Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
The Road To Collision, Progress at Speak AI Inc & Transcription Marketing

This week, I had the opportunity to go down to the Collision Conference (thank you Ryan!) which for the first time ever was held in Toronto. You could feel the significance of it taking place here in Toronto and Canada. Toronto is increasingly becoming a leader in technology and startups and to see people from all over the world including some of the best companies and investors from Silicon Valley, China, and Israel was visceral and eye-opening.

So what is Collision? I can only describe it as Coachella for Tech People. I haven’t had the chance to go to a conference of this scale before and so for me it was absolutely incredible and overwhelming. I am still doing a lot of processing and I plan on creating another podcast with some of the takeaways I got from speaking to other companies, observing, networking, and listening to some amazing talks.

For now, I wanted to share a podcast from my journey down to Toronto. You’ll hear my truck humming in the back. But, I don’t often get 2 hours (okay quite a bit of traffic it was 3 hours) to myself and I took the opportunity to share a lot more about what we are working on at Speak AI Inc. This includes automated versus human transcription, extracting keywords, brands, topics, and emotions, the power of using transcriptions for marketing and SEO, our work on building an interactive embeddable player, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and our experience exhibiting Speak at the Discovery Conference in Toronto the week before. If you are interested in what we are doing this is an awesome episode to understand a lot more of our work and mission. As always, thank you for listening and please feel encouraged to connect.

Transcription (Unedited)

Alright so go down today collision conference down here in Toronto, so in the truck on the way down
trying to beat some traffic here, then actually starts at. 9 AM. Leaving left at 5:45 today to get
into this conference pretty early. I feel too optimistic about that and one thing I’ve noticed I’m
not sure what’s going on here.

I don’t have a lot slower on the 401 and a lot of people right now, again truck here, so you’re
right along with the with the journey. Cars flying by me. Another. Little slower these days. And.
Part of that I think the smallness is. Coming back from a long weekend here, so Victoria
Day weekend. Canadian. And. It’s weird that there is this. Biological clock in humans and end
for something like ours so. Sceptical by 95 and then like vacations. All you get like vacations in
certain times. But in terms of that. We’ve picked really good vacation times like I feel
like our. Vacation there holidays really align with the shifting season. People seem to
be a lot of times placed right at the exact time when a lot of people are starting
to get stressed or you know just wanted sort of time for a break. Call. Long weekend is over and
I’m back in at 1:10 on the 4:01 while people have been buying me at 1:40.

This Discovery Conference Conference and the reason why I say Discovery Conference is
actually Discovery Conference last week.

So it’s been stacked up couple weeks here in terms of conferences. First, one voices
discovery conference down in trono, which was last week and at this one. We actually got the chance
to exhibit, which is really cool. So I’ve been working on this project obviously speak
speak. I think is the actual company. Make appointment of progress on our on our application
and because of our smart start recipient status, I guess are. $30,000 in France and some
support to actually exhibit down at this conference and so this discovery conference 4000
people they were thinking we’re there.

Over 2 days, there was a lot of great keynotes and just a lot of events and things going on at once
and so that was really cool because.

Hard and in some ways pretty silently on speak here in London, Ontario and one of the things I
always get a little bit worried about it.

We’re working on all this stuff here and I think it’s pretty cool. How does it stack up when we
actually go to trono and in season companies? Who are really on the cutting edge some of them have
raised quite a bit of money and you know, we just want you want to have that comparison to see sort
of where where you’re at.

And it was really nice. I think their project. Pretty exciting level what we’re doing in our
machine learning in a pretty practical sense.

Where is even you know in the key notes a lot of the talks about AI in artificial intelligence in
general seem to be still pretty high level, theoretical and people questioning how. Wow, we are
possibly on to something here and the way that we’re using some of these.

Technologies. We’re actually using this is really exciting so it was a great opportunity actually
exhibit down there sort of network for? 2 days and met a lot of great people, and just just really
cool to get some some feedback on what you’ve been working on and so I would say overall pretty
widely positive couple hilarious moments where.

Someone. Put in that video would show people how everything that works at least
conversations or presentations or whatever that video video was and of course, we speak. We run it
through our system, which flies a lot of machine learning models to the actual either.
The audio or video or Chris. We’re


working on text as well, too, and the next tracks for the audio and video extract keywords to
brands. The topics everything was transcribed and even does a little bit of emotional analysis as
well, too so. In that actual file as well to it, so you know in the past has been a pretty
paradigm. Shifting thing because people have done a lot of this manually and as we continue to talk
and investigate.

Technology we’ve realized a lot of the pains that. These companies so are these
researchers and institutions organizations have felt having to do this manually and tell
yet we’ve done a couple of manual transcriptions.

Now just to clean up sort of the the transcription that our technology gives us and it is not.

You have to be pretty. What’s going on in the audio video you’re transcribing you
have to write everything down.

You have to make sure the punctuation and everything is good. Realization that we’ve had with this
is just how many decisions actually go into even creating a transcript because you
know, people like myself talking right now are obviously a lot of times. We were sort
of jumbling words. We are like starting half sentence is or trying to figure out how to
finish them and sorry for the sound just pulling up making sure everything is still reporting
and we are, we’re good to go. You have to make all these decisions when you’re sort
of. Someone start a sentence they would finally get to the actual point. They’re trying
to make and it’s like do you keep that I guess? Blah blah in the transcript. How do you indicate
that that was there because it makes a difference on the readability and that makes
a difference to understand the conversation and on the other side you also want to make sure that
the transcript is professional. Or do you just trying? It has been really interesting to actually
go ahead and face. Not face those challenges, but get a couple early orders of sort of what we’re
working on and actually go through that process.

So. What is that process right now? Work place where trying to basically pull R. Pull application
together for technology building, it in I would say a pretty fleshed out application specially for.
Company doesn’t. Get the MVP Oh I think we are getting that MVP on the MVP just happens to be
pretty pretty intricate and complex platform alone.

And so I think there was an is simple Ray that I could have done this. But. Try to try to change
things and you know it took a pretty big jump.

To actually do this and so right now, what we’ve realized it. I guess we’re all speech to text
technologies have come so far.

That’s still a long way. So this. Where? Automated transcription doesn’t quite. Spell the whole
task. And then there’s a human transcription element that needs to be worked into actually clean it

N. But even here, oftentimes people using the automated transcription actually have to go and get a
real transcriber to clean it up and that’s what we would believe we would see with
one of our transcriptions. Talk you know our ticket Lee. You have good audio quality all these
things is really easy for you to get a high quality transcription and I would say even even the

85 to 95% accuracy and I would say at the highest level. I don’t even need to change this
transcript. To actually turn it into something I would be comfortable and I think most people would
be comfortable sharing online.

Whatever. And that that’s a really exciting thing, but especially for you know industry specific
terms. You know jargon low quality audio and then there is there is a layer around accents and I
would just say pronunciation in general technology.


Talk a lot about. You know. Technology especially in artificial intelligence machine learning
definitely seems to be tailored towards the North American crowd and English.

Speaking against specifically and those languages. And this is I guess that
limitation to the experiments that we’ve done because. Mostly working with speakers. Let’s hope
it hopefully something that can be resolved and I think it’s really important to have diversity in

Be able to make this technology inclusive. I think that is a big trying to make
anyone who is voice technology is trying to recognize.

The challenge is to come with language. Technology. And so for now, we’re not quite there with the
full application. We’re working hard and that’s all Richards also on the team. Prototype. Actual
application that will be released at people. If I use for awhile. We can call him at
the skeleton, but it’s actually. Holding into this, this final final version, I’ve got that I
guess. Dad for now, what we realize we’re trying to do start to build up the relationships and make
something you know start.

Starting move towards how we wanna run speaking and start to gain that business. So
when we actually do launch the actual technical application. As a whole that we’ve only got some
traction and people interested in what we’re doing so right now with the process.

System audio video. You know the combination of really a lot of different technologies
at once. The speech to text. You know natural language processing. Sentiment analysis was
captured at all in your application were running, it through and 60 minute video audio. Gonna take.
And so. We actually get the automated transcription and you know for a relatively low price and
we’re still flashing on all that pricing to working with you know, some accounting people and just
some advice general to figure out like? What does this look like? What is the Wright brothers delay
pricing for this and now where do we want to sit because we see 2 things here, we see that we’ve
created really, really valuable application that compared to what I would say are some of our
competitors out there if we consider.

Transcriptions. Technology companies, including some pretty good vision of how we
differentiate ourselves and add more value for the users that other applications and other
competitors don’t really seem interested.

I’m actually doing. Very inexpensive compared to some dinner actually quite expensive
and the question is where we actually want to sit sit and mystified and part of that
comes to using the automated transcription where we don’t know where we built this system and
there’s no real tax on us.

To actually give you the service or the output that you’re looking for or are you looking for the
human transcription side where we need to take a real person.

From the work that they could be doing and actually go and clean a transcription up until it gets
to what we would say now.

I guess 99% accuracy so that you guys you know the users can be confident actually post that

To flush out what that process looks like and also the pricing that goes along with that, and we
you we hope with. Powerful technology. Great. While delivering more value. I think it
is a triangle business, whereas equality speed. Price you know if you can only have 2 of those
statements kinda thing you know II guess.

3. Maybe there’s something we need to look at actually increasing the pricing and myself to always
want to decrease pricing so that it can be democratized and more people can use it. That’s
something to consider it. It also comes down to what kind of business will kind of life. You want
to live. It takes a lot


more bowl. How does that effect our business model? How do we acquire the clients will give us the
block to make up if we charged at a higher rate, but less clients or less customers. These are
really interesting questions actually sort of exploring navigate through it once that I
don’t think that even myself.

I can see inside I can see where I want to go and I could see where I want to take this.

Continue to be valuable. But this is just something a little bit out of my depth. I guess and
something I need to continue to sort of invest and work on and I’m hoping again.

I could get to a point that is really a great price. I feel like there, they feel great about the
value that they’re getting for that price.

And it’s also the ease of use the ability to have once we get there, the whole platform and
everything so. That’s where we’re getting were working down on that pricing and building up those
pieces there and.

Try to Get smarter better. So that we can actually figure out both these processes both human side
where we’re bringing in a human transcriber, but also the automated side where we figured out how
to make automated text and everything we’re doing as accurate and effective as possible.

Right now for that process if you were working with us today. Choose the option do
you want automated transcription human transcription or do you want like a rush came in
transcriptions, saying like one you wanted 24 hours to 2 to 3 days kind of thing.

Can you actually want to get it back pretty quickly we have options for that sort of.

Different price points around in each each version of those that’s sort of reflect the amount of
effort into it and amount of value that we believe were output in with that technology
or with that human transcription. File system if we get to human transcription, we
would actually the system and then bring a real person. To actually clean it up. It
basically not transcription to that 99% accuracy once that’s done, we actually run it back
through our system so everything that is that time stamped this.

This allows us to do some pretty cool stuff. So it allows us to actually export.
SRT files and PDT files, which if anyone’s work with some of this stuff before, is
actually basically the captioning. Videos YouTube videos when you’re going along the ability to
do this with other players to make sure ensure that you actually have accurate captions that go
along with the video that you’re creating an video or audio sorry. Yes. Dad. Why does this matter
should be sent over the SRT VTT file timestamps? Which it allows you to basically create these
captions and then we also send over branded PDF.

This brand PDF, which what I’m really excited about is we include that transcription? Which of
course has its inherent value you can use this a piece of content online.

You could share this with people so they can understand what what happened in
conversations, however, using this. Even more value comes into places when you export to that PDF
we actually export it with insights as well, too. So instead of just giving the
transcription back when you get the transcription with timestamps and speaker.

But you also get back to main topics that you guys were talking about in the conversation.

You also get the keyboards that you were talking about and then also the brands that we recognized
it be in the audio or video as well, too. Cut front not information. We really do
think that we’re giving another sort of contextual layer of what happened in the conversation
would like to even figure out better ways to indicate emotions throat transcription because. In my
own way is that conversations


are more than words. So when we look at the transcription itself. You can gather a
ton of great information from that transcript and saying it distilled into what we lacked in
other words that people actually said.

But inherently there are so many more parts of nuances ever conversations that aren’t
actually captured in the transcription and that’s been something that increasingly has
become apparent to myself and the team as we started to work on this technology and
started to do a little bit of transcription ourselves so.

Actually tries to shove a little bit get those keywords. And further use textual
analysis and then understandings actually make those topic inferences and that’s
even really exciting because something that we’ve seen specifically on a research basis is
that a lot of times, researchers will record audio or video. Then they will try to find like
thematic elements throughout that too risky generate those keywords, but also generate those topics
and inherently were oranit gotta stop site networking. Surely we’ve already had that technology
right within our system and we should we really do see some.

And. Is that sort of where? Are you were going to send that across the email with PDF for sending
SRT in the BT file and you know that can be an automated transcription where we’re going to be vote
quality audio. I would say 60% up accuracy compared to high quality audio where we’re looking more
like 85 to 95%, you get that back with the PDFSRTMPDT through email. You don’t have
to add anything you have to make sure that there are any transcription.

You can be confident actually post it and I guess just elaborate on that white people are
questioning? Why is why are the transcriptions? Why are they 100% accurate why? Need
an area where we don’t need transcription. And use one example that we saw in a recent recent
order that we actually did.

What what? And they mentioned in the I mentioned in the podcast, they mentioned Ivy
now our machine peers. Ivy and it thinks out. Maybe the things of the I guess the branch or the
vegetation or whatever that I be is and the spells in IP why now? This is just a
simple example of what we see because. The machine doesn’t know that podcast is being done by
R Richard Ivy Professor in London, Ontario. So when it mentions Ivy doesn’t have the contextual
understanding. It’s just looking at the word itself given by trying to understand context. I’d be a
really difficult thing. Technology to put together because it doesn’t know that were based in
London. Interior doesn’t know that you know for granted. We’re talking about Ivy and then there’s a
bar basically in London or in the area.

If you say Ivy you know what we’re talking about or you know what school were
referring to our technology doesn’t know that so there’s a gap in understanding between the
technology and humans and humans have so much ability to understand context. Information
in a different light actually subways. Really? Altogether, different associations and
find solutions to things that are relatively abstract and I’ve done that because I’ve
actually gone through and looked at some of these transcriptions myself and clean them
up, but also have watched the team. Interesting moments in doing these transcriptions,
but also finding challenging moments and really actually having to use some of their
brain power.

Get to see that we’re trying to get transcription, so we’re. Take away trying to increase improve
that process and what is nice is we, we are learning using machine learning and so? Are you getting
more intelligent? For example, Edit Ivy and turn it into Ivey. That’s a little note that technology
can quite do Goodnough and quite do the job right here is a change that.

We’ve had to make and we want you to make a note of this so if you see you know a situation like
this in the future.

You know what I did to you, or you know you know that it’s actually spelled this
way, these things. Continue to get better continue to get smarter. We’re working hard on that.
And really I guess I can say


that the technology is the absolute worst, it could be right now and will continue to use it to
make it better and we hope that we can actually get some customers and users so early adopters.

To actually help us make it even better as well, too. I’m still driving on my way to Toronto. I’m
sure you probably continue to hear the truck in the background. It’s beautiful, try, though, and
that’s nice. It’s a It’s a nice day. Out and we had uh obviously look like older rain couple days
during the week and we also had a beautiful day on Friday and beautiful day on Sunday as well, too.
I was driving down here in the rain. Right now. Driving is scary. Add. 6:30. We haven’t hit too
much traffic yet, but I. During that that’s not gonna be true for forever here, specializing
pulling into Toronto. And everyone is back to work and on top of that this collision conference is
in Toronto since 25,000 people.

It work. In the city itself. Walking into a pretty rambunctious place say I have no idea what I’m
walking into which is both.

And also obviously very exciting for an adventurer like myself. When I start talking like that?
What is that still working figuring that got out. To the podcast so it feels Tyler’s planning. Why
do I need to talk I don’t know and I don’t know when I put it back? It is sort of. Things right
now. And this, this conference is one of them. Apparently, like Coachella or Bonnaroo. Text.
Toronto and so it’s going to be a pretty pretty exciting time. I think actually trying to
have this we’re going to see some pretty cool companies in technology.

The future. Where is this industry focuses? Download. Technology infrastructure, they
have any organization of the event is pretty astounding already. I don’t even know how many
events. Where did I actually wanna dedicate my time wet parts office affected are actually going to
be the most? Give me Dad. I’ve only down there for today and tomorrow, driving it today. I’m
staying friends. Tonight actually used to work with 65 and do a lot of the. Learn and adopted and
really power through some people. Google grants projects small clients that we were working on now
to working with massive clients like.

I don’t know. Call Bravo brought all these different like massive accounts and he’s actually
advantaging as well, too. So it’s required to be really cool catch up with him and see him with
these let me stay at his place and luckily enough his place just about a 10 minute walk away from
the sexual conference and so I’m excited. You might not even have to pay for parking. There, for 2
days and really trying to make the most out those 2 days.

And when you quickly realize like with that much going on with that much stimuli days can go by
pretty quick.

And I felt that for sure at the discovery conference where it feels like you’re just talking for a
couple minutes and then all of a sudden the days actually over and so trying to do my best to suck
it all up make all the make all the I guess.

Give me the connections that are looking for not set up bread looking or searching for them.

That much depth right now, but also again trying to get as much value, but learning out of this as
I possibly can. And. That is an interesting thing I guess I just connecting at connecting at
conferences like piece of speaking well, we’ve been working on. I’m trying to understand more about
conversations and communication intelligence and emotional intelligence of the power.

That actually does come from especially people speaking together in person and seems to be an extra
citement, an extra layer of. Conferences like this. And so. At last week at discover I think there
was a little bit more protection.

We were exhibiting showing off technology and there’s a bunch of experts their investors. Show them
or working on whereas for this conference here II feel like I’m sort of coming in as an outsider
definitely not


exhibiting and I have the budgets of you and I’m really just going to actually soak up the
experience. To learn again. At if connections come out of that. That’s a really
exciting thing. I’m coming down in a natural way, not trying to force early anything here.
And that was an odd discovery to have this session. Ask the experts. Open control. Basically.
Investor chair was open in front of them you can go and sit and talk to you faster and these were
sort of decimated times and during those times.

We’re just getting like swamped by by companies. I actually sat down with a couple
more actually stayed away. I didn’t even really get to meet with the best is actually talked a
couple of government organizations and a couple lawyers.

It was really like both exciting, but disorganized that’ll be stare. But what I also saw it just
made me feel little bit weird was like a desperation.

2. Best value to get out of that. And everyone just like ignoring Louise best or whatever and just
really trying to pitch as quickly as they can’t give me 10 minutes serve am.

I wanna put you OK. Here’s a couple insights. Maybe some of them are specific and personalized. But
I’m sure a lot of them are generic. These investors are just trying to do their best probably to
make it through this.

Obviously they’re getting yelled at by people who are trying to get money and grow their company
trying to give a little bit of value back but that’s a really difficult situation, especially when
I think. We look at them as experts say there experts in everything you know if you’re working on
machine learning and they’re focused on.

But they are experts in. That’s not the right match and I think there was a lot of that happening
there and just sort of a desperate enerji that came around his ass the expert hours so. That’s not
really the situation of course would be nice to have more money and then.

Doors open in 2 investment, which I think already is happening in a much more organic way
interesting thing. If you go for money, you get advice. And in its own way that’s quite like on
April of thing because now it’s like OK.

Just ask people for advice work with them You know, hopefully build a great
relationship with them share what you’re doing. Take me to. That there is a lot of
Merit to that starts to get a little bit manipulative.

Once you actually know that, but to have a common thing you hear from seemingly
people have actually get successful in raising money and that people have been sort of successful
general and so to see this like Swappa sadness. Swamplike scoreboard people out going at these
experts. Why is a little bit odd and just felt felt sort of weird to me so I did my best to be with
a couple.

Which was the right thing to do is? Thank you for doing that there is a lot of value for us to take
that time, we learned so much from you and I want to understand how do you? How do you get to that
next level? How do you get to that next stage so I could send him a message.

It was really cool. I would say 85% of those people and I would say that’s about 60 investors or
experts in general have actually connected back even left in Iceland, known as well to say thanks.
Thanks for thanks for saying that and sort of for noticing that we are predicting timing and
obviously as investors are experts there there.

There. Companies, who may be the next people that we are looking at investing in or.

All these kind of things, so I think in some ways, there is a volunteer that but
there’s also a really Speak

valuable part for them where they’ve got their eyes or maybe first dibs on.

Companies. I think we are one of those I guess one of the things that I’ve been thinking.

A lot about is this idea of the human transcription piece does is that? Mitigate some of the value
4. I would say. Something that I continue to think about. But it’s also this you know this gap
between the technology where it is today.

Add. You know, even in that regard and I’m still unsure of how quickly this gap is actually going
to close like.

I would say beautiful like system. Can you skip born accurate the trading at very very rapid? Ben.
Again, going back to that Ivy sort of example. There’s solely layers of knowledge in contact. This
technology needs before we can really become confident that it’s actually you know that 99%
accurate. You know, especially the system and then immediately post make sure that
there’s no. Where were relying on technology and at the best of corporate business there is
this gap here and people seem to be willing to pay for that gap because when they order
transcription. They don’t want an 85% to 95% accurate one. They do want it cleaned up to that to
that pretty high accuracy so that.

One thing I would say that has been really interesting and then I’m going to continue to share more
about and in very excited about is.

Dad. A little bit of this experiment, I guess in some ways has sort of. I don’t know paid off would
be the word. But it happened in one of the experiments won’t things I was trying to prove my
hypothesis and I thought it was really interesting is that at this convention.

At one of the keynote. They said every company should have an hypothesis that they’re trying to
prove an. I guess my hypothesis that I’m trying to prove is. What you know? I believe that Tran
scripting in podcasting for example, has a big impact on your search engine rankings that can.
Speed that you can find visibility in search engines at so I guess that’s a little bit of my
hypothesis and I’ve been testing.

The hypothesis through my own podcast, which like this is going to be part up today
basically by. Playing audio recording video. Plug in right now simply please simply podcasting
Chuck is the name is the related sort of company.

It may be the entity that works with it and it’s almost like creating a blog post in WordPress.

The audio file and name. It make sure that I’ve sort of added nice categories and tags. And
everything and what school is that speak actually generates those tags and categories for me, I
paste the actual audio. Right now, just doing that do YouTube and then embedding
embedding and pasting the transcript below and actually a lot of times right now and I’ve only
been doing the unedited transcript and pasting it right below. Those videos and couple ones that
I’ve seen that. I’m actually quite excited about one of them. I was trying 26 years old, and I
wanted to do a little bit of a review and feeling about how I felt with that, so I did a whole
podcast on anyone through BuzzFeed article or read a bunch of things about you know what happens
when you turn 26 year old years old.

The transcription below and because of that I’ve now ranking if most people. I think listings. This
right now. If you type turning 26 years old will find tylerbrighton.com you know in the top 10 in
the top you know, I’m finding in top 5 or even top 3 results. Right now, I’ve seen similar thing
for which is a term but Joe Rogan at Mac Miller is there 2 very big celebrities rest in peace map

Love you very much. Dad joke love you text podcast extra life. But if you type that in ranking
number one. Thank you normally run. If you type in Joe Rogan Mac Miller Kids, a
competitive sports. I get another episode on that just think of ranking in the top 20 for that
at some point, even the top 5. Peas


are really competitive terms with millions of millions of results and all I’ve done
is put a podcast together and then dropped? What is the unedited transcription below that in a
short time with for a website that has low domain authority and almost no links.

I’ve seen those those podcasts and post rank very, very highly very quickly and so the hypothesis
that I’m sort of trying to prove.

There is some really early evidence about the positive impact that and as I continue to document
and elaborated even continue by seeing this.

I’m like wow. I gotta make more podcasts. I gotta make more. I’ve gotta continue to
take this these conversations and turn them into content online that can be indexed by search
engines and right now there is still a little bit more of a manual process of that, but In the
final in my eyes what I hoped. Talk into your Talking to your phone and you now created a podcast
episode that is his transcriber.

His posted online and it is boosting your organic presents online very quickly and to you to want
to make that push my daughters value in that push right now, it’s 65 people continue to paint. And
I don’t even charge that much too. Rank on search engines, both organically but also
for pain span and I know that people are paying a lot more different setups and people who are
farther along and sort of their agents in life or business model for paying thousands if not tens
of thousands of dollars a month.

The ratio. Chinese companies are actually taken advantage of white marketing agencies. They know
what they’re doing around search engine optimization. Technical as well, too. But where I’m trying
to go and what I’m trying to get to especially to market eyes.

Voice. Help you get discovered online. That conversation whether it is audio and video you’re
talking about something relevant to your business something you disconnected and by adding the

Instead of just listening to an audio it can actually read it. The current situation
for myself is where video. I sort of continue to see the value it, especially if it’s getting. I
beg your audio or your video file. Transcription right in it gives you also did building to
translate. We also include the insights in it as well, too. And so by doing that were actually make
me SCO. We’re improving Accessibility, which is a huge thing right now, so we’re giving people the
ability to read but we’re also giving the people. The ability to translate and so in many ways.
We’re actually opening up a path to actually connect with with more users. For Chris Engagement
because. In the beginning, something like this will be quite novel don’t need to click
through the transcript. Even click through the insights and that’s only good increase
engagement part of that will be there will be some novelty start but hoping overtime.

People get conditioned to interact with videos and audio in a more interactive way, and will start
to see what people are actually aging with will be spending more time engaging so instead of just
looking or going through small parts of the video, but they can quickly scan through the keywords
or topics that interest them and. Rankings are increase because it’s looking at that as a sign of.
That people do care about going to continue to send people to this page. What? Search engine so the
transcript is going to be very beneficial. If you want you could be higher. I had given
transcriber. We be coming from the back end and make sure that those captions.

The transcriptions and translations are as accurate as they can be and we hope to
pass another analytics layer back.

So instead of just saying like wow. Someone watch 5 minutes of the video. We’re understanding what
movements they were watching. What topics weather like you know what keywords part of
the transcripts where they actually going through it, then spending the most time. And by
understanding that we’re getting really another another layer of Analytics, and you can
start to understand what? What topics what keywords what moments are people really are really
resonating with people that we


want to sort of double down and create more content around.

I think. Some more work to do is we’re actually trying to do much more sophisticated
emotional analysis as well, too, and so that. On the front end of the embed and
maybe we’ll get people that option, too, you know. Like. Basically, we’re index. Identifying
the video by emotion, and so, if you are depending on who you are do you really want? Do you want
to sort through your video or or audio or content by emotion? The interesting thing to me. I’m not
sure I haven’t I haven’t actually had enough validation to understand what people want when
we talk to for example, University institution, most likely it seemed they didn’t want the
professor you know be able to post a video and be able to sort through by happier positive moments
moments so that’s been really interesting but by doing that. If we only say we keep that on
the internal side of the app. You can see the emotion part. Bob. Your understanding a
little bit more of what tone. Your audio or video is actually leading to the most
engagement and you won’t be able to do that.

Unless you actually analyze the video internally sort of in the application, so, although we might
not choose to display. The emotion. In the embeddable widget or maybe we give them
the option to choose that we will do it on our end so that you have a better understanding and
when I look at the court. One of the core missions up speak and what I’ve talked about, especially
in the early stages as you know, especially as I was pitching more and being aspirational about
where I want to go with, we want to understand basically atone personality in clarity up people
when they’re communicating and whether that’s in conversations you know just.

Sales calls or meetings or if that’s someone creating content online. We want understand sort of
what is leading is the most engagement? What’s leading to the most success? What are these things
an and if we can if we can identify that for companies or people.

It gives them a lot of power and so we’re continually trying to do you know trying
to build better technology around that that piece because in its current state? It’s getting
better, but we find that it’s just not as nuanced and we get you know a lot of like positive
negative or maybe like happy and sad but.

I think there’s a lot more nuanced and sophistication that can be assigned to that conversation and
so you know, my goal, obviously being instead of just. Analytical maybe even some more
personality came off very intellectual here, creating those insights around the content
it does give you a lot of power. By then understanding what people are actually engaging with
on on that embeddable widget so it is sort of funny.

You. You spend all this time and you you put everything together in the end. End. You wanna see
where you can be used? Something that can be described quite. Quite articulately and quickly. But
it would seem quite simple like wow. You just put you know, we built another audio or video player.
But that’s not really what it is. That’s the that’s the medium or the mechanism to activate the
power of what we’re doing, and so we’re putting a lot of energean emphasis into this the sabbatical
embeddable player and insights.

It’s just it’s it’s come so clear to me and it. It’s you know. In some ways. I feel like not sad,
but I’ve reverted back that I reverted down to a layer that I know which is that margin layer.

I know the value of that and so at this conference, even for this discovery conference in general
interest in the conversations that that we’ve had people are really excited about this idea of sort
of using an embeddable player. But what more is is democratizing search engines. People buy Brille
opening up this idea that all you have to do is talk and now you’ve created this.

This optimized piece of content. Whether that’s just pasting the transcript itself or
if you’re actually using our embeddable widget too.


Part of our technology to actually share that way, which is of course, getting
indexed by search engines. You might be able to hear. Oh, better V. Reading of the engines and
slowing down. This is what I was thinking what could happen. At 7 AM right now. Coming into the
Greenbelt. Niagara escarpment. That is definitely for back. Seems like Destroying a little bit or
planning on destroying a little bit. I am now in stand still traffic so the. Smooth cursor. I had
before, and over, there. A past part of me talking here is now over society time sitting. When I
say stance. Literally at a standstill. And I figured this is what might happen should’ve gone down
last night, I do it. Everyone’s going back to work or not moving. What we do we start to see a
little bit of things moving in front of me is? Cheat. Jeep says go Chiefs go. Middlesex hockey AAA
hockey team swear I played growing up and they just sort of think that’s funny.

We were very proud Chiefs was always something people are so proud about and I guess I was one of
them at my chief jacket.

I wore them absolutely everywhere everywhere. It was one of those early status signs for both
myself as a young boy but also I think for my parents as well, too, and we can see here. This guys
got skies got his license plate clearly indicating that his kid is a Chiefs player and therefore
you know better after then then your kid.

As you can see this slowdown has made me angry and better and there’s no need to attack your kid
like that.

So I’m sure you’re great person. I’m sure your kid is a great person as well, too. But it’s sort of
funny. The the world’s status place in sports and hockey and especially this Triple A hockey here.

I have been. Going on for quite awhile now and I’ve really got to talk about a lot of the pieces
that I didn’t want to talk about an? What I’m gonna do? For sort of practice what I preach. Take
this piece of content. I’m going to run it through our system in a transcriber and I pull out all
the keywords in the brands in the topics and I’m going to turn that into a post going
to turn that into a post using this simply podcasting simple podcasting plugin.

It’ll be shared to the actual podcast. I’ve been working on speaker Tyler Brighton, which started
out as tired talks made more forget because they don’t want to hoping actually do basically a
speech more professional podcast and I think this is something that.

As I’ve realized on a power in this case study that I’ve done with the podcasting and seeing where
I’m ranking that almost it seems like it’s going to have to become. Must do for business is trying
to grow their online presence and we’ve continued to see the rise of podcasting.

Both for people, obviously personal but of course in a business context and with that.

I think there is a layer of K. It’s like YouTube or something or other things that are saturated
like you post. No one really is going to find it or listen to it or engage with it because there
are so many and so hard to find and watch yours.

Instead of others. Continue down this path with this idea of you don’t need millions and millions
of fans or followers or customers.

But you need is you know, maybe a smaller group of dedicated ones who are willing to pay. And I’m
willing to print their money where their mouth is to actually support. You and so
whether that is a podcaster who’s trying to run a patriotic get its note with a thousand people
who are running a chip in 10.

Bucks, a month or is it. You know if your business is it. You know, maybe the people who are
interested Speak

in what you’re podcasting about are those people who could who will be your customer.

I think the second hand piece of this is by podcasting you really talking out a lot of the you know
talking a lot about your organization in your business and learning. You know learning through that
process. Flashing on what you’re doing, and what you’re working on, but at the same time you’re
you’re building? What can be our well, indexed. Channel four’s fur gap for building
success in search engines. And I think. That’s that’s something that shouldn’t really be
overlooked. It sends so many signals to search engines and to you know just your presence in
general that you know about what you’re about actually talking about and what your business is or
what your podcast is about and of course, the transcription. Part is really valuable because the
search engines can crawl through those and then with that, if you use something like this something
simple. It distributes it to a lot of those different podcast platforms and builds a great
connection of links and relevance and context for for the search engines as well, too, so. In some
ways. As I’ve explored and continued to. The value of the power of podcasting in general. And even
if it’s not something that is going to be a massive entity that you continue forever.

It’s a pretty powerful. First of something that you can do, which actually will have
an impact on the business, or impact on your life. So with that I think as I’ve. So I’ve talked
for quite a while here and I’ve continued to sit at my stand still.

I’m going to sign off here open to make this conference and I will probably come back in you know
as much as I’ve I’ve tried to do my podcast been so busy but you know, some of these again.
Something’s results have just indicated to me that II do need to put some more time.

Investment in this and so I hope even to come back and do a wrap up after the collision conference
here and maybe share a little bit about what I saw but also some of the insights have actually
going to. I’m trying to look both through the lens of know what? What crazy technology and what
kind of stuff is coming. But I’m also looking at you know if you are. You are young business owner
and entrepreneur or start up. You know what is it like to go and navigate through a conference like
this 25,000 people and many of them absolute leaders in absolute leaders in this space is that
they’re in so I’m opening come back and share. My experience through those lines for you and
hopefully that’s a valuable thing that maybe it said.

You don’t wanna listen to so with that. Anything else that you want to talk about here. I think
you’ve got up really gone on. I. Yes, I will continue to follow my hair my Chiefs boy here. And I
thank you for anyone who did tune in for this tune in to actually listen.

Yeah, like I wonder how it feels to have to have to have the truck sort of in the background here
or the noise.

This this is really interesting piece to me that I’ve seen more podcast is doing where they’re like
walking around weather cooking in the kitchen or things like this and I guess even with this rise
of ASMR. This idea of like ambient noises and sounds being a big part of what we’re actually
looking for so hopefully, the noise wasn’t too distracting as I say that a massive truck rolls by.
You know there’s not that many times where I get a dedicated space where I can actually sit down
like this and really talk through a lot and I could, but I realize it’s nice to do in the morning,
especially as you’re driving and it’s a beautiful day like this so I’m not going to let the bumper
to bumper, here take a toll on my mood. It’s been a great long weekend. It’s going to be an
exciting couple days ahead here if I actually can’t get there and I hope if anyone listening here
as a fantastic week as well to again. Thank you for listening and I look forward.

— Thanks you for using Speak. —


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