Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Elon Musk & Joe Rogan, Brett Kavanaugh Hearings & Mac Miller

Tyler talks about the highly anticipated Elon Musk and Joe Rogan Podcast on the Joe Rogan Experience. He also discusses the Supreme Court Hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, the second Republican Judge possibly put into place during the Trump presidency. Lastly, Tyler pays his respects to Mac Miller, a significant hip-hop artist that has passed away.

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Rest In Peace Mac Miller

Exchange between Sen. Harris and Judge Kavanaugh

Protesters storm Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk

Mac Miller Tiny Desk Concert

Transcript (Unedited)

All right, I’m on the screen, okay.

it’s a Saturday morning here today. You should have been doing these on Fridays, but does that on a work

to do this week? And so I pushed it back in this work out this morning and relaxing a little bit more, and just actually ended. I think I’ve been a better mood to do this. Don’t have that much to do. I do have some household duties, ‘call me’ but…

well, those on a side for a bit and I actually missed last week as well, too, so I’m falling behind quickly. I’m not stopping this though. I was listening to someone the other day, and they were saying like the average podcast I think only makes it through into I think a 90 percent don’t make it past ten episodes, or three episodes, and I’m not gonna be that kind of person I’m gonna continue on and I really enjoy doing this. I’m not doing this for a really any… an exposed not really, just like I don’t want a bunch of exposure for this, I’m really just trying to connect with some people and not even necessarily a large amount of people, just the right people and so… and not only that, I think this has been a great for me to test some ideas obviously to practice speaking and I’m working on a pretty interesting project that is taking a lot of what’s coming out of this time where we’re creating so much content, and it’s constantly streaming or really in testing way to capture that information and get some feedback, so

I’m gonna, be sharing more about that in the future. That is in development mode right now. And one thing that I’ve been really excited about is actually getting some more time to focus on development and actually explore what more complex applications and looks like. And I recently came in a fan shot, which is for you who not here in my, I guess, my local vicinity. Is this a college here in Ontario And we did interact, I did interact with me to design a production and that was a really great course but it was really spread across all the disciplines within sort of interactive media, and so programming a had a big piece we learn and as a timeless PHP and some Java script a little bit of jQuery as well too. Although they discouraged us from learning January and I sort of had started my own business, at this time I was coming off to some difficult period of my life, and I just didn’t really dedicate the time that I wanted to actually learning that stuff and when I got into the business, I really started to go obviously for things that I could build that were simple to build and so I really ended up on, obviously on podcasting and…

So I thought that that was completelya case here, and I hear it a background from my has. I don’t know how I got to podcasting from that, from that common apologized to… I didn’t want the feedback to be back in the microphone nears.

I just think I forget the dedication to development that I wanted, and I and I focused on not podcasting a focused on board press a very simple application to build just the build sites to get them out. Pretty easy to feel. There were some visual composers and then I always going in and really getting a crash course in how to screw up on servers, how to get into what many people consider a very messy file structure and code structure of WordPress. And I really founded my way through that for a bit, but I didn’t necessarily fully comprehend when I was doing that, I was really doing it out of survival and I really pushed through some of that stuff that I’m happy because it’s taught me a it’s laid a foundation for me now coming back to more of a development environment.

it’s given me just there’s that nuance of knowing something for a couple of years and sort of processing and I think that’s why so many people have had success learning when they’re younger, and then keeping on. It’s just a beautiful thing that’s in the back of the head, it feels so natural.

I’m a little bit late getting into development, so it doesn’t feel quite that way, but as I’m increasingly doing more stuff obviously online with my business with websites, with Google Tag Manager, your AdWords all the stuff and getting to understand much more about a… obviously, the development of sites more just the infrastructure of the web, how content is delivered, and now I’m much more on this path of being able to take events that are happening from users and make other things happen and that’s what I’m really excited about excited about is that interactivity, and that just the opportunity that provides you that personalization and just the engagement, it really makes a great user experience, and I’m really excited to be on the way. Not there yet, but I’m starting to be capable of building these things, and so I’m exploring obviously, a lot of JavaScript right now React Native reactions and obviously no JS and learning some of that stuff as well, to… and I’ve gotten through a lot, I’m really excited about that. I’ve been implement and get into my work flow and I be developing an application that’s doing some pretty cool stuff. So again, I’m really excited to share that with you guys.

That won’t be for a bit, but I really do look forward to that and it’s gonna be… I think I’ve really one of the next steps in my chapter and I’m hoping that this is something that I can bring to more people and be a really valuable tool.

But this week, first week in September, Labor Day, we can… it was crazy week. It was really, really crazy, week.

I guess the first thing that I’ll talk about from this where you’re gonna have a little video here hoping this is gonna work properly. I’m like

Right screen. I got all my set-ups here and he explained that, here we go in a lot of things, things like… at once here. So I think if I play this audio, you guys are gonna see this. So just to set this up a little bit, this is a looking at the recommended things is never to put your stuff on line. My YouTube you can see that my YouTube by one, It’s not fair, I don’t really think too much is gonna happen from, but it always just makes me nervous that I don’t know. I’m gonna share some revealing information but to set this up, is Brett Kavanaugh, and Cabana is, Donald Trump’s second nominee to the Supreme Court, the also putting Neil Gorsuch and this American politics. I don’t know why, I just love American politics may be considered almost obviously a reality show for myself, but it just has such an impact on the rest of the world and I obviously a big red Tor and so much engagement and so many people and so many, just so many opinions stuff going on that I just I can’t not be engaged, I can’t not watch it.

I mean, I think just concern in a Canadian born re-flashes with President of United States right now as I’ve gotten a little bit older, I’ve been… I finally, I think understood and recognized more on the importance of engaging with with your community, just being a part of politics, understand what’s happening boating and just being a part and hopefully contributing to building a better society at large, obviously, starting in a local level, but hopefully worldwide, and obviously in the national state to so I guess I have been following this stuff I have obviously been watching, and this was a pretty crazy week and this was not just an every so then we just crazy. All the stuff is crazy. But his really… this was really weird, and this is connecting people and people don’t like this name, but I care about that. But to give you a little bit more context of this, I guess the back story at the end of a Obama’s term, there was the opportunity for them to pre- a supreme court judge in and Macao, much money and the Republicans did something extraordinary and sort of just, I don’t even know, they went nuclear, on the Democrats putting that in putting that Judge into the Supreme Court and he really… their argument was that it is a voting as a voters here, if you, if there is a vote coming up, we should wait until we hear the voice of the people and what they want,

and so great, I… we delay the pick-and-let-America… Garland was the name very cool. I democratic judge. And this was actually going to, basically, I believe at this point, and so

I do the best I… the tie the conservative Democratic split on that Supreme Court and this new pick that’s coming in now with the Trump actually putting two and they are now gonna have a an advantage basically, all the time and this is the Supreme Court. So, there’s a really, really big decisions that happen here. I think the same thing of Canada support of Canada making massive decisions, that even parts of rewriting constitution all this stuff that makes a big impact on the citizens of the nations and especially in the US, and I should know this, in Canada, but it’s a lifetime appointment. So, Brahmana if He is appointed into the Supreme Court, he will be in there for lifetime yegor.

Is it there for a lifetime? There is a process for each man but that’s a pretty big, pretty big process and it’s definitely not gonna be happening while Republic cancer part. I can tell it out. So this sort of set up this week, this was the hearing of Kavanaugh. And really, at this point, the Democrats in the US can do nothing. The sky is gonna get in, they have majority it doesn’t really matter, but the Democrats in LA to see print up sort of a fight for the first time in a more aggressive fight and I’ve seen from them in a long time, and I think it’s because this is a really concerning moment in just the democracy of the world, and that was pretty apparent that other people felt the same way and so, just to played us and a helpless works properly in a…

so for anyone watching this happened basically the entire time and from the first of all, the Democrats just went right away. We’re like Grassley Republican guy. Stop, talk and we’re interrupting this we’ve got some stuff to say. I got some questions to go, and where we wanted to let this hearing and pouring in, like what it was I was watching and it was a word, I guess, I felt so compelled to watch this, And so, I ancestral day, it was just streaming live and I should put a picture of where you Brett’s gonna look at… you back up has come, a… that’s grass where here is, this is a fine fellow here. And so, every 15 minutes, this was just happening. People who I don’t know why they were in there, we then had undercover… I don’t really, exactly know, but we’re just bursting up and just screaming and to… at the dragon had never won the US all “lucan and stuff in the screen about abortion. And I’m gonna get on to that as well, too. And just how much of a sham of the democracy is best process specifically really has been? And so, to illuminate that a little bit more, I don’t know these exact numbers, but through just like anything. If someone’s getting security clearance if you’re gonna be the Supreme Court for the rest of your life, you have to go through a vetting process and they’re going back and looking at all your documents. They’re looking at all this. Especially when your judge, and he’s been a judge for many years. What were your decisions that you made, how did you make those decisions? Are there any red flags under record? That means that we shouldn’t be.

I’m trusting you as a neutral representative in the Supreme Court. I was gonna make judgments for the best of the country, and I… You would think that would be in a form of a lot of documents. This is true I think think there was hundreds of thousands of documents emails rooming opinions. He wrote a book at some point, and what was really crazy was that the Republicans do basically release those, those were those documents were taken, I believe, on an executive order from the president, and removed and not supply. So it’s about 1000 documents, I believe missing from Brett combines Bush years, which he considers what she called the most formative years of his life.

And no one has access to that. And then there was some other for 2000 pages of documents that they actually did release the job guys, but they were leased it about the midnight before the actual hearing started. And so,

you know, obviously the democrats, and even the Republic, they had no time to process this information and really, this all set up for just a crazy week in and for the sprint or confirmation. This was streaming, I think, three days of the week, first day, this guy didn’t even talk second day, started talking and I that was crazy enough. I think I saw… I know this isn’t it, but is gonna pull this up for…

and this is gonna get me I think this is gonna get me in trouble from you to but it’s such an important thing to watch.

Yeah, so I think that’s enough of that but just I think just a amazing moment, here, this guy, this guy basically I’ve thrown this hearing. Democrats were actually making documents and a big part of this was welcome on as… but Corey Docker who it’s been on Delmar before, it seems like a fantastic guy, and he really took a stand and released a bunch of these documents because this is really shown. And what’s crazy about this is this guy is basically purged himself on during these confirmation hearing, I believe, multiple, multiple times and the publicans, are, of course, determined to push this through. It’s just a…nbut you can feel the democracy is not there, the democracy is not, they are in these hearings, and glad we have people like come out here. Honestly, if I… I’m looking at this from the Democratic side, I love to see her run for President as a couple other people who are, I think, potential people on the Democratic side, who are front-runners. Just to pull out quickly here, this is that, this is Booker.

The guy herenI really like him, and he was quite the exchange of Kavanaugh here, but this come on Harris. I just think she is such, such a fiery lady, I love her so much, and she said, practical she starting with fear, she stands up for her, so she stands up for the people and I’m a simple Canadian man but I would love to see her and I think she could bring back a lot of respect. The native stage, which unfortunately is as much needed right now.

So I think I’m done with that stuff. It was really interesting. I would just say to look into this stuff, ’cause it is so wild what’s going on right now. And again, this is not just in the US, this is impacting to watch the, the threads of democracy being pulled apart from the same as it’s quite a… quite thing to watch. So I’m gonna go on to a little bit lighter. That I thought was just an important-important thing I got to my headphones back on for this, this is not important, but this was a a culture, this is a cultural moment this week that I think I would not be forgotten. And I’m gonna get Dan for this and I’m gonna put this on you but just to hear him talking to see him an extended interview for this long. And so Robin has this way of opening people
up, and he was really stiff in the beginning, but to see him progress. Get more comfortable with Rogan. He had like a senior at one point, obviously smoking a joint.

It was just such a fascinating moment that you get. And this is where that power of Internet comes together. Power of podcast and Power BI-tube in this regard. You don’t get access to a person like this in a normal day-to-day life. And a couple years ago, the only time you would see people like this, who are the successful Miss brilliant, was through a… so obviously, seeing them on TV and short edited clips and segments were of course just seeing them in person bumping the person they’re going to see them live.

Now we have access to long-form conversations, from some of the most brilliant minds of our generation and it’s really a… I just really powerful thing. And so, for anyone who’s interested in technology and I think just knowing that this is a guy who is really trying to make a difference in the world, one thing that’s working out perfectly, for or not, that is to be debated if people… I’ve had some problems with them. He’s been doing some weird stuff and obviously, I think I’d be pretty stressed guy, if you always need a mask as well too, but he’s worth listening to and it’s a very, very interesting conversation. One of on the best ones I’ve seen here, and just a very intense a cultural moment, I think, to see law must come and do something like this. So I something that came out of this now that I thought was… and one, I’m not lying to go back, I’m just gonna pull back to this one big piece on this covenant that I just saw in my notes here.

There are a couple of things, a couple of rules a couple of judgments and one of the big ones I was talking about the protest is coming and was re-versus Wade and that was basically allowing women to get abortions and not stoppinga portion for control and really allowing women to take control of their own bodies. And this is a really important piece of legislation law that went into place and obviously we don’t wanna see us go back in time, and so, this common… a lot of people to think of him as a traditionalist, as very literal with the constitutions and the writings of the laws and he relies heavily on precedent sometimes that precedent has been shown for him to be pretty specifically cherry-pick, so that he could make his case. And in most cases, overturn, orthe favor of corporate or Republican interest. So back to in here you can smoke that weed and within, I don’t know, if it’s the same day next day test. He lost nine percent of its value based on its Marco a 45 billion or this interview and that little smoke that he just… did that cost a month? You and make 40 million, so a lot of damn money men. And this is something I’m gonna pull a shift away from here for a second, I just while I pull this up, but this is a problem and I one that one, that one is just a really… I just sort of add to be honest, there is no need for someone who is contributing that much to the world, to the planet who is making a difference,it doesn’t have the ability to do something small like that. A smoking marijuana legal in California,

It’s obviously got a bunch of conservative old money invested in test on their past that they see this guy they probably think it’s the double Lettice and these going crazy, but look at these headlines like… and there’s no wonder that this guy’s stress down and there’s no wonder, in a talk for taking his company private stuff that he’s dealing withIT ridicules just for small acts like that. And this is where that stigma, we want of that perception of marijuana. Something that I’ve struggled with myself, it comes into play and I think it’s a really detrimental thing. A couple things to take a hit Love is the answer. Some Lars means of actually small from the Fox News. Or, sorry, not even foster set in. Did I say Fox News? She is, was such a fox in… that’s a horrible bias by men. Say this can even mask drinks smokes weed well,nwheels flat, it’s just… so this is the time that we’re in, and I, it’s just, it’s such a very action it’s part of a couple of other things that

I just wanted to pull up one of them was this beautiful thing went saw this last night crazy reasons wha tmovie man, I don’t know what it was, what specifically got me about this movie? I cried that five tonot a full big crises, but there’s just some emotional moments in the movie that I didn’t really expect. And for me, what I love saying was this amazing cultural representation of Asia, that wasn’t reduced to stereotypes. And I know a lot of people obviously looking at them to speaking English and they have English accents, but it’s still an important… it’s still important to see, and it’s still a full Asian, cast. And to understand the way that that their parents look more at more at their children’s obligations as that obligations and not about finding your passion and the pressure that’s getting put on a lot of Asian students, and young people.

I just really was a beautiful movie format comedy, obviously, by a really funny moment some great little cameos and moments can “kanchana Jon is in here. And

just… it was a really good movie. And also beautifully shot, as well too, which I was. We had the choice between Mission Impossible, and we pray Rich Asians we made the right choice. And you think that you’re going in to see the actual movie that’s what you want to go to in the big screen. But to see some shots to sing a poor and to see some of the beauty that they did in the state. The movie was fantastic to bring it back though. I wanted to bring it back in a scattering a little bit over the place ’cause I didn’t wanna pull this up right away, but back to all else low thing here.

The stigma of DRE, drug use is it’s really, it’s detrimental to society, as an must said on this podcast. He’s drinking alcohol there, whiskey having some drinks during conversation, he’s not gonna lose 90 percent of his stock shares before the shares, but the nine percent of the value of his stock based on that. A drug. And you know what, the interesting thing about alcohol is one of the only drugs that really, it really actually causes some violence and anger. And I’m sorry, we’ve got some people moving up here today, it sounds like. And so that’s when a drug that’s been as Lani grandfathered in, and so there’s not a lot of controversy when people are using a age really pervasive in society. We go to drink, do we go to do drugs? And when we talk about these injection sites, and really they’re saying, Why do we allow a place to come in and let people consume drugs? Just, I just… Well, all that’s what parts are, that’s what restaurants are that are serving alcohol, it’s the same thing, it’s a drug, just like many things. Everything that goes in our body can have an impact on our… on our body and so… and so these are all drugs, they’re all still once they all have an impact and we specifically gets a lot of stigma along with obviously, psychedelics, but he has been a big one of them place that it’s coming around. Something that I’ve really struggled with as a business owner, as a person who is even had some mental health RMs in the past is that I am a marijuana and to do this, I love it. I enjoy it, I think it helps me a lot in tendered me in some places in my life but my relationship has gotten much better with it, and I think I actually use it to improve me, improve my performance decrease anxiety even give me some focus in an odd way and really allowed me to be more creative and get sometimes help me get into a little bit more flow of work and…

I actually got my medical marijuana license. A lot of people might think that’s weird, because legalization is coming in, who cares? But to me there was an important validation in getting this and I…
and so I went through with the doctor talked about what everything that… if I’m on a medication, what symptoms do I have? Had some problems with concussions and hockey. He actually gave me some to advice said Look at some CBD stuff and then pass me to basil, and educator, and so now

I am officially approved and it… they set you up with the supplier. This is my supplier which I think is just, it’s great. It seemed like nice. I’m not ordered any yet, but it’s pretty, it’s pretty cool to see that is a system set up in place now with this and say, I could cross a provincial border with this, nothing I’m going to have not come in with that guys what I’m just saying that there are some things that… getting your medical license that is still even more legitimate, and just being legalized. And for me, I was so scared about the stigma, what people would say about me.

So it’s the fact that I use marijuana, and not extensively, but ad for enjoyment, at night and things, and I just… what if other business owners see or what potential a faster is? If I’m doing something later down the road, just family and friends all these, all that stigma that surrounds it relates a lot of shaming, guilt for a lot of people, and we as as a plant in a medicine for a lot of people, we have seen some of the science behind this stuff now and that is only increasing more information is coming out about how benefit this stuff can be. A lot of times I don’t even like the psycho-active part of marijuana. I like the SM component, like the part that reduces my anxiety and its therapeutic and it’s,

it’s important to talk about this stuff. Need to reduce the stigma of marijuana, but when you reduce the stigma of drugs in general, and there’s a lot of debate right now where we are in about these injection clinics, about how people are consuming drugs about what our role is in helping these people who are consuming drugs in a, you know, in subsidizing it, all these conversations are really happening right now and it’s important to remember that drug users aren’t necessarily bad, they’re not unmotivated they’re not

necessarily addicted, to some of the drugs that sometimes… and then, of course, there are those people who are suffering, there’s people who are struggling with addiction, there’s people who need help, and we need to find that balance we need to be able to serve both sides of that spectrum, all sides of that spectrum. So this is what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna wrap up.
And I think just to continue that note with the stigma of drug use stigma of just mental health in general.

We lost a very important person this week and that was Manila. Rest in peace. MacMillan Macmillan was macOS, 26 years and died of an overdose yesterday.
It is shocking news for a lot of people. I’ve been an app fan of Mac Miller for a long time. He’s the same ages me, but he blew up very young, I remember listening to him I think late high school, university, got to go see him and concert anyways, just it was an amazing performance. I’ve really admired him as an artist. I made, how hard I worked to get there, and what I respected most about “macerata he entered as a white boy frat rapper who… so I was talking about Donald Trump, and smoking weed, it and all this stuff, and he progressed and he transformed an evolve like like a lot of artists struggle to do and he learned how to produce and he learned how to sing a bath figured on how to put different styles and sounds together and harmonize his voice. And I really admired the experimental side of math Miller, it was obvious it was pretty obvious to me at Manor had gone through some difficult times, he struggled with fame struggled with addiction for a long time and that was very transparent on some of his music faces in particular but his last album swimming, which is just a fantastic album, and I’m not a Go-See I told a… have it right here. I’ll pull that up correctly.

We want an important artist to me. You’ve thought from a balcony recommended, if you… less than if you ever going through a difficult time yet. Some beautiful moments in music and some things that really touched me and resonated with me and connected me in a way that a lot of other artists did. And I think part of that is obviously being the same age being a white young white male, who loves him Pop sometimes, they’re…

I know you feel like for myself such an avid hip-hop listener, sometimes I feel like I’m encroaching on a culture and necessarily… no, it’s respect. I think that’s changed in a lot of ways, but there was always that piece… and I obviously there’s a lot of identity that Macmillan that I have as well, to an

I really… and of course, obviously, the transparent from moments in his music and a struggle with mental health and addiction, which have been part of my life as well, too. So, Miller has just some really beautiful music. I’m gonna get a home for this as well too, but I’m

its Creative Commons or whatever it…


Yeah, just a beautiful song by him and you can tell from some of those lyrics though. I wish I took a simpler row. Instead of having demons that’s as big as my house and talking about people making a bunch of money, but not necessarily being happy. And at one point in my life, I remember wanting to be Mac Miller that was the dream that was what I wanted to see. You know, someone that you admired in so many ways to really, you know, just not end up on happy where I deserve to be and is now gone from this world. This is a really sad thing. So I didn’t wanna end it on to some a note, but take care of yourself, guys. If you’re saving with addiction of your struggling with mental health, make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and make sure that you’re having the conversation that you need, whether that’s what lots of family and friends, whether that’s what the therapist whether that’s a stranger or someone that you’ve connected with the help in you. So I’m done for this week, I hope you guys have a great week, and I look forward to coming back and hopefully we’ve got some good news coming our way.

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