“The DALL·E Song” Concept & Demo

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"The DALL·E Song" Concept & Demo

– Had an idea for a fun hip-hop song about DALL-E
– Created a rough demo I’m sharing in this video
– Would love to get feedback and improve
– Will get a professional mix and help with the final music video
– It’d be great to connect with DALLE users and OpenAI

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Weird Dall-E Mini Generations (@weirddalle) / Twitter
HUMBLE – 30$ Unlimited – Hard DaBaby Type Trap Beat by Anywaywell

YouTube Video


Automated Transcription

Hello hello, I hope everything is going well. It’s Tyler bright here. A little bit of a different video today what I did over the weekend I went to the gym for the first time in a little while and I got inspired and for anyone who has been checking out some of the videos. Been doing sharing a lot on Daly was lucky enough to get an invite to happen. You know dying watching these weird Daly mini generations. Just a huge sort of cultural shift that’s happening as this technology is being adapted. And then there was the release with Dahlia. Their million people are being invited and so this is all been sort of playing around with me. Some of the Dolly videos have been more popular and have connected me with people and I just think this is awesome. Time for creativity. And so I got a little inspired and if anyone doesn’t know I used to make a lot of sort of like hip hop songs and stuff like that. And so I actually did that with the Dolly song and the goal was how can I make a song and you can hear a little bit. I’m going to share the screen and react to it. That’s the first time I’ve seen.

This final version, so this is a demo for what I’m calling the Dolly Song and really just sort of a play on what this technology is unlocking us to do. The experience of having access to dally some sort of inside little jokes. If you’re being able to use the platform, and I think maybe just a societal shift that we’re seeing and so couple preambles before I play this, I am not a professional mixer, I’m not a professional video editor. One of the things I’ve struggled with is just to line up. Any of the like you know, parts around just wrapping a little bit with the actual thing, so if my mouth and words are off a little bit, I’m sorry it bothers me too. My goal is to actually make a more professional version of this and actually finalize the music. We don’t have some ideas with some shots that I think would be hilarious and I’m even going to maybe get someone to professionally mix the song, release it properly. So with that in mind, you know have a you know have the critical eye, but this was, you know, this came together.

And you know a couple hours of work after a little bit of inspiration. So that’s my preamble here before I embarrass myself too much. This is the I guess, the premiere of the demo. The concept of the demo of the Dali song, yeah yeah, yeah.


Yeah, yeah. There’s the.

Dolly Song stallion with medallions on an armored most battalion give me anything I want. I’m a rapscallion who needs a vacation. I’m in the valley field of gold with this image generations ain’t got no talent but this my vindication open a out here push imagination fascination got no patience for all this damn inflation so why I’m in the dark typing prompts with my damn keyboard oh look at me look. Got.

Of creativity.

This beautiful damn imagery that dallies out here giving me a bowling alley with floors made of cheese. I want trees made of peas. I want seas made of bees. This is my make believe this is in my wildest dreams reduced to childish things to make some worthless NFT’s. You can do it too come and vibe with me. Just make sure your text prompts have no obscenities.

This the.

Dally Song Stallion with medallions. On an armored multipal yawn, give me anything I want. I’m a rescale. Yan, who needs a vacation. I’m in the valley field of gold with this image generation.

Alright, alright since that was it, I’ll pull this back for a second and you know that is horribly embarrassing to watch, but also it’s kind of fun and I hope that you enjoyed it and again, would love some feedback. Found some fantastic beat. Online shout out to any way. Well awesome awesome song so purchasing that song if I’m actually going to do that. You know actual release of this and I mean if you haven’t checked out B star so amazing way to find beats this I just stumbled across this when they said it was like a hard baby type but as soon as I heard it it had sort of this jovial fun mix to it that I thought was was really exciting. And then you can see here some of the the lyrics that I actually put together. This came together.

You know, pretty quickly once I sort of came up with this concept, and I think there’s some some sort of fun lines in there, and again, very unpolished that version that I just showed you. But I do think there’s a concept here. I think there’s something really fun. I if I had more time or creativity, more people to work with, I think there would be. There’s actually some more of a beautiful way that you could make this where it was like. This is the song to make to to dally with you know to dally too like so this is it’s almost like a imagination generated and then what I’m trying to do so that was just one verse but hit into and you can see you know an incredibly odd thought process here. One second which is less like.

Just like lyrics, basically in the second one all I want to do is get a bunch of lines of just ridiculous things that then Dolly generates. So obviously do have access. I’ve been playing around with it, you can see a bunch of you know files, so there’s this was my trees made of peas. My bowling alley made of cheese and just you know, playing around with that and trying to figure out some some funny ones that I could add for this final verse and then the final verse will just be quick hits with the image generation. Get one more time with the chorus and then bring it. Bring it to a close so it would be great to connect with people who are using dally. If they have any jokes or thoughts or feedback on this or even want to contribute a verse or help or I don’t know. I don’t know exactly how that would work and then I think just open AI general. In general I love what they’re doing. It’s amazing time here. Also, you know wanting to make sure I’m not causing any problems like I think there might be a difference between the Dali song. Is it the Dolly song? Is this or the OR?

Dally song, so I think there’s things to consider there, maybe from sort of a legal perspective or trademark perspective. I know that they sort of turned turned many Dolly to change their name, which was which is now crayon. So you know, I don’t want to cause any problems for that. This is just supposed to be a fun thing that sort of celebrates a cultural moment in advancement in technology that’s being released to people. So I think that’s it. I’m going to keep this video pretty short and go back. Check out the demo if you have any thoughts. Would love to hear from you and just I hope to create.

More of these kind of things beyond just the, you know, the sort of daily standup videos that I’m doing. Have one I think maybe around the All end podcast, which is a huge following and so these little niche things, but where there’s lots of sort of cultural commentary. Blending that with the music. Blending that with the wrapping, having some fun and and then maybe bringing people into those conversations. So that’s it for me. This was my prototype, my demo, my concept for the Dowy song. I hope you like it and hopefully I can get a more polished song version. If you’re interested in mixing it engineering it, let me know. And also a video edit. I have some ideas for like.

You know I’ve got a beach near my house and it’s like I’m at the beach and I’m just like on Dolly just generating images of the beach with the beach right behind me or my partner. Monica is like talking to me or like dancing in front of me and I’m just not paying any attention or my dog’s trying to get my attention. Not or I get hit by a Frisbee, whatever it is. Just you know deep into the dally and I know anyone who have gotten access to the have had that sort of addictive experience where maybe it would abandon these responsibilities to do something else. The other thing I the other line.

A little skeptical of is this like worthless NFT’s line because I don’t think FT’s are actually worthless. I just think it’s a funny thing with everything that’s going on in the market, but it’s not really the person I am. I don’t have that belief. I think there’s actually a lot of value possible here. I just think if I’m creating things with Dolly that there may be worthless. So anyways, this was, I think, a lot of fun and and with this change with Dale, you were able to own this. These images they’re able to commercialize them, and so I think this is.

Idea for the Dolly song with the video where it all sort of aggregates together for this sort of hilarious creative output. I hope you see the vision. I hope you like it even with a bit raw with the minimal talent that I have, I enjoyed making this. It was a lot of fun and I hope you have a good rest of the day like comment. Subscribe to all those things. Having feedback. Send me a message. Appreciate everyone who checks out this stuff.

Even one.

Is a little bit different, even when it’s the stuff you know you get to share a little bit more about yourself. I’m more comfortable sharing who I am and the stuff that I love to do in this I think. It’s just a really fun step for me, so thank you very much. Have a great rest of the day. Bye bye.


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