Mindbloom Offers Remote Ketamine-Based Psychedelic Therapy

Mindbloom Ketamine

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Forbes shared an interesting article on how Mindbloom has lifted its in-person consultation requirement in order to offer fully virtual, medically supervised psychedelic therapy in the state of New York.

Furthermore, states are beginning to lift the requirement that physicians may only practice in the state where they are licensed. This will allow Mindbloom and other providers to extend remote treatment to anxiety and depression sufferers in additional states within the next 30 days.

How It Works

Mindbloom’s telemedicine system works in the following way:

Sublingual ketamine tablets are prescribed if prudent, following an online consultation with a licensed psychiatric clinician, and then delivered from a pharmacy to clients’ doors. Scheduled treatment sessions are then guided virtually, over video, by a trained clinician and a well-prepped peer monitor who’s present for the duration of the experience.

Read the original article at Forbes.

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