Personal Experience At Burning Man 2022

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Episode Summary

– Second year at Burning Man (first was in 2019)
– Had shared an intention-setting video before Burning Man
– One of the biggest intentions was to dance and I definitely accomplished that
– Felt shame dancing in 2019 and did not this year which meant a lot
– Not as transformative as my first experience at Burning Man
– Felt good to have a mental map of what Burning Man was before attending
– Did not push myself as hard as I did in 2019 to do meditations and talks
– Really enjoyed the camp we were at and so I stayed with them a lot which drives the experience
– Was excited to have Vatsal with me for his first time and supported him while doing exploring
– Visited a lot of art but did not go deep enough in the Playa and missed pieces that I am seeing now from friends on Instagram
– A minute and a half eye staring experience with woman
– Much dirtier year with the Moop which was disappointing
– Had moments where I questioned why am I here and if I would ever return back
– Got to see Rick Doblin and Paul Stamets speak
– Made an effort to see other friends speak including David Champion


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Automated Transcription

OK. Hello? Hello, Tyler Bryden? Here. Hope everything’s going well. I have returned. From Burning Man safely happily.

Successfully. That feels very good. It was a pretty wild year on the way home. I was like, what’s the best way I could just sort of share a little bit of this experience and instead of doing all into one video, I’ve sort of broke it into a couple one and whether one on Exodus, one specific on art. One on music this is. More of an overall comprehensive sort of personal experience of Burning Man if you’re interested.

In the other videos. Feel encouraged to check them out. Otherwise I will start to walk through. This and I have my headphones on cause there’s a couple little videos that I’ll play along the way. I’ll try not to blast your ears with those.

And then. That will sort of share, you know, I’ve tried to sort. Of put together some videos and some images in. Chronological order to give my perspective on it and make sense of the the the wild journey that it was and. So right off the top.

This is my second year. Bernie meant went first time 2019. Amazing experience at that time. You know the difference that I felt? This time was that I had sort.

Of a mental map of what Burning Man was. And obviously a lot. Can change and you know this. Time from 2019. To 2019, to 2022. Personally, I’ve changed. The world has changed a lot. I feel like a lot of people have gone through big transformations in their own lives and perspective on the world and how they operate.

And how they think and so. Going into that, there was still some uncertainty, but there was a lot more certainty. Than what I had in 20. 19 Where it truly. Felt like I had. Even with all the research.

Many, many years that I had followed it, it almost felt like I just. Had really no idea what I was getting myself into and it was really nice and sort of, I guess, heartening. To get there. And although things have changed and the city had shifted. Around and art was all different.

And all this stuff, you know, the the Burning Man, the temple, the positions. There was a lot. Of. Sort of consistency that helped. Me reduced that sort of. Unknown, that was.

Taking place in 2019. And I think that’s both a good thing. And sort of a. Not a sad thing, but like. You can never relive that first experience where you have no idea what you’re getting into. And so in some. Cases just sort of vicariously living through people who are having.

Their first time experience. And there were several people directly in our camp who were having that experience. And then there were many people. At Burning Man as a totality, as a whole. Who were having their first?

Experience. Definitely felt like a lot of. New energy. Some people thought that was a good thing. Some people thought that was a bad thing. I’ll.

Talk a little bit more about this maybe later in the video and so I didn’t. Really know exactly what I had. For intention setting in 2019. It was just to. Go and.

Understand in this case, because I had a little bit of that mental mapping, I did have a little bit of a intention setting. I had actually created a video for that. Honestly, I can’t even. I barely actually guess I could see if I share. The screen here.

What some of those intentions? Were and one of the? Ones that really sticks out to me. Was to dance. And that was definitely something.

That I was grateful to be able to do. And it also changed. The experience. When you create these intentions. It sort of prioritizes things and you sort of filter out things that.

You you would have done. Or. And sort of, yeah, just sort of guides the time. That you spend at Burning Man and just. Quickly, I’ll pull up this video. This was a little bit.

Later in the week. But was a ton. Of fun, and I’ll start with the volume a little. Lower here and then I’ll well. We were dancing.

I’ll say we’re pretty exhausted by this point. That’s me in the court. So a little bit. Of a snapshot of some of the dancing. That was a camp called.

Teddies that was. Actually one of my favorite spots and we had some great times in there. I was a little tired and tight with the court on there, but I. Previous night in the same. Place I had really lived up to that intention. And so you know.

In in 2019, I was sort of. Breaking through this sort of. Rigid sort of hockey like. Sort. Of egotistical masculine.

Structure. And I really felt embarrassed and ashamed dancing. And after that experience in 2019, I was like, I don’t want to do that anymore. And so I did have. This desire to return. And Just Dance to my fullest in 2022.

And I’m very grateful. To say that that was done a lot of. Cathartic moments. Some moments where? I don’t literally just like burst out in tears dancing.

I’m amazing moment with infected. Mushrooms playing sort of this remix of the pretender by Foo Fighters. And just some wonderful moments at a sunrise sunset with the. Mayan warrior and robot hearts. And just also just.

Dancing and celebrating with the camp that we were at. And you know, one thing that I’ll say is depending on the camp that you’re at, that can make a huge difference on the experience that you have was lucky. To have a wonderful group of people who. Cohesively got together, even an. RV there was a couple.

You know, we didn’t really know each other that well. There’s a couple connections there, but generally a pretty. Disparate group including myself and vassel and vassal being my. Business partner and a great friend who is having his first experience and I’ll touch on that a little bit more as well too. And, you know, in a place that there could be a lot of tension and there’s difficult, you know, difficult times that people are going through.

And a lot of money. Being spent and all this stuff to get there, I was so. Happy and impressed by just. The cohesiveness and the lack of tensions. And, you know, just the.

The community. That was built so quickly, the friendships that were built so. Quickly. And so I think that’s a. That’s a big part of the experience and what makes burning. Man, so magical is.

These barriers get broken down so quickly. So have a picture here. Of the actual tickets, so you can check those out. Beautiful to get those tickets. Also, a lot of fear as you’re going into Burning Man that you just like. What if I drop my ticket? If I lose my ticket? And then I know there were some problems with Burning Man this year and sort of.

The late send out stuff, the tickets I’m. Hope everyone made it. I’m glad everyone made. I know there was even like ones that were avoided because they were sent out, you know, different ways and everything there so. One thing that I had said that I.

Hope to do. This was my last video before I left. Off to a dusty, Burning Man. See you again soon. Definitely. Dusty and I did create a video about that, specifically the weather.

At the weather, at burning. Man, this year, which was. Very intense, very dusty, very. Hot and one of the things. I said was like, maybe I’ll record a video each day.

And that definitely did not. Happen, but I recorded a few. Short videos just at moments where I felt. Capable of so this. Was right after we.

Picked up the RV at RV before. Burning Man, we’ll play this Salt Lake City. It’s here. Picked it up this morning. Beautiful drive into Salt Lake, sort of mountain hill scape. Nice sunny day.

It’s been apparently a little dusty, out of breath, like an. Actual play itself. That’s OK. But how you feel? How you feeling, buddy? Good, good, good. OK, not No Fear in his eyes right now. That’s a good.

Sign that ladder. Up on top, nice inside. Got a queen bed in the back. Should be a pretty smooth drive. I’ll be picking the second-half of the drive here and looking forward to it. Starting to feel real once you get the.

Hope you have a great day. Beautiful so you can see RV. RV was big, bigger than I’ve ever driven so. I did a lot of driving. I split.

It with one person in the RV. We made it quite successfully. There definitely a long drive and I did talk about the exodus in the other video. The way back was a little bit more difficult after a week of partying and having fun. Definitely, definitely a little.

More tiring there. Going to hop back just into this intention setting. For a moment here, just. Because I think this is. Super interesting.

About having no expectations, reconnecting with the community there and not just the community of the you know. Your friends in the RV? And your camp, it’s the. Whole Burning Man in total. And there was definitely this.

Wonderful energy. That existed because of. Just the the time in between and there had been some. Renegade burns. But this was the sort of real.

Official. Burning Man Organization putting this on, and that was. A beautiful thing. So a couple of other things was just like being an. Amplifier of joy, energy and empathy. I really.

Do think I did that? I contributed? A lot to the camp from a work. Perspective, but also fixing bikes and doing the. Mixers and everything but just.

Dancing and making sure everyone was taken care of and being good and not itself felt really. Good that I was capable of doing that and. You know, it’s been many. Years where we’ve just been sort of jammed in our. Houses in our.

And and not maybe connecting with people in the same way and so it felt good to just connect with people again and have great conversations, have laughs and navigate through a pretty. Wild experience together, no. Problems with law. Enforcement, which is a great. Intention to have and luckily. That did not happen.

I did say talking about. Documenting the learnings and I don’t think I did that great of a job of that, but luckily our camps. Sort of shares of Google Photos album. And then we’re able to. Take from that.

And you know what? I’ve done is you know put these images together here today that I’m. Walking. Through so I do think I experienced that a bit. And then I had a, you know, great.

Time with my friend and. Coworker vatsal you. Can see picture of Vatsal and I hear there. That was not talking to this one later, but. You know that was that’s first experience was definitely a huge sort of chip from you know the world that.

He’s been part of before. And, you know, coming from sort of a Jane subsect. Sort of of a religion. A lot of pretty. Wild things there and I just wanted to make sure that he had.

A good. Time and I know a lot of my friends and stuff like. Is he going to be OK? Out there. And I’m glad to say that he had an amazing time, you know, I wouldn’t say even, you know, because of me.

I I did my. Best, but he made the best of it himself. And explored and found art. In his own way to. Experience.

Burning Man and he went back. He wants to go back. He wants to do it again. And. That makes me really happy. That’s a great part. And then.

A couple of last pieces here is be a. Resource for those on their. First experience. So I think I did that and then. Connecting with people contributing. To the psychedelic movement. This one I feel like I didn’t do as good of job on.

In 2019, I did a lot of talks and so I had, you can sort of see here, there’s this psychedelic speaker series. I’ve seen a lot of these people speak before and there’s so much. Going on that I didn’t. Spend as much time doing this as I did in the past, you know, in 2019. I really delved a lot into.

The world of psychedelics and. I think there are still. Groundbreaking sort of information and talks coming. Out every. Single day, but I.

Or, you know. And I’m just they’re reporting on this and sharing this. But for some reason I didn’t feel that same attraction. Saying that I did get to go stop him, get to see little Rick Doblin, Paul Stamets, and some. Other great people here who are.

Contributing to the psychedelic movement. This was at Camp Mystic and some really interesting insights there. And then I also hopped in some other. Little talk from Rex, sort of a state. Of the Union report, and then I also jumped in here.

And saw some great Francis. David champion here from Maya. Who we’ve become, you know, awesome. Friends throughout the years and. He.

Is in. Denver. So I was really happy to see him. And then this is. Leanna, who’s been a huge. Part of the psychedelic. Movement as.

Sort of a strategy leader and a, you know, a big fundraiser for maps, so. It was interesting to connect with them, ask some questions in this talk and just see. This was an amazing beautiful. Family here who was sort of experiencing Burning Man together and and showing. Up to some awesome things and so.

I think that I didn’t push myself. As hard to do some. Sort of the, I would say talks and I would say even some of the sort of meditation stuff that I did in 2019. I did some. Wim Hoff, I did more.

Yoga and I don’t. Exactly know why that? Was one of them was. Just super hot during the day and. So and.

We were staying up all night, so the. Sometimes it didn’t get out as much as those to I want. I will say I. Had one very intense experience where I got to have a. One-on-one experience with someone I did not. Know a beautiful woman and we basically the goal was to. Stare a minute and 1/2.

Into the eyes without blinking. And that was a really. Powerful, amazing beautiful moment where. I’ve always felt, I’ve always. Struggled with eye contact and averting my eyes and it feels.

Like when people look truly deep into me, I. Feel this sort of. Sense of shame and guilt and almost that I’m this. You know I’m this. Manipulator or. Intruder and to have that experience sort of. I didn’t know that’s exactly.

What it was going into? Thrust upon me was really challenging, but also beautiful and I’m still. Actually sort of processing that and like why AM? I. Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel that way when someone looks?

In me, in the. Eyes why do I avert eye contact? And then why was this so intense when you do it for a minute? And 1/2, of course, is the part that it’s a stranger. That’s obviously adds the intensity.

But overall, I just wish. It wasn’t as difficult and. I wish that I could work through that shame, that guilt, that sort of. Intruder feeling that I have, so definitely even with limited sort of work. Doing that.

You can still have some very intense. Experiences. And for me this year, it was definitely maybe not as transformative. I would say it definitely wasn’t as. Transformative as the first time at Burning Man just because of the.

Complete. No understanding of what it was going into, but the intention of having fun and. The cathartic dancing and all that was achieved. And I think that’s beautiful in its own right and I think then. You know, having two years.

Being very different, you can start to say, hey, I’m going back here’s. How I want to do this? The next time so pull up a video, we. For your reference, we go. From.

Salt Lake City be flying to Salt Lake City we. Pick up an RV there and then we drive about 8 1/2 hours into the Black Rock desert, into Burning Man and so. Here is a little video plot. This holds. Just outside.

He said he makes sense. There we go again. These glasses made it through. Group here. I made it safe.

So far, hot as hell. Saw some. Breathing hard again of tornadoes. I went classified as tornadoes, man. Something going on, you know?

And just drive right on it. So this is like where like I think the fastest mile in a. Car has ever driven. You can see cars out there. Past year 2019 we saw cars actually racing, which was pretty cool. So looking for me? I should. I’m right here. Alright, go. Cool, cool, cool. Alright.

OK, so there we are. We had a little bit of fun at the salt flats and just. Starting to see some group. Cohesion at that point, which was great, to take some selfies and. Pictures together and again, really lucky to have some great people in the RV because you spend.

A lot of time. There and when there’s no drama, no conflict and everything, it makes the entire experience. Much easier. I’ll hop into this video now, which is the final. Stop in, Fernley. Just outside of Burning Man. About 2 hours outside, we’re finally getting really ready. Where I’ve got RV pack, we’ve got all our groceries.

About everything and we’re ready to go into Burning Man. Hello, how are you? Classic Flying J could start to see some RV’s basically everywhere. Most likely if you see an RV. Most likely if you see an.

RV they’re going to Burning Man. Doing a couple last things. And then we’re on our. Final journey in. Like an hour and a half drive.

And then and then we’ve got like the actual weight at the gate, which could be quick, could be wrong, most likely long, but that’s sort of the final big piece and then we’ll be setting up camp. Which is exciting. Long journey. Still lots of fun. The settings of waiting, some wishing, some meditating, having fun. But overall, here we go. Come back.

There we go. All right. Very soon, very soon, OK? Beautiful. Make sure.

I got my mic back on so you can now see, you know. That the work has gone in. There’s a lot of work, like just. This, you know, I I felt that in 2019, but this time, for some reason, it just felt. Even more intense, the amount of work that was going in and then that was I think accelerated by.

The heat. And everything there. And so while there was a level of anxiety and stress. Reduced. There was also a higher.

Level. That. That definitely took its toll. Early and then. Once you get there. And you get all set up starts too, starts to, you know, starts to be all, all worth it. And I think that’s the general sort of consensus or feeling around Burning Man.

As a whole. So now pop up this video this is actually arriving at. Burning Man, I think the first time. After the night we set up, we went. That’s.

When I went in the. Morning and did some exploring. Here’s the bike. Beautiful scenes spinning. Good to see me singing there, having some fun.

And, you know, overall starting to settle. In and you can see just. The flat ground, the beauty of Burning Man already the desert there. The sun shining. And the art.

And something really interesting, you know, I read at. Some point about sort of the thesis around putting it on. Flat Desert ground is sort of like. Sort of convolute. Sure, I thought your idea idea.

Of time, and sort of almost. Maps out to like a brain model of like as this flat surface, and that sounds very sort of abstract. But it’s it’s it’s interesting. When you’re sort of biking from art to art. You sort of just go to the most.

Interesting. Next thing. And that’s really beautiful experience and that flat. Just the fact that it’s. Just dark in the night or flat? In the day.

Sort of abstracts. Distance and time and everything. I think that’s a really sort of beautiful part. Of the of the whole. Experience and I’ll.

Show something one of my most, one of my best moments in 2019 was being able to do this roller disco at night. We stopped as a group and it was a beautiful moment in this sense, my myself. I met this wonderful. Woman here who was rollerblading? And she, you know, she asked if I could take a video of her and I saw, I took a video of her and I said, hey, would you take a video of me? This is one of my.

Favorite parts of Burning Man I would love to to get a video. So here here is me. Rollerblading at the roller. Disco. In the morning.

It’s pretty good ground to be honest. Let’s get started to get. Out of here for sure I haven’t. Got a little sweat now. Has to be all nice.

Time. Nice, yeah. You look like you got him. Yep, got it. Beautiful. So that’s another.

Great part about burning. Man, you know she she wanted a video, got a video and. She was more than happy to you know, help me with getting a video that I’m really happy with how it turned out and. Now I’m just going to. I’ve got those are all.

The videos so I’m going to hop through some images. Here and. Give a little bit of context and insights there and then hopefully, you know, give you some sort of interesting things. To look at, again, not really documenting the art or specifically. The music in this video.

Just a couple things. From my personal experience, if you want, I’ll be. Publishing those videos soon and you can check those out. Here’s. A video of the actual RV group brand Mao, Noel, Natalie, myself, and then Vatsal Vatsal.

Good friend. A long time friend, coworker. And so his first time, Natalie and Brenna’s first time, and Mel had been many times. I think this might have been her fourth time, fifth time, and then all this was his second time and so. No one I had connected at the 1st.

Time in 2019 and. When it was his first. Time, but we were sort of in a little bit separate camps and RV. ‘s and so. This was an amazing way to.

Actually connect with him and I’m so. Glad that he did awesome. People. All of these are. Amazing people.

And what was a? Beautiful way to kick. Start this week was a. Proposal. From Brenton, Natalie. They’ve been together for almost six years and.

Just such a beautiful moment. I just. I didn’t even know them that well at this moment. I just cried, bawled my eyes out instantly. It was so emotional. It was so beautiful right in front.

Of the man as sort. Of the sun was setting. It makes me emotional. Thinking about it now, I’m just so happy for. Them overall what just amazing. Amazing people and.

Incredible way to start the week so filled everyone with so much joy and congratulations Brandon, that that’s a beautiful moment to celebrate. There was some. Champagne. Sorry, Nat. There’s a picture of Nat celebrating with Champagne successfully.

Or unsuccessfully, however you want to look at it, I’m gonna say. Successfully, a great, great moment for us there at Burning Man and wonderful to be a part of that experience and that’s. You know an amazing way. Or friends become, you know, very good friends when you have something like that. So.

Couple other pictures here. Just as I roll. Through this was myself. I had put a noodle. On my bike at this.

Point because last time. I. Couldn’t find my bike very well and the noodle. Was. Honestly, it was. Helpful.

Everyone else’s noodle sort of stood straight. Up mine was more like a. Tail, but it’s still in many cases the noodle because of the sort of. The lightness of it actually helped me identify it. In the dark basket is a really important part at Burning Man. You throw some water in there because you just don’t know how long you’re going to be out for. So that was really helpful. Backpacks and fur. This was not the all white day. So the White Party Day and then I’ve got you can’t see here because the stark.

Or slight, but in the dark. I’ve got lights here. Gets on my wheels. So to be sure to be sort of as lit as possible, so that. People can see.

You there were some pretty. Wild dust storms where visibility was decreased significantly and so. I’m glad that I did a better job, although I still think I underprepared and seeing other people with their light, like I had this beautiful list of everything organized. I still think I under lit myself and also. You know.

Many times you’re coming back. It’s been a. Long night and you’re like, all right, let’s get into the RV and you forget to turn the lights off on your. Bike and so you can. Burn through. Batteries pretty quick, so I recommend always over.

Prioritizing batteries as well too. So a couple other pieces here. One of the things that I. Did not do a good enough job, was. It’s just sort of like scheduling or understanding where things were in advance. So for example, I wanted to.

See? Desert dwellers, and I did not. And that makes me sad because I really love them. I also wanted to see the human experience and I sort. Of got caught up.

In the whirlwind of where our group. Wanted to go in many cases I deviated during. The day, but at night it’s just so fun to be with everyone. That you sort of lose. Track of time and you forget about these places that you’re going to be in while there is sort of this eye burn application that allows you to.

Sort of. Schedule and find things. There’s a lot of things. That are just sort of listed like this where you don’t know they’re. Not going to show up in the app, so if you haven’t made.

That note you’re going. To miss it. And so next time I go, I’m definitely going to. Do a better job planning in advance, not just for like desert Dweller or some things that I care about like. That but.

Also some of my friends, one of my good friend. Patrick there. I never got to see him because I didn’t even know where he camped. One of my other friends, I luckily I knew where he was. We got to go. I got to go see him, went to the camp and said hello.

And then we had a beautiful moment at robot hearts and the Mayan warrior sort of sunrise set where actually just the robot heart Sunrise set where he was right in front of us. And it’s like, what are the chances this is that beautiful part of synchronicity at Burning Man where it got to link up with him and dance for a bit and I think just overall. That’s one of the most. Amazing parts of burning. Man, which is that you maybe have these loose coordinates and times.

It’s like. Hey, 115. Let’s meet in the back right of this, where Diplo is playing or whatever. Mark whatever. And somehow you all and people have these totems where they lift up. We didn’t even have a totem for most of the week.

So that’s a way that people sort of identify the groups that they’re with. They hold it up and you say there’s a. For us, it was a Unicorn. There’s my group and I can. Go find them through the crowd. In many cases, we didn’t.

Even have that throughout the. Week and as soon as we did it. Basically snapped in half, but. We had these amazing moments. Where 17 people started the.

Night we. Splintered. Off. And we all end up. Back at the same place together all. 17 of us at that. Loose time. That’s a really beautiful.

Moment I think one of. The best parts of burning. Man, that sort of synchronicity, that link up moment where you. All come back together after your own separate journeys to dance and celebrate and cheer and I. Think that’s a. Really beautiful part of it. So I did share a.

Couple things with sort of vatsal here. This is a great. Picture of us and necessary. Exactly where we were. Oh, we’re standing up, we’re high.

Up in the air. Here at this point, this is late at night and we’re like 5 stories up on this. Building that we probably should have. Been climbing, but it was made to be climbing and it was wonderful and. I’ve got the binoculars.

On so were scout. And things. Out at night and someone offered to take a picture for us and we got a wonderful picture of us sort of glowing here in the dark. So I’m really happy with this. As I said, you know, vassal and.

I. Are are great friends and this was his first experience. This was at the robot hearts sunrise. Set just such an amazing. Time that we got to have together and so glad that, you know, it worked out and he, you know, had the experience that he was looking for. Just trying to think, you know a couple of. I got a.

Couple other points more towards. The end of it, but a couple things that stuck out to me too which. Was this was on a? More sad note was I think. There was a lot of new energy here. There’s.

This idea of plug and. Play camps where people are. Like just sort of. Renting a tent in advance and everyone setting it up and you just come in and you party and I think that attracts a lot of wealth. And people.

And I have no problem. With that. What I found was that there was a lot Burning Man this year. Was a lot more dirtier. There was a lot of MOOP everywhere.

I picked up a lot constantly and then there was a couple of times when I went to. A porta potty. And there was cans and just so much stuff in it and I think. That was a really sad part. For me this year.

You know, as someone who really connects. With the idea of Burning Man and the. Principles like there was. A lot of people who felt a little bit of sadness seeing that. And so I.

Don’t know what adjustments. Will be need. To be made there. I don’t, I don’t know how to deal with that. It was just overall felt sad. I remember 2019, the cleanliness.

Of the Playa the. Cleanliness of the desert and. How, how beautiful of experience that. Was that was really sort of sad to see that sort of jeopardized and some people maybe not, you know, seeing dirt on the ground and not picking it up? Or, you know, I’m not always perfect, I?

You know, I always tried. To do do my best and but you know I think that there was a lot of people who. Maybe take what Burning Man is for granted and. Left it sort of dirty and. That was that was a tough thing. So, you know, interested to see the.

Response to that and as they sort. Of do post assessment on the. Amount of garbage that was picked up from Burning Man where you’re supposed to leave no trace what that actually looks like. So I’m sure there will be a report after. I know our camp really does care about that and did their best, but definitely saw that. And also, you know, maybe it wasn’t everyone’s fault too, but there was also just wind storms and dust and things were getting blown around and so maybe it wasn’t.

All in people’s control. But I still think it could have been. Done better, and I think that was a little bit sad on a more, you know, more fun note. As I’m sort of closing. Bringing this video slightly.

To a close, I would say. One of my greatest moments here. This is sort of my. Default state at Burning Man with binoculars. Looking through so this was the sunrise set and I would stand here and take a look at the.

Nakas and you know all. These people around me like, Oh my God, can I check these out? And so they. All you know got a chance to try the. Binoculars we did it during.

Some of the. Sunrise sets. There was a. Couple of times. Literally. On the actual Playa people.

Were looking for something they saw. Me with binoculars and they said, hey can I use this and need to find something so I actually think it helped contribute by like not by. Alleviating. A large distance of travel, so that felt really good. To actually be a tool that was used and.

That it was also used at the final burn. We passed it around as a camp and people around us. And you could just see the intensity of the flame and the beautiful fireworks and everything there. And so it’s just a small thing made such a beautiful impact. On the experience for myself.

Obviously, personally. But for everyone else, and I really felt great. About that you can see my. Joy at. This stage here. This was a long night. I had not.

Slept. You can see it on my face, but I’m having fun. And I’m looking through binoculars. In this case I think. They were backwards.

Which is hilarious because we were like zooming out on each other there and having a great time and Brendan got this shot. Appreciate that very much my friend. I was really happy with that. Couple last things before I sort of, you know, close this out is just. You know, I did have some questions of like why am I here and you know if I would ever return back, but you know, as it got.

Some and I sort of talked about this in Exodus and then. Sort of the weather, some of the factors there, but overall. I think it was just. Oh really? Challenging experience which again.

Made it work worthwhile, made it rewarding and then also. Once you get a little bit of sleep, once you get a little distance from it, that’s. What makes it so great? So while I had that. Moment of frustration and why am I here?

This is so hot. It’s so hard. I’m. Spending so much time and energy and money and all this stuff that experience is. Worthwhile to see all the.

Joy that we. Had to have those moments. Dancing, to connect with friends, to build these relationships, to spend time with that. So all of that stuff. Is so worthwhile and I’m.

So still so glad that I actually did this and. With that being said, you know, I do have my sort of final images here, which was finally getting back just yesterday and laying down on the bed and having my wonderful dog Tasia come and give me a lick. That felt so good. To be back home, showered. And spending time with the people I love most.

Well, animal I love most and the people I. Love most here. With Monica so. I was really sad Monica couldn’t make it. She wanted to come with justice issues with visa. Stopped her from coming, but.

I. Expect to see her on the desert in the future. Tasia, I don’t think you’re gonna make it, Sir, but. We’ll have good experiences for you, and we’ll, you know, throw a. Ball or something. Out there for you but. Very glad to be back in Port Credit. So grateful that I had the experience. Grateful to be back.

Safe, alive, healthy, excited to be seeing people. Share their journeys and experiences at Burning Man and. You know. I. Feel like a burner? I.

Feel like I was at home. There’s lots more to learn. It was only my second year. I know I’ll be. Back again and you know if you have any thoughts or insights or.

You know. Comments from your own experience? Please feel encouraged to drop them. I’ve. Done my best to sort.

Of. Present my. Experience in a way that honors the. Sort of principles and intentions. Of Burning Man, you know I’m not. Really trying to you know this in part is really important to me is this sort of decommodification part and.

And so I’m trying to do that while sharing something. That’s so important and so dear to me and I hope. That I’ve done that. Good job if for any of you who are burners or who care about that as well too. Please let me.

Know if you have any feedback of how I should have done this better or? What what you think? Thank? You for for everything. Thank you for everyone who built helped build this incredible community. I’m so grateful for you and I would truly.

I truly hope to see you out on. The the player one day this is been Tyler Bride and reporting back from Burning Man. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the year. And I look forward to some other great times together. Thank you very much. Bye, bye.


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