Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Mental Models Part 1: Modeling, Explaining & Learning

Tyler starts exploring mental models, an explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world. Tyler takes a look at the Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO of DuckDuckGo’s article “Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful” and learns about mental models in the explaining, modelling, and learning model categories.

Transcript (Unedited)

Okay, I think here we go. No, I do a little bit different today.

No video here. I’m actually at my house for once. Usually, I’m at the office doing anything like this and I enjoy it, but I also, I’m pretty good to work on a lot of the time and I’m doing my stuff during the day and I sort of try to fit in a podcast during that time. Sometimes I… You know, try usually on Fridays I telling a lot lady, but I’m still back and forth if I feel like I have work to do in the morning to my podcast around 11 AM. Get it out at one PM. I think we go back to work for the rest ofYou have to know and sometimes I feel a little bit… Well, but hope out after all of that. So here at home tonight, my girlfriend is wonderful lady and she has actually gone to a brutal mass concert and I likeWe go with a little bit. This point, “Caribe was supposed to open up the show and I and she got pregnant she had a baby and she said, she wasn’t ready for the tour. And so, that then leads to a ton of suffering for my girlfriend to a suffering for her friends and for myself too, who wanted to hear how “Caribe I was that performing. So, it’s down to, to have a great time in and all, I’ll see a baby that leaves me in a place that leaves me in I don’t have much to do, place. I did some work. They actually met up with a good body.

I’ve been working on a project, I sort of mentioned it a couple of times in the past, but one that I’m pretty excited about, and I did some work for them in the morning, today.

Some development and it’s been really cool. So, you can’t release all the details of everything I’m working on it, but we’re working with IBM and a lot of artificial intelligence.

I think that’s about all I was. Okay, is that all I really wanna say? I don’t even know if I want to talk about that I, But I… We can do a lot of stuff and take in basically a ton of data at once, and analyze it. And some really relate always, and there’s some pretty direct applications to this that I’m hoping to target directly and looking at. rolling that out in the next, the next six months I hope. So let’s see how that goes. We’re working well I’ve been working really hard on that, but I’m getting some support from some great people, like the one today, Ryan and some people in my office as well to thank you to some Miranda and many other people who have given me some great insights and advice along the way as I’m really trying to pave a new way for my life for… But then the normal business that I right now which is refuse, I’m marketing specifically non-profits. This is a big shift for me, and it’s a little bit out of my… My comfort zone, but I can already see the value here, and if I can make everything work and pull it together, it’s gonna be a really cool project, and I excited I share show that with you. And I think it has a lot of… Just a lot of parallels with what I’m doing right now and what a lot of people are doing, so hopefully that soon be pretty exciting.

We will see how that goes. So I’ll keep you up in gonna continue doing that as I do these podcasts, and hop over one time, one time in the future that someone will look at back at all my podcast or listened to boast. Very unlikely, but they were like, “Oh I thought was talking about that stuff as he was building it, and now it’s turned into a really cool thing, and that’s, I guess, someone of a dream.

I sometimes dreams come true, so it’s pretty relaxed, compared to what I normally… I’m sitting here with a beer perhaps even front late here, last night, bad beard isn’t taste that good, but I don’t drink too much, but it was sitting in the fridge, and I worked hard to day on a Saturday, and so I’m coming home to relax a little bit. I got another friend as well too, who I’m gonna talk to and now sure most people know that sound wouldn’t finish this with a couple of deep brass.

So that’s three brass.

I do a lot of what I’ve been doing a lot of listening, about this, I will Hamlet. But breathing method that a lot of people have used, they look at saying basically six express the minimum that are… I was really gonna make an impact, but six deep breasts. And you can really feel it, you can feel it change a conscious as you can feel. A state, and this guy a been seen doing some speaking lightly and he’s actually been doing that in the audience. Be getting them to be some breath work with them, and I feel like it makes the audience really were something to just create this wonderful energy in the room and it’s aIt really bonds everyone together, so that’s a really cool thing. I’m starting, I hope to start doing and basically, maybe in other podcast as I move forward, which I didn’t do. America job of explaining high-wealth maybe be doing some brass and hope you won’t do those press along with me. And it’s really interesting as I’ve continued to sort of continue on my path and try to learn more really, but my mind and of course, but my body as well to justHow important that breath work is and I… It’s just something in us, it doesn’t seem like we really talk about too much. I never had any courses growing up on breathing properly. Or, “what breath does for you, or the benefits to using it or how you can focus your mind with it or how you can gain clarity?

Lot of those things are just not really described and it’s really interesting how we don’t get a lot of things spread is for stress reduction is for, obviously for life is it’s used for focus, it’s made for so many, it’s useful for so many ways and it’s just something we do every day, but we never learn how to do it the best way and it’s really, it’s a shame for a lot of kids who are wanting to accelerate in anything school sports a big one for that stuff, but it’s just IT side that we don’t necessarily get the tools that are needed for a for these students and for young people and it’d be great to get to know that some strategies and ways to breathe that can benefit you in your day-to-day life that were never really introduced to us.

So, I am relaxing a bit and I have something I really…

Pete, my mind, I’m gonna call, make one last diverge off from there.

It was an interesting day, because I actually did a… So I actually put a song on aJust a quick verse minute and twenty seconds. It was a contest by classified the Canadian classic tour and he’s doing a tour all across Canada and he was basically put up dropped the beats with some rules around them and said that he was going on to her every city that He’s going to, he wants rappers AKE those beats and actually right a verse and then submit them on line and I… And so we say weBut monitorsThere was a couple of them, I think, I actually wanted to do a verse is in wrapped in a while. I have a couple of years that a written lately that I haven’t really done anything with, and it just seems like a good opportunity. How cool would it be if you win that competition? So it’s gonna take two people from each city pit them against each other, and the winter actually gets to perform on stage with classified right before the show, so we actually opening up opening up for Classified. That’s that’s pretty cool. I don’t really perform, to show before or anything, and if I did, I mean it’s nice to actually have people in a crowd there? For God damn say so.

A really cool thing. I don’t know if it’s a habit, but he didn’t share it online.

Made a little music page on my site to Erin dot-com as music and posted the track there with all these YouTube videos that I’ve done in the past, oldMy old EP that I released that one point in my life, and just a couple of like weird songs that are out there on the internet. And it was funny when I posted on Facebook, he posted on Twitter and I think the, I guess, where the only real to just a ton of ton of people started flooding to me, and I would say, when I say a ton, it’s not a, not like a massive amount of people, but hundreds of people.

I’m just instantly crawling on my site and looking at that stuff, so it was cool even though I’d never know what’s gonna come out of that, to make that happen. And I’ve set up some stuff which I even really talk too much about marketing stuff yet, but like I set up a tool called Hot Jar, and put it on the site, so I can actually watch how users are interacting with the site, and watch recording, so how people browse and use the site and I can also watch heat maps of what they were clicking on and everything as well too, on a ton of metrics like that. So when something like that happens, you get a ton of crazy dad out out of them, really entrusted to actually work through that and I’m seeing people who are staying on the site. Ten minutes watching the YouTube video, and that it’s really good for my rent presence online, but it’s also just good, it’s good to feel good, it’s good. You got some of the tunes May. So, that’s too Brian dotcom slash music.

As interest in checking out, I… It’s okay, it’s weird, you were when you do something like that because I… A remote company, and I know in such a big part of my life from such a professional person and I really have to maintain that, and I do and I enjoy that piece. But there’s this weird divide where I’ve always been, I consider myself a hip pop artists I guess a very unknown one. I wouldn’t call myself I guess. You’re not an artist inNo one knows you, but yes, just still are.

And so when I had something like that, it’s a pretty legitimate clients who may not approve of some of the language or messaging that I’m using in that stuff and so when I release it, it’s always a really nervous nerve-racking thing not even, it’s just around people. It’s a tie 26-year-old. You want a company you’re growing up. Why are you wrapping? It doesn’t make any sense.

And that’s where I like sad too, but… So that’s what people think. And when I see people do stuff that might be… I don’t know what a good example is, but weird stuff at is are getting older, and you think they have more responsibilities to make some judgment. So I think that’s often what happens andWhat I put stuff on, Eric, I really do feel, I feel like I’m putting up a shell getting waiting for something to happen. Typically, what happens is no one really cares and I just slid through. But that fear is always there. And one day, you always wonder if you’re gonna put something out that’s going to be… That’s actually gonna pop or something, and it drives a bunch of a necessary attention or you get you in some trouble that you don’t wanna be in trine in trouble for. And as we’ve seen in the last couple of years that can happen a lot more often than we think. I think that we, it when we release something online, we are now throwing it into a much more ravenous. Dark angry, it than we used to. I feel like even in terms of the Internet standards, it used to be a much nicer place. And between the was on Twitter, and the moms on Facebook, it can get pretty crazy out there. And so you have to be careful with what you pray. You don’t know how that’s gonna come back for you? Maybe there’s a big opportunity that I’m gonna get one day maybe I wanna run for politics one day, some shit. And then they split and you get a rap song at tire dropped for classified, and he said The afford and some weird stuff.

So, big restate.

Is it really worth it?

I don’t know, I guess I take it sometimes.

So dad of a purpose actually around what I’m doing right now, again, if you ever noticed with this pod class, whatever this is it, it’s not really any structure to it. I’m just living my life I’m talking here on a good time trying to make some time when I can and my belief has always been and I don’t think it’s a really self-serving onDoesn’t that much for me, but just… But I’m putting the stuff out there in the world, and again, that dangerous world that I’m putting out there, but it’s most likely at least for wagon, the archived in time somewhere, so most likely I mean hopefully for a long time, we don’t know where this world and empire is going, that we’re in right now, what you would think of your posting stuff online right now, it’s still reading to be indexed and found for quite a while, and if that content, can find someone, I resonate with them at the right time, and have some positive impact on their life. And then I believe that’s where thatSo that’s my skill. There probably said that before.

Feels good when I say I don’t know if it’s true or not, we… So what I actually want to look at them as I am pulled us up here it is, I think I came across in actually to pull up, wanna understand a little bit of a who the guy I’m reading is A… And so I’m pulling up with a P now. You guys don’t have the visuals, today.

So what have been here about this? I went to aWell, talk from an army is actually an ex-military guy, was an engineer of a friend of mine, he came in to talk about fitting diversity and basically leadership and he’d come back and he wanted to show some stuff and this presentation was pretty good. But there’s one thing that really stuck out to me and when I was questionnaires, and it wasThe question was, are you aware of the mental models in your head before when you’re making decisions and navigating the world? And so I was like, I’ve heard this, I’ve heard that before, I’ve heard mental models. It makes sense in my mind when it is, is a model that you sort of look through the world and at why we make decisions in living or Dalit life. And I pull up the definition, I pull that up if you just to be a yes to be right here.

In tomorrow’s definition.

Yeah, it’s an explanation of someone’s thought process, but how something works in the real world, as a repetition of the surrounding world the relationship between his various parts and a person’s intuitive perception about his or her own acts and their consequences as the definition.

And so I saw this in the question I didn’t know much about it, when I saw, I came across a book or something or read it today and actually I wasSo, something this week something that piqued my interest even more. I can remember this, and then I saw something today. Actually, a thread on separate right is necessary. So, a thread on a separated unread it. Who can say that anyways? And you mentioned the sky Charles Munger, and she maybe know this name because he is the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. That’s a pretty damn big company. So maybe I should know this guy, but what I saw with some references to him obviously he had had, but must share some philosophies with, with more in buffet, and a more off. It has described Munger as his partner, so he’s on pretty equal level and playing field with him. Obviously, we’re a successful life in investment and finance and wealth and philanthropy.

A office talks a lot about mental models. And apparently, it’s being contributed to him. And so I was looking at this and there was a piece of gold that came from red it from a comment on there and it was actuallySo it was a guy. I can “ngawang and he’s the CEO and founder of duckduckgo. If don’t know doctor go, it’s theAnd I should make sure that’s right, too. But it’s basically the anonymous private version of Google, so that when you’re searching for stuff on Google, it’s not storing your data. I am using it for advertisers, like Go and other search engines like Bing, orSo that’s it.

And he’s actually a CEO. gonna confirm that, or I don’t sound like an idiot on Jamie all that up.

Excuse me. Yeah, privacy simplified. So that’s what Doc to go do.

He wrote this article so he saw a speech from Charlie Munger, from 1995 called, a psychology of human is judgment, which introduced some how behavior, no economics can be applied in business and investing, but more profoundly. It opened him into seeking on applying Manta water models across a wide array of this “Sumbawa really appeals to me, about this idea of mental models. It’s just, I love practical things like frameworks that you can look through or something that are actually tangible. And so I haven’t looked rough, this less. I’m actually gonna go through with you guys.

I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through this whole thing ’cause it’s… It’s long, what this guy is written here. But I thought that was a really interesting thing, I don’t know, some of the, I don’t know what’s gonna be in this list, but there are a bunch of mental models I find repeatedly useful by Gabriel Weinberg, from the CEO and founder of Dodo to… And this post is, and I’m gonna share this post in in the podcast of course, is his attempt to enumerate the mental models and are repeatedly useful to him. This set is clearly biased from his own experience and surely incomplete, but he hopes to continue to revise it and as he remembers and learns more. And so if I go, I can shut this out.

Best men to males of all times.

I think this one is even cooler.

I’m gonna check out both of theMostly… So what I’ve just really uncovered and something that I hadn’t really thought of before, it is this idea of these mental models, and I have some… I started to increasingly built these in my own life, but I had it put a name to them. And so one of the big ones that I had been thinking about recently, it’s actually called the Fogg Behavior Model, and with the Fogg Behavior Model to a formula basically says, behavior equals met and that stands for motivation, ability and then the trader. And so, behavior can only happen if someone has the motivation, the ability in a trigger basically, guides them to make that happen. So, interesting mental model. So that really provides me a perspective to look at marketing the positive from building a product. Helping clients are reallyIf I’m just talking to someone in general, and doing that has been very helpful, and as I’ve distilled that mental model when I’m now calling a into mode which I don’t know if it is, it’s more of like a behavioral theory, and I’ve explained it to other people and I can see how well it’s hit them, they’ve been like, “Oh wow, that makes sense. And I’m glad to be able to pass things along or practical to make sense. And it encompassed in just a short little formula or something like that. And so the idea of mental models is really, really interesting to me.

To the poor.

I got this a little bit as well, to Wikipedia. meta model is the explanation of someone’s thought process, but how someone something works in the real world, I can shape behavior, and set an approach to solving problems. Apologize for the training, the back. This is a real world experience right here. Those nature of stuff around stuff is happening. So, if I dropped this year, shuffle train the back, now that it’s not much I can do, please if you let them use sticking throughout.

I like Conan that any of the other day and most you probably one over that, but Carly condos for reporting some Instagram recording submitted video and this training just went by and so we just stopped on it, talking as the whole thing went by. It see me empowering through right now and actually letting the train a round out my voice, so we’ll see how we do better.

And I, boasting that in and really just trying to show you… I’m still here, so stuff we built around psychology, and I get dumber through this talk at all guys, but I am relaxed. mental model. So, sometimes originated by Kenneth Craik in his 1943 book. The nature of explanation obviously been a bunch of stuff since then. And this is again, just a cop I gonna share all this stuff in online, and I just pull up a couple of different stuff. So basically, what type is the best all-time best mental models. One of the best mental models that you can learn is a ton of them.

A 09 on one. And I don’t even know what this guy is not like 69 or something.

So when I started this, I was really interested in doing the scary, online barrages but I felt on this really interesting got long Ashman to models. So, I’m actually thinking ILike this in at the explanations. look so good on this other one that I’m looking at, that I think I want to do this one, and really what I just wanna go through, I want to talk to you to…

I think of, in a legal this episode mental models something along that line it would make sense. And for hopefully anyone who’s interesting this stuff, but doesn’t really know anyone else not interested in and have someone else learning about it.

Maybe this will be the contributor, maybe I can be a help. The trains almost down but I’m not, I’m not turn that I try to land a lot so I’m still here. Yeah, the train comes back. We will hopefully not here at quite as loud. Is that a project I guess I… Mental models. The best were to make intelligence decisions. So it’s 100 in models. Explain, “I swear, God I’m not gonna make through all these time already thinking about that many models but maybe there’s some really cool ones in there that we can take a look at.

So again, men, Amal.

So how we understand the world not only do they shape what we think and how we understand but the shape, the connections and opportunities we see it. So go take a look through some of these. So, thinking better, the “useful-ness. So it’s important to remember that this is it, has to be useful for the situation at hand, but a lot of us are mental, a lot of us are specialists, so I see this is good by default. A typical engineer, will think in systems, and it’s so true, when you meet an engineer that I can just see the way they think it’s different. Then, I wish I had that mindset.

A psychosis of house is… So there’s a a bunch of mental models here.

And I realize as I’m doing this, this is harder than I thought I’m reading and wanting to share what I’m learning at this time, I’m like, “Am I really learning, if I’m just getting ready to share it? Really interesting to other bad concept for doing this in the general I’m gonna power through.

So general thinking concepts, the map is not the territory, the map of reality is not reality, even the best maps are in perfect that’s because they’re the reductions of what they represent is a map were to represent the territory with perfect fidelity would no longer be a reduction in this would no longer be useful to us. A map can also be a snapshot of a point in time representing something that no longer exist. This is something to keep in mind as we think through problems and make better decisions.

The general thinking concept.

So, he’s broken it into different, basically different kinds, general thinking concepts and this is what the other guided as well too. And I’m just looking back and forth now, I’m gonna probably be breaking this down. This is such an interesting thing to make that Bogie breaking this down for many months or even years to come on this thing that I’m doing in the podcast. I think A… And so, as I bounced back and forth some of these actually see seem like very practical. And then other ones seem a little bit more up in the air and as I got up in the air, but just a little bit moreFluff of people talk about species and as I’ve looked at some of the stuff, it looks like now as I think about the idea of mental models, it’s like, I’m projecting these models on it now, so as I’m reading this stuff I’m actually then just taking that in and projecting it. So, we’re just creating this basically just it makes sense. There are models that we think of their imaginary models, so that really… How do yo existent where are we just making the existent and interesting to you apply those models to the world when you made those models in necessarily the world doesn’t apply to those models.

But I guess, by definition, it’s more than viewing that you look through, it’s not the, it’s not the way it comes back to you, it could be a basis. These are a couple of different ones that are more famous. So these are the ones that I saw a little bit more. So handling raiser. So never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by carelessness a tendency for people to place an undue emphasis on internal critics of the agent character or intention rather than external factors in explaining another person’s behavior in a given situation.

An interesting…

I do have a center a… So just that we think a person has more impact on the world, then we then they do we give them too much credit, really. It’s the external factors that explain the behavior in another person situation.

That’s a really interesting concept that one makes sense. And so I think a lot of people might understand that one a little bit more intuitively. This one that’s OCS, OCS razor a comes.

I don’t know, I’ve obviously heard about this guy before, I don’t know, I know he is among competing hypothesis. The one with fewer assumptions should be selected, and this is such a good example when you hear we think of horses and not zebras. So, it just puts that in your mindset of just not choosing the most complex answer in possible thing that could happen.

Most likely. It’s not like the thing that happens in the movie, which is the craziest thing to happen is not happening, but Donald Trump.

So eight now, but it’s not good.

I come to buy his and comedies tenets that they can raise it all the systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgements. So that’s a big one that a lot of people know. Cognitive bias is actually a list of cognitive biases. It’s pollute couple of these babies. I’m gonna be all in this shit. I should organize this way better.

I’m gonna need to take years to understand this and you’re gonna have to listen to me learn it.

So we have some cognitive by systematic patterns of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment, and often studied in psychology, and behavior economics.

I came to Smart my words. You’re already… So he is a good example of that, so to me, to biases, we want toThat we were assuming something’s happening based on maybe our own wants and needs and so one of them they have is, for example, and people getting to know others, people tend to ask leading questions, which seem biased towards confirming their assumptions about the person, so if we want to like them, we’re gonna ask them questions that make us like them more if we don’t like them are gonna make the ask questions or put them in situations that we don’t like them for ourselves.

An interesting people argued it. social skill.

It is the Berlin.

So really interesting like Man, even on this decision-making belief and behavioral biases this is stuff that I just wish I knew like I see some, I see some funny ones that people do in the Donner berating crew or factory. The tense on the school image.

Individuals to over estimate their own ability and “Intendant for experts to underestimate Burnaby, which is definitely something that I’m completely guilty of. And in both ways, that was one time un-scaled at a lot of things, and I thought I was so fucking good, and then now, I’m actually pretty buck going at some things, but I fucking thing I still suck so bad that much and I… Whatever you can, how much you can do about this. There is unreal, article and even this is say, In this stuff, I can’t even believe that this is the road that I’m going down to, ’cause I’m not gonna be able to stop a… It’s just like a one thing that I’ve been working on a lot is obviously making a better decisions. I’ve taken a lot, made a lot of stupid decisions in my fucking light, and so I’m trying to stop that now.

And I bet, do even tried to make this custom formula that is basically a mental model, but it was a series of steps that I wanted to ask myself and I basically wanted to build that pattern in my mind, and so every time I made a decision, I was gonna write that out and then until I basically cemented that I want to write one out until I not make a decision until I do that. And then once I just met that pattern in my mind, just like This is what I’m doing, then I can… And I don’t need that car anymore, but I know at least a built in this long system of making better decisions.

It would be great to… So should neverNo, I just got a message from a friend, and now I’m not on as back to… She even looked at my phone I got too excited.

Facebook God and I can… I was at a serial moment there.

I didn’t make a good checklist before I made that decision.

I guess you can’t do, and that’s the problem, right? We don’t necessarily haveAnother big thing that I’ve been learning about is that we don’t necessarily have the capability to process of obviously non-The ability to process everything where I go with this, making a… It’s in the back.

We don’t have just like we don’t have the building process everything at once, I can’t make, I can’t take all the fucking variables into account at once. It’s too hard, and we need to have in grain like built patterns in mind because as we get older, or not even as we get older but as things start to happen repeatedly, our mind starts to make short cuts, so it starts to eliminate some of the processing necessary to reduce the energy needed so that you’re more efficient as a human being, as you go throughout the day, ’cause you’re gonna be running into situations where you see an fucking things over and over dead on them is a great example, is opening a…

I don’t know, I got that one. But taking a door for someone, and looking behind you and you automatically open it for them, it just gets cemented in your mind and it just happens. It’s just a natural extension of you now, there’s a lot of things that happened and a lot of things that comes from being a kid and believe in learning it, especially if you are artists or for myself, I was an athlete. You just become such a natural thing because our mind just knows how to process it. It has the shortcuts built in, and they’re working and we seeing the result, so we’re not saying Damn this is hurting me, I’m never gonna do this again. So it must be at least somewhat useful, or purposeful, in our lives andAnd so like the idea of these mental models and even when I’m looking at here, now I am on this list of cognitive biases, which I just think is so crazy is that it gives you, it informs you on decisions already before they’ve happened. A good, it’s a goodIt gives you a repeatable scalable and I hate that word, scalable or method to look at problems in a way to make better decisions and take that shortcut with… But that short cut is helping.

So it’s like the short guy. Like I was trying to build in that list, then I have the questions I asked myself before I make a decision. That shortcut is actually a short of the mental model instead. So, you’ve re-mapped that short cut and now you’re making a… You’re making amazing efficient choices amazing words, based right off that which would be pretty crazy.

That’s what I wanna get done, it’s what I’m working on here and so I’m gonna go through this stuff and I… For a while, I sometimesIt was just like toWhat are you gonna talk about on this stuff, I’m always talking so I don’t really have to worry too much about that, but there’s a lot of times that I just like, “I want so many great podcaster driven by an individual topic, or a theme and I didn’t really have that stalled. Cole talks right now and I’m thinking about change and that already don’t know what it would be instead, but whatever that’s happening and… And sorry, and this is me and get out again here.

Yeah, I don’t even know where I was going to. And what’s crazy about doing it at home? And I’m looking out and I’m seeing something on the roof, some squirrel or someShe had heard a dog in the back. And I just like mid-information stream, I just out something I’m working all I’ve talked about this in another one of my podcast. Don’t know if that is the green, that’s concussion. That’s just me. A lot of variables in play at once, and I’m really having quite a singled out. The the offender if they’re all contributing. So we will work on that. But these things are just so crazy to learn. It’s a ton of topic that I can actually digest, and take a look at and share, it with you guys, and I’m sort of learning as I go in, so some of office and to be learning.

Well, I’m not doing the podcast, it’s sort of odd looking at this stuff live, with you, but actually sort of enjoy and I hope you guys are listening and sort of learning along with me, and I’m trying to do so on my best job in reading out the things as I’m reading it and getting the good points. But really, what I’ve got here again that were competed, at list of cognitive biases and it’s already spurred so many thoughts but it’s just a really extensive list on this, and this is just one piece of that mental models. I’ve been actually going through this medium article right here and IAnd that’s where I actually went back to the go-go-go-who obviously did a great job and actually after I started reading it, they seem much more practical and broken down then that other one I was lucky. And so, I’ve gotta skip to it. I was number, I was number is basically not three. And that’s how deep of rape and just got under.

That’s one thing coming to biases, and now we’re arguing now the next one is arguing from first principles, first principle is a basic foundational self-evident, proposition of our assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption I reasonable minds can disagree if underlying premises “defere premise that I do another related is dimensionality reduction or to aaliy.

I want a tough line to quite get. Not one year, let’s see, taught by Astoria, it was stolen. So, first Principal was taught by Al Ain Axioms in mathematics first principles are referred to his axioms or postulates in physics science or theoretical work from Bert principles. It starts to record the level of establish design and does not make assumptions as empirical model and parameter fitting, so that makes sense.

You have a base foundation in your philosophy and science as find objected data.

Do not make assumptions, it makes sense.

Cool, all theseSo what I’m gonna do after this is obviously transcribe it and hopefully over time I’m gonna edit this to make itMake not just steal this guy’s work, I’m gonna thug go through all these different little pieces and learn and then start to implement them, in my own life and continue to add for and really this has already I’ve been thinking about like This has already peaked my interest in a really big way, because even though again I mentioned I’ve been looking for stuff like this but listen to a remark is book, which I still want to do a book per view on how to own the day-only life only in life on the day, but other stuff. And he really does apply some models and lens that he looks at through that. It’s like, What can you do in 24 hours and really from the minute you wake up until you go to sleep, he’s explaining that day and as He does, giving you basically practical things you can do in other ways and very good ways to look at it. So foundation in the morning, you know what you should be doing at lunch, all this amazing stuff. And it really provides a very get… So to use that word, it’s just a practicalYou can do it, you can implement your life and some reading books or listen to the audio book in that day and talking about breathing and or a certain essential oil trap, which is… And then later in the day or picking up a one oil bring in to your office and starting that and now using the sense to help you get into flow state and that’s it’s not so payouts what’s happening and it’s really cool.

So I, it is this is what I’m looking for. I’m glad I got to leave this here with you guys neverWhoever you are listening and I’ve really hope one of my greatest hope is that if I listen to this and or like you listed this or someone listens back, this that I don’t sound crazy, I would be first, it would be great. And second would be… Yeah, no, I’m trying to contribute and we’re just not crazy. That would be good, but it’s how we line. Look at my guys in front in a horrible guy. I feel like I’m lying to you. I’m looking at my phone for a second wall. I’m still talking to how you do thatTo don’t even look, you gotta get into the zone for the ship.

So of we’re on to them before, which is a proximate versus root cause approximate cause an event, which is closest to or immediately responsible for causing some observed result this exist in contrast to a higher level ultimate cause or distal cause which was usually thought of as the wheels reason something occurred.

So five-Wise to determine on the five-wise and some mental model in testing to determine the root cause of a D to determine the root cause of a defect with problem. by repeating the question, why I used to do this as a kid, wanting to my mom and dad all the time, they did so fucking pest to me, I just absolutely hated at Talkshow the fuck up. Stop asking you questions, but orYeah, it’s just looking atYeah, its cause, which is closest to her. I mean, a responsible cross on… Yeah, I just trying to deduce why something happened, which makes sense all should be doing that. And I don’t question the wise may be enough sometimes then the posting the… Just as I’m going through, I’ve got, I’ve got all the links I’m grabbing I’m gonna be put in them in the post again this is five-wise, from a company, I’m not really going to and do it, but I… Or interrogative technique. You used to explore the cause and effect relationships and that’s got… I just feel like, you know sometimes people over a lot like Philosophy and Psychology and be a role and I don’t know if people overlook behavioral in Economics, but like the stuff is so crazy and how important it is. So I, so glad that I like this stuff. I know it’s so important to be just a developer and I care about a lot of the technical skills as well too. But it’s nice, nice toIt’s nice to know this shit toAnd I’m going, “I know some in me and that I can learn a lot more. I just this amazing access to information.

Excuse me, the… So, that’s five.

So that’s the viewing to get into that too much but maybe we’ll take a look at that again. Some time inAnd you can dabble all do unto the wise, so I’m scratching right now, so this is now the sub-section as it isn’t sound is cool, in a bit.

I can see it called modeling. So the first section we actually looked at was explaining this has more, this is modeling a coughing so much. Holly for I… Something that one.

So the first one is thought experiment, and so that is consider some paths.

So you’re gonna get all my life. And here, I sorry guys got a little bit of a speech impediment, concussions ADHD one, drugs, all those things at once.Nervousness, and anxiety, all lost to code theory are principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences.

Yeah, I like thought of experiments. I do them often people get mad at me ’cause I don’t all do them often. Now, that’s just like thinking of a scenario when asking what they think would happen. And we, a lot of people, but… And my God, I just supply.

Well, you ask me this I and, I don’t know, I just like to think about it for me. Right?Newer to the systems thinking. So by taking the overall system, as well as its parting to account systems thinking is designed to avoid potentially contributing to further development of unintended consequences as a to-the-time-based dependence of a system’s output on present and past, in but can’t see the forest for the trees. So, related to systems thinking, as casual loop diagrams stock and flow is ideas principal and mysterious and polishes principle. Because it sounds exciting.

So, no, that is the more dynamic I do in to now of that that will not be in our a link, a casual look.

Diagram system dynamics is what I’m pulling up now a simple map of a system with all its cost to constitute components constituent components in their interactions by capturing interactions and consequently the feedback loops casual loop diagram, reveals the structures of a system, but understanding stacks on the system in comes possible to ascertain the systems behavior over time period.

Cool, so when it actually has a picture of aIt’s hard to parent understand, I’m sure is market saturation, is two circles with market saturation and word of the mouth in the middle of the mine potential of potential doctors, and doctors. And I think it’s basically trying to find systems of most a word-of-mouth is also related to adopters, and adoption rate Cassiopeia of new product adoption, model. A two feedback loops in the diagram, the right indicates that more people have already adopted more people have already adopted a new product is strong in the word of mouth impact, yes, there will be more revenue product, more demonstration to more… To view the positive feedback, she generate sounds that continue to grow.

Interesting, so the second feedback and this is these circles in the second feedback loop on the left is negative reinforcement, or balancing and hence will be it clearly, growth cannot continue forever because it’s more and more people adopt, there remain fewer and fewer potential of doctors.

Both feedback needs off act simultaneously but at different times they may have different strengths that one as one might expect, growing the sales in the initial years, the declining sales. And the ladyHowever, in general, causal loop diagram, does not specify the structure of a system, is sufficiently to permit determination of its behavior from the visual representation alone.

So it gave me a little bit more of a look on it, I’m still gonna have to take a little bit more deeper luck into systems, taking ’cause I think that’s a tough one for me right now. Anyways, I hope and I know I sound dumb as I’m going through this, either some of the stuff. Maybe this is a Ms. Harmon scenario “amasis The… So I, as number three, Ross so use of analyzing possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes.

So, skate to where the puck is going, black swan there. A metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise has a major effect is often improvise rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight process, analyzing possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes can do that a lot. It’s hard when you do that. Do me the that I don’t talk about too much, but I… The company offered me some work but to basically stop running, my currentWhat I’m doing right now and… And I really had to play those out in, I had my normal thing that I’m doing right now and I got a really good offer from these guys, and I had to play both pass out what those journeys would be in my mind and then make a decision off that. Obviously, I’m here sitting today I’m on or a night doing this.

So I stayed independent baby. But it’s, it’s important to do that stuff is stressful and it’s… So it’s some glad I can have some imagination to think of all the horrible shit that could happen in both ways. So now this is a ballet long on the bill. Do it, getting pretty long and sure, yeah, 50 minutes, 50 minutes. You guys have been listening to me read an article that’s more than I really simplify A is not like I sit there to I even going through some mental models, looking at some pretty cool stuff.

So I’m not gonna go into four power law function relationship between two quantities.

We’re a relative change in one quantity results and proportionate relative change in the other quality independent of the initial size of those quantities. One quantity varies as a power of another.

Feel like I’m not emphasizing this right for you ’cause I don’t know I… The second is the I.It’s funny, related Paradis, TRI. But on, I know the Pareto principle for many events for up to 80% of the effects come from 28% of the causes, and people applied this to a lot of things in their life, like people always say in their business 80% of their clients get to 200% in the problems or 200% of their clients at the main percent of the revenue things like that, diminishing returns, premature or optimization and heavy tail distribution fatal district in one tale.

I know what that is, but the… They just taking what’s related. So it’s not exactly a para-one principle that a function elation between two quantities where a route change, I work on is a portion.

Well, that was pretty simple. I was looking for some more complex there than I thought. We continue that five normal distribution, a very common continuous probability distribution physical cones that are expected to be the sum of many independent processes, such as measurement errors often have distributions that are nearly noble.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Polish edition Paul on a pull this up just for a little bit in more context on that probability theory. Yeah, that’s what I’m taking it is very common continuous probability issue nothing is a… So a normal distribution teapot statistics and are often used in the natural and social scientists represent real valued random variables, whose district motions are not known a normal diet, no distribution.

You’re going in the wake you need some help.

All right, cost benefit, a cost benefit analysis is a systematic approach to estimating the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives that satisfied transactions activities or functional requirements for a business, so they have related a measurement of the profitability of an undertaking that is calculated by subtracting the present values of shoots including initial cost from the present values of cash inflows, over a period time.

Yes, I… So that’s just really the systematic approach to evaluate, to estimating the weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses of alternatives cost benefit, and is satisfied transaction computer function requirements for a business related the net present value a value. Or that baby up.

It’s nice that a lot the new…

I would have great Don article thank you again to the CEO and founder of doctor. Or providing some really interesting stuff. And I think it was atIt says it asked them Would some people always ask them what should they learn? And this is the test tells them to look at these mental models and apply them to your life. And so I listen to people like that.

Cool, is that one living alone again for a bed, I’m gonna have to that one. It makes sense, it’s very simple concept, I think, but there’s some deep stuff that you can get into that.

Since I analysis, the study of how the certain an output of a mathematical model system numerical otherwise could be apportioned to different sources of uncertainty in its inputs in certainBrought allOkay, it is a one different sources have uncertainty so if they put in this… So the process of recalling outcomes under alternative assumptions to determine the impact of a variable under sensitivity analysis can be useful for a range of purposes, including testing the robustness of the results of a model or system in the presence of uncertainty, searching for her in the model, increasing understanding of the relationship between input and output variables in the system model out of it. Is that in…

I see a bunch of different methods to do this and this is soSo an I can go down it, This is gonna take years, I’m gonna take years to learn this shit we of back there, so much stuff in here. I can’t even go through this one right now.

So this is sensitivity analysis and there’s a lot when I pull up this Wikipedia page here that’s so funny.

So, sensitivity analysis that I…

I guess I get that I know I do, I lie to… Solaris is study van. Certainly, the put mathematical model or system numerical otherwise can be a portion at different sources of uncertainty and its impose.

Okay, I just, I was gonna have to do some… Okay, so with that, I got two more left, under modeling, and then, I think it’s after that physics and brainstorming experimenting interpreting deciding who I got of reasoning negotiating mitigating managing developing business, influencing marketing host competing strategizing military has got a lot of market failure, political failure, investor learning productivity nature philosophy internet.

Well man, you really put this together to Bromine Berg CEO and founder Diego. What man, you are apparently is putting a book out about this too, but he really deserves some class they give you one of my friends, so I’m not gonna just go to these last two. It’s been quite a while.

I couldn’t wrap these two out and that Saanich I’m gonna be back maybe I… We back-responder stuff in, I think about some of the stuff and I like talking about it in a real interesting simulation. The imitation of the operation were… Well, this a simulation. Sorry, second last on the invitation of the operation of real world process or system over time, makes sent yeah, Pareto efficiency, a state of allocation of resources in which does impossibleMake any one individual better off without making, at least one individual worse off who a Pareto improvement: is defined to be changed to a different allocation that makes at least one individual better off without making any individual worse off, given a certain initial allocation of goods among a set of individuals.

So I, so if there’s a bunch of resources and they’re limited and one person gets one, that means that another person is not gonna get one.

Oh, that’s true.

The second person, don’t get as much to find that makes at least one into butter off without making an individual wore a Pareto andProven a is called a Pareto.

But then that last part was I guess is what I didn’t give a certain initial allocation grade among a set of age, that’s just setting up the simulation of the state that we’re talking about the allocation of restless as we’re talking about, with theoretical will not heretical to Rana life in real life. There is a limited amount of resources, but in this case, when we imagine this scenario we’re allocating a limited amount of resources. And so, a yeah, that’s already on real stuff now. These other ones are like…

I didn’t realize I hadn’t evenHonestly, I really wanted to pull my mind by reading these out loud and not seeing any other ones. And as I went down and schooled through I was just like, “Holy shit. There are so, so manyAnd so, even I got this one, I’m just gonna pull up a couple from learning the subsection a, clap him again. I’m like, “Oh my God. Oh, that’s what media does. I’m like, Holy shit. This guy needs a class anyone who’s listened to this which is not many people go to this article, and I’m sharing it opposite.

Oh, you had a lemon.

You go to US, kind 50 cops on you. If the claps on Medium meets a great site by the way too, and give that dissonance this is unreal, to learning. Just a couple ones here. It’s a deliberate practice expert. One becomes at a skill, how expert one becomes out of skill has more to do with how one practices, then with merely performing a scale a large number of times and that makes so much sense. I’m just saving this baby because I loved the concept, already and something was something that I think about a lot is the idea of working really fucking hard, hard and mix to work so hard and just like working smart, and doing it, doing smarter things and maybe not having to work as hard because you’re doing smarter things and so that it’s cool.Deliberate practice, deliberate practice the definition of repetitive performance of intended comedies psycho-motor skills, rigorous skills assessment specific information, feedback, and then better skills performance. And then they further Cetera skills learners need to exhibit at various stage of scale development order to be successful in developing their clinical skills. And this is actually for me up education, I see that. Or Planning concentration, dedication. So I started planning in… And then in brackets is organized working organized work in a structured way, concentrations as education, higher attentions man repetitions “laevis on a strong tendency to practice and then study styles as self-reflections, tendency to sell radically learning. That’s so fucking interesting. I’m gonna feel like when they say a lot, and repetitive repent were Pete but… So on the way it just seemsSo I know it’s repetitive, but even the penis penis practice is to wear it as a beta replete.

So, in shipping out, looks like there’s more due it’s the way it’s on what compete. A bunch of teas, come together like a site.

I just have three teeth in.

So in the future I’m gonna have to video do video for this stuff and I’m planning on… I just feel like I’m gonna look so odd in the care. I’m just staring intently actually quite close to the screen right now, looking into all the way is looking at these teas and just in general, I’m just eating up this stuff and I just, I don’t want to see in me in to the state, so maybe I’m gonna just do videos with maybe not me and not what’s maybe a good thing actually, it’s just my voice, I’m just talking about stuff and not be in an asshole and show my face all the time.

People like the same people face a man who knows passive entire cheating in individuals. So learning content.

I’m gonna do these last three guys, I’m sorry to track this out longer. Can’t even stop the one that we had or you talked about actually done in Croat relatively unskilled persons suffer a “lunisolar air superiority mistakenly assessing abilities to be much higher, that rallies and highly skilled Manresa the relative competence in May or ones as soon that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others later. The overconfidence of effect that’s just over-confidence is so odd because I’ve had so much of it and so many points in my life, and I feel like after a… We just had a real big downfall in a loss so much of that confidence in… It’s not that I haven’t built it back up, it’s just it feels like once your confidence gets crushed that much, it’s never built in the back and back in the same way and it’s a pretty goodBut it’s more like a… A copy or it’s just like a bunch of stuff pasted together coffee and based it together. Like I just pushed up and trying to hold together and not a sad image. I just painted. But it’s interesting when youIt’s almost like a… I have in some ways for some things that I have, I humbly and in one biasing homely it’s not humbly but I have the overconfidence effect, but I’m not over-confident about it. This is what I’m trying to say. I know I’m good at some things.

And people would be a cold they say it to me when I do a corporate training something. How do you know all this and how do you do it? And I just think it’s easy, I’m like, “This is easy. I thought this is easier and not always or sometimes I’m like, Get a us not a cure, but I just like going over people’s heads and I re-think that’s part of me just trying to understand.

Well, it’s just this effect. I just think it’s easy for everyone else too, but I’m just like, “Oh IMe, I’m on a unique path I have unique experiences I got a different skill set than you and a different life and just because it is easy to me and come to them does not mean it comes easy to not.

And so that I… I got to touch base on that again.Compost and Jim hit individuals, marked by biter “nal Zed accomplishments and persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud, for… Yeah, I had a couple talks about this lately with some friends, and even a couple of business acquaintances as well too, and IWell, I don’t worry consider myself facing high achieving individual but some people, but everyone will consider someone everyone relative to someone seems seems someone seems like a high achieving vital.

You have someone who seems very high, even to me, doesn’t seemMy CEO someone else, but there’s someone who seem to “cheetham assistant fear of being responsive to fraud. And this is interesting, because even with my business, I feel that I must oddly have I had some success that is just alive and made it through its first three years, and I make actually living and making money and sustaining myself and I’m just like, “How do I can do this and walk in to places or I’m getting award and I…

No, I get awards all the time I I’m going somewhere for a nomination or something and it’s like there’s a bunch of other companyNominated, but they’re all sixty employees. And then it’s just like it’s me and some technology and a couple of interns and maybe an assistant like that’s all I thought but I’m there and I just feel like a fucking fraud. I’m just like, “How did they get here? Why am I here? And I feel like a fraud, I don’t belong here, and most people don’t believe that most people I feel like do deserve to be here, but it’s just such a interesting to the spacing effect, the phenomenon whereby learning is greater when studying is spread out for time. This is the last one I’m doing in learning this is the space of the phenomenon whereby learning is greater when studying is spread out over time, as opposed to studying the same amount of time in a single session. And I completely believe in this. One of the best examples I saw was that, and I’m still not very good at that. Maybe the spacing effect will help me, but I was learning to piano and so I… Yeah, I was fucking horrible. It just absolutely horrible and special these first couple of times and it got really were frustrated.

I basically wanted to… No, not even in that frustrated but I just think I needed a break and I came back, probably the next week. And the things that it seems so difficult to week before actually not become natural, but after a little bit of a rest start the phone to be a lot quicker, and I could actually do them and I… So that’s a pretty apparent one to me. I completely believe in that a lot. I know a good mental model and I think I’m doing this with a lot of stuff, I’m printing it one time, and I can’t dedicate a on-time to everything I’m doing at once, but I really in, I’m dipping my fingers and hands and the fingers of my hands to in so many of different pots right now and I’m like, “I don’t feel that spread, then I feel like I’m learning in a really proficient pace. Sometimes I met and I talked to me by, but I wish I was around other people were smarter than me, but I do feel like, in so many ways, I’m progressing and help everyone is progressing large almost like “Can I put this feel like it’s almost an island surrounding me? That is the hard with description just as it feels like a lot.

Some reason I feel like I do that’s growing. I can island in the middle of ocean and it’s just growing over time. Maybe it’s like we think of it as after a volcano explodes and in a create a show, it often creates new islands and it’s like That island for the first time or like every little bit and piece is growing at once. And then as time proceeds and continues all of those little pieces come together, to make a beautiful place.

Every part of it is shining and just fantastic and… And that’s because every little bit contributed that over time. And if just one thing, had grown at once, just the one tree had grown it had been a great tree but there had been enough stuff around it to support it. And I do get to go into the grass, which is grown in the soil, which has been well-treated, and not treated, but it’s working and it’s actually activated and helping the trees and if the eco-system isn’t built where mosquitoes don’t come in all this stuff. And I went way too deep in this now it could happen, the fact that it all happened at once or the fact that it’s all happening at once, but in little tiny pieces, and sort of growing a compounding is better than if I just done it all. Once you just burn out, you don’t actually learn.

So it’s been quite a while. You guys have slow down my speech I can to that. And I think I’m gonna wrap this up and try one more thing here, see if I do anything like a…

I hope I got left in me in a bad way. I’m bothering you guys, but I live any more inspiration he… It’s just that to a staff here. Yeah, I got a lot of times I often do, and really glad I got to go to some of the stuff and closing all these tabs up or ever interested. You are tapers on like me, you got to my fucking tab. One tab is a couple of other new ones, now I think there’s actually even a new cool Chrome extension, and be wary of Costa is often a lot of security problems but what you can do is actually just pay a couple of tabs meaning that you keep those ones, and then you hit this one tab button, it just slides all the ones that you don’t want. So what I’ll do is open my main babies, my Gmail, my AdWords account, my calendar, all that stuff, and then I will inositol stay up forever, but then every time I open up a bunch of tabs, I just did now that are now in crucial in my life, I will actually just hit that all gone. And they’re like Not gone, they’re saved. And if you actually open it, it makes its own tab this little extension you click that tab and see the entire history speculate history. But it’s cool that they’re accessible ride like that, and that it just close all the tabs, at one and keep their history. So if you were interested, that out, check out one tab really, really cool at all of Chrome extensions.

He seems care from what I’ve seen, anyway. So this… I have to upload this state, 15 on a Saturday night, a bunch of laundry looking at me.

I probably put some teams on I got a body text to me.

It’s weird, though. I had a good discussion with this kid today is this kid 19. it feels like a kid. And I, I guess I wantedThat’s how I looked at 19. I felt like I am sure I did it by in a little baby now, but has no other baby.

And just a discussion about only going out and friends and balancing time re-prioritizing. And it’s a really difficult, difficult thing to do and it’s hard to make those priorities there as priorities.

He sometimes for me, a lot of times and I’m still trying to understand why this is if I’m an introvert, I again, I feel like sometimes I…

I think I went through a couple years ago. I just so much shame that I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna show up or be there or I just don’t wanna boost. That’s probably a good one, then there’s lots of reasons why maybe I just don’t have, I don’t have the… I just don’t feel as connected to my friend group as my big friend group that I grew up with and spent all my time with and… That’s not necessarily I don’t think a bad thing, it’s just life got different directions and sometimes people change. I went through a lot of changes in my own life and really, yeah, a lot of changes. And so it just doesn’t necessarily make a fit. And then I’ve got a lot of time obviously invested in my girlfriend who I love very much and he kind of Bruno, so not much I can do, there is there, but what? It doesn’t appeal in me my money. He wants to go to a party tonight, and I just, I don’t fucking I can’t do it, I just don’t wanna drink, I’m tired. I’ve been doing this and I don’t know, I don’t know if people would consider this a way to time. Is this a waste of time?

I don’t know I enjoyed it though, I enjoyed what I just did enjoying this whole this whole time talking and I think it’s pretty crazy that I can do that quite a factoring long. It’s hard sometimes, I feel like I talk so much that I just have to do this.

And does someone have a natural, like, this is what I was sort of born to do, it all you did growing up and what you still do now is fucking talk to my little fucking talk and record it.

No, maybe no one wants to hear with even has no point fucking recording.

It sort of crazy. ’cause the way I approach this in my own mind is that no one will ever listen to these podcasts knowing whatever I listen to this and when I think of someone listening to it, I’m just like, “What the fuck, as they must be thinking now, because more in such as, We world in reality right now, all of us, I’m obviously part of that there’s… We’re all sort of like living revise that ever live authentically, but we’re also…

I getting ourselves every single fucking second. And so there’s that piece and then for me, I’m just like, I just feel and I to valuable my toe in.

No, no, I said it a lot.

We do useSo, I just don’t care. I just wanted to talk with the fact, man, there’s noWhy would you not, why would you not?

I wanna get the information I wanna know, I wanna understand, I wanna find people who why not be yourself? If I’m not myself that I’m not gonna attract people and I’m not gonna be with people or find the path that I’m that I’m trying to have… And I used to feel so embarrassed about one and stuff, or want to fucking rap or want to just talk or share a message or say some station she…

I am obviously doing right now, I don’t know, I don’t know how I feel, I don’t listen to these back, I’m just like, Do you must be fucking crazy, you’re going, “Listen that I can’t listen myself to offer this lot of… So, how could anyone else… You’re here now, listen to this. I will fuck man, found yet, but it’s crazy to pray at this point. What’s not crazy, you know, who is not insane, is to die or whatever is the is people buy like the fucking game or you know fucking Lo and Paul or GPA, or you know, fuck in a “aronian day. All these people that we admire are fucking crazy, and soAnd why would people in our normal lives are fucking crazy do we dismiss them so much? I’m not… Or I can do that. I love Mary Manson, but I don’t wanna hear what you’re saying, to do some crazy what does that I can not know or fact whatnot, already. Podcast last for, in time, just like I was going crazy, man.

And so if I’m doing this right now, I’m enjoying it. I think I’m progressing, I’m learning and what I’m hoping I’m doing I’m sharing that learning as I’m fucking reading through those mental models and as I sort of done this, I’ve really like doing it, I’m hoping that people are learning along with me, and I’m sharing insights into that learning helping that you learn as well too.

So, when I fucking crazy, so I don’t know.

And I think not everyone is so far I can be myself. You can beWe all love each other. I hope probably not do pretty full crazy.

So I’m done. Thank you so much for less than this. I’m gonna transcribe this drop the ship on my site and I’m done. So thank you so much, having a wonderfulAt whatever day whatever time, whatever time zone you’re in, case out care wherever you are in this world. He never in this reality. And this time, Levi. And continue to be yourself.

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