Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance

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The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance

Our Mission The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the sacramental and therapeutic uses of iboga, as well as its alkaloids and their analogs, through sustainability initiatives, scientific research, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision GITA envisions a world in which iboga and ibogaine, and their use, thrive naturally, and where their sacramental and therapeutic potential have been explored and articulated so that they are safely and affordably available for anyone who has a strong desire to explore, heal and grow.

GITA furthers this mission by: Advocating for the religious freedoms, as well as the human and patient rights of people who take iboga or ine Supporting the development of research and clinical trials in order to expand available knowledge and explore new therapeutic potentials of iboga and ibogaine Developing legal and cultural contexts for the use of iboga and ibogaine Maintaining a standard of ethics and safety amongst its professional members Facilitating the exchange of information amongst its members and the general public Developing training programs for iboga and ibogaine providers Cultivating, protecting and securing the sustainability of tabernanthe iboga, other plant sources of related alkaloids, and their natural habitats


Healing Anyone who seeks healing or personal growth with iboga or ibogaine will have access to safe and compassionate care.

Internal Freedom Cognitive liberty, rather than any blueprint of health, should be, above all, the goal and measure of success in any application of iboga or ibogaine.

Connection to Roots Iboga, even in its purified forms, is first and above all a sacred plant medicine, and should be treasured amongst the cultural heritage of humankind.

Collective Responsibility Equal respect and weight will be given to all voices in all of the communities that iboga touches.

Sustainability Sustainability of iboga, its use, the communities that use it, and all of the human family is the motivation for all of our work.

Safety The impacts of our dialogue and actions reflect what fundamentally supports the health and freedom of all involved.

Image © 2011 Spencer Woodward . Used with permission.

2016 Conference

ACLS for Ibogaine Therapy

Clinical Guidelines

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