Outdoorsy RV Rentals Cancels Insurance Coverage For Burning Man

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Outdoorsy RV Rentals Cancels Insurance Coverage For Burning Man

Outdoorsy, a popular website that has supported RV rentals for people attending Burning Man recently cancelled their Burning Man event insurance coverage.

This is leading to cancelled reservations just a month in advance of the event!

If you are going to Burning Man and have an RV rental from Outdoorsy for the event, please confirm with whom you have rented from that you are still able to get the RV. They may be cancelling the reservation or will ask you to find additional independent coverage.

Two of our camp’s RVs were cancelled and we needed to find another RV very quickly. We were lucky to find ones through RVShare.

I hope you are unaffected and your preparation for Burning Man 2022 continues to go smoothly! See you in the dust.

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Automated Transcription

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