Hyper Early-Stage Founder Program (Backed by Sequoia & Andreessen Horowitz)

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Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Hyper Early-Stage Founder Program (Backed by Sequoia & Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Hyper early-stage founder program
  • $300K investment for 5% equity for seed and series A companies
  • Backed by Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz
  • Association and built-in launch with Product Hunt
  • Questions asked in the application

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Andreessen Horowitz | Software Is Eating the World
Home | Sequoia Capital US/Europe
Product Hunt, meet Hyper | Product Hunt
Hyper is a new fund that offers $300k checks and promise of a media slingshot for founders  | TechCrunch
Shahed Khan on Twitter: “Had a great chat with @FT about what we’re building @hyper_ The short version? We’re a new type of program for founders: We invest $300k in your startup & pair you with other top founders so you can build a better company. Check out the full article below:” / Twitter
Prologue pushes ahead with start-up accelerator despite tech sell-off | Financial Times

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