Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
The Supreme Court Vacancy & Drake's Scorpion First Listen Thoughts

Tyler talks about the United States Supreme Court Judge Justice Anthony Kennedy stepping down and leaving a vacancy for Trump and the Republicans to fill. Tyler also shares his thoughts on Drake’s new album Scorpion after it’s release.

Drizzy’s latest project includes 25 tracks in total and addresses his paternity drama. The double LP is split into an “A-Side” and “B-Side,” featuring 12 tracks on the former and 13 cuts on the latter.



1. Survival
2. Nonstop
3. Elevate
4. Emotionless
5. I’m Upset
6. God’s Plan
7. 8 Out of 10
8. Mob Ties
9. Can’t Take a Joke
10. Sandra’s Rose
11. Talk Up f. JAY-Z
12. Is There More


1. Peak
2. Summer Games
3. Jaded
4. Nice for What
5. Finesse
6. Ratchet Happy Birthday
7. That’s How You Feel
8. Blue Tint
9. In My Feelings
10. Don’t Matter to Me f. Michael Jackson
11. After Dark f. Static Major & Ty Dolla $ign
12. Final Fantasy
13. March 14

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Transcript (Unedited)

Right, the right here, 29-18, getting old steaming through the summer here. I wanna do a couple of things that… a couple things today, we’re right ahead of the long weekend, in Canada Day, by week and here in Canada lots of fun fireworks be responsible, no drinking and driving a drugs.

Safety first, fun second, but I was to have a great long weekend.

Just want to touch on a couple things today, we’ll start with… I start with the bad, and with the good gas do that.

First thing I wanna talk about.

I guess, actually, there was one thing that I just wanted to mention, I’m not really gonna talk about today, but there was the shooter. Was the shooting than some of these reporters, yesterday believe in Maryland. I don’t know enough information. Havelock into it enough but they thought some prayers. That is not what I wanna say, but just very aware of that. I don’t think there’s one too much of a solution that comes out of this, but we’re just seeing this over and over again, and it is sort of sad to see and I’m hoping we can find a solution or that one day, one of these things is gonna wake up the Country of United stage. But just people in general too, maybe there is a better way to look at this gun stuff.

So first thing, it’s pretty what I really wanted to talk about, and this is has a big impact here. I guess not for… not if we’re stuck strictly Canadians here, this is more impact down in the US, but I think it is just a really scary sign of the impact that this populist agenda has had that “Republic-ism has had the United States. And hopefully, doesn’t get back down here, but this was a little store I want to highlight from this week. It was actually Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire from the Supreme Court and so this is down the United States, this is a Supreme Court judge who is getting older, around 80 years old, conservative side, and he set a big impact on some pretty substantial decisions throughout the years. So he’s been around for quite a while. He has more traditionally leaned obviously conservative, but he also had some big moments of being more progressive. And I believe part of that was helping gay rights, and there were a couple of other big things where he cited more in a Progressive, Progressive part then than what people expected from him, so he actually stepped down, I felt to is 81 years old, I could feel the bender.

I love… love American politics. I don’t know if it is for me, I guess my reality show, but it’s also just a show to watch and so I’ve really do follow the stuff. A big piece of that is falling politics through read it online. And you could feel the cold feel the anxiety and the sort of chaos that this brought about. This was definitely one of those things where the question has always been like, “Okay Donald Trump isn’t gonna impact impact of that much is an adamant some bad decisions but on a whole, we think we can get through this pretty on the scale, but we, we look at him what we’ve seen with something like this here, and just as Anthony Kennedy stepping down, is that there is actually the opportunity for the Republican party, who many ways as abandoned, even the core values of the Republic Party and now is obviously being called The “theban party now able to select a judge, that they want effectively put them at Supreme Court at the highest level in the United States of decision making. And when you are appointed that is a lifetime appointment. So whoever on parts in any has released a list of these people I don’t know anything about them, but I’m sure these outliers in there who shouldn’t be there, obviously they want a right-wing judge and those people are gonna be that person who is select is gonna be in there for life. It’s a lifetime appointment. So, that are pretty big impact on the next generation. Next thirty years depending on how young as judges of who’s going in. Oh, who’s going in. And that’s gonna have some substantial substantial effects on what decisions are made the next couple of years and between Kennedy and then go such, which, if you don’t know the background and even why I’m talking about this as came was one of the craziest things that I saw from this whole Republican Party coming into power was in the last year of Obama’s presidency, they actually had the opportunity to pick a judge and printed into the Supreme Court and they didn’t, they didn’t get to fulfill that because Michonne Republican party basically a nuclear destroyed the entire process and so instead of Obama be gone to pick a judge and put it in the last year of Republicans to lay that they would vote on it, and when I went, Voted to put them in, and then obviously, the following year. Donald Trump “ente power. So they’ve already sort of taken one one pick from the Democratic Party which it’s already had impact. Gore has voted against trade union there are unions down in the US five to four victory. There’s been some other substantial issues that making people very upset about it and… and now with that leaning that’s already been from one stolen spot. We now have the opportunity of another very right-wing Judge going into power and a lot of people believe this is gonna have a big impact on gay rights. It’s gonna have a big back on environment, big impact on if you’re a woman and you’re basically trying to protect your body and your rights, the right to abortion, all this can have a major impact on the United States. Hopefully, we don’t, hopefully don’t fall down this path, but the decisions that America as a massive country, makes does obviously have an impact. It’s on us as Canadians and this is something to watch. I watching this for a long time, and I’ve seen the fear that the Democratic Party has had and just progressive people in general, but there seemed to be a new level of fear reached after this… after Anthony Kennedy step down. And so that scared that scares me. Fortunately there’s not much we can do. I didn’t want to just bring up one slight thing. And this, to me, is still possibly conspiracy level, but I didn’t wanna bring it up senior floating around on a red it today, and right now, I believe this was really a tweet coming from the air and on. I don’t really even know that is what she was saying is that, uh, basically Anthony Kennedy who was the judge pictured here, his son actually is a banker, working for, I believe, the Dutch Bank, which has gotten in some significant role trouble and also had a very direct ties to basically Russia Kennedy son just in canned at what Trump will work in a Dutch bank during a time when the bank on Trump more than a billion dollars.

So I don’t know what is what this really means if anything is gonna come out of this, but it was really interesting to hear that Kennedy had a belief plan to return. He hired the staff for the next year and and he took a pretty abrupt exit over all this stuff. So I’m not exactly sure what that all means. I’m sure we will hear about it from some other people, and I’m not gonna say too much on it, right there, but really sort of interesting thing to see. We’re gonna see the impact that comes from this, and I think there’s a lot of people watching this piece, closely looking at who this, who this judge is gonna be, and the republicans here have been pretty clear that they are gonna put this nomination in and trying to get this judge. And before the mid-term elections come and for a lot of people, this is quite a bit of hypocrisy. The Republican said that it was up to the people to decide for this judge that they took from Obama and so their reasoning behind that was that people should have a choice on this. We let that happen. People will slightly chose her publicans the publicans, on… and so, with them going into midterm elections it would seem that there would be some hypocrisy behind them, basically, in that same situation, selecting a judge and then ramming other… so Democrats don’t have much power in this that has been really apparent. Everyone’s like, No it’s time for the Democrats to fight. They are a minority, and there’s not really too much they can do at this point with this. So definitely some dark times maybe down the states for around this little area and hopefully I don’t know, I don’t know what’s gonna come from this, but hopefully something good comes from it. So that was, I guess, sort of the bad part I don’t want to talk about… but there was something for the culture, this week that I did wanna look at, and that was draping an album scorpion I came out today, it was a massive album pulled up here actually, and I think and I have her on spot of five… that’s pull this scoring by Drake, picture.

Weird picture. See, it was like 25 songs. It was an A-B side of it, as well too. So I think a piece of that was basically wrap more hip-hop based and then also to the A side more hip-hop-based side more the RMB for the girls for the ladies for the culture.

And so I didn’t, it just came out, I believe last night or this morning. I’m not doing her a view, but I did get a little less than I even listened to a couple of songs so maybe not first lesson, but listen to listen to the album full through one time and in a couple of other songs. I checked out more than once but obviously, a big hip hop fan. I’ve been talking about this stuff forever, and pretty Avenue it, it’s been hilarious even seeing on a big red at hip hop head, thread and separate it, seeing them all the discussion around the albumen.

So I just wanted to make a couple notes, my first thoughts from actually listening to this. He is representing Toronto in a lot of ways, representing Canada as a hip-hop artist, and so we’re proud to have him but we’ve also got to take a look at when he drops him stuff.

So Helen today, first impressions, what am I thinking? I listen through all the lessons is gonna scroll through to… I made some notes I was like, If I listen to those ones, and I don’t make any noise, I’m gonna forget everything and it’s really not gonna be too credible, what I say, but I just wanna pick out a couple of things as I go through this just gonna go through here quickly. Survival love line says it early in the song. My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions. It’s class of dry line and there’s a lot of classic Drake on here. What I think was really funny… not funny, but the lead up to this album I think was more chaotic than I think graze hoped then he sort of dealt with in the past, ties made it to massive level of success on mainstream success without too much… you know, damaging his armor and leading up to this album dragon.

A beef, beef was started or I guess, uh, it was, umm, broad about his ginning on for quite a while, but “pretenti more of the public eye with a couple of songs. Drain pus, a tie. And so a lot of people, when they heard the rebuttal from Drake after a couple of mines on pressure were pretty basically a happy dragon, this beef, it was over-Bushido came back, he had some dirt on dry that I don’t think Jersey was too happy about including him having a child believe with Lee, with a porn star. And you had been sort of hiding up from the world. Oh, this was released on a… on a track. I push a tea. Some said he went too far, he was making fun of in no should be for basically on his way to dying and you know, just almost too ruthless, even for a beef in a lot of ways, especially in the time and age that were and were not in the ’90s anymore, where the beast were a little bit more serious and most of the stuff that’s gone on has been pretty, pretty goal compared to… to what we used to see. So I thought it got a little bit too heated. E-J-prints had to come in and settle the whole thing down, but that was really interesting to see as to lead up to drink album which is supposed to be a big, big album for him, he reply did take a couple of blows. I would say the only other real big public Blow he’s ever taken was well I guess Jimmy, Jimmy from the grass, that’s the big mean that it gets… but also, maybe a little bit of trouble pursuing Rana and that relationship there, but besides that, he’s been pretty, invincible in terms of really not taking too much heat, and criticism online and most people just environments an artist in respect of what he’s doing. And so I think in this lane, he delivered a lot of that, that definition of who He is in that character, that survival song could start simple flow rhymes. Big classic intro with a lot of self-awareness and some Medusa as we move through the album to go through, no one stop, non-stop. And I was… you could play clips of this. I probably could, but I don’t know if I would get in trouble, I don’t really know I’m not gonna do it anyways. They’ll take too long but no one stop.

If you listen to The Elmar, or you’re gonna check it out just to give you a little bit of context and insights on some of the songs and at least what I thought anyway, so no.

Stop Adler a hilarious big line on that song that I think we’re gonna hear in a lot of Instagram posts. This is a role not a… Stop it, stop watch Shit don’t ever stop. Not an IT butchering but that’s how it goes in the course. It’s heavy, it’s not, I guess, that drops in the chorus. could beat a lot of generic lines. I’ve seen that through a lot of the album. 25 songs manners when you have that may help in the song. And even when you’re at the level of Drake, it does sound like some filler. And I think compared to what we’ve seen recently with obviously these short seven album Songs, you can definitely feel the gap in the contrast between just the bulk of the bulk of songs on it.

I find as I was listening to this and it’s quite long, you really do sort of get lost throughout the album whereas one of those tight cohesive seven song albums are a shorter album does seem a little bit more tight and professional. So we move through here. Elevate classic pop-y, “hiphop sing, and there’s no real is no way this is real, it can’t be… I do love that part of dry reflecting. And thinking back to how he made it here, how did he get so successful and really just sort of surprised and amazed at that. Success? So that was a really cool moment of Dragan down, that arm or breaking down that barrier and trying to basically connect as a real person there. Obviously, emotionless great sample. The sound a little angry but also happy in the way his life turned out someone under age who were probably just alone and afraid, talking about these kids who are roasting them and comments and stuff, and they’re just saying stuff because they’re lonely themselves, so some pretty hilarious lines and that even if it supposed to be so introspective and nice God’s plan ready saw it’s a ton great video Classic. I’m upset to grassy all that needs to be said.

That was a video. Something weird about the production on that song, but I don’t see it’s just a banger. And I know a lot of people like it. A “Otten crazy to hear dry come in a chapel great drop great flow. And I found by was one of my favorite song in the elements of the more bang Erie on a little bit more quicker pace. I really did like that album ends out with, I believe his mom on the phone, the classic phone call “hiphop cat, which is always always great to see. Bob is really simple. The first time I listen, the sin didn’t like it that much. Second time, I got in here a little bit. I think that’s something to be aware of when we look at these, look at these holes and look at these songs when when dry or anyone dress really in the music I read it, although are people are basically already saying This is a classic, this is not a classic, we don’t know, I have no idea. You do do less in to a “Somare than once before you can really make up a decision. Usually what I find with Ray, is that he… I can give the song one lesson and you can already pick out some lines that are already stuck in your head and that catching that you just know he does that on the, um, quite a bit. He had some success, but I thought this was actually the album where I didn’t hear as many lines right away that I’m like, Oh, this is what everyone’s gonna be saying, “This is what I’m gonna… this is what I remember automatically remember that line from the very first listen. So I didn’t think there was as much of that, but at the same in the same place, I guess, you need to listen to those songs a couple of times. And I think just from a perspective of listening to music, you were humans. We wanna identify patterns. And especially with “hiphop especially music in general, the first time we listen to it, we might not have… we have that that power sixteen bars, or 16 bars, Course 16 buyers but we don’t necessarily know the lines, we don’t know the rhyme Chem we don’t know the flow. And so it takes a little bit for us to identify those patterns and we enjoy songs much more after… after the third, fourth, fifth less. And then we do on that first lesson. So movies didn’t like it the first time.

Enjoying a little bit more, definitely. Sounds very sort of simple flow. Young Thug, Migos, and T-consonant dad lives on there. So, love to moving through. I can’t take a joke I didn’t like that song really, I thought that was the week of song possibly on the album. And definitely three-o-that track list yet.

Next, next song senders rose, that’s a good one, that’s a Be Great sample on it. Unreliable, shop. But I was Sanders and in other line of that too, on a classic, I just dropped tetovo. This was definitely I thought the best song on the EP. In terms of that track less so far.

And he… and I think probably after listening to the Levin as probably my favorite song of that Album talk up a feature, and I scroll through here where we talk up.

But the song was sort of week.

We see now lying on red, it not stop. People are talked about this. So I was okay with it.

I thought Jay was sound, a real sleepy and weak on the track, and I really thought when you put those two stacked up, I get people are going to… but, ’cause the type of it… but I definitely wasn’t that impressed on that song, compared to some of the other ones he’s had in a passing. I’m trying to think of it as Tuscan leather. I’m trying to think about other big song that he had with JAC that was just… just a much bigger song. In terms of delivery, I think that this one is there more. Very Drake be distorted, high path sample. And I think from listening to it, there are some diverse production, the obviously the mixing the mastering is incredible, on the album and there was some diversity in the beats. Nice to hear dry back on some soul samples and more nice for what… but then also have that more again that Tuscan leather flow that do not disturb with the distorted high-pitched sample. Just sort of talk and work in his way through, and be a little bit more introspective. And so the one thing that he said in that I was on that song, was really dope is the mind control of my destiny, even with these sort of public mis-steps that I guess he told them his steps, just these things that have happened to him recently for him to say, he’s in control, he’s watching his next steps and he’s always knows where he’s going.

That was a really cool thing to see.

Teachers pet bridges the slow drop are only tough as their phone allows them be great line true.

We’re hiring that a lot lately, Abel. People who are beefing online when they have their when they’re hard to identify or they’re not face-to-face, and so there’s no real ramifications of what they say, but when they give in the face that they’re not really talking the same way. And so, “jewitt do go along, not but a lot of other people have said that as well too. As a jail. Talk about that interview. And I think it just seems to be a consensus throughout. Hit pop right now. Summer Games, sounds like we’re a listen to heart breaks and at a canister. It also sounds like we’re in the ’80s word Stranger Things for… that’s a weird song.

I’m sure some people are going to use that now, for me, a nice title might be solid production and just not as repeatable and memorable.

Nice for what classic for NES this is where we start to get deeper into the RnB side a little bit slow work starts to slow down. You have to highlight a song ratchet “Happy Birthday” hilarious.

Just a class title. I liked it before I went, even, I even listened to it but yeah, as a wine something you saw solute cups and they start going off about Rees and stuff, and it’s ridiculous. So I’m sure that songs for the memes and well, and we’ll get some heat from it and some people will be bang in that on their birthdays, but has thus classic Cristi he delivered on that is really, really funny. That’s how you feel had nice feature. I don’t know what they were trying to do with the audio effects on that sort of found that strong a bit boring blue tent that that’s a good town, great beat future comes in.

He’s got that weird to a high voice thing. That was not a good impression of it from King’s dead with Jay Rock and Kendrick which is hilarious that voice that he makes. But that was a banger. And any time you have a future in tree together everyone’s happy in my feelings. Decent pretty catchy. But it really felt at that point that was so getting drowned out by the rest album, and I didn’t know how far along I was through that track through that track B and I did think I felt like a lot of the stuff sort of blended through at the point. And that’s when I think you get into that 25 album or 25 song track list that’s work, it’s too long there. Is that a little bit too much of a filler and it just feels like a little bit too bulk and you get lost compared to those shorter, shorter, shorter, albums don’t matter to me. Michael Jackson feature for come back to the dead buried and bringing Michael Jackson, a sample as feature and probably pretty expensive. I thought the song was pretty boring, but it was actually week and at first, which was like, “Oh it’s the weekend, on a tuna. It was Michael Jackson, so it was cool not cool, it’s just like, “Oh I really did think that was the weekend and then I looked at Michael Jackson. So I just thought to hear the similarities between them to, especially when we’re often used to seeing weekend and entry together on a track was a really interesting and show you just the similarities, but the level of success that the weekend has had to be able to even at least have that split second comparison in my mind. After Dark, smooth, I straight flow. One of the better songs on the beside Final Fantasy Drake wants to make a look at the notes that I wrote about the streets. No make-up. He’s a feminist. I guess that’s what he saw it. As a song is, “this is definitely in the songs to the girls nasty, he wants a nasty to Drake sand and definitely smooth in a school song there.

Last Song here March 14th. So this is water goes all out on what’s happening in his life. It’s the last time to wrap up the album. And I really do find transform the big introspective opening with rap and then mix is more into the robe that you’re making in OTU, all that stuff, and then finish is out with a little bit more “hiphop introspective ending as well too. Definitely did that same form. It here talks about his kid, so he wants to hire him. I think that was actually not… so we basically hiding him from the world, he didn’t want the world to see him because the world world a tough place only met this girl who, we had to in with a couple of times, stock more to rough time with all this stuff and he’s open to be a better father, and I think that was a lot of the criticism that he got from Pusha T, and just from people in general as he grew up in a sort of a tough family situation, and you know, he’s basically repeating that process, the same process that he had with his father.

So pretty interesting.

And to the album for me, I still thought that part was now in a nice choir in the background to sort of end out the album ended up on a nice now, but it still felt a sort of anti-climactic and… and for me, I guess the whole album in general and I hope I never get to a spot where Dracula sees this for is upset. I don’t think he will be, but you know, I did feel a little bit underwhelming there was a lot of filler, it was more… if you’re a race fan, you’re definitely gonna have some of what you want.

There’s probably been in things that you don’t like a boat ride that you’re probably gonna get as well too, but overall I still enjoy it I had my favorite songs from it, Sanders Ros blue tent, and then a out to 100 and I put the worst songs down as can’t take a joke and talk up. And so that’s, my feeling, so far. So, that’s from my first impression. So again, please don’t judge me too hard, on this.

I still got some listening to do in the same vein. I guess though I also don’t feel the need necessarily to go back and explore. This is deeply there’s nothing pulling me back as much in the same way. I’m trying to think of the Anderson pack and I’m trying to go back to the most recent one, but just an album that I listen to him like, “Oh I need to listen to this again. I think with this Drake, I don’t have that same polls a couple of songs that I’ve obviously be add to the planet to bang around when I’m driving and stuff, but definitely, maybe not enough to pull me back and I listen to hell the time and putting into that rotation that priority rotation that you have when you’re listening to Tulsa give it a… a rating on the numerical scare on the numeric scale, but definitely sort of a mid-range album for trend. I think he’s always had a little bit of problems delivering on full albums. I think he said that himself, obviously, he’s got the single game on lock he knows what he’s doing, with that. We see it nice for what obviously God’s plan. We’ve seen the success of that. I think it’s delivering a project like this in a time where we don’t necessarily respect and listen to full albums in the same way. And I also think there’s another side of the strategy here of the more songs you put together. He’s got 25 songs and this, on the more streams he’s gonna get, so he’s getting, he’s getting the transaction, he’s making money, more songs you put on the Spotify, Apple iTunes people are gonna be busting through this and making him some money compared to if he only had seven songs. People don’t have enough songs to go back to, “that’s not gonna get the spent places, it’s not gonna bring the same income into as a album that’s 25 songs and that even if not everyone likes every part, everyone will like a couple of songs on the album out of this big group, they can pick from, they can play those and endures” is gonna have the money pouring in, so sure that’s part of his plan.

Well, see how… see, it pans up and I’m sure the reviews are gonna start to come. Everyone always wait for the one I… Antonino he is of the rap Connie now people, great review albums. And so, it’s always sort of a joke online that we have to wait for him to leave interview before we have to know how we feel about to… but I just would want to share, that big, big hit hip-hop fan myself, and this is obviously a big day, again for the culture and for hip-hop music, probably the biggest artist in rap actually dropping an album in the first time in a long time. So I just wanted to touch on that. If you listen to the album let me know what you think.

What’s the favorite to shoot me a message and let me know ’cause I’m always down to talk a hound especially when it’s about drink from the six representing Canada and seeing the success that he’s had. So it is again, the June 29, 2018. the long weekend is here. I to do mentally do to mentally yesterday, late afternoon. So I’ve made it here to the afternoon today, I’m getting out of here for a long… we an go-in and hanging out downtown, near the beach. I’m gonna have a great time down there so I hope you are also having a good day-to-day, and you’re planning a nice to get a nice long weekend here. I continued, I think this is a month straight, then a video a week.

This one was a long one, 30 minutes I talked about, talk about some Supreme Court stuff too, but I am out to her, enjoy a weekend and I look forward to being back next week and continuing building this habit. I appreciate it very much, guys..

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