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“Emotional Intelligence Ventures

Empowering Mental Wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology.

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Mental Health Statistics


people suffer from depression worldwide


people suffer from PTSD worldwide


people suffer from substance abuse worldwide

1 in 5

American adults suffer from a form of mental illness


of people affected by mass conflicts have PTSD


increase in OUD diagnosis in US from 2010-2016


The estimated cost of depression to the global economy


Estimated global cost of mental health conditions in 2030 by the World Economic Forum(up from $2.5 trillion in 2010)


people die every day from opiod abuse

Our Ambitions

Our ambition is to deliver governmental approved therapeutic treatment options that address the current global mental healthcare pandemic.

We seek to provide a free resource to the individual that will provide critical data for further academic understanding of psychoactive compounds.

As the pace of decriminalization continues to snowball, we watch with interest as the legal backdrop and DEA scheduling status remains on the political agenda. In markets that allow self therapy, we anticipate being able to provide a suite of products.

Brief History of Psilocybin

Phase 1

4000 B.C.E

Prehistoric Inhabitants of Spain Create Cave Murals Depicting Psychedelic Mushrooms

Phase 2


Florentine Codex is Published and Contains Desription of Aztecs Using Peyote and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Phase 3


Albert Hofman isolates two psycoactive compounds, psilocybin and psilocin, and develops a synthetic version of psilocybin used in current research.

Phase 4


A significant amount of promisiong psilocybin research is conducted in the U.S., including Harvard’s Psilocybin Project.

Phase 5

1970 – Present

So-called “Kitchen Chemists”, in the vein of psychelic chemist Sasha Shulgin, continue to advocate the research and development of psilocybin therapies.

Phase 6

June 1, 1971

U.S. President Richard Nixon calls drug abuse in America “public enemy number one”. Psilocybin is becomes a Schedule 1 drug, deemed to have no medical value and have high potential of abuse.

Phase 7

2006 – Present

Studies involving psilocybin start gaining support in the United States.

Psilocybin Clinical Trial Data

Cancer Patients

>> 80% of trial participants at 6-month stage following treatment were showing significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression

>> 80% endorsing moderately or greater increased well-being/life satisfaction

>> Estimated that only 33% of depression patients benefit from currently available treatment options

Smoking Cessation

>> 80% of participants were abstinent in the 6 month follow up, and 73% were biologically confirmed to have quit smoking (Chantix – best in class currently delivers a 35% quit rate)

>> 12 month follow up showed 67%remained abstinent. In 2017, an additional follow up confirmed that 60%remained abstinent

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

>> 300 million global sufferers

>> 76% of MDMA assisted psychotherapy patients were deemed to be successfully treated 12 months after therapy with similar results being seen with Psilocybin

Clinical Trials Timeline

A Psychoactive

Medicine Renaissance

Change is occurring

This wave of change is being driven by a community that believes

the current scheduling of Psilocybin as a schedule 1 compound,

alongside drugs such as Heroin, is fundamentally wrong. Currently, Psilocybin is in Phase 2b Clinical Trials with ‘breakthrough status’ by

the FDA. On track to be federally legal by 2024.

Magic Mushrooms are the safest drug

according to 2017’s Global Drug Survey

A survey that analyzed over 120,000 individual data points

concluded that magic mushrooms were materially safer than any

drug. This measured both self harm and harm to others as monitored

by global hospital data. Alcohol was found to be the most harmful,

a substance legal in all 50 states.

New York Times

Johns Hopkins opens new center for psychedelic research

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The Economist

Investors hope psychedelics are the new cannabis.

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Denver voters approve measure to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms

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Nature Magazine

Psychedelics move from agents of rebellion towards therapeutics

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Psilocybin Gaining Support Across the U.S.

As over 150 cities and several states consider psilocybin reforms, EI.Ventures is poised to come to market wherever it is within the letter of the law.

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Learn more at https://www.ei.ventures/

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