Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Milestones: Turning 26 Years Old

Milestones: Turning 26 Years Old

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Tyler talks about turning 26 years old. He shares some of the things he’s learned and is learning in his twenty-six years. He shares some of his biggest success and failures and the insights he has learned from them. This includes his detrimental weight gain, the need to care for ourselves, finding passion, and sacrificing in the present for long-term success. And, he even previews a concept song at the end.

26 feels like the final transition into adulthood. What was turning 26 like for you? And if you have passed that milestone yet, what do you hope to feel like when turning 26?


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Transcript (Unedited)

Oh, everyone’s Tyler hope everything’s going well. I don’t know many people notice this, but last week I did not put up a podcast devastated, I did a wonderful podcast one that I was really proud about with a good friend, my first guest on on the show Joseph James Francis also known as Budget Boss and went through the whole conversation. Just like I’m really doing now. And what I pretty quickly realized was well after the discussion was done, and this is where I guess the head Pomona comes in, there’s a couple of times where we got laugh and going on and I was just peeking uncontrolled in. So the volume going up too much when we’re talking. And one thing that I’ve learned many times and then I thought I would have learned for good is that, you know, you can record quiet and amplify that sound after, but if you record too, loud on the original take you’ve lost that data and it’s really hard to fix it. So I apologize to Joe with you or listing Polito my listeners viewers, if you are interested. I go, bring him back on it. Just a great conversation about finance, about life, about his hip hop and in Toronto Raptors as well too, but some really good advice for some people were just more interest, getting more interested in finance from a guy. Thirty five years… a couple of years older than I know a lot of the people that I’m talking to, and have some really good advice went through some difficult times with finance and really turned his life around and just making a contribution now as a financial advisor, and just a good person over all, trying to educate people as much as they can. So that’s that. Apologize, Joe. My advice after failing miserably at that hour conversation, make sure you’re recording. At the right levels if you are going up and down like that maybe put some compression on it, or a limiter to make sure that you’re not picking like that, so that’s it. I don’t have too much of a big topic today. And as I was trying to put together what I wanted to talk about, there was something just really natural. No, is that a 26 birthday is actually coming up. Well, a couple days here. And 26 is an odd year, so I have a couple… I guess what I actually wrote a beginning was a couple of things, and I’ve just been thinking about or noticed in my 26 years of life, things that I’m trying to work on or things that I’ve at least had some success and may be trying to share some insights. And so I’m gonna wanna do a little bit of both, but the first thing I want to go a little bit later, we’ll see how light, this actually is. Usually a mass of BuzzFeed advocate, but they have here 26 signs that you’re 26. and so I wanted to test this out, today, I’m gonna go through… actually, I… and seen all these… I saw the first couple and I just wanted to read these out. Maybe this will resonate with you as someone who is painfully turning 26. I’ve always, I’ve always had issues with Aging, I always feel like there’s this level of urgency that I just need to get things done. And that we have this limited time on Earth, and maybe just limited time as a human race away. I look around, things are going on right now, so these birthdays have always made me think deeply about who I am and what I’m doing. And this 26 signs at your 26. maybe they’ll have some things for me here. So let me just pull this 26 or so, or 26 a buzz. Thank you for your hard work on this article. Shouts out to Andrea! hike and Erin check. BuzzFeed staff. So the first one, stay past the 11. PM is super hard is an exaggeration. I can stay up past 11. I like to wake up early and actually get stuff done in the morning now. I could still do it in just a little bit tired the next day. So I don’t think that one’s quite settled in, but that being said, and this might come up in this list when you’re drinking and staying up late “mantell knock me on my feet I guess not on my feet off my feet for days. And you know, it used to be drank one night, go out the next night. And obviously your I guess, avoiding which were all by pounding more boots and yourself. But as I get older and I try to take it more care my body exercising and eat healthy, when I drink, I drink alcohol and stay up late out Man, I’m done for a long time. So next one had going to get wrinkles. But you still have pimples is something I was really disappointed me, I had pimples in high school and I ate and it was decently bad it would get quite a bit of special on my face and just… and I just was always looking for at the time you see these shiny, mid-20s or young this people and they just never had any temples, they didn’t look like they had wrinkles. And now, I’m this age, and I don’t really necessarily have to be new wrinkles, but only got some… I got some temples. So you wake up in the morning, you think I’m 25, I’m gonna be 26 and I’m gonna wake up I’m gonna have fresh clean face today, and then you wake up and it’s not that way and so painful. One number two, there is no longer cute that you don’t have your shit together, in life. It’s concerning this one. I completely agree with Faison, say I like that, but… and this was something that I had my notes as well to all living such different lives and I think when you’re younger, Roland public school, high school or playing hot or playing sports, it all just seems like everyone is just together doing the same thing. And so you start to get a one of that university Grove or that education people really start taking different paths and doing different things for us. I’ve got friends who are Toronto, but now out Silicon Valley, LA, you know what I mean, like the world changes so much in our lives changed so much and as you start to have a little bit of success or grow a little bit older, and you’re starting to plan out your future, you look around at people who maybe are making the best life decisions, and almost, I guess sometimes a lot of proud of those life decisions, whatever that is, the binge drinking or whatever, and that’s just one example of as many whatever, it’s Steve Jack as stuff as you know, what, whatever that is, it’s not really not cute anymore. It used to be funny, not here in high school year in university, someone send in a snapshot of themselves getting drunk or it’s 11 AM so I use that time to drink already. No, it’s not you don’t have to. And you know that coolness factor that comes along with that. It’s not there anymore. I should, to check or bank account once in a while I check my bank like every day, maybe that’s a little bit neurotic of me maybe every two days, I care about what’s in my bank account. I always have hope, more people. Most people do. I like the gift and the gift “simonetti wanna get into… but you just have to prepare for your future financially and now you’re already… I already feel late at 26. I feel like our education system didn’t lead me down the right path to knowing what good investing is knowing where to put my money or even when I was supposed to do. And at 26, you already read. I’m already aware that I could have been saving now. So a lot of my expenses are obviously going into business expenses and technology and stuff. But that need for saving and creating that future for you, that Palo money that’s gonna be at the end of life, especially as pensions as pensions, depletes just… we move into this gate economy. It’s really important to take care of that stuff. And so I’m trying to help other people who are we six years, old are as well. You have no idea how you’re doing financially compared to everyone else. Yeah, this is weird, I do agree with this. I like my girlfriend and have some friends that I like well openly discussed finances, with but like most people, I just have no idea. And you sort of like… you’re always sort of looking around at a… I got a new car. Oh wow, I just bought house move. But it’s such a mysterious thing. And then be back to this. I’m trying to think if it’s a black mere episode, or what it is, but it might be a music video. They’re walking along and the people who look like they have all their stuff together as a nice house, nice clothes, nice car. Everyone who are in extreme amounts of debt and not that happy. And all that stuff, and then you’ve got the more frugal just balance people who are investing or saving, they’ve got a good job and they’re just good with their money and it’s a really hard thing to decipher and even from being a little bit an entrepreneur and going to see some really cool events and people and meeting some great entrepreneurs, it’s a really odd thing. People have pockets of money, lot of wealth inequality and groups of people have money and other people don’t. So I just… that’s an interesting thing to notice. And as you get older and for a lot of people when… and financial stuff wasn’t as important growing up, it becomes more important now, and it’s really interesting to look around and actually see that. Number. six beers, there’s 22 SEC. I’m gonna going on for a while I’m doing this, so we’ll see. I’m getting tired of this, I’m gonna stop it. But college kids aren’t as cool as you remember being when you were there. This is a 100 percent true. I love back on myself now when I was in college, I got down to a T, and I’m still learning so much every day, thinking about all the mistakes I made in school, I’ve been actually a pint lately about going to university before I went to college, and it wasn’t cool drinking, or breaking stuff or causing problems, and it was so reckless when we’re young, and as you start to get little bit older, you just realize, I’m breaking stuff that isn’t yours, isn’t cool because I’ve worked hard to buy the stuff that I bought. And if someone broke that, that one be very nice. And I think we’re just… we’re not, where recognized that when we’re growing up, especially in university when many of our parents have paid for education, a student town house and reds, and food know this stuff. You really do take that for granted. And so 26, that 25-year-old refit is that transition into ahold. Our frontal cortex is the growth of the brain is done. And so that, I always try to think like fits what I’m stuck with it, so might be in some trouble but that shift starts, I can feel it already. No one’s excited about my birthday to her. That the gift starts drying up, in the excitement for someone’s birthday, really stops and found. 25 was a big one. And then you start to hit those bigger milestones to 30, the 40-50-65, all that stuff but it’s time to be an IT. I’m happy with that and I do look back at myself and many people in college nurses idiots. Ten straight up scare you. This is a different thing because we grew up a little bit at least a generation that didn’t start with technology necessary to start with the worldwide internet in a way but transitioned down to it pretty early in our lives. And so, I don’t think the gap of understanding generation below me, is that different. I get why they like, while they’re watching these YouTube videos, I get why they’re playing for night. And these are just two examples. You’re just popping up. I guess I don’t eat well and get while they’re eating Tide pods but “We fetched these a bunch of this stuff that these kids are doing for years in our own lives and so it’s not really surprised that they’re doing a lot of this stuff. I can come late, you can go. So, in wedding as I sort of blend together, I’m gone too many weddings. I do agree they sort of blend together. This is a great debate in my life right now, and a lot of my friends are getting married and stuff and I have a beautiful, wonderful girl friend. And so every time it’s not engagement, all those feelings and things start to rush up and… and it’s… so I started to go a couple weddings with her and a couple of my friends getting married as well to have a quite blurred together yet. They’re all pretty memorable, but just sort of seems like an archaic ceremony. That’s expensive. I don’t know about that one. I’m probably gonna get me in trouble. Robin Ave you hope, you know, hoping not watch. Now, I ever tell me to wanting distressing number to win. Is you in your big day, there it is, there’s a follow-up question. Yeah, don’t need to deal with that. You refuse to wear things that make you physically uncomfortable good by plants to give you blisters so long, short, that ride up. Your crotch. I guess this one scared more towards women I guess I met her very comfortable in life. We’ve gotten… is shoes, nice pants all that stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever had to be that uncomfortable. It’s not like I’m putting on metal change in the letter. It to look good. I don’t feel that one. I finally feel okay about investing in things that will make your life easier, like a food processor or comfortable shoes. Definitely agree with that. You start to realize that trade off that you’re making a life time versus money, and just convenience and value. And there’s a lot of things that I bought… and I see people buy that. Maybe we’ll get some criticism, but if that’s making your life easier if that’s taking the stress off you and it makes you just enjoy your life more by looking at a new phone right now, I’m looking at a couple of things that I could use that could just make me more productive and make my life if I don’t want to say a fish and its streamline because it sound like a robot, but it also didn’t wanna say entries. Some things that will help me make my life smoother, and I’m happy to invest in now because it has a big impact on my health and my happiness and just my overall productive productivity and success down the road, going out and Halloween and New Years just doesn’t feel that appealing anymore. Yeah, down in a couple too many times, saying drunk slow fast every now and I’m looking for some new experience on those… on those kind of nights. And so it is really, it’s weird how much got stops becoming a priority and when you do or those things, it’s like nothing’s really changed here. This is the same thing. Everyone’s gonna go home. They spend a bunch of money and they feel sort of sad, depressed, in the morning ’cause they spend a bunch of money, they ate one healthy and they don’t feel very good and all that’s just it, just not worth it any more. Man, it’s not worth it. I can’t, I don’t know why I’m such a man, I guess my dad is a sort of a drunken is not that great, of a perspective on it. I just don’t get why I personally just can’t stand drinking so much, but it’s definitely something that I maybe hit me early in life, and I’m sort of glad about that. I can’t stand to bars man. A lot of these are get in the same here, guess that load boards actually you can’t stand anything. Played an appropriate sound level. I listen to my headphones on everything. An appropriate sound level. And the reason he is because I went to those loud bars back in the day, so it sucks. Yeah, don’t do that don’t don’t listen to those two is and have a ton of your damage in our generation and go out, drink, yeah, okay drinking things. A funny joke that I thought you can you can drink and I have seen this meme, floating around, you know, you can drink 18 beers and chuck him back, but why can’t you drink a couple of glasses of water really hard? It’s hard to drink water and hydrate your fine art where someone thinks they’re younger than you are, it’s a compliment. Don’t care to come terms on Troy. Many of your idols became successful when they were younger, than you. Yeah, that is a really odd thing I think every person my generation, a generation before that, at least had some sort of idea or thought that they might be famous, and really successful. And then you start to get older. I am 26 and there’s kids who are popping off at 14, making millions of dollars game and some shit and shit, you know what I mean, is I miss the timing or something, happened here. And I think that you have to come with the terms with the old to whatever, you know what I mean, that’s life and that’s how it goes. I hope that not too many people are getting hung up that, especially if you’re from London, Ontario and are here. On a killing in the small, that’s a funny one now. And you Google labs, in their 30s to remind yourself that you’ll kill killed in upcoming years. This is something that I always look to and I’m all on sign about myself, like, You know, I’m trying to think even the best example, I think it was like a Kentucky Fried Chicken didn’t start to… Richie is 50 years old. Those stories are always so inspiring that you can reinvent yourself or hit success later in life. And I’ve been to participate in that kind of search. You’re finally going through the queer like crisis every one morning going. I went through that before, I suddenly realized that you have no idea what you’re doing with your life back and forth on that and I think everyone is and I talk to people who are fifteen and no idea what they’re doing. I talk to you are 65 and have no idea what they’re doing. So, because of all this, every life choice you make feels way more important than never did. That’s true, I think you really underestimate the consequences of your actions and decisions when you’re growing up. And now, especially for me as a business owner and doing videos and stuff like even I say, some stupid on this, our score one time. Whatever I can get in trouble, it could have an impact on my… my success as a business owner, as my reputation and in a small city that that means a lot. And you have to be an N. of course, financial decisions, you don’t pay off your credit card, there’s a hit to your credit score now you can’t get approved for a house in a mortgage when you wanted to get that. That’s quite a path to take down just because of one decision. And it has big ramifications. When you’re getting to this age, and so it definitely feels more important. I get stressed out by those decisions, but we’re to mitigate that as well. Too bad as probably had a house, and family at your age and that doesn’t help, this is true. I’m lucky to have a family who is very understanding of the conditions that we’re in is something that my mom and my grandma says in every one of my family, I just… it’s an odd time to be in this age range. Looking at what happened in the previous generation and I think we all suspected like such a stable environment that what we saw in our parents was going to be what we saw as well too. And that is obviously not true. They’re living at home, not even kids, adults, living at home. We don’t have the money, we have student debt, all that kind of stuff. has really changed, or how we’re participating in life, and where we are along that timeline. So that’s an interesting one that I think that there’s a lot of looking down upon our generation for not figuring that stuff out, but unfortunately, we were left with quite a mess here. And just also I feel completely uneducated and a lot of things that were important and would have led us to make better visions down this road. And for example, I bring up that, again, going to university, if I wasn’t going into a STEM field wide and I go to college and learn more practical skill set instead of learning. A bunch of theory went but every single person growing up public school guidance counselor principal, teacher, parent all that stuff. It will tell you to go to university. So this were behind on this timeline, but I don’t think that was all our fault. And it’s hard to make those big decisions, that are important. Let me sort of been misguided along that path a little bit as well, too. When you see people your age for the baby, it really makes you wonder if you can. A one, ’cause you don’t… yeah, I feel that I just think it’s not a responsibility that I want right now, I’m happy that some of my friends are having friends or having kids. They can do the test run for me and I’ll come in after I figure out all the mistakes and everything they made and hopefully I can raise my kids to be well my kids hopefully to be great little well be beacons of light and I’m not quite ready for that, I want to get to even a more financially stable place, mentally stable place and really dedicate my life to the kids when I can and when it’s appropriate, instead of just doing it now and I don’t have the time, I don’t have the success in my career yet. And it’s just not fair to those people that are bringing into the world. You have to keep telling yourself a real at all, that’s fine. Maybe there’s a comfort in transition to your crazy early 20s in into your more stable late 20s. Maybe just… maybe you are approaching the prime of your life, the time when you were fully Annapolis, you maybe that’s actually the best thing ever, but speedy end it on a great note, that’s really nice with you guys. A lot article there. I’ll got the link, but nothing too exciting. Apologize for wasting all your best time with that. But I lean thing to do anyway. And now I just wanted to say a couple of last things that I had just written down from my own perspective before I actually saw this bus. Federico, self. Do what you want, don’t be scared of what people think. Most people don’t care much about your it for what is happening in IT. That’s true or so long, growing up, and even to this day and even before making these videos and doing podcasts I felt so scared to be who I truly am in most regards. I still feel that way. And you build up all this pressure in your head and you build up perceptions of your perception of what people perceive a view and puts you in this really sort of dangerous space where you don’t necessarily wanna put yourself out there because you’re scared of the risk associated with it and the perception that’s gonna come and how that might change for people. And so, I put in for example, I put a video well, 40 minutes of me talking and doing a dumbed feed article. Maybe people think less of me because of that. That’s one of those things that you have to deal with and it’s a worrying thing as you’re growing up, to warring thing for anyone, and I think there’s a lot of people, not necessarily living the lives that they want, because of that fear and… or you can overcome that, the more you can put yourself out there. Exposure therapy, get yourself seen say some stuff make some mistakes, you realize that’s not as much stress and pain and shame and anxiety as you think and you really realize that most people don’t care that much about you until you get to a super elevated level and people wanna learn from you. It’s just people only have so much time, they only have so much patience and attention. You’re not gonna give it to you. Next one… only have one body. This was a tough lesson that I learned when I was… twenty-one. I went through a really difficult time in my life and after going through that really struggled with this food addiction and stress eating and all that stuff, and I ballooned up a hundred pounds in that time, so, but one 85 to 28 pounds, and to this day about his Aramaic tons on my health and my body I have lost that way in about 210, and I did get down to 200, but that devastated my body. I still wonder about the stress that that did to it. The year that I cut off my life from being that overweight no beast and even stretch marks and things that I really against that invincible young person who thinks that nothing’s gonna hurt them, nothing’s gonna touch them. That you almost feel like you’re in a robot body that no one, no one’s gonna touch her and then you realize just how far Cathar… body is… and really, life in general. So, you know, it’s a couple of other things that I mentioned, in that obviously get healthy and exercise is so important, and as I get further along and I see people who aren’t working out and maintaining their life and eating healthy and being right and do I notice that they start old and worn down and they’re tired and lack energy all the time, and all this stuff. So I think I got someone coming to the office here. And it is really interesting, just I think we have to put some priority on that and especially as we hit this age and metabolism slows down a little bit, it’s such an important part of the life there. I get rid of healthy a drink and get a good night sleep. Especially a lot of people were young that there seems to be this sort of obsession and just, I don’t know, even prestige to people who I don’t sleep that much, and they’re always working or they’re always studying or they’re always partying whatever that is. And you as more studies come out when we realize the how important health is, how important sleep is then you have to start to ask you, pose those questions is always sacrificing sleep and putting that pressure on yourself is that truly worth it and most answers that snow and the damage that’s coming from that lack of sleep. can really have compounding effects over your life. See about a a couple other things here and I apologize I’m like in talking. And also trying to do this at once. Take care of your mental health. People really don’t realize how close they are to an edge. And this as this goes along with the only have one body man, I just, I was so confident with where I was in my life was 201 years old, universe coming out at university degree, just won a championship and hockey everything that was supposed to… everything that I wanted to happen my life or what I thought what I wanted my life was lining up and I thought it was okay, I thought it was happy. All this stuff a couple of wrong decisions too much experimentation and not dealing with past Rama and quickly. I’m off into a negative thought loop that really led me to a disruptive couple of years of my life to that way. Gato suicide attempt in the hospital visit, and all this stuff that you just don’t realize how close you are on that little cliff or… I think people think that they’re walking on this big grass land-wide plains are really rock and down a really tight corridor on double side of Cliff. It’s almost like Lord of the Rings when Frodo and all them are climbing up that stuff, and it’s just so easy to take one little step in full. And if you’re not maintaining your mental health, your physical health, all that stuff I can have some really detrimental facts obviously now, but there in life as well, too. And so be careful take care of them into health, whatever that is, if you’re not strong-ing with it still practice mindfulness make sure that you’re talking to, things that you are stressed about, “Make sure you have someone to confide in all these things that are so important to making sure that we do live these healthy these healthy lives. And a couple other things here and a lot of this is, I don’t want to be generic advice but, seems like simple truth and as simple as some of those truths are I think it is important to reiterate them and maybe by the way that I’m reiterating them, they’re gonna connect with, obviously, you… and who’s ever listening? But also even resonate maybe more deeply with myself as well too. And so lousy. Another big one here. Find something you’re passionate about. I’ve heard this really interesting thing lately of… I’m trying to think of all three stages, but there’s sort of… if you’re not living in one of these three stages here, they’re not gonna be that happy in that first stage is acceptance. Maybe it’s not the best situation but you’ve accepted that situation. Those then the next level which is, you’re enthusiastic about that situation and that’s really good. But then there’s that next level which is enthusiasm and learning and you’re progressing towards a goal. And I think that’s something that we really is mis-representative misunderstood, is that we need to keep learning, we need to keep setting goals, and we need to keep striving for and trying to accomplish those goals, because when we don’t, we get complacent, we just get docile. And I just think you’re gonna do all your learning in school and now as you get access to other people and I find people who are older and they’re still learning and they’re pushing themselves to learn learning new languages and other stuff, and life as constant learning, and if you can enjoy learning and finding out new things, man, life is gonna be so much better. And I, before I really went through everything I feel like I didn’t necessarily understand that or just respect that fact I loved learning so much, I just thought, Wow, I’m gonna be done school, I’m just not gonna learn anymore but especially now I put myself in a situation where I get to learn every day in every single second and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. So if you can build that passion, you can build learning to your life, it’s really gonna be a great thing. I meet new people make new friends, this is really in poor. And I’ve tried to diversify my friend group and peer group and intentionally and the people who I see doing that, who are going out to networking events or going out to different events just to meet people, they expand that fan base they expand those people that they’re connected to and they seem to live a whole or a happier life. So there might be some old friends who are great but there might be some old friends who are causing negative and energy, and you want to avoid that and make sure that you’re not getting lost in that, and so if someone’s dragging you down, and their friend… well, they might not be that friend and you might need to find someone else who’s actually gonna lift you up and support. You got 30 minutes here, so I’m gonna keep going with a couple more. This has been a big shift for me, and this has only happened in the last six to eight months. I worked for so long to build my business and I was always billing, I was always billing hourly meaning that I work work an hour. They paid 00 bucks for that hour. But when you constrain yourself, to hourly billing, then you are… then stuck doing that… you know what I mean? You’re trading that time you’re training, that time forever, you’re trading that 100 for 60 minutes and that’s gonna repeat and repeat over and over again, but you only have so much finite time, you can only sell yourself out so much, you can only do so much work in a week and do good work in a week. And so, as I’ve moved along and seen us and thanks to some great mentors, and support, I really try to make a transition obviously into long-term contracts where I know that I’m working with someone, but I’m also not billing by an hourly rate anymore, in most cases, anyways, meaning that I’m alai, for the value of what I do. People know I do good work and they pay me, but they don’t ask for a time sheet and the week I don’t have to clock in for 40 hours just to make my clients happy or just to fulfill my bosses wishes or anything like that. I have one over that hope of trading time for money, and it’s a really hard hoop to jump over. But it changes your life in radical, radical ways. And this might blow up in my face, this might not work or I could still have terrible, terrible problems, but the fact that I know now I can almost work from it, anywhere or I do if I’m sick, and I need to go to a doctor’s appointment, that’s not gonna have an impact on the success of my business, and as for my clients as well too. And so if you can build your life in a way that obviously the first step is that you enjoy, if you’re getting paid for the hour you can you enjoy it, and you’re passionate about it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can get. You can get to that next level where you’re not trading time for money anymore, and you’re just treat people recognize your value when they’re paying for that, no matter what that time is as long as you have input and you’re doing the work that they want you to do and getting the results they want even more changes everything. I lived in a primal survival mode, working 40 to a minimum of. Not 40, it’s 60 to 80 to 00 hours a week. Especially when I first started, and maybe not 00 and way too much and it was miserable, it was stressful and nothing would move along unless I was literally like typing or coding or developing something. And now by building a life style that I’ve built my accounts that they’re working for my clients right now as we speak and they’re driving clicks to the site driving sales driving donations. “pantai don’t take that for granted, because I see how easy it is to make that trade that time for money trade. And how easy is it and how easy to stay your whole life? And that that state after his whole life because he made a pay good, decent hourly wage. And when that registers in your head, you think Wow, getting paid that much only, that’s great, but the roof isn’t there. And the ability to live your own flexible life isn’t there, and when it truly matters what is more important. Maybe not the 32-hour, whatever that is. It’s the time with your family, it’s the time with your friends, that’s the time that you can dedicate to your passion, to your hobbies that really matters. And so, that’s a tough, tough thing to say, and I’m lucky I made it through it. A lot of support and guidance but if you can make that shift, you can get a side hobby, a hustle, whatever that is, and start to stop trading time for money, man. Life changes. What changes us? A couple last things here, we talked about this. You don’t wanna be a mess, anymore when you’re… we’re in this age of 26 years old people or the marathon at the same 26 years old. You’re still an idea, this is completely true. Thank you for Romeo, on. Wanna be a mess. And if you have trauma from your life growing up to deal with that stuff man, agents taking care of your mental health ’cause that stuff can really start to eat, you eat away at you and come back later in life, and if you’re not cleaning that stuff up now, you’re not gonna be happy when you’re older and then just don’t wanna see that. So whatever that is, if it’s mindfulness, meditation, you first talk there per us. Like as an account be something that you really enjoy doing people meditate while they’re making tea, you know, what I mean? I do, is just as valuable golf, even hate those things that put you in a zen zone, that bring you into the present focus. And the great term. I were recently heard was, “Thank you all be Marcus as the water that second consciousness, in your head, that sort of judging what you’re doing any time you could eliminate that. I find that you’re in that present moment and it’s just you’re on that path to what life is supposed to be about that and I recommend anyone try to find that path, whatever it is, of getting to try different things. Just another thing I try to say diversify your life again but man, do different things I enjoy different things watch different TV shows, hang with different people go to different places, you know what I mean, explore, and learn, and the more you can perceive, the more you can experience and process and bring into your life, the better it’s gonna be, it’s okay, to feel loss. This is a big one now is in that but feet article while it so many people I think feel lost right now and that’s okay, man, it doesn’t matter we’re all lost. And I think as we look around the world, again to bring that up and looking at the current climate that, we’re a growing up, you think that all the adults have the answers and then you grow up and then you realized adults never had any of the answers and no one has the answers. And so for you to not have the answer, you’re too much pressure on yourself, and you shouldn’t have that answer. We’re too young, we don’t have that knowledge is a whole civilization. So why should you have it specifically? Don’t compare yourself done that goes along with it, I guess. Now, we talked about that a little bit in the bus speed, but that’s such a stressor on your life that you don’t need. It is really easy to look. I watched hot ones with Michael, Sara today. And I guess my cases, I need from Ontario. But sorry, I… I don’t mean that a bad way. A great guy, but like so successful at that age, and it doesn’t seem like he feels that way, but when you can pit yourself, even if it is someone like that, that’s a level of success and that can cause pain in your life, and I think it’s really unnecessary whether that’s just your friends and family, peers, or the celebrities. And people that were full on Instagram, don’t worry about that ’cause it’s just gonna be too much stress. A couple other ones. I’m gonna end up here. I know I’ve been going on for a bit, but hopefully there’s some good insights in here and I really do try to put a lot a thought in the self into the stuff and then improving myself so that I can talk about this from a place of credibility. I hope anyway. So one of my big things that I’ve been trying to get towards is, You need to be optimistic and I lack this sometimes in a lot of ways a monies and life is sort of meanness to me sometimes, but need to be optimistic because it can drive you maybe not even a tomato. That was optimistic. It’s that passion that we talked about, but optimism you wanna have optimism and you wanna look at the good things in life but you can you have to be practice, you can’t be naive. And I think that’s something that, as we’re young, we really fall victim to. And as you get old you really start to understand what you understand why older people are conservative and they’re more practical and they’re not maybe encouraging your dreams if you’re a young kid and all that stuff is ’cause they’ve gone through life and they’ve realized a lot of the problems with it and all the dunes and even maybe some of that meaningless is what in the meaningless part of it as well. too. And so we wanna be positive, we wanna strive towards change and we wanna have a better Royal but we don’t wanna be naive about it we need to be practical about that or what you like and don’t like something else. I know, I do a lot of work and that to test and experiment and find different things that I enjoy and things that I don’t… and even when you fail and don’t like it or you like it, you now know and you can now make better decisions and assumptions moving forward on what you’re gonna like, or what you’re gonna be good at based off that. And so, if you’re not testing you’re not putting your feet, in hot water now and then… then you’re never gonna know what’s gonna burn your never gonna know what’s too cold, you never know what’s gonna be that perfect temperature, for you. Be forgiven. Your means. Talk about finance. Just don’t need to spend that much. And you know we don’t need to keep up with the Jones” in her just past that. I hope anyways. I know people are still blanking out with diamonds and gold and watches and got… and all this stuff, but why you know what I mean… why is… that’s so weird, man. Why would you work so hard to get so successful just to spend it on a corporate entity that’s creating that with some sad Chinese kids in a warehouse and cost them only 12 cents to make an or selling it for a thousand box parasol or something. Why, I guess, if you got the money to throw around for that? But for most people I think living a frugal life is gonna rewarding one and the people who eat a successful are those frugal people who invest, they don’t spend that lavishly and they enjoy the little things in life. So I think that’s really all I’ve got here. I guess that last piece was there is that you have to sacrifice in the present sometimes for long-term positive outcomes. And that sacrifice isn’t necessarily maybe a big sacrifice, or a small sacrifice or anything, but we’re in such time of instant self-gratification, that it’s caused a lot of problems for us and we expect success so much we expect money so much. Like I was reading some study that like 53 percent of all millennials believe they’re gonna be a millionaire. That is probably not gonna be true, but the truth is, is that if everyone saved and did the things they were supposed to be, that’s very possible. If you work smart you work hard, you can make the connections that you need, you can get there, you just gotta start saving, and making the right decisions. And it’s not our office, we think it is, but you’re gonna have to look at the long term. It’s not gonna happen tomorrow, it’s not gonna happen in the next three weeks. And a lot of times, I think people sacrifice long-term gain for short-term gain and we see that in politics, we see that in the way the world is running right now, and it’s just not gonna work. So when you’re looking at what you wanna do, don’t necessarily just look in the short term. We hope anyways, that you’re gonna live a long, fruitful life and by delaying that gratification making some sacrifices in the present tense, then we’re gonna have… we’re gonna have that come back around in the future. And maybe that’s some optimism that you’re seeing right now. Some Niven SS is Nate Ming through… but at least right now I believe that and I hope you believe that as well too. So I’m gonna pull us to an end here. I’ve been talking for 43 minutes. That’s a long down time, I guess. And this is maybe not the most optimistic and no tagout Stan, when I was 21s, I’m almost… not here today because of some decisions and just my upbringing and everything. And I know I’ve been to you what it is relatively close to the lowest of the low living homeless and not full-time homeless, but down in Toronto, wandering alone and really having no place to go, and London and not really even my family really wanting to have me out because of the problems I was causing, and obviously mental health issues and depression and now what I believe, bipolar diagnosis, and I just went through a really difficult time and I know there’s people who are going through way more difficult times than that, but I just think that if I can turn that around and five years later you get to a place where I can do this, I can do this now, do this video and do these audio and I’m still no sustainable I’m making money, I’m providing for people I have a home, I have an office, I have a house, rented house, not more of the jets, that’s coming. Umm, but I just, I believe anyone could do it, and I… monotone special. I think we often come at it the wrong way, and I think so many people, and I hope that we’re realizing this now, that everyone always grows up and says, So you gotta work hard, working hard, it hit a percent sure, you have to work hard and whatever you do, but you gotta work smart. And I think there’s too many people who aren’t working smart right now, they’re… maybe they’re trading that time for money, or they’re sticking in a career that’s not having the upward potential or they’re not going out networking. And make connections that can get them to the next level. All of these pieces that a lot of people I think aren’t possible. Like I remember growing up and while growing up now, but like internships and so Sid, now, I could just walk to an office or a company and say I wanna work for free, I just wanna learn some stuff. We let me come in here and help and be a part of this. And I didn’t do that in most people, I didn’t get that knowledge, I didn’t really know that that just happened, no one really pushed me along to doing that stuff. But I think a lot of us are putting our head now and we’re just working as hard as we possibly can and hoping good things happen. The truth is, it’s not gonna work that way. You need to be smart, you need to work smart and you need to find past passively persistence and maybe you’re gonna have to sacrifice in the short term, in some things, but if you know that goal and you know that place that you want to get to, you can start to make those smart decisions and find that upward mobility. And as we talk about wealth and a coining we talk about a lot of things that are going on in this world that mobility has a reduced for a lot of people. You don’t need to be one of those people, and if you make the right decisions if you work smart if you start to meet those people, if you build that practical skill set whether… and I obviously don’t wanna stay, just Tech but if you’re a nurse, if you’re a developer, if you can program if you can even right, content, a search engine optimizing, you know, stuff that I guess at a lot of places contributes to non-profit organizations, or social enterprises, or, you can contribute to help a corporation, or even at least yourself produce value or produce capital or contribute to the bottom line. You are were something and you can. And if you can get that skill set, you can nail that skill set down your worth, your worse something to someone. And if you can find the right person, you can make those moves and be smart about it, you’re gonna end up in the right place. And a lot of the reason I’m at least somewhat where I am today is because I, I’ve done that. I went and network and walked to every networking event in the city and met all these people and put myself and sounded myself in a co-working space with hundreds of other companies, to meet these people, so I could continue to grow. My company continued to grow my skill set and all of that was very hard work, but it was also a smart work and I avoided the lots of… just the mundane grinding and rigorous work by doing that stuff and making those decisions and in asking advice and getting mentors and find people who are more successful than me and asking what did you do, how did you get there. And I just, I just, I meet so many people, and I have, I have lots of friends and talk to them and just not enough people are doing that, so I don’t know what that actual specific advice that comes out of this last little piece here, but work smart work hard and work smart, and I’m hoping that I can continue to share some resources and videos and tools to help you do that I’ve got, obviously tolerant com I’ve been building up an audio book library of some of the best books that I have ever listened to a tape, some amazing things, some strategies and methods that I’ve learned over time that are pretty valuable on cutting edge in terms of the research I have done and the results that I’m seeing in my own work and hopefully some of that has some value for you. Hopefully, you can take even this little podcast a day or whatever it is that I’m creating at whatever time and integrate that into your own life, so that now you can be more successful. And I have a better life, and I’m not fully there myself, I’ve got lots of work to do, I have times at ups and downs and ebbs and flows, but I have seen from being where I was when I was 13 to where I am now just a couple of years later, at 26. it’s a pretty drastic difference. And I can say for myself and I think the people around me, what if for Health, it’s quite improvement at a much better place today, and all I’m trying to do I share how I got from that place to this place and so I wasn’t actually gonna do this I’m gonna see if this works, I hope it works, but I thought I would to second on the list to with you just to close the two, even have my Bohemian. So, I have in Rome. Was not a purchase. Your tracks today to do a news by year by year five years. There’s no question. Didn’t think I’d make it here, that before I was lost, I was broken at a joking, I was hoping to courses, there was no diagnosis. I focus, I was homeless in… everybody know to send the people who are the goes for the ones that just “Surinamese man, as suffered every minute filled with the name, The has turned the days and the day of the week by bond. On the test, all of one did you… was sleep? I could barely stuck to speak it, I was, I was making it into myself. properties with ties to release and recover an easy… please do, believe me. It ain’t like the shit we see on the TV and it’s hot at one. I do want anyone to see me, what I thought I thought from my fucking life. Five years later, man, I’m here “shinano till. See I’ve got the tags in the back, everything like that. But the case for a tracking milestones, I wanted to re-mating Wix and did all that stuff but it wasn’t gonna happen here, so I just wanted to put the rough draft. I would hear for you to listen if you’re listen to hope you enjoy. To purchase your tracks today. No, no, the credits in the back to three years, three years, three years, that’s a long run. My business thing that can make it here. They say 90 percent to make it past the first two I guess, in the 110 percent that made it past the worst to… they said I’m so nice to preach at Ateneo. Do you struggle of, “Do you really need to pursue it? Just scare the job. You don’t need all the pressure, you don’t need another stress you’re gonna end up in a stretcher to though your mom don’t have said If you’re not even fucking better. I was second guess and make mistakes. And it was Pivot, and numbers in my bank account that he “solingen but the working people, they were riveting the gable chances and that took the opportunity. Now, every day, I give to live my life of unity, I feel to pestis, that impacts to commune me and not everything’s perfect, my like turn it out being an A dot. There were bitter for the… so the total if you’re like… so what I’d been calling, mild stones and hope you enjoyed it. Just a rough draft next I wrote that pretty quickly and just a rough concept recording, so I could maybe show some people to get a mixing, gonna happen, but I… that’s some other stuff that I wanna do. And going back to that piece of being who you are and doing what you wanna do. I love music, love hit populism. Ken word, the politics, I love so many things and so passion about so many things, but hip-hop and music has always been one of those cores and so hopefully I get a chance and an opportunity to make some more, but in my life and build that and build that as part. And so, 26 years old, 25, I remember growing up and thinking, to… you’re gonna be a huge hip-hop star, or a musician at 00 years old, 18 years old, and I’ve been recording and is like, I said the song recording, and mixing and stuff. Since I’ve been 13 years old, and I just had that fear is so scared to release that stuff in a white young kid from “lucan Ontario in a farm land. And I thought, “Who would want to listen that stuff people would laugh me out now, out of this world, and there’s a lot of… I think now that I’ve gotten over, but no bitterness and regret that comes with feeling that pressure and not being able to truly be who you are and what I feel like I could have been making music and just doing other stuff, maybe would have impacted someone’s life and resonated with people, or I could have been doing that for 00-15 years. Well, 13 years or so and I didn’t because I was so scared of being myself, and scared of what people would think. So don’t do that, enjoy your life, find out those things that you like and don’t worry about this age. I talk a lot about being 26 today, but we’re in a marathon, and life here and people end up in front of the people in it behind you and people end up running right beside you as well too, so enjoy that journey. I enjoy, enjoy that life in this world that we get to live in. So I’m done here today, thank you very much. And have a great weekend, guys.

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