Google Stock Rises As Search Advertising In Q2 Remains Strong

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Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Google Stock Rises As Search Advertising In Q2 Remains Strong

– Search ad revenue beats expectations
– YouTube and Google Cloud miss
– Fear over ad spending pullback after Snap Inc. collapse
– Profits dropped while revenue grew 12% to $56 billion
– Up almost 8% after dropping around 28% in 2022
– Google temporarily freezes hiring
– CEO Sundar Pichai says employees need to contribute better

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Google Trends
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Alphabet Q2 2022 earnings show profits dropped compared to last year – The Verge
Alphabet Q2 2022 earnings show profits dropped compared to last year – The Verge
ServiceNow’s Earnings Top Estimates, but Currency Slows Near-Term Growth | Barron’s
Google (GOOGL) Earnings Meet Estimates on Strong Advertiser Demand – Bloomberg

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Automated Transcription

Hello hope everything’s going well. Tyler Braden here. Yesterday on the way to a hockey game, all Tyler sitting at a light took a bit of a rear end. It might sit in my truck. First time I’ve ever been hitting by another car. Now I’ve hit things in the past but yesterday it was my turn to be hit so that was fun. You know, nice when it’s not your fault, but definitely still add some stress. Add some things to your life and add some more than the things that you don’t necessarily want to do. And that’s why I stand here before you maybe not. Looking my best, maybe not feeling my best, but still here a little bit later than normal committing to the daily video that is created which have been pretty consistent at I I do say so myself and I appreciate everyone who has noted that consistency. That has been a a comment recently. I’m Tyler briden. I love creating these videos. It’s a chance to practice the chance to discuss. If you like these, like comment, subscribe, comment for the algorithms. All that fun stuff, but just generally shoot me a note. Love talking to you and love hearing about what you’re interested in. If there’s any insight.

To have him more than happy to create some content today, we want to talk about something that is, you know first of all, when I’m like not 100% sure. You know days a little scramble. What should I take a look at? First of all I take a look. Google Trends, I see. Hey what’s going on here? Is there anything that’s really sticking out to me? A couple things I’ve talked about fed rate hike in the past. Shawn Mendes. Pretty interesting stuff, but overall what jumped out to me is Google Stock a big spike in searches here today and that’s in Canada specifically. And and if I.

I’m, I’m sure if I expand this to worldwide or let’s say the United States maybe a little different. Not as popular. Actually Microsoft stock going up there, but I think there’s something fascinating here specifically about this topic, which Google stock went up ends up almost 8% on the on the day up after their earnings. And what’s interesting, if you look year to date down now, only about 22%, it was actually at 28% over the other day, so they’ve been hammered. Not hammered as much as some businesses, and overall I think it’s just because Google alphabet, whatever you want to call it, is one of the most.

It’s just impressive businesses ever built, and one of the things that was really interesting that came out of this and touched on in a couple of articles here is that. I’ll link all these articles. These will be resources for you to check out if you’re interested in is that last week there was this just complete meltdown of Snapchat and generally the the the thought the the sort of sentiment around there was that digital advertising is going to see a massive pullback. As we sort of a recession, a recession looms. And as people need to conserve budget, do more sort of control of where their ad spend is, and just where they’re they’re spending in a businesses and so that was a pretty scary thing for Google. For Alphabet, a business that relies primarily on advertising and so in a way there were some like always, expectations about where you know where the revenue is coming through. From Google, there’s.

There there’s obviously different entities that they have. If YouTube they’ve got sort of network display advertising and then one of the biggest ones, one that’s mostly familiar with here, I don’t think there’s going to be a search ad here, but is a basically Google search and one of the reasons that this sticks out to me here is that search ad revenue actually beat expectations, while YouTube and other ones fell fell behind. So what this sort of signals to me and they say it in the sentence. Here is the primary takeaways that search demand is persistent even in a tougher macro advertising environment. Given it’s consistent and high ROI while benefiting from this diversification across online and offline as well as verticals and geographies and.

What I’m you know, as someone who spent many, many years in Google advertising primarily doing search advertising, having the I mean dirty dirty man advertising all the time and using all these analytics and all these things. But I’ve always had love for Google search because it’s instead of you trying to target audiences and demographics. You’re where you’re trying to sort of create intent or hope someone likes something, but because you’ve defined their persona as much as you can. Uh, search, you know someone is actually going through the effort of first of all, processing that you know is having a problem where they’re processing this in their head. Converting that into a phrase or search term and then typing that into a search engine. And those searches have become more and more advanced longer, more specific and with that length with that specific. Oh my God, I’m not going to get that word, but how specific those searches are, you can really start to identify and understand the intent of those advertisements. You can understand which ones are.

But which ones are not? And what this does is allow you to be able to spend advertising. You know, spend your advertising budget in a very focused way compared to some of the other channels. And all of these platforms have lost some of their impact, I think because of the changes that Apple has made, there’s more changes coming and companies are preparing for, you know, macro change of cookies, phasing out, and we’re all still trying to understand even what’s going to happen here. But generally search someone. Typing something is still a very strong.

You know when you combine that with the like like like the geographic region with qualities with different sort of combinations of how you target. Along with that search intent, there’s a lot a lot of power in there, and when I start to prioritize my own advertising budget, even on a small scale, I think of what truly is working for me and I think. I a lot of times first of all, organic search is a huge driver of success for speaker speak. I hear software business and it has always been a big driver for me and I used to run Google AD grants for nonprofits and see the impact that that had when you set it up right. And so if one of the biggest sort of funnels for advertising that I had always loved was income with search.

You know tag and then remark it to with display ads and then obviously even maybe up to bids on search if they’re searching again for similar things that you’re also positioned to have answers for, and generally that yes, you’re spending money. Google has continued to take away the kinds of keywords or search terms that you may see in a in a report like you used to see almost every search that come through. Now you’re losing. Maybe I would say even 40% of those searches. There’s lots of challenges about accuracy, all this stuff, but in an.

In a general way, even if you’re spending money they’re not converting, you’re getting a really good understanding of what the search was, what the career he was allowing you to modify. Adjust, tighten that up in a very quick manner until you find a certain number of keywords and phrases and ad combinations that work. Generally, if you have a big enough customer, but you know if you have enough customers or big enough customer deal size, you can actually make that work at a profitable level. And that’s a very exciting thing as a business, and then you start to look at other diversified channels, whether it’s. Our Facebook or Instagram or even Tik T.O.K the the ROI might be more difficult to measure and the targeting might be more difficult. And so actually I think this signal that Google has given here is that search is here to stay even with the the changes that are happening even in a tough environment. And that is why even with their you know, while their revenue grew, their profit went down. This signal was a huge.

Win for people who are following the digital advertising space following technology and understanding. What does the market environment? What does the business environment look like? And so I think that’s you know I don’t have. I’m not a stock investor. I mean I am. But personally I’m not informing anyone or anything or saying this XYZ. I just think this is really interesting insight that helps us paint a picture of maybe where we are from a market standpoint from a business standpoint and then possibly.

What the the future holds. So I’ve got a couple links and generally I think there’s a couple other insights that. Now that they do come out of this, and it’s like this is huge, like remarkable growth for a business, it’s just when you compare it to Google’s previous growth. Then it doesn’t seem as impressive, but generally it’s still absolutely incredible. Google has mentioned that they would implement to several week hiring freeze, so that’s something else that is interesting to consider. Even though it did still add like 10,000 employees from the end of March to June. Is what I’m seeing here. And again, here, we’ll share these links, and then again, a lot of fear around just in general some of the earnings from, you know, Twitch, and that’s right. Sorry Twitter and Netflix, and SNAP and a bunch of these other companies.

There that are really sort of struggling while showing that you know Google is being able to withstand a little bit of that pressure and then because of that we’re seeing an increase. And people buying increase in the stock. They did come after a 24 one stock split in July 5th on July 15th 2022. So that was a really fascinating change that’s made it more accessible and just generally I’m excited to, you know, as always, someone who you know is part of this world, not just following what Google and Alphabet is doing in advertising. Just in general the innovation that they’ve had. I love YouTube. I’m posting this video on YouTube. I think they have such a huge impact on the world and it’s something.

Worthwhile to to consider and. There were some, you know, challenges with Google Cloud revenue. You know there’s notes from, you know they’re. You know their CFO about the uncertainty and the environment and the lots of you know questions overall. But with this the combination of the interest rate hike here, you know another 0.75. A lot of reports coming out of haven’t touched down into this Microsoft piece here yet, but I’ll be taking a look and seeing if anything else.

Comes out. And just in general, you know Google, even the CEO’s under center memo said that they’re not immune to economic headwinds, that they need to be more entrepreneurial, work with greater urgency, sharper focus, and then more hunger. And that generally we might see something like maybe what we’ve seen hiring freezes. But what do we see? Do we see some layoffs? Maybe of duplicated roles, or where people aren’t contributing in the in the same way that they were supposed to?

Or should be in the environment that we’re in and we always think of Google and these cushy cozy jobs and these great paying things and bus rides and these fancy offices and stuff. And when it comes to the entire business being impacted, maybe that changes a lot. So that’s a little bit of my insight on alphabets earnings, Google earnings, whatever. And if you’ve been following this, would love to hear any thoughts that you have always fascinating to see this and lots of signals now coming out with Q2 over and these earnings reports coming out now. From some of the biggest companies impacting the world today, so this has been Tyler bride. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you have a great rest of your day and look forward to making another video for you soon. Bye bye.


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