The Best OpenAi DALL·E 2 Image Generation Alternatives

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

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The Best OpenAi DALL·E 2 Image Generation Alternatives

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Automated Transcription

OK hello. Hello Tyler Bryden here, hope everything’s going well. I have been very lucky I have gotten access to Dali Dali 2 through open. AI was expedited a little bit on the wait list so I don’t know why people are angry about it and I feel sad to be honest that I got in when so many people are probably making probably better use of this than I possibly would. Here’s mine. I played hockey last night so it’s a little bit of a mind hockey rink floating in the sky with hockey players wearing gold armor. Aerial view. Beautiful stunning. Striking digital art. Very creative data. Very, very creative. And here you go, you can see the rendered results. Recently they changed it to only four images coming back where it used to be. 6 I think a couple other changes here as they see more people into the system trying to reduce. Maybe some other server load everything everything. But with this in mind what I wanted to do was see what are the best Dolly 2 alternatives. If you do not have access to this and you can see my tag game right now is absolutely insane because I did some deep diving to figure out what this is.

Try to rank not. They’re not ranked but just gonna jump through a couple of tabs here to show you some opportunities to get access to image generation technology. If you did not get access to dally, I’ve shared a previous video how to get access to dally to if you are interested in. Hopefully you can have a good experience on that wait list instead of some of the opportunity. Some of the experiences that maybe other people are having, so I’ll hop in. I actually forget the exact order that I put in here, but you can see. Basically I’ll have all the links so you can check these out.

Hopefully these links will be enabled properly. This is going to make me log in, so I’m not actually going to do. I’m not going to play through each one of these, but you can start to see some of the quality of the results. Generally a lot of them that are offered here are not rendering at the same quality as Dolly, but they’re you know they’re still giving you access. They’re still giving you understanding of how to use this image generation technology, and as more and more emerges, maybe you have some of your own, maybe proprietary prompt configurations that then allow you to create images that you find really fascinating and.

Hopefully that other people do. I’m going to drop this down a little bit. Sorry AI is one. I don’t know much about them. Some of the other ones I know a little bit more about, but you can see that’s downloadable on the App Store and Google Play. That’s a little bit of a theme that is emerging through some of the applications here that are competing with. I don’t know if competing is the right word, but in a way they are with Dallas, the other one that I’ve talked to talked about. I made a full dedicated video on this, has a discord channel and is really getting a lot of love. Overall is mid journey in mid journey.

Seems to be relatively the highest quality. Alternative to Dolly today there is still a little bit of a wait list. There is even as someone in my YouTube video said that you have to. You know, even pay for access or or you know more consistent access. So there is some things to think about with mid journey, but overall it seems like the beta. They’re opening into open beta and you can get access to mid journey quicker than dally in in general. And then it’s a really great community there. A lot of people sharing tips on how to to.

And create images better. And I’ve learned a lot just from checking that out and really like the community there. So mid journey, I think probably being one of the best options here today for for adult Dali alternative, we’ve also got a crayon which was formally mini mini Dally if I do. If I go back to here and I take this prompt, we’ll check out what what happens here just so we can see the actual view it could take up to two minutes. You can see that. I mean they’re getting overloaded.

With prompt, so maybe I’ll I’ll. I’ll jump on to the next one and then come back. If if this doesn’t come in the next few seconds. But Crayon, formerly Mini Mini Dolly Berry, very popular. Just a small team working on this and as this sort of explodes in popularity, it’s become a very popular tool. I’ve talked about sort of weird Dolly generations, a weird mini, Dolly generations on Twitter, which is super fascinating, and I think overall definitely a great alternative. Definitely not the high resolution prints out, sort of.

Grid of images and. And they’re not just that, they’re not the same quality as some of the other ones we see. I did take a look through a little bit of a Reddit stream. You know, some people you know, again, sort of complaints about the wait list on Delhi, and then one little person here, which I’m I still investigating this. I don’t understand this, but Dally Mini on GitHub and then enable mega mode. So there’s a a readme. Basically can change the config file and do that. I didn’t understand this single where the guy, but there is some looking at this.

Me of modifying Dali mini on GitHub. I don’t know much about that, but just if you are exploring this, there is an option and then there is a mid journey was mentioned here as well too. Let’s check back. Here we go. We’ve got Crayon so you can see. Definitely not the same if we compare them side by side. You know, definitely not the same quality. Although I don’t know what’s going on. My third image here. That was not that great, but you can still see it got the main concept. There’s a bunch of images here you can click not going to be in the same resolution or anything but.

Overall, pretty interesting and an opportunity to to at least play around with image generation technology so. One that has been very popular is wamble art, which has been an application that has been extremely, you know, it’s been downloaded many, many times. It’s been used and you can see it’s creating very good images. This is also, I believe, an app. Yeah, App Store Google Play, so both and you can put in prompts. Now it’s going to sort of brand it. You can see that the prompt is then highlighted there, but overall a good alternative. What I like about wambo wambo is in Toronto here.

I’ve had a chance to meet some of the people on the team and has been doing a bunch of stuff with sort of AI AI generated media including the world’s lips, world’s best AI powered lip sync application that was extremely popular and is a pretty good. Way to start interacting with this technology. Now I’m not using the app myself because again, I’m lucky to have access to Delhi, but overall something to consider there as an alternative. We’ve also got Russian dally. Now I have not played around with this, but the overall the images actually seem you know relatively relatively. You know, relatively high quality. These are sort of photorealism images now people might have concerns about sort of the Russian piece of this that is not for me to.

To say just alternative, that seems relatively popular that people are then looking at and you can see it does. It is able to handle different styles, different image types and quite a few prompts. So it looks like I haven’t gone too deep into some of these, but a custom VQ Gan so VQ Gan sort of one of these original. Yeah, Bigfoot can and clip what’s original libraries for image generation. And yeah, finds and clip finds images based on natural language descriptions. And then what’s fed into the VQ again? So this was one of the original ones. I think I can pop this up. I got a couple of Google collab ones which which are nice if even if you’re not that technical. You can see that one didn’t open for me, but you can see.

The exact code how to use it. Here we go. We’ve got it and download the results so you can actually do that right away. You don’t need to have a bunch of libraries installed on your computer or anything. Google collab will handle that, and so I’ve got a couple of links to those so daily flow mind’s eye AI art park. Pilot by multimodal art and then the original one there. So I don’t know what’s going on here. Unfortunately, because it’s Russian, but you can see that that is one of the alternatives that has.

Continue to pop up so I actually have. A few more. What should I on do? I still have ask? I don’t know, that’s not what I meant to do. I meant to actually create. We’ll check out this one. I haven’t done a test on this, but we’ll link it and you can see it’s an AI art maker. Also seeing Neuro Blender, which she says Blend now. So again, same thing. Seems like it’s got some relatively good pieces here. Let’s check them out.

Is it going to hit yes, so let’s go, let’s yeah, cool. Let’s just do one image, see how long it takes because I think that’s another thing for us to consider this one. Not going too quick for us. This one Q is empty. Blend something or check my art so creation is in progress.

OK, I’ll wait for that again. I I haven’t done it enough. Due diligence on this probably to give you all. I know that the top ones I’ve layered right at the start are probably the most valuable here. You can see another one neurogen art. We’ve got the neural blender and then this one that is still loading. And then what I found here just did a sort of search for this originally, and then there’s a great website alternative too. So if you’re looking for alternatives to anything, I give credit to this for helping me find a couple. You can see several of the ones that I’ve mentioned there are actually.

Pulled into links and then separated for you to check out, but I think pretty clearly the the main sort of. Options here I would say let’s start with mid journey and then you’ve got mini dally and then you’ve got the the wambo. Sorry I’m clicking around too much. I’ve got wombo arts and then you’ve got you. Can I mean you can actually access these original view VQ Gan and clip libraries and then it seems that this Russian dally is a good option. Now I’ve got lots more that are going to flow here. I’m going to leave those for you to check out and see because.

Because because the the links are there and there might be helpful for you. But overall I think there are a couple of good options. A couple of good resources and hopefully you get access to the ones that you want, and if not that you’ve got a couple new options outside of this Valley library, that’s sort of taking the world by storm and something I’ve truly been enjoying very much. So thank you very much. Hopefully you got some insights out of this, and again, all the links will be below. Love creating stuff around this if you have any questions or any thoughts please.

Real encouraged to send me a message. Love to hear from you. And if you’re on YouTube, whatever like comment subscribe, blah blah blah LinkedIn blah blah blah do it. Do it. Tell the bride and thank you very much. I hope you have a great rest of the day. Bye bye.

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