Why You Should Start Using Speak Ai Right Now

Why You Should Start Using Speak Ai Right Now

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Why You Should Start Using Speak Ai Right Now

In this live learning I am trying to understand how can I effectively communicate to amazing people like you why you should start using Speak Ai right now. So aggressive right? I’ve never really enjoyed sales but for the first time in my life, I just believe in something and see the value and truly hope to help myself and other people understand what an opportunity we have with this method of self-reflection, documenting, and using technology for good.

In this audio session, I try to explain the value of what we are building, what our mission is, and work through some human pains and needs to see if there are ways to increase the urgency that people feel to incorporating not just our product but our methodology into their lives. This is hard 😂

The interactive player and the transcript below are automatically generated by Speak Ai after I record into it. Please feel encouraged to give it a try! It is completely free to sign up. Thank you as always. I hope you like my thoughts on why you should start using Speak Ai right now:


30 Keywords

No. Keyword Frequency
1 people 16
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3 understand 10
4 grow 7
5 learn 7
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14 feel 4
15 mission 4
16 work 4
17 pain 4
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14 Topics

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6 Learning 3
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11 Genres of poetry 1
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14 Businesspeople 1

Transcript (Timestamped & Unedited):

8 min read (1501 Words)

So I just did another note on Speaker Ryan Sessions. The difference between them and I felt the limitation of only having 10 minutes on the Android, but I’m giving myself a self imposed deadline here. I’m walking back to the apartment, it’s 12:10. It’s a late night and I’m just going for a nice walk and so hot and warm out and got some wonderful thoughts down here that I’m very

excited about. This continues sort of live learning and I don’t know why I said it like that. Shouldn’t say it like that and.

Is you know part of myself trying to share a little bit more and work through some things and actually tap into a collective intelligence collective intelligence and learn and grow and and try to improve myself while sharing my journey while sharing with others and trying to understand this world around us.

You can see I’m rocking to trono. We got some people banging some tunes here.

Hope you enjoy. This is the type of bread and audio experience. If you’re reading this text, you have no idea what I’m talking about and this is a continued thread. But what is that thinks? I’m trying to think about it more serious topic is speaking Carissa talk about sessions interchangeably. Amusingly sometimes.

The question is how do we? How do we set an alarm going off? How do we? Make. Not make force.

How do we? How do we like get people to understand what we’re doing here? And in a way that compels them to watch the test it to want to sign up, want to use it? Want to support the company? The mission that we’re on, and. This is something I really have tried to build this with. This idea of collective intelligence and just consciousness in the work smarter together as people. And if we can tap into our own deeper States and higher states that there’s so much beauty that can be brought from it and so much potential.

And actually doing that. I’m trying to. Figure that out and I hope that’s a worthwhile mission, and I’m trying to explain that and and show that to people the best way I can. It’s a really difficult task, and so I’m asking myself how. Can we not only describe? An amazing opportunity, a solution with what we’re trying to build and what we are building. What we have built in what is so valuable already. But how can we also?

Make that. Seem urgent and it is urgent like This Is This is change my own life so much. Not just not the product that we’re building. Of course that is it. Not like it has been the project building, but it’s that the methodology behind it. It’s a self reflective process. It’s the tapping into the information, grabbing it and this powerful way,

digitally analyzing it, transcribing and then be able to navigate through it. Move through those moments and learn and quickly iterate and grow. Sometimes I can’t get that. Crossing I need things like this to walk and talk and to even sometimes get an express truly how much this means to me. And how much? I hope it will mean to others were already seeing this sometimes, but there’s still so much more that needs to be done in.

There’s a lot of things I think about just positioning and what what you’re actually trying to do as a company and. I. I’m still learning. A lot this is again live learning so. What I’m asking myself is of course, what are our needs as people? Because a lot of things that we built were just sort of ideas that came out of our own minds.

And of course, I had a feel of a good feeling of what people needed in marketing and. And not even just a marketing. Marketing was more a lens for communication and solving problems with people and trying to make and use psychology to help people have better experiences in all these things.

And. I saw the needs there.

I saw the challenges. I saw the pain and I built a system that could accommodate that,

but I wanted to go beyond that.

I wanted this self analytic system is self analysis ability to increase our own self awareness through technology. This technology for good for mental health and well-being. All these. Opportunities were there. And so we started to build. For that we did build for that,

and now we’ve got what we believe is again very valuable. But because we’ve added so many layers and things into it. It’s not like we’re going for one small pain and a microcosm of a of a moment or a workflow. If someone was trying to be a larger optimizer. If someone’s whole life and hopefully maybe organisations, whole lives and or whole teams, and the way that they work and how they help capture inspiration and help people get into flow States and work and grow and listen and learn and gain self-awareness and understand themselves better. Those are what we’re trying to figure out,

and that is urgent. We need this. We’ve got challenges ahead of us. So many things going on. There’s so much information created everyday. How can we capture that animation information? How can we analyze the understand it? Use that to our benefit so we can grow and learn together and try to push our world, our planet, our consciousness, our community in the right in the right way.

Like a. Spoken word artist there.

Slam poetry guys. But it’s just something I know I have that you know more than just logical processing and business cases. That’s not what I care about.

It’s not why I’m doing this, it’s this passion. It’s just knowledge. Is this understanding that I’ve seen some darkness, and I’ve talked to other people, have seen darkness and the system that they used to not only just get out of the dark moment, but then elevate to get past the darkness,

but then grow even beyond that to grow further too. To optimize revising live purposeful meaning lives lived to our true full human potential. That’s what we’re trying to do in, of course, are what we’ve got right now is valuable.

We know there so far to go, but. To build these things, we need people to buy and we need to understand what we’re trying to do to value what we’re trying to do,

and support us whether signing up and using our app or financially or or helping us with developing or thought leadership are thinking or designing or whatever it is.

All of that is so important and crucial for actually going to be successful and hopefully harness this and actually use technology for good use. Data for good.

Ah. Please ways that we can look at people’s pain in what they need and what and how their suffering.

and I have shared this in another article,

but the deer was really fascinating to me.

That people have primal pains and suffering, and if those things are very urgent, sometimes food, water survival, shelter, money, those things are very.

Very primal in a way. Maybe money is not, but the other part is imposed,

so the example was productivity. Productivity is something that we feel like we need to do,

not, maybe necessarily because of the way we were born,

but because culture has imposed in our family imposed I don’t understand. So we feel this need to always be on always producing. Always, always creating, always doing something. And. I’m trying to take that knowledge and understanding too.

Help. Communicate in affective, weighed the urgency, actually believe in trying to. At least not user technology. Use that reflective. A mindset in a in a way of documenting and journaling to really help understand yourself better and grow.

He’s not the. The greatest Idol, but found something very fascinating. Jeff Bezos said to Terry said he’s creating Amazon. He didn’t necessarily. Look to the future.

He looked to the past. He looked to what humans have always done.

It always wanted to do in started understanding how much people had written and how much people had red and how that was never going to go away. and I think that’s really beautiful. What things are we doing?

That’s PKI sessions that. The taps into that. In a great way. Powerful primal way. And I want to do that with out manipulating people. I want to just communicate and share, and anyone who knows me knows I’m not doing this for business, I’m.

Something if it was just that I wouldn’t be doing it and I’m just. Really hopeful that I can show this creation to the world and that you will enjoy it and then I can communicate in a way that people see the beauty and they can see it. It quickly in in want to sign up with wanna support and want to help us grow. The question here was. How can? We make people see the value of what we’re building right now, and I’m just exploring that this is just a quick walk for some inspiration and I’ll continue to exploit us and share.

Thank you again for joining me here.

There’s any thoughts you have?

Any ideas? Any things that you see from an outside that we can’t see and it needs to be communicated for what we’re doing to be fully comprehend in building

out that mission? Better building out that vision, better sharing it. Feel encouraged to connect where I know I’m not going to stop on this mission. This is too much. Too important to me in.

I’m. I’m thankful for everyone who is gonna see this far. Thank you.

Additional Thoughts

Raw productivity.

Does that sound gross or not 😂? It’s true. That’s one of the reasons I started working on this. I saw inefficiencies everywhere in a lot of processes for content creation, marketing and communication and I wanted to use the latest technology to help.

Insights into yourself.

We’re literally trying to help with self-awareness and emotional intelligence, some of the most important skills we can have in this day and age. I will not back down on that lol.

Turn audio and video to text almost immediately.

There is so much audio and video information generated each day. Speak Ai can turn that into text that can be interacted with and exported to different documents. Powerful stuff for someone managing lots of media and trying to make those assets more valuable.

Thank you for live learning with me!

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