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The Rise of Podcasts & Audiobooks

Tyler talks about the rise of podcasts and audiobooks. In the last several years, there has been a massive resurgence of people consuming podcasts. We now also have platforms like Audible where people can access audiobooks easily. What has contributed to the success of podcasts and audiobooks? How many people are listening? Tyler also talks about the benefits of podcasting, including transcription for search engine optimization and building an intimate relationship with listeners.

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Transcript (Unedited):

How everyone is to ride here, talking today I wanted to talk about, I guess, meta is the rise of podcasting, then the rise of audio books as well, too. And this is something that has fascinated me a lot as someone who was actually somewhat critical of audio, especially audiobooks at a time I remember a lot of people telling me that they were reading books and then sort of relaying the information later that it was actually, they were listening to the book that they were listening to an audiobook. And I always thought That doesn’t quite feel like it’s the same thing as reading you’re not dedicating the same energy and focus to it and I was sort of critical about it, I thought, you’re not really learning. I had listened to some podcasts in the past, and I’d listened to even I think trying to listen to some audio books and I was like, “Man you.

No, I’m not really listening to this, I’m doing a bunch of other stuff at the exact same time, and I don’t think I’m quite gathering the information in that same way since he has taken that stance I still believe there is a gap in the way that you’re comprehending when you’re reading, and this is obviously there’s a difference between the comprehension when reading a physical book and staring at it, and that’s solely thing you’re doing compared to podcasting, or audiobooks where you are now, you’re at the gym. A lot of people I think obviously driving and then even at home through smart speakers and stuff, and so that’s what I wanted to talk about a little bit today. I have a couple of stats as well too, that I was just looking at and just a couple things that I wanted to lessen here, and to give some context.

Then this one says Here, 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast up, 11 percent in one year and some of these are from 2016, some of these from 2017, so it’s just expanding. 67 million Americans listened to applied cast monthly and for inside of it that’s more common than Catholicism that’s pretty crazy. We’re looking at almost 50 million Americans. And I don’t know why I’m just saying, American, it just seems like that’s where… that’s where the stats are coming from or listening to podcast weekly and I’ve noticed this and this is obviously an Edo And Edo but a ton of my friends who I don’t really think less on the podcast in the past or listen to even audio books are now really, really deep into it and instead of instead of what I find really interesting and it still continues as asking, “What are you watching right now what’s on Netflix that you’re watching or what’s on TV, that you’re watching? The discussions that I’m having with some of my friends, and it does seem to lean a little bit towards guys, which I’m not quite sure, why it seems to be younger. Male adults who are listening.

I asked them what their listening to or what podcasts you recommend. Or did you listen to the last Joe RO? And obviously is one of the big podcasts that a ton of people listen to, and that’s a really interesting shift and I think what’s amazing about it is how much funding that comes from it. So if I have a buddy who listens to Joe Rogan, I can have, and I’m a four-hour conversation with him talking about the guests that he’s had and just, nuances and the intricacies of that conversation. And my question is that, not really answering today I’m just sort of thinking about it loud. I just have these… why have podcast becomes so popular? Why have audio books become so pattern? Of course, there’s a part of that with the distribution were in much more democratized system in terms of content production and access to technology. So before it was harder to get access to a good microphone or a lot of people we doing, video podcast actual cameras and setting up that system, not just setting on the technical side, but also setting up the distribution side. So of course, before there was no there wasn’t an item there wasn’t a podcast, a place to go, and when iTunes brought that in and went, podcasting became it. Set up this distribution center and I’ve talked about this a little bit. The pass is… I thought I was actually, I was pretty intimidated about how figuring out how to get my podcast up and doing it in a scalable, efficient way. Now that I’ve set that up the plug-in, through WordPress all I really have to do is a blog post and it’s automatically updating, not just to iTunes, but I’ve now seen it on Google podcast, and it’s disseminating basically automatically which is really cool.

No, that I do think is quite interesting is that Google has kept the term podcast. It’s so interesting because it seems like it was something that was started basically exclusively by it, but is now taken over a lot of mediums. And what I find really interesting is Google has kept that name, it’s still podcasting, this is what it is, not known for and this is what it’s known by. And so I just thought that was interesting that even Google sort of was taking an iTunes branding of what this is and actually keeping that for their own application as well too. A couple of other things. I’m really just pulling pulled up a couple of articles and a lot, this is really my process for a lot of things. So then I’m interested in to a couple of variations of a search and then pull the top ten. Google is Google, results and find the one in our good… so I just have a couple of stats listed, if you see me looking over here, I just wanted to give a couple of things that give me a little bit more context and give you a little bit context. Just how popular this is the average listener subscribed to six podcasts podcast fans listen to five shows per week and then just this is a little bit different, but 52 percent of podcast or listened to at home and 18 percent in the car. Now, I’ve seen, I’ve seen some different stats across the things or know exactly how accurate… is but, for example, Fast Company April 2018, said there are over 52500 active shows and over 15 million episodes in terms of podcasts.

And so, that’s a phenomenal amount. I don’t know what I’m really interested in is, are we getting saturated and podcasting or will we get saturated and podcasting and what so interesting voted is because it’s such a small little thing for so many people to set up that there seems like there’s the possibility for a lot of strong nieces to grow. And so, just because there are so many podcasts already 525000 active shows. It doesn’t necessarily take away from the audience of certain podcasts. So just because you’re doing some people are doing podcasts on History of Russia, in the Soviet Union and the whole geographical area from 1000 BC on… you know what I mean? They’re so small, I just these ridiculous tiny NEES that only certain people are interested in and it really makes for a destination that people can find, and really find their own path and what they’re interested. And I think that’s been a big part of the success of podcasting. But if you wonder, does it follow that does it follow that trend, that it seems to happen to all platforms? It comes out, everyone sort of flocks but it creates content to people in the beginning, really seemed to thrive. And then it becomes too late, it gets over-saturated. And the other people sort of struggle with the success that the earlier adopters, actually get. Now, just pulling up a couple of other things here.

I just thought, “Where was this article here? This was a good one. And I’ve not actually pulling it up on the screen here today, but this is by medium, and the actual article is called The Rise of the podcast and why you should start what? I guess, I’ll pull it up here just so we can see for anyone, who’s watching this on video Rise podcast, and why you should start on everyone tells everyone that you should be starting a podcast. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I think some people, that’s very useful, other people it’s not. One thing I did wanna note, is that one of the really interesting sides of podcasting, not interesting, but effective and powerful parts of podcasting is that obviously… you’re talking different medium that you can do audio you can do video. But the side that I see, is this transcription side.

So we actually have the ability to now with Google… with Amazon, with IBM basically, upload audio files and transcribe those quite accurately, so 85 to 95 percent accuracy. And so if I do a podcast and I did one the other day, both an hour-and-a-half by the end of that hour and a half, I’ve racked up 14000 words in content, I upload that audio file, it transcribes it. And I now have 14000 words of original content with tons of keywords tones of relevant contacts and information for Google and search engines to actually index and crawl and then help promote. And so, not only am I not only his podcast and great for the relationship, it creates by people listening, but also creates if using transcription, the ability to help increase your organic rankings, online and find a way for people to find you.

For really no additional cost, which for a marketer, for anyone that’s obviously a gold at a lot of people are trying to get to.

It’s just a couple against statistics. expect of the US population is familiar with the term podcasting. 50 percent of all US homes are podcast fans 40 percent have listened to a podcast up, 36 to some of these are different numbers here, I don’t know, but saying up 36 percent in 2016 on of crazy stats and growth around it a lot of this, they believe has been obviously a eutectic Ted by these big companies. Google obviously Apple, who has been a big piece of this and just now we’re seeing Amazon with Audible, which is a fantastic, fantastic company, actually getting much more into the audio side, as well too.

And so now here why should you start a podcast? It’s mobile, it’s just so nice in terms of the attention that you have to dedicate it to but still get the value out of it and still allowing you to do everything else. And I think in this time that we’re in the… a crunch for time, everyone is pretty damn busy, we’re doing something, and if we’re not that busy, it still seems to be a pretty highly important choice of where you wanna dedicate your time. And so to have a podcast have an audiobook I’m able to work out, I’m able to listen, I listen to it. If I’m doing more data entry if I’m driving a car a long distance, it really creates that beautiful relationship with audio of… I can listen to this enjoy, get great valuable information and I can also still be doing the other products of my life and doing our good job at it. And so of course, that has been I think part of the success of podcasting we don’t have the time to dedicate… it’s tough to watch if anyone’s watching this video by 12 minutes already, and if you’re watching this, you’re focused on that, then that’s a lot of concentration, that’s a lot of focus in that dedication to time. I don’t ask my friends that really watch these videos, don’t ask anyone to what she’s ideas. I know how much 1520 minutes can be worth to someone but if you’re… you to be able to disseminate it to iTunes, descent Google podcasts for them to be able to listen in on a leisurely day when they’re doing something or when they’re doing an activity that’s not that demanding, in terms of mental power.

They can listen to it doesn’t disrupt your day, and you can get some great information.

And just an experience and part of that, I thought it was in this article that I have pulled up. I think I’m gonna go back to a full-screen Tyler here. Part of it is just the intimate relationship. Like when I am listening to a podcast or I listen to an audiobook especially if you’re an audiobook if you’re creating audiobook “Merrie your own book, read it. I’ve listened to a bunch of books lately that have been narrated by the authors and it is such a beautiful experience, it’s the most intimate way to listen to someone you feel like you learn so much, the tone in the passion in their voice, it’s just amazing. And that’s what it is. Like when I listen to a podcast I listen the audiobook. It’s just so intimate and you feel like you’re learning so much and building a relationship with people, I think there’s a lot of respect and admiration for people who are doing podcasts and just a really close connection that’s built by both the podcaster and the listener, which is really exciting for both parties. I think in a time where we see so much artificial stuff, see so much very flaunt flashy off on social media and online.

It’s nice to have these intimate conversations and I think that seems to be a piece of this success here is obviously the intimacy, and then the long form of being well turn something on, listen to an hour reply cases can do a three-hour podcast, with no real disruption to be pretty engaged in it, that’s just a fantastic thing that really, really you expect the growth of it and just in that one, right? Like language speech communication audio, that is where people came from. That is how our civilization started. The reason why we grew the reason why we are still here today because of voice, because of language because of audio. And so, to continue that trend in a way that can be distributed across the world and very quickly and being able to share knowledge and being able to listen in and give and take and a lot of shows are now doing question. Art’s such an amazing thing that is really, I think putting us on.

Putting on a path to a better world where we’re all roll learning and having conversations that are great and those conversations on the podcast, and then lead to conversations in the real world.

It just creates this amazing feedback loop of what seems to be like there are ton of… I’m just looking to up here as well, to obviously a ton of comedy podcasts and stuff and… but even the comedy one, there seems to be so much value that you can get out of it. And I’ve really enjoyed again like even something like Joe Rogan where it is, it is comedy, it’s more comedy-based but when you put someone, a long-form conversation even a comedy, the part or the character that we often see in six-minute little TV appearances, they fall apart, and the real authentic person comes out in that long-form conversation. And so some of the greatest lessons of things I’ve learned and seen have become from people that you would think would be that serious, a crystal or a field in or people like this who are just straight up comedians, but who in their real world are actual people, they’re not always just making jokes every day, they have real parts of their personality that they wanna show or at least that do get shown in these long-form conversations.

So just something like it’s just something I want to touch on. I didn’t wanna be a coordinator. Go over too much here, I just see. And if there was anything else but it doesn’t really… I don’t think I can do it justice. I’d love to do some more research and come back on a different, on a different different time and actually talk a little bit more of this because I think there’s so much more that can be looked at on a granular level, of why it’s succeeding of who is succeeding and and where those trends are going. And so, I do plan to do that. But I did wanted to record a little video here today. Now, one thing that I just wanted to share and I’m not fully done this but I have my… let’s check this out, I do it right here. We’d go to my site to a big Omni-E in listing my, obviously my podcasts on here, and obviously creating a ton of content. Really around obviously the stuff that I’m talking about in these podcasts and really enjoy in life, but this is one of the things that I started to want to share and really does fit in with the theme today of obviously audiobooks and audio.

And so, what I’ve been trying to do is compile list. Just the absolute best books that I’ve listened to an Audible and I really do, I do a ton of research before I even pick a book because, as I said, it is to me, a times a very valuable thing and I really do try to make a very conscious choice of where I spend that time. And so these books have come out of like hours of research before I even picked the book which might sound crazy, but the books that I’ve chosen and the ones that I mostly listed here are absolutely fantastic. And so this is on my site, my Audible library, great audio books for everyone. I’m gonna continue to add to this and it might make on even a little bit easier to digest part that I wanna add. Some, some of these books are amazing. We had Steve Martin born standing up to here. And a lot of these are narrated right by the authors as I mentioned there, which was an amazing book, some of the greatest insights, conversion code, if you’re into the marking some. Kevin Hart. I really… obviously, you can see that I love going for the authors who are narrating your own books. ’cause it’s just so personal. And another thing that I just tried to highlight here, was that there are these courses on Audible called The Great Courses and they’re like, Man. I know that one is only 12 hours long, but you can see this critical business skills for success.

31 hours and 23 minutes, it’s a “God damn. It’s a whole course in one book, and the amount of stuff that I’ve learned from some of those great courses, it’s honestly mind-blowing to me. So, I could want to start to share some of those. I am gonna continue to add to this and what I’m trying to set up here is you can get a free try. I’m gonna have a link to… I believe that can make this work. I like to a free trial for Audible. So if you haven’t set up if you re-use audible in the past and are looking at getting into podcasting or you wanna listen to some audio or podcasting or now obviously the audiobooks take the free trial, you get a free book, listen to it, I’m gonna have a link to that free run. I think I even get a little credit or something there as well, too. A little bit affiliate link, I’m gonna do some more of that stuff in the future, but obviously really trying to promote natural stuff.

That I really care about and can recommend, and confidently recommend. So again, part of my journey is trying to overcome obstacles that a lot of us are going through and trying to find these good pieces of valuable information that can help you get through those obstacles. Or we just share stuff of value that I think has helped me and hopefully can help others. And so that’s my Audible book Audible books that I’m recommending in a free trial that I’m trying to send your way. Or even, um, when I’m trying to do is review some of the amazing, the amazing software that I get to use in my day-to-day business with the no marketing, things like that. I am really hoping to share with you and all through this fantastic medium of podcasting, through audio. And one day I hope to do my own book and actually have a narrated version of that as well too. That is a far way away, but with every single podcast I do I continue to try to get better and I take the transcriptions of those, and re-work them, and take the concepts and I do hope to build something pretty exciting at one point in my life. So I think if I pull this up here back to me I think I am done for the day. I will see you again next week for another podcast Nutter little video, hope you enjoy this if you listen the podcast, man, let me know let me know show me some of the ones that you re-listen to. I’d love to know what other people are listening to if you’ve got any good recommendations, and the same thing for same thing for Audible, same thing for audiobooks that you’ve listened to that maybe changed your life for the better. I am always looking for some more and I think I’ve got some credits” built up on the account there, so I’m done for the day. I hope you guys have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you soon begin.

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