Rogers Outage In Canada Reaction

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Rogers Outage In Canada Reaction

– Impact on emergency services and businesses

– Anger towards telecom triopoly

– Continued connectivity problems

– Search queries and trend data online

– The best memes

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Automated Transcription

Hello hello hello Tyler Bryden here hope everything’s going well on Friday July 8th Canada we had an outage, an Internet outage. It was Rogers and Fido and this was a data and Internet down Canada wide. An experience for myself. It was a forced vacation, one that I did not expect and there is a ton of news coming out about this. Still people talking about it I thought that this was. Interesting if you look at Google Trends and type in Rogers outage. We’ve seen some spikes in the past, so it has happened before, but on a scale of seemingly the impact. So April 2021, a little bit of a spike here, but then you know, pretty massive spike here in July. This was a huge impact on Canada on normal operations, and while I’m going to spend a little bit of time looking at some of the memes and stuff that happened here.

Overall, there were some pretty detrimental side effects or consequences to this, including emergency services not being able to be accessed and people not being able to make 9911 calls, just overall business functioning, sort of destroyed and a whole day of productivity lost here in in in Canada as well too, and I think they’ll still be some consequences to this and sort of more. Of stories that will come out. One of them just to jump right into it. It’s like are there really? Are there any consequences to this? So one of the things that’s very well known in Canada here is that there is sort of this triopoly in terms of telecom companies in Canada and on on Friday when this happened. As I see every hit almost every aspect of of daily life and people start to then really reevaluate how they feel about this trip. I mean, generally there is resentment towards it.

His anger it it creates poor customer services, them ability to set prices and price fix. Just not plan. You know for that much support of people and I think a lot of people are upset about. Sort of, the lack of information or response from Rogers throughout this and just generally there are some plans to move forward with some mergers here with Rogers, and it looks like you know, after something like this, there’s in increased scrutiny. Not definitely the best time for Rogers to have this on a merger that they’re trying to make. And so now this may be super like this might be oversized like what I find is people. We generally have a short.

Term memory and so maybe we’re all fired up about this right now, but already you know my fired up level from Friday to now has decreased significantly. We’ll see if this actually holds through, but again, generally this this this message, this theme? This trend has started to come up again and I think for good reason with with just how much this was impacted. And I’ll say that I think I have a link here like this is not over. There are a bunch of companies and businesses. I have people that I’m working with right now. You can still see that there are lots of you know reports of outages even like sort of clusterings of certain areas, and you can see the most reported problems here. So this is not done. I’m lucky here. I’m in Mississauga, Port credit and we’re lucky because our Internet has been restored, but a lot of people are, you know.

On the third day here and and not just getting you know, poor service. They’re actually even just still blacked out, which is pretty pretty wild. That’s a long time, and I know from my own sort of personal experience of this was waking up in the morning and first of all, thinking that Rogers had cancelled my Internet and and sort of TADA because they’re linked together and that I had not paid that bill and so that was I was already upset at them. And then I tried to set up a hotspot. With Monica, my partners phone, who is on Fido and when I saw that her phone also had no service, I realized something was wrong and started to do a little bit of a debrief for a review and looked at, you know, e-mail sort of. My first. My last e-mail had I received was from like 5 in the morning.

And then and then some things started to tick up like OK, this is something’s wrong. And then there’s this thought, you know, build websites and stuff. It’s like, OK, well, this shouldn’t last that long, and so constant sort of refreshing like OK alright this is you know this is really annoying, but I’ll do my workout whatever. I’ll do my morning routine and then get back to it. And my recommendation is if you prepare for this with. If you have Spotify or whatever, like local downloads of music on your phone, which was what I was grateful to have at that time and now.

Continue to do. And and we and then it didn’t come back. And what I realized was the realized there were no really touch points with information. I I watched one of my neighbors sort of start to look up in the sky and think, OK, something seems like it’s happening. And finally we actually got delivery from of a of a product that we ordered and I was first of all like how did you get here? You must have some connection that we don’t have. And then I asked him like is there something going on with the Internet and everything the city has Rogers fight oh it’s down.

Everywhere, and so that was the moment where I realized that you know, alright, they’ve heard something bigger than than we thought, and this is taking a lot longer than we thought. The wonderful imagination that I’ve been instilled with came in. It’s OK. OK, well, we’re under attack. This is this is China. This is Russia. This is whoever this is. This is aliens. I don’t know who this is and and that was, you know, quite a you know. Again, sort of the self imposed vacation where I had a lot of things to do. I find that my maybe people would consider my work not as important or not as you know, impactful. I mean it. First of all, it’s not, you know, I do a lot of great stuff, but to install emergency services, not all these things, but that doesn’t stop the frustration from it. And also just the the.

The feeling that I had was just this. How much we rely on this Internet connectivity? How much I feel disconnected without it, how much that has become part of my conscious become part of my brain and and so overall you know to me it was just sort of this anxiety induced time until I gave up. Hope that it was coming back on and started to basically did a drive around until I found a port credit where we got tapped into a bell line and that at that point saw the e-mail of cyber thing come in lots of people that we were working with and. To an even teammates connect, you know impacted by that, but generally also this moment of OK, you know you self impose this anxiety on yourself because really nothing was critical. You know nothing. You know emails got in and got my messages to respond to a couple of people, but generally there was nothing that much to be stressed out. And frankly, I’m lucky that that that is the case. And so you know. Overall, I after that I’m like, OK, I’m just going to let this.

Let this ride. I’ve got my my check in done. I will also recommend getting a laptop with a better battery than 20 minutes. My bad, I just zipped, you know, just drained that laptop battery by leaving it plugged in at all times. So that’s another recommendation that I’ve learned from this. Diversify your network. So I’m not going to like do we? One of us be on Bell? One of us should be on Rogers again. This triopoly challenges that that are coming out of it. And and again, I think we’ll hear more.

Things that come like there. There were people who had emergencies. There were probably people I don’t know this, but people who possibly died because of this who are much more serious condition than they should be because they couldn’t access this. So maybe there’s a little bit of light around it, but. That I’m trying to make around it, but overall this was actually a serious thing and and and really did impact Canada Air and one other thing I thought that was interesting. I’ve used this a bit more recently. Is also I just typed in Rogers out is outage on answer the public and you can see you know all the sort of variations of what people were typing. And So what.

You know, lots of again sort of questions and then you can see sort of then localized versions of of this as well too to see what people are typing in really just in different places. That’s all it is. Is it a cyber attack? OK, so that’s one of the questions that then emerged and then a lot of people just wanting to know is it fixed and then here not really versus. But people just asking questions and then even looking at social media platforms. And again I think what the biggest fear that a lot of people felt was just lack of information.

Lack of information from Rogers as well too. And when I saw I did finally see an update and started to get connected a little bit and which was like sort of iterative connection and then not connecting. It was like, oh God, they have no idea. It seems like they have no idea when this is coming back on and so you know that was. A little disconcerting, and that was basically the response online.

As well too. So there were some memes. I think that are worthwhile to cover just to end this on on some fun. I have not actually seen these articles, so these could be horrible memes. I’m just I’m just going to take a look and scroll through one of the main ones is hey, send some. Some someone from Rogers to Starbucks. Yes, that makes sense. That was a funny, funny, funny back to the old days. OK, we’ve got an Amish family here. Her people living in the country.

Arm yeah, that makes sense and then. Interesting. OK, so reading. Yeah reading to yeah reading shampoo. Yeah that’s what I said to Monica is like she was going to do something. I guess I just stare at the wall here and I will say that I I felt you know I was at this McDonald’s listening to not listening. I was just sitting there and there’s a older couple and a friend there talking and I said like man we kids these days and just one of those moments where it was just like.

You know, we rely so heavily on this and. What their conversation was about. We don’t need nuclear weapons anymore, we just needed to take down network infrastructure and then everything is over and I believe them that hurt I I was mad at that conversation, but truly I think it was like it was her. It was accurate and and so it hurt and and I do think that we rely on these things so heavily and you know, generally I I’m actually very good at just enjoying nature enjoying all this stuff. But when it’s like forced on me, I’m not the best at doing that. So Rogers, salesman.

Here, yeah, that’s I was just I was like I feel so bad about it manifold, about Rogers, people who have to come and deal with this because obviously this is mostly like it’s not really their fault. This is such a complex system. All these problems and. And I just think, you know, there’s people who are just doing this as a job, and now they’re going to have to feel the wrath of people calling it. I’m not going to call in and frankly, frankly frankly, I’ve been with Rogers a long time. Generally they’ve been pretty OK. They’ve helped me out even with my last cell phone bill in a time when I didn’t think they needed to, so I was actually really grateful for that, so I appreciate that. And then Bell and tell us there was some really funny ones about Bell and Telus going going at it here. And so a couple other things. I’m guessing some of these memes will be just sort of repeated kind of thing, so I’m not going to.

I spend too much time on this classic meme, but overall, I mean I’ll drop these in the links if you want to take a look and you know this is still a little bit of a developing story with some stuff going on, I’m not going to spend too much time on it. I considered, you know, I basically debated whether even this was worth recording, but it was. It was it was, you know, it. It’s you know, not funny, but it was a huge cultural moment. Here in Canada. A lot of conversation on it and I think worthwhile to talk about it. And I was actually someone who.

Experienced it first hand, but through the lens of a personal experience, but then also as a business. You know, working very digitally in in our life and the impact that that had. So hope for anyone who is impacted by this, that you’re OK that this stuff gets resolved and hopefully doesn’t happen again. Hopefully that spike that we saw in the trend data on Rogers continues to be the biggest spike that we see and that we can. We can learn from this and take lessons.

And and move forward better, smarter, more resilient. Definitely an interesting moment here and and and. And you know, I was glad to do that drive and see that the world wasn’t on fire and people were running around and hearing machine. You know this apocalyptic thing, but still it doesn’t take much to disrupt an entire country when all it means is that the Internet or the data goes down. So I was mentally bride talking about the Rogers outage this my brokerage outage in Canada.

Reaction my review if I had to give it a review, I would give it a one star no 0.5 star five star in terms of impacts and annoyance on people. One star in terms of fun. So that’s my end review for this. Thank you for checking this out. This benteler Brian. If you like this little like comment, subscribe to subscriber. Count on YouTube is going up that makes me very happy and just to see the comments and all that stuff, it really means a lot. I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Hope you’re connected and I’ll be back soon making more content. Thank you.


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