Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Early August Thoughts

Early August Thoughts

Early August Thoughts

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Just recorded an audio note and thought I’d share with you! Some thoughts after working out for the first time since the pandemic. Recorded this from my Toronto apartment with the Rhode SM58 microphone.

I hope you enjoy! 

Hello it’s Tyler I’m sitting at my place in Toronto Just got back from the gym when did the gym for the first time Along time we have one in our apartment and I just went and is quite a process to actually get access to the gym and of course there’s a lot of concerns and things to think about right now and even just touching the equipment wiping things down It’s going to be a long time before things are restored to normalcy Especially in something so intermittent It was interesting because a lot of exercises end up doing Realistically I could do From home like I didn’t need to necessarily Go to the gym to do that but there’s something about having like a space and just This physical environment where you’re You should have known that that’s where you’re supposed to do that work And then just became very clear to me Because I’ve been not really doing that much I mean I run everyday run upstairs And I’ve recently been doing a little bit more It’s because I even have some dumbbells here so that was the other part that just hit me in the face was like I have dumbbells in the apartment you could Just use those talons literally no need to be the gym right now there was you know a couple you know actual barbells and you know wanted to do pull-ups and at the place amount there’s nowhere to do pull-ups and things like that but You really realize how much of a A mental game That you can even play with yourself in a way like delude yourself of like I was going to the gym a lot before all this stuff started and I think You know it knocks you out of a habit in a routine and then start to make excuses and then And then once you It’s sort of internalize and process that like this you know what’s going on in the world right now it’s almost like an excuse like you don’t have to have to do it and you know the gym is closed so you don’t have to don’t have to workout like the way you used to and for myself I know I’ve lost a lot of muscle around specially around my shoulders and my chest And it’s just a reminder to There’s no there’s no need for these you know these excuses and if you want to take care of yourself you have to have to do it intentionally even when things get hard not just when it’s easy to do and I know even Before for myself before I moved to Toronto Or as I moved to Toronto I realized the good links were harder to get to and they were actually smaller than what I was used to in London so I had already started to make that excuse up in my head and that’s not something you want to do So this is just Got back I’ve got a couple minutes here I’m going to hop in the shower after this and you know I’ve just been reviewing some site analytics through Google Analytics an It’s been really fascinating I’ve learned a lot about Todd bryden com I’ve learned a lot about us PKI Co some of my clients site with some new Google data studio dashboards that I’ve built out and it’s giving me you know even more optimism about you know some things and for me a lot of that came from looking through my Google search console and seeing a lot of search terms come from basically the audio recordings like this and then with the transcript attached Which You know it’s sort of one of the investors that I was talking to the other day said you know look at your company as like a thesis look at look at this frame this is a thesis and you’re trying to write out like a persuasive argument or research paper and you need your evidence you need your arguments you need all of this and For myself one of the things I noticed was when you take longform audio or video and then you attach a transcript to the web page Because all that is then you know embedded into the HTML there is a really good opportunity for search engine optimization and that’s something that That sort of struck me and so I put a lot of work into figuring out ways to do this before basically I even started any work on speaker idoko And What’s What’s nice is to just see some results of that so you know you know 1000% increases in in impressions and clicks and it’s of course when you have very limited comparison before that but just really powerful to see year over year a couple of those things work because some of those posts were actually in 2018 and now drive consistent traffic every single day and for so long you sort of I pretend that Pretend like Apologize had lost this is the problem with three screens Twitter up on the side nothing even moved I just looked over for a second at my water bottle it was gone Thoughts are you serious Know how to say that right So So this What I’m circling back to is that you know the audio and video speech to text multipurpose Multi medium Content creation and then also reflection on that creation is seems extremely powerful and there’s now some statistics to prove that so I should do a little case study on myself and just see and really all that is is just yeah like a video it’s nice if it’s done on YouTube because YouTube is still the dominator dominator and search and most likely will be with that connection to Google but with the transcription copy and paste underneath it into an accordion There’s some power there so sort of cool This is just like I guess my weekly check in I don’t know what this is going to call I don’t know really what this is I’ll just probably put it as a little podcast on the site and you know again just try to continue this work so maybe part of it will be going back to the gym the first time since since COVID-19 Excuse as well Well excuses during a pandemic Um Use the weekly thought and hopefully the audio and this is OK I’m sitting with my my Rd microphone my SM 58 and I’ve started to realize that I can actually speak a lot further away from it and still get nice audio and apologize for the clap there and playing with my water bottle I would like to get towards better audio I’m not going to go and perfect it like a lot of people are but you know if I can create good audio from the from from the foundation then everything becomes a lot easier you know right now I would record in different environments right now this is just audacity but You know what What system could be best for capturing the audio well and then then producing beautifully clean output as well The other thing I’m thinking a lot about right now is just like capturing inspiration and this is really part of it like I just wanted to record this And I just felt like I had I don’t know what nothing really valuable to offer here I don’t think it seems like but Just felt like saying something getting some content created and the goal is then to do that as quickly as possible so for me to have the microphone in the road microphone is really helpful I’m using a dasty and desktop application I know and then after this I will upload it to speak for the transcription keywords in the interactive player I’m just wondering if there’s an intermediate of uploading that to YouTube as well too and I might do that but then you need to convert the audio into video and so it adds an extra step so so there’s some tools that would enable you to just do that Much more quickly than the process I’m doing but it’s something something to think about Capturing inspiration for me a lot of it of course comes back to like plant medicine and just the ceremonies that people have with themselves and how can they better prepare how can they better capture during the ceremony if they want to That’s a big part that’s like If they see it as valuable and for me it’s been extremely valuable and Real time reflection like even I got a call that we recorded my partner I and Um We just both listened to it back after and it was so fascinating we learned a lot of things about ourselves and you know It’s very very I learned that my microphone quality on my phone is horrible so if you’ve ever listened to microphone or audio from me on my phone I’m so sorry I I I didn’t know it was that bad But this instant reflection this capturing you know when we were talking about some awesome like you know really self improvement based and while intention things and that was really beautiful because then we got to listen to those back and it was so earnest and honest and we you know we don’t care that it’s being recorded in our system so you know just really really beautiful thing And for me that’s a big part of the journey that I’m on right now is how can I help people capture inspiration and capture those ceremonies those moments when they have that breakthrough when they have that revelation so that you can just be present you can go back to what you were thinking about without having to Worry about capturing this thought or losing this or That the part is really fascinating for me because whether it’s talking in a conversation or Having the plant ceremony so many amazing moments that can come out of that so many moments so many paradigm shifts and you just It’s it’s weird to say that you’ve almost forget a paradigm shift sometimes but the subtle subtleties the nuances and being able to reflect back on it is so powerful I’m doing my best I’m doing Just trying to continue with the good intention with a good heart I’ll do another probably Podcast or whatever the hell these things are on actually turning down an investment offer this week which was really interesting And you know I think there’s some insights that I’ve been sharing more on my website on tylerbrighton.com But You know there’s some really interesting things that have situations for us lately that I really did not expect in my life and really I feel sort of privileged and humbled that they’re even coming and then the considerations that actually come with that so there was some difficult decisions and choices made and I’ve worked for Ollie Long time subjectively to try to build some value up in what I’m doing and to finally have that realized and to make an actual offer for that and it not to be devastating is pretty beautiful so a very interesting life and Moment for myself and for my team as well too and It was exciting to go through together but also very difficult and challenging and exciting Moving at the end of August we sort of got I would say kicked out of our apartment that’s OK Was a short term Airbnb collapsed we took advantage of that this is what happens it’s OK So we’re looking for a place right now in Toronto possibly looking at Vancouver and a lot of love for Vancouver right now and I just felt so at home when I was out there and It’s really you know this connection between the city and the spirit and the energy of a city but the Closeness to proximity to nature the ability to To go into his amazing forest and Woods and just a community in a spirit out there really Really did intrigue me so I think at some point I will be out there I So this before but I’m just sorry for sound quality For anyone who’s listened I can’t believe you did this feeling so embarrassed I should just Take down some of that stuff but it’s not it’s not it’s not about that it’s about the road doing it and a lot of bad bad crappy things that we’ve all created and shared OK couple minutes longer than even thought it was classic Tyler always got more things on my mind and I think about then I think I do at the time and always seems to have something that I can sort of generate and sometimes that’s again worthy but another time just blabbing on Hope everything is well with you Trying to Communicate better trying to communicate more China build a community right now and one that fosters each other that helped each other that helps each other learn and grow and improve So if you’re interested in that let me let me know I’d love to figure that out and it needs to be done the right way but I think there’s What a potential with the way that we’re at least trying to trying to look at things and I notice we’re not as alone out there as we actually think we are Coming to the end of summer I know it’s been a weird weird ride this year but I hope You’ve learned along the way of hope there’s been some beauty for you along with all the darkness that is com Just wish you wish you well on your journey and Hope you keep your head up high and we can continue to be strong together we continue to grow together And hopefully that the lessons that come out this time can actually Bring us to our A better world Thank you 


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