The Demo

My First Attempt In 2018 At Broadcasting I've been reflecting a lot lately and have wanted to build something for myself. This is a demo to figure out the process of broadcasting. I hope to develop this naturally over time and share the work I am doing, some of the...

Merch By Amazon Series: Best Practices

Merch By Amazon Best Practices is important. No one will want to buy your clothing if it doesn’t look good. While they still have a limited selection of what products you can choose, there are still some very important practices to follow to make sure your clothing looks good and is flying off the digital shelves.

Merch By Amazon Series: Approved

At the beginning of 2017, after exploring avenues for shirt design, creation, and selling, I found out about Merch By Amazon. Basically, it allows you to create, design, and list shirts on Amazon that can be sold. When someone orders the shirt, Amazon fulfills the order and you get royalties on each sale.


The Diagnosis In October, I was diagnosed as bipolar, previously known as manic-depressive. It was a long journey to get the diagnosis, starting in childhood, with a slide into depression when I was entering University and a crisis that almost took my life at 21. I’m...



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