Speak Ai May 2022 Month In Review

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak Ai May 2022 Month In Review
  • Transcribe & analyze in 5 new languages
  • Access our live custom plan builder
  • Screen record, upload text and capture anonymous data
  • What’s coming out next
  • Macroeconomic conditions and the impact on Speak Ai

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Automated Transcription

Hello hello Tyler Bryden here. Today what I’m doing is a little bit of a review of the month of May 2022 at sometimes. It’s not nice to look back. It’s not nice to reflect, but it’s also very helpful to do. It’s helpful to understand the progress that you’ve made. It’s helpful to share the the growth that you’re having. If you’re building product, the updates that have gone live in the application and so that’s what I like to do at the end of every month or slash start at the start of everyone and we’re now in June. 2022, which is crazy. I know from a personal standpoint I’ve been enjoying this very much. We complain about the cold and then it gets hot and then we complain about the hot. I’m not going to do that too much and on a personal note, I I shared this in that email I’m about to send out. Have got some kayaks. Have settled at our home here in Port Credit you can see Monica and Tasia and we got some kayaks and around the port Credit river just as sunset was happening. So beyond just the in the normal day to day.

The business building. The everything that takes part of life, really hope that you are enjoying the time out in the beautiful weather that we’re having here in Canada. But wherever you are in the world because I know people who watch these videos are not just here in Canada, so I’m just delaying things. Now let’s jump into it. What you’re seeing is a test sample email This goes out to our sort of not sort of there. The users and customers have speak. I’m already looking at this headline. I’m thinking it’s a little long and you can see that.

This is a test that have not sent this out. I’m preparing to send this out now and really all it does is summarize the month that was and in in May. You know overall some pretty significant changes to speak ones that I’m personally very excited about and we’ve sort of. We’ve worked towards for a long time and that has led to this culmination, one of those being 5 new languages we’ve got. Danish, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish Spanish, all great languages and we tried to make this integration as seamless as possible.

In to speak. Not only is it the transcription great, lots of multilanguage transcription companies with us, we’ve got audio, video, and text. You can analyze, not just transcribe, but analyze all those types of assets multilingual. It’s as easy as when uploading the media. Select the drop down the language you’re in and then it will run through the analysis, the transcription, and then everything else is then accessible. Everything that’s been used and speak the transcript. The insights, the players, all of that is then live for you to use should should be seamless and should be no different than if you were using English.

Before so definitely a very exciting change in each one of these. Then I, as I’ve recorded all these videos all of a sudden all these like. There’s literally a dedicated video for each one of these, so it gets a little ridiculous I would say, but overall it’s a it’s a really nice to have, like a little bit more context, because some people want to read. Some people want to watch and that’s why I’m recording this video today and then with this. This was another big iteration that we went through, one that I have talked about in length.

There is a dedicated video, although I did not share that one because. Yeah, I got too many videos in one email basically so after a ton of feedback we went through basically iterations on pricing until we landed on this custom plan builder and you can see in this GIF here all that you’re basically selecting team size, number of hours, and then the premium sort of features. The solutions that you’re looking for builds that plan pricing. You can see it right there and then. You can select the time period so we have lots of people who want to sign up annually. Some people who are engaging in very deep projects for six months, so they’re signing up for six months. That was pretty rigid.

Before we’ve made that flexible and because of that, we’ve seen companies like EY. Dental surgeon, a bunch of great companies this month and ones that you might not know of. Sign up without any friction on the platform and very happy about the customization of the pricing. So overall, we’re really overjoyed that we actually executed on this, that everything works and that people are being responsive to the pricing. That’s one of the things that when you do some testing this manual process that we were doing before to see if people like personalized pricing allowed us to then.

Execute on this in a way that that resonated with our customers. Resonated with our users, and helped us grow. So definitely that research upfront made it made a big difference. That feedback. So thank you to everyone who contributed to that and then we had this screen recorder so the screen recorder has been a huge part of our business. I’ve talked about this before but just not understanding fully the the scale that there was a need for this and that. Also, what happens when you rank sort of top top three number one on Google for a term like this? So capturing?

Recordings and in in in the month of May 3 sort of big things came out of it very quickly. One was screen recording so you can see in this little GIF here that there is sorry screen recording happening and can I zoom in. Have I embarrassed myself by not zooming in? Does this just make more sense? Here we go that makes it easier so you can see that that’s happening here.

And and then, so you’ve got like what we’re seeing now is people who are capturing like visual feedback or they’re sharing slides. Doing all these different things. And then you are at the end of this video you’re seeing, you can’t see where I’m pointing really, but you’re seeing yourself here. Plus everything that you shared on the screen, all that is being bundled up into a video and then being submitted into speak, which is fantastic. So testimonials, feedback, content, lots of different ways to to make that useful. And we’ve also unlocked text uploads, so word, docs, PDFs, text, files you can literally.

Go to the recorder, drop files in and automatically analyze those. We had a lot of people who were requesting this and I think the next part of this is actually just an input field so people can type directly. There almost turns into a survey. At that point. I don’t know if recorder is the right term anymore about whatever we’ll take it, love it and and love the actual solution itself. And then lastly, there was these required fields that we had to collect name and name and email and we had a couple people come to us and say hey we want to collect.

Recordings, but we don’t want to know who’s submitting those recordings. We want to be anonymous feedback and because you’ve made these required fields that is impossible to do basically, and. What we did was it was, you know, the. Actually there’s a not a blocker, but there’s. There’s an entire workflow enabled around those default fields. We sort of innervated on that, and now allow you to collect recordings without having to worry about the privacy of of recorders. We also at the end of last month launched this affiliate program, so if you are interested in promoting speak, if you see the the power of the transcription of the analysis, all that sharable media libraries everything that we’re doing here to unlock the.

The insights from language and then share those, please feel encouraged to join us. We’re we’re seeing growth in the program. We’re very happy about that. And then we’re looking at what’s next. So zoom integration, which has been in review queue for it, feels like forever. It’s like a purgatory in there that we’re trying to get some support from them and we’re we really hope to see that live in the zoom store so you can see it right in zoom soon. That’s been sort of frustrating to be honest, but we’re we’re we’ve done our best to then continue to grow, persevere through this, and then hopefully we’ll see this live.

Semantic search, so basically query your library and get what like Google like searches just like you know you know who is the most popular person in in in the last 20 days it’s going to give you that answer and then sentence structure insights. We’re still showing insights more, like little chips or buttons and to to to unlock true value here. This is this this this need to structure it into sentences. So there’s a couple other things. One of the other parts I shared. There’s a couple variations of this email.

Then there goes to our our sort of end users. And then there’s another one that goes to the supporters. So most likely if you’re watching this video, you might be in one of those supporter emails. There’s a couple different things in there, so we talk about traction. In that email we talk about so and and fantastic to see growth in in revenue from a software perspective. And overall total users up. So we ended up almost that, so at 4760 at the end of the month.

And continuing to see you know, sort of a baseline of 400 new users a month and generally sort of see like 18 to 20 signups a day. So that’s awesome. Obviously work on our side to optimize this process. Continue to, you know, help people unlock value immediately from the the platform and then use this wonderful pricing calculator to convert to a paid user. Make sure that they they get what they want out of it. The one other thing that we.

Looked at this month, which was pretty fascinating. Was this earnings call earnings call thing. I’ll share this correctly and won’t spend too much time because I’m already at 9 minutes and the idea here was how could we analyze a bunch of earnings calls. So I think we did a couple. We did a couple like Tesla, etcetera etcetera and now I can click in. I can see revenue, I can see every instance of revenue and then I can go. Yeah credit revenue from Tesla. Here I can jump and pop in and listen to that.

Exact moment, so very simple prototype that we made there is only like a couple of files but I imagine if you pulled in this entire database whether it’s transcripts or the actual audio or video files itself, it could be really really valuable and so we’re that’s that’s in the past. Tyler would go. Let’s figure this out. Let’s do this now. There’s much more of a you know much more of a research mindset or feedback mindset to see if this is worth it. Who is going to pay for this? Is this actually valuable and?

That’s a better mindset to have, especially with sort of the the world situation we’re in. Obviously, it’s a very fascinating, fascinating time. Fascinating and interesting word to use with sort of market conditions. The interest rates just gotten up again, and we’re seeing you know layoffs and tech. We’ve had to make some of our own adjustments here, which has been hard, sad, but has also allowed us to continue forward and and and realistically grow in a sustainable way. And, you know, I’m I’m proud of the continued progress. Proud of the innovation that we have here. At Speaki, we’ve worked really hard to bring this all together, and we’ve built this company in an in conditions that are not always ideal. Like all of us have gone through these conditions that that are are not ideal. So we’re continuing to work. Work through this, you know, there’s lots of good things as you can see that are happening every single month. We we, we wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of the people around us. I’m grateful that I’ve been recording.

These videos on sort of a personal note because it’s allowed me to practice this. It’s allowed me to share and it’s actually helped people understand a little bit more about what we’re doing at speak. I, who I am that I’m that we’re consistent. We’re hard working that we care about what we’re doing, and all of those things add up to people making introductions. People recommending things that we should be looking at or doing all these wonderful things have come out of it, so I’m really grateful for that. And just for anyone who’s watching this video you’re supporting.

Central, we’ve made it through another month. We’re in June. We’re halfway through the year and we’re going to keep hammering away. I hope that you are too. Is everything that that I can do that our team can do. Please feel encouraged to send me a message and thank you again for everything. I hope you have a good rest of the day. Hope you have a beautiful month ahead, bye.


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