The DALL·E 2 Prompt Book

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Episode Summary

Created by Guy Parsons of Dallery Gallery
82-page free e-book on designing DALL·E prompts
Filled with interesting prompts and DALL·E outputs
Covers vibes, photography, illustration, techniques and more
Reprompting, uncropping, inpainting, combining images

Did you know that DALL-E Mini rebranded as Craiyon?


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The DALL·E 2 Prompt Book – DALL·Ery GALL·Ery
(1) Paul Yacoubian on Twitter: “Dalle2 turned my iPhone into the Star Trek Replicator. I used it to design the avocado backpack of my dreams and then I got it custom made and shipped straight to my house. It’s by far the best bag I’ve ever had.” / Twitter
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Make Pictures You Want to See. Dall E-2 Prompt Book is Here
The DALL·E 2 Prompt Book
Guy Parsons (@guy.parsons) • Instagram photos and videos
DALL·Ery GALL·Ery – A guide to OpenAI’s DALL·E – prompts, projects, examples, and tips
graphic Design Illustration Cartoon and Caricature, Calgary, YYC, illustrator
(1) Guy Parsons (@GuyP) / Twitter
DALL-E 2 Prompt Book Teaches How to Create Images You Want with AI
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YouTube Video


Automated Transcription

Tyler Bryden here. I’m a wooing. Because I got something I’m real. Excited about today and that is the DALLE. 2.

Prompt, but this is something that. I’m. In in the title I’m considering. Putting my mind. Blowing because it’s just so much depth, so much to go into here and very excited to walk through it. I am.

Still, early surface view on this. But I I I stumbled across it like many things. That I stumble across in the. Web, I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here, but I think this is something based on some of the videos that I’ve been sharing on DALLE. What I’m seeing?

Online more and more people. Getting access to. Image generation systems. This isn’t just applicable. To DALLE this is applicable.

To all image generation systems, some incredible ways. To do prompt design, prompt engineering. And I have posted a video. On prompt engineering already, which you know a. 165 years right? I know, I’m sad, but I think.

It’s going to increase in popularity and things. Like this just sort of cement that in my head that idea. Of prompt engineering prompt design. Is not going away and. We are moving.

Into a space. Where people are. Getting access. To these systems and they are. Wanting to and.

I’m going to refresh this page so we can hopefully start from Page 1 where people are spending a lot of money or. Maybe spending a lot of money as they. Become you know there are open source versions, but there are more private versions. Coming and they. Need to refine.

The prompts to get the output that they’re looking for to avoid, you know, unintended cost for these images, or maybe at some point, maybe business practical applications of this. Of this technology, and I guess I I just I. I’m loving the explosion. Of creativity and art and personal generation. That’s coming from it so originally I. Just a couple of top of the level points. Guy named Guy Parsons. He was originally responsible for the Dalery Gallery Gallery, which is the site.

Itself again, all. Links and resources will be here and. It looks like he is no constantly exploring this publishing. This has been doing it. You know, for a little bit here, and some great sort of articles.

Even as I discovered, the prompt book that I. You know? Understood here, so again 18 features that we’d love to see and DALLE. To next, so he is a deep understanding from interacting. With this platform with with this technology of what’s working, what’s not what would be valuable? For for these technologies, and I think you know some really.

Interesting insights to follow along beyond just this dally. To prompt but. Let’s jump right into it. What is this? It is a free.

There’s about 80. Two page ebook that is basically all about. Designing prompts for DALLE and it’s version. One I like that they’re doing this. I think this is something. That will not remain.

Static this will continue to evolve. As people discover this, they’re going to, you know, figure out new prompts or different methods, or different. Techniques that are. Then that then are applicable and then relevant to be. In this, in this prompt book.

Or whatever version. Of this so. No official affiliation with open AI, although I’m sure they’re excited about this and I love, you know this sort of. Disclaimer right here at the start, nothing you’re about to see is is. Real for real and so table of contents. And it covers a.

Wide range and what I didn’t think what is so amazing is from an understanding of sort of. Artistic expression, but then also. Photography, art history. Like all these sort of categorizations that he’s done is informing the way that. We interact with these image generation systems and.

You know, maybe some are a. Little more. You know? Vibes is a little bit more of a, you know, subjective term, but photography where you’re. Actually putting technical. Sort of specifications of the image that you want. I just.

I knew that I had. Seen like hyper realistic photography. And things like that, but I didn’t know just how deep this was going. And so this this reveals that very nicely, and I’m. Not even sure how the best way to go through this video you can see I’m just overly excited. I’m like I’m here. I got to check this out. Let’s walk through this and we’ll click through.

I have to click through the. Entire thing. Made some notes on a couple of things, but we’ll just hover through and hopefully you know you know me. I like to talk about this stuff, you know, just a little bit of a preface. Here so.

As I said. Guy Parsons I mean. Thank you for putting this together already at the very start. Seeing some incredible images and I think cementing some credibility that we’re. You know first. Of all.

That there is. Amazing. You know possibilities here and. Holy fuck we are living in the. Future, I swear here I can swear I can swear and then what I what I like?

Here is that there’s a prompt which is. What they’re saying is like 400 characters. Or less, and that’s a limitation that I actually wasn’t fully. Aware of that was 400 characters because I do. Have access to.

This I’m very. Glad to but I’m not using it to its full extent, although this is making me want to. Play with it even more and I feel sad because there are people out there who are really want access and are not getting it. And for that there are alternatives. I’ll post a couple mid journey, wambo etcetera etcetera. There are more and more coming.

Out as you know. The surge in popularity of this. Takes place and. And because I had seen. I’ve VQ Gand and clip.

And sort of. Different sort of open source image generation, where it seems like there’s a lot of more parameters that you can sort. Of play with to. Then generate the output that you want. Whereas with Daly.

Much more and. This is some of the controversy. Black box prompt. You know? Base where you.

Don’t have that same. Control, and so you’re really not stuck or and and sometimes creativity. Comes in limitations. But you’re limited to this 400 characters. And and so.

You know you have to do. A lot with that and this. Well, this ebook talks about how you can maximize those. 400 characters to get just. Incredible output so talks a little bit about, you know.

Long versions and and then. Also short this one, obviously a little bit of a longer one. This one our short and talks about even sort of the sort of the difference that you can. Get of predictability. Versus unpredictability.

With. With this tool, with this technology I like that you. Know there’s also an understanding of here when. If it’s studied. 650 million images. And captions, then it’s drawing its own conclusions, so it’s like that’s I like this idea. It’s like.

You can’t, it’s not a regular man. You have to discover. What what Dali is capable of and then this through all the testing through all the work that guy. Has done and I’m I’m sure interaction with other. Artists following seeing.

Prompts more and more more prompts being shared then there are. Continued sort of exploration. Discovery of what’s? Valuable what’s not sometimes less is more. You might even already be done.

With me talking about this, you might just be looking at this as well, but I didn’t want to. I don’t want to do this, but I’m in here. I’m sorry, I’m. Version one and. I’m going to keep keep keep talking, keep going.

Prompt design I used the word prompt engineering I maybe I’m. Wrong. For that I’m going to step back for a. Second, I like this, sometimes less, sometimes more. That was what I was talking about. Is there’s creativity in short ones?

That come and then sometimes if you go too. It it might not. Work and sometimes not being specific enough, obviously doesn’t work either, so there’s lots of. Conflicts that we’re already seeing in the in the random sort of. Image generation that Dally is doing, and so this is, you know, as as sort of talks about there’s.

So many different things that you can do from a terminology. Standpoint. That if you understand some of. The history of. Art or cameras or etcetera. You can include those in your prompts, even for example.

Specific lens. And cameras. That actually has a hugely specific impact on the output that’s coming from it, so again, I’m going to just like jump through this and and and hit a couple of things. That I think are really. Fascinating general vibes. So again another thing that I hadn’t necessarily.

Have thought of different in different variations. Of this positive mood, low energy, positive mood, high energy, and then the impact. That that has on the art. And so there are words that then they are. You know keywords and phrases that then they are adding.

Along with that, then support those. Moves with. Then you can use as you know you know addition to the prompt that you have to get the image that you’re looking. For so super. Fascinating here. Also size structure so.

Big and free versus small and structured those. Are very different sort. Of images and sort of. Feelings and then apparently outputs that. DALLE is putting.

Together so. We’ve also got this was where I sort of. First, I think a lot of us first. Sort of came across like I, you know we saw some of these vaporwave images. People often.

Using the word digital art, but I think if after you read this. Prompt book after you check this out. You were going to go much deeper than just. Typing digital. Art you now have.

Real vibes, waves, punks that you can now do a steam pump that you know I love. I love steam. Punk cybernetic sci-fi like these are super. Interesting. Things that then are, you know. Now becoming very clear that we can use in our prompts and achieve a certain.

Style and that we know that DALLE has at least some predictability of being able to add. So incredibly fascinating here. Like just the the work. The thought. That went in nest I think is just incredible framing film type shoot.

Context, year and. Usage context 19. 73 photo from life. Magazine and and you can see that they’re actually, you know in. This ebook they are literally labeling. Almost like a.

Sentence, subject, pronoun, predicate, etcetera. They’re labeling that in how you’re designing this prompt, so definitely more. Of a tactical. Strategic and like definition framework that is coming together for prompts. Something that.

I don’t think that we had really. Sort of set in stone. Before really again at this early stage of of where we are in this so. Camera Angles 2 extreme. Close-up versus extreme.

Long shot thinking. Of that, when you’re generating your. Images the position of the camera. This is when I published a video from I was like. Low angle I was doing like from the perspective of or yeah, bird’s.

Eye view, and I’ve seen the impact that that that has had on the output of the image, so that’s. Super super interesting. The the one that stuck out to me like. Obviously shutter speed. Is a huge.

You know mechanism that you’re using. In photography and then you know. Motion blur, or just if there’s more of an. Action shot too so. I went through college and did interactive media design and.

Did some photography and videography so some of this is. You know familiar to me and? Then some of it. Is you know much more. Expert level to.

Me, but it’s now creating access to anyone. Who wants to? You know? Who wants to explore? And maybe wishes they were these people they can generate.

Images that’s ridiculous quality. The other thing that. I learned sort of through. Videography and and and film and and and just like. That and impact of light. I worked in an office where there was no natural light. It was horrible.

To get. Good lighting and. Videos in sessions and then I, you know, started to work in a. Place even right now. Where I have beautiful window, right? Here that’s filling this room with natural light and.

All of a sudden you know the. Videos. Or the images and the output is so much valuable so you can do that same mechanism now we. Still got some a little bit of freaky. Faces with Dali coming out but.

You know overall you can start to see the lighting prompts. Artificial as a sort of talking about versus. And in an indoor light and how you can do it? And then there’s obviously. Sort of natural.

Light that’s going into it. So film types Oh my God like just I can’t even dive into all this. I will annoy you I will start talking. Faster than I already. Talking, but I’ve seen you.

Know some hilarious ones were ever seeing like you know. Trail. Cams and now we’ve got CCTV and and we all have this sort of almost visual. Understanding of this. And the fact that it that the system.

Is reflecting our visual understanding it’s. Just. It’s just mind-blowing. And so I’ll jump. Jump through and I’ll leave you to to go through those as I sort of move on to a couple.

You know other? Sections of this, but like from the photographer perspective, just insane or what they’re thinking about. A couple sidebars through this about. Is prompting a living artist like? OK, so.

You know lots of challenges around how this works for art, how this works for you, know creators and and. How you know? We’ve seen prompt based arise. Which I’ll do a dedicated video on and lots of controversy about that. And then of still a couple. You know I.

Think we’re going to see a lot of evolution of how we’re understanding this, especially as this starts to become more formalized and people are getting. More predicted outputs and more. Valuable. Outputs. That are being used and.

And and used and you know business. But then also sold. And used in cover. Magazines and album art. And all this.

Stuff we’re going to see a. Huge shift here. So now we move into illustration styles. It’s just laying it all. Out for us. Here where.

We can literally. Print these. As modifications on the prompt that we. Want and then. You know, move forward and create. Really you know.

And impressive and interesting. Outputs here and so just a huge range. That you didn’t even think of in the actual TV show. So again, what is the? Intellectual property of these TV.

Shows these are questions. That I’m sure. Are going to start to get asked and this is one of the first ones that I started experimenting with and I think many of us did was like in the style of. Monet or Van Gogh. Or whatever it actually is. And they’re actually.

Doing you know very specific. Artists who have, you know, a very. Well known style to then populate these images and so couple of other things that were you know, fascinating. Here. As I continue.

To talk through is like the early art history. The Renaissance. Like different time periods and then art. That was it. He has an understanding.

Of that through the images. That capture the labels. And maybe the metadata that was provided with these. Images just. Incredible, the understanding of all different time periods that they.

Had so distinctive. Art styles. And then we’re now. Seeing I think. Where we’re head we’ve.

Already seen companies use I. I saw Paul from copy AI he. Did a product prototype for a backpack. With an avocado and then that avocado was then created. As a real. Backpack and now he wears that backpack. He says the best.

Backpack he’s ever had and so. This power. Of creation. That we now. Have where we can render here he.

Goes yeah, so let’s see if I can pull this up here. It’s not going to open, it’s I’ll get this link here. There we go. This is Paul that I was talking. About here turned his.

IPhone yeah into a start yeah? So use it to design the avocado backpack so I’ll I’ll link. That in there super interesting. Guy and I’m going to do some videos on cop AI which. Is more of a language generation tool but incredibly powerful too. And as you know, just reached $8 million in recurring.

Revenue just insane. Growth on that business as people. Use his his GPT. Sort of enhanced. Technology technology to create content so places and space like we talked.

About interior design. Prototypes and renders and there’s going to be people who are saying, like. You know there’s so many limitations of this, but it’s. Only going to get better, I think of reality. Think of.

The the acceleration. That we’ve had already, where are we going to be in? And you know, not where we going to be in five months? Where are we going to be in two years? Three years?

Especially with the adoption the interest, the value of this technology so. Like amazing, you know actual real examples. There and then. It actually goes into like full blown, like almost tactical step-by-step guides on how to do it, including. Sort of this uncropped and out painting, which has been really.

Popular and then. Also, what we’re? Seeing I’m going to get out of here, yes, is the zooming. Out forever so. Like we’ve seen these videos where it’s.

Like keep. Zooming, zooming, zooming, zooming. And then you’re you’re sort of panning out, and these have now become. These really beautiful videos those are. Becoming popular things online.

People are gonna understand. How to do those best? The two-minute. Papers does an incredible little sort of exploration. Of this, so I’m not going to be able to do it justice the way that he does, but there’s these.

Incredible murals that are being generated. You can see in huge high resolution which is sometimes the limitations of other systems that DALLE has now. Overcome combining images. Blah blah blah. It’s wild. I shouldn’t say blah blah blah blah it’s like blah blah wow is.

What it is and. And then just a showcase at the end. Here, and you know. I just I look at these and I just think holy crap like. Just these are you.

Know creating things like this is something I’ve wanted. To be able to do. My entire. Life and I’ve never been. Able to and now all of a sudden with language, you know that I have deep love.

For keyboards that. I have deep love for and how people doing voice to art that I have. You know I love voice obviously now. With even more of a mental. Model of how to get the output?

That I want I just. Think we are. Empowering a new. Level of creation. That is just absolutely insane and I I I just.

I know there’s. Some challenges here, I think. There’s. A you know a world. That this there’s risk in here.

But I also just I can see the joy. I can see the excitement that. People are getting from this and. I’m. I’m just incredibly.

Grateful for guy. And whoever helped create this maybe more, I don’t. Know it seems like this was sort of. Crowdsource, but then. Guy was the one who.

Originally created it. For putting this out there and helping. People. Achieve the creation. Goals that they that they they.

Have and and. That they want, because I think we’re fulfilling a lot of fantasies and childhood fantasies and goals. And dreams. Of people here, and he’s got some other links and. Further reading some thanks and notes, yeah so.

You know there was lots of people who supported this and friends and and understanding, and you know I’m. I’m just grateful to have a chance to do. I’m going to be. Spending more and more time looking. This I think this will be looked at as like a huge.

Breakthrough moment. And you know, I’m I’m originally. It was July 11th, but it’s been updated. And you know. I’m.

Surprised there’s actually. Not more people. Sharing this out and that’s why I was hoping to amplify it a little bit with this video I’ve seen some valley content go go pretty well, and so you know. I hope. You enjoyed, I got a bunch of links.

Other things here, I don’t even know. Too many things, some of. Them that came directly. From come. Came from directly.

From that prompt book was sort of links and stuff. A. Couple other articles that I’d seen on it just posted a couple of videos that I. Had done on prompt engineering. And then how to get access to dally and then a couple other videos that had taken a look at the DALLE prompt booked. So please feel encouraged to check this out. I’ve got all the links.

Follow guy. You know, make sure that if you’re interested in this stuff, that you’re keeping up to date because I. Think you’re if you’re doing this, you’re going. To have a huge sort of I guess advantage. Or deeper understanding of how to create the images. That you want.

And we’re moving. Towards a fantastical future, this was the mind-blowing. Daley 2 prompt book. Thank you for. Checking this out, I really do appreciate it and I hope you have a great rest of the day. I look forward to, you know, seeing what you’re creating. Look forward to creating.

Some more myself. Thank you so much. Bye bye.


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