Why Marketers Don’t Yet Fully Rely On AI-Generated Content

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Why Marketers Don’t Yet Fully Rely On AI-Generated Content

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We are seeing a flood of marketers and SEO talking about how to use OpenAI’s GPT/ChatGPT/Jasper/Copy.ai to create content briefs, headline ideas, FAQs and other content-related tasks.

What I’m not yet seeing is people relying solely on these engines for the full creation of content from conception to publishing.

I believe this is why:

1. Ability To Rank

SEOs and marketers don’t believe that AI-generated content can rank in top positions on Google, especially in competitive niches.

2. Risks Of Penalization

They don’t want to be penalized by search engines for creating AI-generated content which can go against the Terms of Service.

3. Misinformation, Content Quality & Brand Damage

There is an overall risk of misformation and content quality that can lead to brand tarnishing and poor conversion.

4. Negative Connotations

There are negative societal and cultural connotations to relying on AI for content creation. It is not seen as valid, pure and ethical.

What If These Blockers Are Removed?

If these blockers are removed, I believe a large percentage of marketers and SEOs would use these engines for the entire process.

Many teams are relying on content farms and paying sub-optimal wages to outsourced writers to create content that is just slightly above the quality threshold to rank on search engines.

Some teams are already using these engines to write the first version and then getting another engine to rewrite that content so they can get past the detection in point 2.

The truth is, a lot of us are creating not because we want to create but because we have to create.

These engines reward constant, fresh content. We’re already seeing many creators burn out trying to publish at a rapid clip so they can be rewarded by the algorithms.

If we look at the exponential pace of improvement and these four blockers are eliminated, I believe we will see a tsunami of automated creation that displaces not only content farms but quality creators.

I guess my belief here is that many marketers don’t really care about the content they are creating and are being incentivized to drive impressions, clicks and conversions.

If you could successfully acquire customers and build an amazing business without paying a bunch of marketers and writers to create content I am guessing you would 😂

While the current quality of content from these engines doesn’t always accommodate that, the output will continue to improve at a rapid speed.

We are heading toward a state where it may not make sense for marketers to create themselves.

More weight will be put into “prompt engineering” and deciding what content to create – but at some point, Semrush, Ahrefs and other tools will integrate these engines to enable competitive analysis, research, and content ideas all the way to publishing (and even optimization post-publishing).

When that happens, the role marketers and creators play may diminish or even disappear. What does that leave for us to do?

Maybe over-dramatizing here but that is why I shared and am looking for some other perspectives like yours!


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