Speak Ai vs Sessions

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak Ai vs Sessions

In this live learning I explain the difference of Speak Ai vs Sessions. Or is it Sessions.ai? I don’t know. You’ll see if you listen to the audio note or read the transcript below. I apologize for the confusion I don’t like it either. I’m working on it I swear 😂


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1 thing 29
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Transcript (Timestamped and Unedited):

8 min read (1596 Words)

This is a live learning session. Looking at one of the only things I’m trying to figure out says lives learning about myself and what I’m trying to do I guess as a as a company here with the technology and platform and everything we’ve built and trying to. Put it together in the right way and we think we’ve built this amazing thing that has so much potential. But It’s also about communicating that in the right way. It’s still, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done there,

so one of the things I’m trying to figure out,

as some of you may notice. I have the website speak AI.

Dot Co. And. The company’s official incorporated name is speak AI,

Inc. Also has been operating a lot with the domain sessions dot AI.

And for bit sessions AI has talked about how we’re really trying to be a technology partner for. Psychedelic movement, but in general it’s about this idea of transformative Wellness. And how can we help people have a.

I have an experience of life that is more purposeful and meaningful through healing and. And really trying to foster that and use technology for good to do that. So there’s been some confusion. Frankly, I’m confused about what these entities are, how they operate, what is the full intention, and that’s bloodied, not bloodied up mixed up with even further by the fact that I had 65 Interactive which became 65. And this is really just a sole proprietorship to build my freelance practice at the start and try to figure out if I could build a company in technology worthwhile. I learned a lot there, but six 5 is really in a way almost just a shell now and Funnels in that work in that its reputation and experience funnels into what we’re now doing

at speaking, I think. To add to the confusion.

Many of us call. The product just speak and got some bikers going by here quite a group.

The. We call the product just speak which at the beginning that’s sort of what I want to call it, and we’re trying to figure out now is, you know what is there more of a focus needed? Do we need to? Refer to it as one thing. Consistency is so important in building technology and products and marketing and messaging and communication, and I think that’s something I really want to hone in on and do as someone who has struggled with that in the past. That is definitely not the strength of me is, you know, branding and marketing.

Just consistency. ’cause I’m changing my mind all the time and I’m iterating and experimenting and all these things so something that I’m. Thinking about right now is the best way to do this, and a lot of things emerge, and one of the things that’s really become quite interesting. Part of this is. We found speaker at Cole. Really I wanted to just be called speak but there was not really any great ways to build any sort of property around that and so speaker I was not registered in Canada so I incorporated that and I don’t know where any of this stuff comes from.

Like basically there’s two things that emerged there was speaking I in Europe and they’re doing some amazing stuff. Actually the opposite of where we started with speech to text. They did text to speech and voice synthesis and generating these beautiful authentic voices. They are now officially, officially rebranded to semantic. But there’s still some confusion there, and they did a great job in the beginning.

No building their links and directories and submitting on crunch base and LinkedIn. All these different things. So the imprint of their once brand. The previous brand is still throughout the web now where it gets really fascinating is through a series of acquisitions. One from a company called voice box text,

no technologies. Nuans made this acquisition of voice box technologies not believe this is all accurate. Have some notes on it, but I’ll share it. Nuans, who owns Dragon Lee speech recognition software like voice box. An nuances owned by Oracle so. That’s quite a acquisition chain right there, and. The thing is, is that voice box technologies at the time was not doing anything, but they actually had the domain speak dot AI,

which is awesome domain. So the original other speaker I think, or the other speaker I not ink, was see how confusing this is was in Europe and they had speaking. I got net I had speaking about Co and still do. And that’s where app is actually running right now. If you go to app dot speaking, I don’t code, that’s our our where you can register and login and speaking adapco is like the main front website but there is now these sort of challenges that

are coming up. And frankly there’s a lot of consultations going on and asking questions and I haven’t got a straight answer. what I should even be doing? And right now we’re very small company, but if we’re somewhat successful, that might change in. That could also change quickly, depending on. Maybe we do something right for once and. So there’s something to think about there, So what we’re trying to figure out to do is how to branch this out, and also the idea of We’ve got a lot of different use cases and potential for technology. And the question we ask ourselves sometimes,

are we building. Too bulky of a product that’s not tailored in specified and personalized for certain use cases or people where we’ve sort of built this amazing sort of notebook. Self proclaimed amazing notebook that’s helping for productivity and well being, communication and marketing and all these things, but it could be seen as general purpose, almost or just packed with features so. They are in some ways that makes it powerful, but in some ways the work that you do can actually suffer as well too. So those are some things that.

I’m personally. Considering there and so you know, for example, the psychedelic space or the healthcare, those are different systems and maybe a general consumer sort of the other subset of customers that we’re looking at or, like you know, these data driven high performers. You know, bio bio, hackers, human optimizers, and and you know, really just focused on self improvement and learning about themselves and iterating and all these things and and those are very different users. Then maybe you know first sample another person. In groups that were talking to Katie mean clinics who want to help with mood monitoring and understanding where their patients are going through as they go through Keta mean

experiences. Those are very different applications. And then maybe we move to just general mental health where there’s a lot of applications, especially with the extraction of insights that we’re doing a focus on even be able to help with cognitive processes and just helping people navigate through long forms of video and audio in text in a much more intuitive way. So all these things sort of emerging. Create quite interesting. Question not just one question, but many questions for us, and So what we’re actually trying to figure out is what to do next and how to do it.

And hopefully the goal here is to do this in a very consistent way where now the message is very clear and simple and powerful. And maybe the branding is better and with the branding being better, so does it comes the UI and Brantley bringing in some people to help us with this. We want to figure that out so we can build this amazing Brandon this thing that just resonates with people that we want using this. And of course we have this utilitarian view that everyone. We hope would want to use this in some ways that, but there’s they need to figure out this out in the short term, especially as you know currently anyways, a self funded company just trying to figure figure some big challenges actually out.

So the last note that I’ll add is we’re also trying to figure out. So what we might do is change everything just to sessions because we have sessions dot AI the domain and we think that’s a really powerful thing. But how protectable is sessions that we’ve seen it sessions of cannabis store? Other versions of sessions out there, and it’s such a wide term that might be a different thing compared to,

for example, companies that make up names or or common. Stupid example there is Google,

but all these different. You know, other ways to actually build more defensible brands and trademarks and companies, and maybe that’s something I shouldn’t care that much about. But I guess if we want to grow this to the team and get the resources and capacity we need to build something that we really do think is. Beautiful and moves us forward as people that that becomes important. So the last note I guess is we’re also trying to think if sessions is sessions the right thing because sessions.

Sometimes I think of is being a very long thing where we also want the tool to be used in. Quick little notes and wasted capture inspiration.

Enjoy your thoughts down and we also you know sessions indicates this long before my time and all that so. There’s a lot of things to think about there and then with that is maybe something better. Maybe a name like we see as we deal with assistance. It’s Alexa and Siri are those more powerful that we assign a personality to it, and that’s something else we’re asking ourselves too. So maybe there’s a. A name that walks in at last moment and takes out both of these and there’s a rebrand that’s actually done in love to hear your

feedback on that. We’re still trying to learn and figure it all out. I just got 10 seconds left here, but I appreciate you checking this out. Probably make another one on this and add it to the live learning section on tylerbryden.com. Thank you.


That’s all on Speak Ai vs Sessions. I’m just reflecting on a night now of creating 5 blog posts on this website. It was a fascinating experiment and a ton of fun. I hope you enjoy. One thing you may notice is that I am using Word Clouds as featured images. That’s a joy to see come together.

I am considering removing the timestamps from the transcripts. I also have been adding topics extracted through Speak Ai as categories in WordPress. I don’t want to have too many categories but I believe it is still valuable, interesting, and helpful.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thank you for live learning with me!

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