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Speak With Tyler Bryden
Tyler Talks Finance With Joseph "Budget Boss" Francis

Tyler talks finance & basketball with Joseph “Budget Boss” Francis. Joe is a financial advisor and the founder of Budget Boss. We talk about Joe’s path to becoming a financial advisor, mortgages, saving and investing, and the sacrifices needed to provide a great life for our future selves. If you are a fan of finance or want to learn more about budgeting and financial independence, this is a great conversation to listen to. Joe is a wealth of knowledge. If you want to find more out about Joe and Budget Boss, check out:

Website: https://www.budgetboss.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoeBudgetBoss/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephjamesfrancis/

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Transcripted (Unedited)

I’m gonna be, “I gotta get a little close it all right and I’m just gonna do one little quick test. Her joy, and you talk to say, Yeah, you want me to talk loudly because I’m a Portuguese guy, and I talk really loud

sometimes, that’s all I need to right, We’re gonna go joy. I feel like we’ve done this before. This is a long time, a long time ago, a couple of weeks. So I invited Joe onto this to be the first ever guest on the show. Didn’t go so well, we had root great conversation, but the boys got a little loud, and Ben and I ended up with some severely Clint audio, and I told Joy that if you go to if you were court-quiet, you can amplify the sound after but once you’ve made that commitment to picking that it doesn’t come back. So I always got his Facebook line on here at his stream, and you wanna change, I can you want to then you want you want to see a little bit of a… we’re below there you go now. Now we got exposed, that bodies. But take it you’ve been working on Shop. That’s true, that’s true. I’m working hiring Joe and I don’t… we’re not gonna run over the same stuff that we did last time.

So did wanna hear for anyone who’s watching? I’ve known Joe for several years now, the severe two years now, to a cereal a several years to its to moment. You walked into an incubator that I was in and really had just made… I don’t know, I just made the decision but we’re really officially launching with becoming a financial advisor, or looking to go down that path as well, too. So just to give anyone who’s listened to this watching this or readiness in the future, what guided you to become that financial advisor? So it’s funny when you met me, I was only in my career for a sign that was made in… so yeah, June, July, so three months, you met me when I was three months into it, and I knew one thing I knew, even though I didn’t know anything about anything, but I knew I had to have a web presence. So that’s one. I’m glad I reached out to you. So that’s sort of the whole bunch of this thing is you didn’t need to wind up in a tooth was not one that was you and so I’m giving you our crops here because having you…

the first thing you told me when I got into that was… you gotta be ready to be a Montreal. You said that, I went home with a OSHA came in the industry was for me a lot of money is always passing. Amy, my lack there of, was the biggest fascination and I always wanted to find a way to get more. And this leaves bother me, so if you take it out… but I always wanna find a way to get more and always fascinated me how people could turn money into more money.


it’s something growing up with no money, you don’t think of and it’s something that’s out. So that was something that fast name. I was always hard-working, but I only worked hard at things I wanted to do. Yeah, if I just eat one, I get that it’s not a ton, it’s not good because you should be able to work hard at anything you do. But if I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t work on it, so I got into the industry with some of regular clients at a restaurant I worked at and I convinced me to join the industry and to learn a bit about investments, and insurance, so I went through my schooling in terms of that, and basically took my passion of budgeting and sort of making my money stretch and trying to help other people to be but it was through the hard knocks of having struggling with money, that really led me to once I started Turn-around a bit too to… and amplify it in my own life. But then help others get to them.

And I think that’s something that I’ve really admired about you is that it comes from experience, and I think there’s so many people right now we are talking about things that they maybe think that they’re experts in, but I haven’t had the personal experience ourselves, and at least from my belief, so far that if you don’t have at least some persistent or obstacles to overcome and power through that then you don’t really have that knowledge that you’re gonna get and try to share with other people, and that’s what I’ve really loved about you is not only are you doing the normal financial advisor stuff mortgage insurance and investments, all of this stuff but you’re trying to dispel trying to… you to a given resources and information and just help people along General. And I think that’s a reason why you’ve had some success and sort of differentiated yourself from other advisors because people aren’t coming to you just for those products and services, but for your overall work that you’ve done as a person trying to get better at science and just sharing that stuff. And that’s something we touched about in the last podcast, but that I also we talk about…

“but you broke on… that was one thing that was absolutely crazy, to me from a guy who… and I don’t know if you had too much writing in your past, but you just turned to me, I just met you, and then all of a sudden, I see you pumped out what 300 posts or something like… something ridiculous to the T-45. yeah, today newest one. Today’s post gonna say today. And then that’s a year and what you in four months, five months at a pretty short time. I was on a side in a year. But today’s post is… why don’t I remember this? Oh, what to do when you get out of Denison at the post? The biggest thing for me was that again, you explain to me how to work and I do, I had to actually get some words a ranking on Google. We’re still going or steroid. Notice my eyes flicking over. It’s the core monitoring that I’m the co-A, “I gotta get young genius what we… something here, I will hire a TA. You need one other person.

Yeah, but, but me, Yes, there’s a means to an end. I do wanna get rake it on Google.

What you helped me to at the same time though, I enjoy writing, a writing something I’ve always been great at, I’ve written my big thing in high school and university was writing on political science and history, but one as my business acumen grew, I really enjoy writing about finance and for me, what I find with a lot of successful financial writers or bloggers is that they try and make things easier for people to understand? And what I find a lot of my industry is that a lot of people try to make things more confusing, or foreign sound smarter.

So, yeah, it’s like, “You know what, it’s all basic stuff it’s just making the right decisions at the right time, and ultimately you don’t need to be a rocket science, scientist to do it. You don’t need to have an icon, whatever I do it, but the same time, though, a lot of it is more loss mitigation than as you wanna make sure you’re not making the wrong testing.

Yeah, right, so selling at the wrong time or not covering yourself at the right time or getting the wrong mortgage at the wrong time that has wrong families attached to it, or just getting a mortgage and all, if you’re not ready to no home, and people are gonna do what they wanna do. But I tell them what I told me what I think and yeah, that’s something I have listed here. There was two things. I’m gonna go for the mortgages first, ’cause you brought that out. We’re in Monte Ontario in on loan Ontario number, did you want it? But no, that’s a… but he, houses have inflated in pricing in London, we have seen the triple off of people from Toronto typically on a lot of wealthy people from Toronto, not wanting to live that lifestyle anymore, and moving not even maybe necessary now to it using it to Jack in the chat a couple of hours, I got 500 thousand I can throw the banana. So they’re doing that and coming to London, and it just seems to be pushing up prices, anywhere. I just read an article. They said that well and this was an economist, we try to predict US, but in Vancouver, that was his right now about 86 percent over value which I don’t know if…

to me, it seems like it sometimes even more than that, I don’t know. I’m not an economist so I don’t know, but I’m just wondering for you, you’re 35-36-43. I think it notorious for anyone. It’s not just us, but especially the people in The ’20s and were trying to get that first house. What kind of situation are we in right now, should we be waiting it out? Is it still time to do some purchasing, all this stuff? Are we trying to wait this and what are we doing? That’s what I need to know, ’cause I’m hearing different things from different people, and I’ve seen a lot of people jump into mortgages, I think for houses that are over-valued, that they’re now paying a little bit too much of… so a lot of their income into that and there’s other people who obviously went out and beat this big rush and sold or bottom and the right to that as opposed to this, my opinion on this isn’t a popular patient, but the one thing I will try and… ’cause I mean I can go buy a house tomorrow, I

don’t… and the reason why is very specific, because I think when you buy a home, it’s more about the mindset that you’re in as opposed to the conditions around you.

So for me it outcome court and listen to it back, that’s the point. But the important thing is that number one, you’re gonna be roping yourself into more Ishtar that…

yeah, ’cause ultimately the value, the home we have a… what’s a dollar worth? Yeah, what’s this coffee worth? It’s worth what I’m willing to pay for. A some guy from Toronto’s wanting to pay 50 grand for your 30 in a… to really work that…

yeah because you go by that home and maybe it won’t be worth 500. so What do you revert back to? A lot of times in situations like this, people make things way too complex to as I got a scoop huge… and then you sell this house and it’s worth this much, it’s not, it doesn’t really matter, what it’s what work that it’s… I weren’t that much when you sell, yeah, so if you can sell in some wholly that’s great, but if you’re buying it now, the biggest factor, you need to equate it is can you afford the mortgage payment can you afford to maintain the home, such as maintenance insurance. Cause property tax cost, because it’s more expensive than renting? A lot of people will confuse you, that granting more Einhorn. It’s not, it’s not at all. And some of the most sauces, full people I’ve ever met don’t own a home. But the one thing that people can understand is that the investment of only owning a home only exists when you sell, it’s just like owning 10000 shares in Amazon, if you still own them, you haven’t made a set, so you have to sell them or you’re gonna sell them today and you’re gonna get a…

well, if you keep it, it goes down tomorrow, then you don’t make any money. So people, when you understand is that if you can afford that home and it’s within your budget, then it’s a wise decision, but if you can’t… then you’re not making the right move, no matter what you think that home will be worth ’cause ultimately the home will drop jump in value, it’s gonna go up and down based on neighborhoods. It could be on a inherit site, there could be tax with toxic waste under it that we don’t even know. But do you have a home to live in? And a lot of people take a business decision and making an emotional decision, or they take an emotional decision and they make it over-analyzed into a business decision where I’m gonna clean up here, yeah.

Can you afford the home? Can you afford the down payment and can you afford to keep this home for an extended period time?

Is your job secure?

Yeah, I mean, these are the things that I do on a trespass yeah, these are the fundamentals. People try and spook you with everything else that goes on, but if you can afford the home, then get the home if you like, that yeah, but at the same time though, if you can’t afford the home, I don’t care if you love it. Yeah, then don’t go well not to worry. And I don’t wanna be one of those people who buys the Home, at the moment, maybe maybe settle on that home and then realize six months later, that way over Pray for this house. And I’m sort of living that bitter man. What’s wrong to do more money down on a whole… and people are like, “Oh but that’s my dream.

Yeah, you know what, there’s a thousand other ones just like it or I see her like a… exactly on what may be okay. Unique places around the country, so whatever unique Farm, whatever in the city nothing’s really need, you can find other homes in that home that you wanted to buy. The next guy can go and go bankrupt and then you buy a five years later.

Chief Hee opportunities come around all the time, and people that… so I gotta do this now, I gotta do this now. You know what, renting another year and saving more money won’t kill you.

Yeah, it really won’t especially to get a manageable ran. We’re lucky and landed to have… at least what I’ve taking decent Branson and not to many problems. And in all reality, another… you say for money, you find a better relationship with a realtor or the realtor that you have, you develop you understand where each other’s… no final they’re in the business to do that and they do a great job. But at the same time though you need to put yourself in the right position because ultimately, that helps you buy. Right now it’s gonna transition into four on houses people have in their lifetime. So you need that house as down pain for your next time, so if you can’t stay in that house and you go refer back, to renting then you’re gonna have to re-do the whole process again so you buy that home because you can afford it, then you upgrade when you can afford that and that you upgrade when you go for that and all of a sudden you’re retired and now you’ve got this asset that’s paid for. Yeah, as opposed to, you’re paying a more agent to retirement because you’ve messed up the process along the way,

right? ’cause now if you upgrade from a 2000-home to a 500000-home do you have a 100 grand down now? You just got a… no, you just got the equity in the home exactly use that house. You transition in Excel, but that process doesn’t work if you get it over in over your head anywhere in that chain, earthen. You talk to someone who has purchased her first house, he’s a little bit older and farther along in life. The main thing that I consistently hear… so don’t worry about the on-to much of fluctuations pay attention to the long term, and it’s gonna increase over the long term. And one of my things that I’m a little bit skeptical of is that gonna continue to increase over the long term? That’s a work in a toilet in a… it’s a great place to be, and the values will go up but I mean ultimately, they go up over time, and it’s just normal inflation so even if you just go by normal inflation, you go up. But even in general, just because the area we live in, in the country who even… it’s a great response to be very lucky.

And so, there was one thing that you had mentioned before we got into this into the… talk about mortgage, and I know that you talked about this a lot. Anyone who actually wants to look more at the mortgages. You’ve got on a ton of stuff on that, right? You try a, a, a telling about it, serious in the hot top. You said that there’s a ton of people in the financial world trying to… just trying to share their resources, their insights and everything they’ve done. But I know and I’ve seen a couple of them, but I don’t know them as much as you are but if there’s people who are trying to get this knowledge, the stuff that you know and stuff that you’re sharing, and what you sort of said of a simple… nice dumb down. I dumped out but very, very nice. Like an SEO me, there are people that I can tell when they’re dumb, and stuff down to me and I’m very happy about that. I want to know from a simple so that I can explore the complex stuff later, for sure. Who are those people, I want besides about you boss, beside to go on to your site and now I’m not here to do.

Yeah, but who are those people that you’ve told data, an impression on you or that at least you can say, they’re cut through the crap, and actually giving good advice compared to maybe some of the other people out there. Well, the initial idol I have in terms of finances that actually helped me through my financial situation was Calvinist Canadian. Awesome, lady, or No Bullshit just straight to the fact she gets to tell us… people like it is. And I’ve grown it into my career where I’m starting to take on that approach when I’m just taking her leave it. But this is what our blending UT. Even with my clients, I’m trying to be completely honest, where I stand with them and I hope they appreciate that, but she’s awesome, she gets helped. Many, many people get out of debt. She still does her thing, she’s still in Twitter doing her thing but she’s ventured more into an activist role where she’s standing up to certain governments that may or may not be empowered, right now that are making decisions that affect this one. So I appreciate that side of her. So, she’s putting herself on the limb, there.

And it’s something that I wrote the big one. I really, really utilize a lot of Dave Ramsey, out of Memphis, Tennessee believe down in the States, and he’s got a couple of million people following him and using his baby steps, theory seven baby steps to get out of debt into the financial freedom. And I utilize a lot of his teachings and what I try to recommend and in all reality, the funny thing about it what I was doing with following with gal, did when I got out of that and what I’ve done now, I actually ended up being the seven baby steps that Dave Ramsey command and I look back and like, This guy knows it a one in a listen to A back and that’s another thing. I didn’t work. Yeah, right, so he’s awesome. There’s all sorts of great Rattray awesome Canadian as well, he gives great financial advice. There’s all sorts of financial bloggers out there are doing great things. I try to share their stuff as much as possible. Not the one, the right here in Cana Patty love it read on being… and I watch being that every day, try to get a little financial.

What’s going on in the world of finance? And you know what, the one thing I realize about Ben is that it’s like CNN or TSN or any other network there showing stuff, that’s gonna grab viewership.

Yeah, what I love about patties that she’s given you, not symbols financial advice that helps people on the tax as opposed to all the stocks gonna be great or that contain it. This is a reason thing, criteria. It’s not gonna make you rich by this, you’re not gonna get rid from a stock and if you do

great yeah, Alan

the one you bought Amazon at the right time to be a…

well, at the same time, she’s giving not some bolts Financial, is that some people…

and she’s a powerhouse, woman.

I respect that. Cool, okay. This is something that I mention to someone in the party or I just find that’s such a big first step for a lot of people of like just starting to follow someone who’s giving out that advice or that they can follow her pattern themselves after. And I find when I wanna get into something… let’s find the top people in that sector and then start following them and learn from them and that’s that initial step into it that flavor exactly. And I’m humbled by the people that follow me. I get it’s like a daily basis be or not messaging me and tell me that they followed. And it’s cool, I appreciate it, ’cause now you know how it is being created content you put something out there. I did any one that no feedback to a TA is a… just go about producing a lot of content, because you know somebody’s gonna slip through the cracks in the ice. Cool, yeah, if you make that one a month and then no one watches that you’re like, “Oh your heart on a…

and every day I know exactly

which one did you read it? I know yeah, exactly, at Upland off. I didn’t retire today. You know what, it’s hard, man. And so, we’ve talked about that before, but just in the world of tight attention and limited attention and I think that something that we’ve tried to talk about all the time is that just because someone doesn’t it interested or engaging or reading now doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna come back that what you and I and what so many people done and what you’ve done a great job of as well, too, is like giving that rabbit hole to go down once they make that choice. I think that’s such a big thing, because the Internet what we have and everything being indexed and archived, people can find something of value at any time, it doesn’t matter who they are doesn’t matter who wrote it. Someone 25 years down the road, a Buddha still up could be finding that and making useful things out of it. So, people from a limited reading posts from a year ago, and I’m a hot August of 2017, when they’re reading the promise. I got one post shared on an Indian mother’s website, so it’s Indian India…

Indian native and I… and it’s called Indo-woman, and it’s basically Indian mother, sharing information with each other. Amazing thing, beautiful thing and they share one of my posts about how the teacher kids about money and all of some sites that day, was like 300 over a billion people come to this Indian website a Latin… but yeah, then the budget class… yeah, and speak about that. Of course, I don’t wanna get you to hype in your ego to smoothies page likes on Facebook. That’s pretty cool, that’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of people, and myself included, there’s marketing companies, people who are Mister masters at Facebook, and I’ve met rack up the thousand Facebook page likes and we’re in a time where, yes, the reach of the pedantic reach of Facebook has gone down and some people are a little bit has a tent of it but to still get to that amount is pretty impressive. And I know there’s a lot of people out there who would love to have the thousand Facebook page likes. Yeah, and when you go, “I remember you were there when I got my first one person is just all this pretty…

he first people. Thank you, those first hundred. Yeah, the would do. But you like that anyway, I appreciate that. But then… yeah, lot of people coming on board and… cool, it’s cool. Ultimately, whether it’s 33000 or 30000, I hopefully one day, it’s a lot more, but the biggest thing is that the value has to be there, so if I… in fall and then there’s no point to… well, it’s still got to be good shit. And in the big piece is that, I guess, the quality of followers as well, too. So, everyone likes to see the big numbers, but if you’ve got other fifty out of those 3000 people, are falling you and dedicate you and helping you out, and using you then then that can be a sustainable living right on the list thing is people are provoking thought, people are common in my stuff and having intellectual intelligent simple debates about finance or this person’s opinion. I post a lot of quotes, with financial people, or otherwise, and people are this person is this? But they’re intelligently civilly talking amongst each other about all this work for me, but I… and that’s what it’s all about, because in this world of…

where one opinions, right? And one opinion, is wrong and I’m not talking about it at least we have people that are conversing with each other in both a productive topics. Alternate money, yeah. And, ultimately, no matter what happens in the top echelon of people, it’s not gonna change our lives. What we do down here is what’s gonna change your lives? And I’m glad people are truly doing so. Yeah, so this is a big thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot, and I’ve sort of brought this up, I think a couple of times, but this idea of balance and this is, I think, maybe comes from in my slightly, I don’t know, pessimistic that the future… yeah, real is a… I would say a lot more tractor me. It’s like we hear about save a certain percent of your income or when you’re doing the mortgage, it’s do a calculation of 35 percent and then give some room for inflation or a crash or something. But just, I struggle with this idea of the balance of saving and investing in the future so that when we’re older, we’ve got a nice, comfy place to have some support, we’ve got our under nasty compared to just the idea, we wanna be frugal.

Wanna say that money. But you’re also trying to live in the moment and have a good life and enjoy, enjoy your life, and so I’m just wondering at your financial withered you blunt guy, and you care a lot about money, but I’m wondering how you look at that, what your perspective is on that of saving and being frugal, verses and joining your life and maybe… maybe splurge a little bit and getting some things you like.

Well, for sure and I mean I’m a glutton for punishment, so I would never session live the way I live.

I do have nice things but I also let my shoes wear down to Stalin’s typically. But at the end of the day, people need to find that right balance. Now, the one thing about, is that I tell my clients is that if you’re handling all your responsibilities, including to your future. So yeah, blow every dollar I go on the future. South one, that’s a bill that’s a bill. And people need to start treating that like a bill because ultimately, if they don’t treat it like a bill, it will become a bigger bill. Eats. You either choose the way you wanna retire, you have no choice, so to you have to make a turn, you have to make a choice. And the one thing that people need to understand is that there’s a certain level of pain that will exist or a great liver. It’s like anything, like you talk about compounds. Yeah, so the choices you make now compound into a station in life, you will become which may not be where you wanna be. And I have clients in that spot and there’s not a bad about these people, they’re not bad people, and maybe not necessarily they made bad choices, either maybe something happened to them.

Some of them, like the husband dies or they got sick,

at the same time, though. We have what? I try and promote to tables that we have the ability to make sound choices right now that in turn will prevent you can’t prevent yourself doing, or it’s gonna have to have you, it’s gonna happen but what you can do is make your life in the meantime, better, but it’s gonna take some sacrifice.

And ultimately, if you say to someone, right now, you’re never gonna take a vacation until you’re 55, but you’ll retire and be able to go on vacation every year for the rest of your life.


you don’t take a vacation from 25 to 55, but then you can take a vacation for a rest of your life from 55 to 85. what would they say?

I don’t know about you, but I would say sure, yeah, because I’ll tell you some right now, when I have time to enjoy my time, I’d rather enjoy it that well at the same time, though, I get it, where people are like… Yeah, and I wanna do this now, I wanna have a great life is short. But then I could be freaking long it can be very long in your life is linked. I’ll tell some right now, the life for me, has been very short recently because it’s good.

Yeah, but when I was struggling, life, a was A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-and you look at a guy sing on the side of the street that needs help his days are long days and you’re day short because you’re doing things, you’re busy, and you don’t want ultimately taking those steps now doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want, just me. You prepare for them and maybe yeah, you’re not going on two vacations you’re going on on and

ultimately you can find… you can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once.

Yeah, unless you’re in Lisbon, something, right? Yeah, I care “sanatan the brick, the route. Now you’re worried becomes blowing it all right. So, I mean, people do that too, so people… it’s funny because I have clients that are janitors their whole life and they’re retiring a millionaire. Yeah, maybe they didn’t, maybe they found their form of enjoyment as their home and working around their home and being in their home, having a nice garden and then every once in a while, the “nanites and nephews come over like a tepid no kids know nothing blah, blah, blah, but they have a big nest egg and they’ve never worked at a job that pay them a ton of money, but the same time they put it away and now they can do what they want. But it’s funny, the people who do that usually don’t wanna do much, to the exactly the… I mean you can’t sell around the world all you’re… and expect to be well you gotta make choices, and in all reality, the choices you make, you just gotta live with me and then I now on with it, it’s just…

that’s the outcome. Well, there’s something in an office space. It just made me think about that is just like people who wanna be rich often wanna do it because they just, they don’t wanna do anything, but you don’t have to have a million dollars to not do anything, not you could just to go to a AAA lot of me doing that right, so that’s cool, whatever, I guess, there’s a big difference between sin in an Indian of them with a million dollars and sitting there with negative body and doing that. But if that’s the goal, then I think you need to know what we do. You know what I would do tomorrow if I want a million today? Now, what I would do, do it, now I do, I go to work, that’s what I would do and you want to I… because a million… by the time I’m 45, 55-65, that’s gonna be three, four years, and I can make some real nose.

Yeah, but a million does right now, I can blow through that in a month, to West people think it’s so much money. I owe it to care, the city.

It wouldn’t even exist to me. Yeah, I would show up to work, I keep the part-time job

I wouldn’t even, I would show up to work, why because that million dollars the million dollars intact, is worth more than anything you can buy with it. And people who understand they look at a million dollars like Oh it’s a million dogs of other things. I can get… you know what, I don’t see when I may or I see 50 percent 50000 a year in income. That’s what I see it, I see that I’m like, “I can have 50000 to her for not doing anything.

Yeah, yeah, okay. Oh, we’re probably to a point I want to test as it is. Oh, it’s three million now. I can have 15 a year for not doing anything. I’ll wait ten years for that, I’ll keep that in the bank or in my investments for ten years for that, but why would I spend it all now? And I’ve got a couple hundred grand a Mail take a couple hundred a one… a lot, at the same time though, you’re not gonna retire with a couple hundred in comfortably at the age of 30 for a… do they say no when they need a million dollars on it, or some… well, in all reality, if you want 30-00 or a year of retirement which isn’t a lot so let’s just know that’s pretty… that’s all, it’s all a 36 to the “merina month in retirement. Ten years is 360000. and then you’re looking at, “do that 00 years or 70 or 200. now, you will have growth, but I mean if you hit the level of around five 670-000 year you can do some things, but at the same time, we can’t do everything

right now. Exactly, you can’t do everything if there’s some… it depends, it really depends on what your lifestyle is and what you wanna do, ’cause some people are very comfortable in that other people are not gonna be doing. And then you’re at the whim of the market it… so at the end of the day you wanna put yourself in a position where all the noise and all the crap going on around you trombones new present, does that new prime ministers and idiot whoever may be… whatever people think

none of that. inexorable yeah, and you know what, at the end of the day, like on election day, you go place your vote or something, beyond that, whatever happens, shouldn’t affect your life.

Now, the people whose lives are really effects are the people who are in dire situations and need those curious.

Yeah, unfortunately right. And that’s who I vote for. I don’t vote for myself because my life’s not gonna change now in the future could where I was on a eradicate vices in the past and what not, right? But at the same time though, blaming these other circumstances, you wanna make yourself untouchable,

“You think rich people complain about who’s in power, they give them money to get kick back or whatever, or they’re like, Whatever, I’m intact, I untouchable. That’s where you wanna be and you don’t get there by going on vacations are on this. So this is, I think it will get… wrapping it up here, but this is actually something that I had role down, and we’ve just been thinking about recently. You should put a good thought to that. Like especially in a… I don’t wanna bring it back to the 20s, but when you’re in your young life and you’re building that career and you’re building that future, what

I hear this sort of binary thing of you’re trying to go for income or are you trying to go for skill history? There’s a lot of people who you don’t necessarily need to make the income when you’re in the 20s. It’s about master a skill be getting something that you very valuable for an organization or a company that you can to leverage forward moving forward right you? It’s just my story to a foreboding on… is it recording to the device as well, too?

No, I don’t think so, I think it’s just for going live. You just got a budget to be in it as a refuge by a forefoot that I’m gonna switch place. But I know what you’re saying and the biggest thing that people need to understand, and this is what I’ve tried to do in the job, I actually care about, ’cause there’s a few I did, I just used them yet to get from point A to point B. but the jobs I’ve actually care about people need to understand that incomes important. Yeah, you need to get by, but most any job you have, I allow you get by, you need to make yourself indispensable and you need to find a few where that is, you need to find out what that is, so if it’s something that you really enjoy doing, yeah, make yourself indispensable because then the money will come. Yeah, but at the same time though, if it’s something that you don’t enjoy doing,

but you’re indispensable, and you’re good at it, yeah,

you gotta make traits, I totally do you wanna be ask it Weaver selling them for a book on the corner because you love it.

Yeah, which can’t get by. Or do you wanna be a guy who’s making 120000 or year at a job that he kinda doesn’t like but the same time, he’s good at it? He’s in a teahouse. Are trades, right? So, when you’re young, you have the opportunity to branch out and actually dive into things that you like and then become really good at it and then, it so much risk, and I say, “You know, you’ve got to recover right down there in a much lower than that, right? So, I mean, unless you got kids in one eye and you’re young, that’s a different ball game. Yeah, take care of this. And there’s other people making a career changes, which is obviously it gets more difficult still something that’s doable right 00 percent. And I mean the thing is, my mom’s an example to me, she always upgrade skills. She used to move, she first started off putting pots on envelopes at Carlton Cards and Brandon, they hoped it to the State, so she lost her job, she got a job making more because she went… I did education where she learned how to use Microsoft Excel that we all love.

But, this is early 90s, right? No one knew how to use that. To me, it was like a white water. What is this a spreadsheet? But she learned that and then she had this is someone who didn’t even go to school and then she got an upgrade every one else that she worked with downgraded in page, she upgrade the place, she went to next when out of business, but she took her courses, she took management courses, so then she got another job when that place disbanded the two brothers separated place went under, she got no job.

Making more money.

Yeah, and I mean now she’s in a spot where she could move on and get another job but she’s indispensable, right? So, I mean, you don’t need to be a smartest person in the world you don’t need to be a most talented. But you need to work hard. I need to give a shit a little bit. People do see that in you and if they see that in you, then your goal, your goal and the money will come. Yeah, I thought that was interesting that you could… that he just way people had big jumps and pay was by switching companies. It was thought that was such a weird thing. But see, what you talked about the indispensable component and the one thing about it, people always think like… Oh, I’m gonna stay here and I’m gonna get this reads. This is this rate, this rate, this rate. You have this tunnel vision that you’re like. Okay, I’m gonna be with this place and I make this now but I’ll make this. Then there could be a place that’s paying you more right now.

Yeah exactly, for exactly what you’re doing. And that’s just company culture, models or business models that they have, they don’t… you don’t know. So, never be afraid to jump or take it although like Okay, you research the company. Yeah, they’ve got a strong history. But I made 60 grand, I made any grand. I’m doing the same thing I just not great my lifestyle yet. May be careful for the start-ups, and you know what I mean? Awareness exactly, or whatever on a joy don’t have too much more for you here. I wanted to talk a little bit about how expensive it is to live Candida but I don’t really be… we need to reiterate that that much as it’s expensive, but ultimately the big thing is, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it. And one was an article here. I love male indicates spending by households in 2016, average 275 for telephone 49 for internet 53 for TV and 92 for mobile services. mindshare than that, Yeah it detracts. Mine is too. I guess I’m not paying for TV distribution I don’t got landline. So there’s some things that are mitigated but…

but I could make myself I could literally go off the grid and just have a cell phone and watch movies on and I don’t need much else I can even find a way to steal someone’s internet I can do these at UT. The same word is pay someone in a paper of that, yeah, it you… but at the same time, though, I like the comfort of having the things now, yes. Is it a waste of money? Some might say it is, but at the same time, though, I am taking care of my obligations elsewhere. Yeah, so if you’re having a hard time… yeah, I go down to Pericles but it’s expensive. It can be cheaper though you can get food. Real chief, if you really look for… and that’s I guess one last part that I’ll ask you and then if there’s anything else that you wanted to say as well too, but I had a good conversation, this was actually to run it, I started to comment and read it.

So that’s already gone out of control, but

it was a right as a… Well, yeah, exactly, it was bad, but it was what… groceries, right? And are you cut? Am I not on that, guys? Don’t mind you see Mars through a

marriage. It was, I guess, time versus time versus money, obviously, is the big one there but the big debate was “Should people be going to multiple grocery stores to get the deals you know what I mean, to make it a frugal shock and trip or is it… what’s more productive is at the Save in the time, and that’s such a weird thing ’cause for something they’re always gonna choose time and I don’t always make that decision, but a lot of times, all make a purchase or buy a software because it’s gonna save me a lot of time and, hopefully, I need a Tahoe time.

You choose times. Yeah, I could go click coupons and price match and stuff, like that, but I’m like, “You know what, I go there and pick it up, “I’m done, that’s it. I’d rather focus my energies on trying to make more money to the restate income and then make smart choices you need to eat, you need to do this stuff, but at the same time you don’t need, you could tell a brand new phone or whatever, but at the same time you make choices and you make wise ones. But I don’t have it in me to jump around, go here for a block of cheese, and then go there for this. And I’m like a quite a fit, but there’s a lot of people do and that’s a lot of people out on it, and it sucks to me that there are people who are almost have to have a necessity to do it that are… and I give him a respect just… but I was 27-year-old, same with artist when I lost a job.

I’m like, Please. No friends come in here at… but I was there for two months and I… I find some better. Is that the next one for two months? So I found some better than that and then I was at the next place, for five years. So it’s kind of like… and now I’m in this career

and it all started from one job. And that’s what people need to understand, is that you don’t need to know what you wanna do, but you need to know what you don’t want it exactly to a… let’s like finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend, like so many people. I want the dials this, this and this, how we just want the guy that is an abusive has a job takes we’ll take you out to the blah blah blah in the

area, I don’t see. And so many people don’t know what they don’t want.

Yeah, and if you could focus on those things, then what you want will appear, right? And you don’t know what you want of that until it’s there and then you find it like whether it be job or things that you do, in your part-time like organizations you involve yourself in, you don’t know which one fits until it’s there, usually.

And it’s the same thing with the relationships too. And don’t ask me about that, because I’m motorhomes, financial advisor. Not a relationship, not so never plan to be. Yeah, but I claim to be, I guess, a lot. And on this one thing that I often find is I will I have something that I don’t wanna lose I’ll hide it in the present so I can find it in the future, you know what I mean? I find it for future self put it in a safe spot so that I can go back and find ’cause I’d lose things all the time. So, in visible… I don’t know if his golitsyn… I guess what I’m trying to get to sometimes, my present self I would smarts, my future self. But you brought out that idea of your future self, and I’m wondering I guess, this for you, but then for anyone is just trying to get more engaged in those finances and in the financial world, of what should we be doing for a future South?

The biggest one I stated that I can’t stress that enough and you wouldn’t believe the people who I have clients that are 19, I have clients that are 90

and the people who hit retirement with debt are hurting.

And if you can hit retirement with no debt, you’re good if you can hit retirement with no debt and saving your great if you build the practices into your life to stay differ when you’re young, I being hated with a passion, because people just will only rack up credit cards and stuff like that. And people, this a whole lot about the system being read. The system is Rathbun. It’s not rig to the point where you can’t maneuver through it, you need to have a brain on you, you need to not fall victim to a commercialization of consumers union yeah. He fall. You can’t fall victim to those things because they’re easy and they’re easy for a reason. Yeah, they’re easy because they fall to your base instincts of consuming… so if you can ignore that and just focus on even when you’re young, just keeping level, just staying level to your 30 then because when you hit 30 and you have a mass amount of dead it makes it tough to buy a home, start a family, do all these things, and then all of a sudden, when that becomes tough or you’re doing at 40 but that maybe you’re carrying that debt with you then I find the people who had 30 in sort of they go into different directions they either keep doing the things that they’ve been doing or they decide this is…

and I’m done, they got right. So maybe the things that they were doing, or great, but if you’re going down the wrong path, you got a correct it’s gotta be… it sounds like I preach a lot but it’s got to be taken seriously because the things I’ve seen, or unbelievable since I’ve been in this industry people take in mortgages, into their 70s and ease, it’s not, it makes their life so hard, and if you think life is hard now, imagine when you’re not young and you can’t work in you can because the biggest thing you have when you’re young is you, even if you’re not smarter or smart, you have youth, you can maneuver you can do things, can never when you’re at a one, as many opportunities to the one out there, it’s not happening, you’re right, it’s over, so you gotta take those things seriously and just save a bit of money and if it’s a little bit… I got clients that can be ten books a week. I got class that give me a thousand year so you gotta be some… you got me as much as you can do it and it’s not easy when you’re poor, it’s definitely not using when you got kids.

Yeah, but there’s a way to do before.

Well, yeah, it’s been done before. Not only that, if being poor or being low income and a job that doesn’t pay you enough is taking away your ability to save. You just answered your own question there. Yeah, switch jobs, okay. I need to get a better job, I need this go for… get the skills I go get the job right. So, yeah, maybe you gotta go in this straight line to get here but it takes you going this way first, and then you get there, but ultimately, everyone needs to be saving and it should be something that is taken seriously enough that you’re willing to change what you’re doing right now to do it. And if you can’t, if I do a turn, right?

But yeah, I mean I got a client center they go on cruises, every year and it’s like middle of winter and their ten. I’m like That’s a goat’s why you wanna be a man. It’s all choices, right? You gotta understand that you only change if the pain of what you’re dealing with, overcomes or supersede the pain of change

you have to, yeah, people are wait for that convenience factor, or when it gets to never meet, never, easy and nothing worth while is ever ever, ’cause then everyone would be doing it. That’s true, yeah, everyone and be broke and everyone’s brought so why Joe is here.

Anything else that you wanna say? Well, I had a set of questions last time, I did a time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we took… I think we probably can’t be out of stuff. Yeah, I think that’s it. If you guys enjoyed this conversation to all got Budget Boss Joseph Francis, Trust in James Francis even great Gaumont know Joe just that in A, but the froth faith looks good to the hair cuts fresh, seniority or out to them too. Were an innovation works right here, hang out in the subterranean suite. But at a space I go that’s a more glamorous than A-I-M. So yeah, the Excel is a tough one, but no, I really recite you come on making you do this, again. I watched the audio this time. I don’t think we’re living pretty another. Pretty excited about that. Yeah, we go and I hope that we can do this again. Sometimes we’ve got always talking and we talked for hours just about random stuff, so I think we have some other topics in the Eton. Swear so yeah, that’s good to go.

We didn’t do politics on a game started that’s for another time. Thank you guys for two and I, I think I got a little sweaty through out this whole thing. I got it on to here to down here. Well, you turned out to be a one on the Costa. If you guys look at my pant or just staring out my chest right now is just a case. You may not…

no, that’s true, no I.

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