video below and on the website. And so you know while there have been, you know, as I’m about to detail not cases documented where solely LSD has been.

You know, attributed to from a pharmacological sense to death, there are, you know, risk with taking LSD and there are risks of, you know, behavior associated with LSD ending up in, you know, either you know harm or actual death. And so just wanted to print that out there right from the start. This is strictly for informational purposes and I was thinking surprised how many people were searching for this each month. And there are some sufficient answers in some cases out there, but they’re not as easy to find and so I’ve got them. Right now.

I think the reason why one of these questions this question is asks is that there is some leftover sort of propaganda from the war against drugs. But I think at the same time this is a reasonable concern. I think that, you know, people may be curious. I’m I’m curious personally, are they planning on using LSD or are they just in general just asking this question and wondering what the answer is. So first of all, I guess like what is?

LSD, it’s synthesized in the lab. So it’s not like a natural substance like silybin, but it has been a, it’s a chemical precursor isolated from a fungal source. So, and you know, lots of great history up from Albert Hoffman and sort of the discovery of LSD, if you’re interested in that, go check that out. Lots of great video and content around that and bike rides and all that great stuff. But you know, overall LSD is usually taken in microgram, so 1000 micrograms equates to 1 milligram. So it’s very, very potent.

And like a standard dose of LSD is believed to be, you know, between 10 sort of a microdose and 500 milligrams, 500 milligrams being quite strong, multiple tabs generally with each tab being, you know, around 100 and 120 micrograms. Now the overdose effects of LSD and this idea of an overdose and what is this, this is a bad experience. Is it psychologically harmful, this idea that you actually dying from that pharmacologically again seems to be minimal evidence? There and any sort of desks that have ever been involved sort of a variety of factors surrounding the LSD usage that then all could contribute to a death and and but the city of an overdose some people would say you know, a bad trip. It can be terrifying. It can you can have hallucinations, you can have visual ones, auditory ones, you know sound, you can hear, you know you can hear colors, you can all these different things that come from it that can be really terrifying.

And unexpected when you have that experience. Or it could just be maybe you took too powerful of it, or it was the right moment in time and it impacted you. And it might not. You might not be prepared. Maybe you. There’s things going on in your life, and all of a sudden this hopefully enjoyable experience turns into something that is terrifying, dangerous now there.

You know our sort of reports of on a great resource here, Arrowhead. I think this is one of the most sort of substantial. Sort of articles or pieces on there. So really overall looking at LSD, LSD, Jeff’s death in general and sort of talk about it. And that’s how did Winchester stated in 1990, which was a long time ago and lots of LSD has been consumed from their documented deaths resulting directly from the toxic effects of LSD itself have not occurred though LSD has been implicated in accidental deaths, suicides and homicides. And as I was sort of saying, it really comes from generally suicide, which one which is a really devastating.

Thing. And that’s a huge risk in itself with taking LSD. Also dangerous behavior. Climbing something, falling off, maybe believing you can fly and jumping off. Or I think, you know, what also happens, seems to happen is that you, you know, get maybe involved in a police interaction and you’re hallucinating. Or you’re, you know, you’re struggling and that can lead to a fatality. Maybe you’re interacting with, you know, someone. Maybe you’re in a city and something and you say something, or you look at someone wrong. The fight occurs and some sort of things happen, but as a whole.

LSD is not really toxic in a biological sense and then there has been a lot of reviews and sort of. Sort of work done to look at it now there have been sort of they’ve got this sort of column here which is possible pharmacological fatalities which is you know super interesting about a couple sort of you know, sort of highlighted cases generally seems maybe this article hasn’t been updated, the most recent being 2017 more being further back. But again generally, you know generally there is some sort of obfuscating evidence that this was actually directly from. The LSD, pharmacologically, it’s something to do with, you know, a behavior or something that actually took place. So I mean this is an article as always, got these resources here, they’ll be popped in. So you can check this out now. There was one thing that was super interesting is that.

There is a similar hallucinogen called 25IN, Bo ME25I for short. And that’s made the rounds in recreational circles and apparently there is, I believe, the possibility of an overdose from that. So people have actually took this substance thinking it was LSD and, you know, maybe doing a large dose. And then there’s been, you know, I’m not sure if exact dates, but there has been, you know, serious consequences to that. And you know, again, technically it seems that LSD, you can’t take so much. So my answer, my first answer.

In this article was, you know, a little too abrupt, too simple and not necessarily even, you know, true thinking that there are, you know many ways that experience on LSD can lead to it. And, you know, there are other ones where this idea of an overdose actually, you know, super strong. Sort of moments where and I’ve got this article here which is super fascinating by Mark Hayden from multi. So basically Maps Canada sort of talking about these massive overdoses of LSD that actually led to. You know, curing of mental conditions, curing of certain things. So there are actually some I guess counter narratives here that an overdose on LSD has actually resolved in, you know, positive outcomes. So something super interesting to think about now.

People, there are lots of side effects on LSD I think I have a couple articles here where you can actually check out the side effects. I’ll see if I can, you know find find that. There’s also a video from 2017 and you know sort of this myth or maybe not myth but a story about someone dying from an LSD overdose and lots of sort of questions that have been. But I again wanted to sort of add sort of my own sort of thought and perspective on this. And you can see a little bit more of some other molecules that have been part of it now.

One thing that I did I think wanted to mention just from a safety perspective or like you know, reduction of harm is that you know it depending on your background, your history there are. You know, concerns, say, genetically, if families have depression or schizophrenic or bipolar, you know, in your in your family, or if you’ve exhibited symptoms of that in the past, then maybe you should be considering your use of LSD, at least looking at it more safely. And I think overall the recommendation is that you should be with a partner, with a friend, with a care provider. You know, that’s obviously not necessarily legal or decriminalized in many places, but a health professional who has experiences someone should have experiences with. These substances and then generally you know, if someone is having a bad experience or overdose and if scared there could be harm whether that’s physically to themselves, to others, reckless behavior that could lead to something. I think you know it is recommended while you know, sometimes people want to, you know, sort of not get, you know, medical or authorities involved. It is, you know, recommended to seek emergency medical treatment or support and that can save someone.

Overall, so like LSD can be really beautiful healing but there are these side effects. There are challenges with psychosis that is not temporary, that is permanent, that brings out, you know, people have talked about bringing out schizophrenia, bipolar and the challenge is there and there’s still a lot of research going on in the space and obviously the research is hard to do when these drugs are not being you know, are not legal decriminalized. But no, neither either or thinking of support the PDF. That where your mindset is at, where you’re doing it, what responsibilities do you have? Where are you in life? All of these can lead to healthy, valuable LSD experiences. And, you know, overall, I think the goal for all of us here is that we want this answer to be to can LSD kill you? We want that answer to be no. We want people to be healthy, happy, safe, ingesting these substances and getting the positive part of it. And, you know, yes, there is this argument around negative.

Sort of experiences are bad trips. You know, many people have have been really, you know, felt very harmful in the moment, but then later on those have been transformational moments that have led them to be better versions of themselves. I think overall though, you know, most people would like to see a safe, happy, healthy trips. And I know that there are some, you know, lots of great work going on there. So if you’re interested in this question, can LSD kill you? There’s some great resources out there. I’ve obviously talked a little bit my perspective.

Not a doctor, just from the research that I’ve done and all these resources will be below the video on the website. I hope this was informative to you and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye bye.

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