How To Find Valuable Trends With Exploding Topics

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Episode Summary

– Co-founded by the incredible SEO expert Brian Dean of Backlinko (sold to SEMrush)
– Pros and cons of the platform Exploding Topics
– How to pair Exploding Topics with Google Trends, Keyword Planners and more


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Automated Transcription

Alright hello. Hello Tyler, Bryden here. I hope everything’s going well. They wanna talk about something. I love super excited about which is exploding topics and for some context here I create YouTube videos. Great content. Have a software company where I try to reach a bigger audience. Hope those people. You know, as you use the products that pay for the product, I grow the business. We can do more fun stuff. We make better content, all the stuff just sort of snowballs and snowballs. And I’ve been pretty consistently creating specifically through Tyler Briden YouTube channel recently. But starting to do some more stuff with PKI as well too. And what then becomes really important is for you to identify topics, trends, themes that are relevant to that are popular that are taking off, and ideally they’re taking off. But maybe there’s not that much content on it yet, and so if you find that sort of sweet.

Thought of opportunity. You can create good content, good quality of content, rank for that content and be the results when people start searching for it. And if you see that it is on an upward trajectory you can hit that at the right time and see some substantial growth. And I’ve actually seen a couple sort of examples of that specifically talking about Dali image generation and some stuff about why Combinator, where again very popular both of these things, but maybe not as much content there to serve the questions that people have. And so a fantastic opportunity.

Whether your personal, uh, you’re creating personally, or if you’re a business as well, trying to create content. And So what? I wanted to walk through is exploding topics a little bit of a how to guide how to find trends before they take off with exploding topics. And there are a really good sort of baseline, I think, and I’m not actually subscribed to the Pro, so there’s a disclaimer there and limitation to what I can do specifically with this and what I’m going to do in this video here. But what I was also hoping to show is like, once you’ve identified something that’s relevant and interesting.

You know how can you validate that? And and then push forward with actually creating content. I’m not gonna get into the content creation part, but I’ll get into at least validating that. It’s a worthwhile piece here, and so we’ve got exploding topics for a little bit of reference. Created originally by and cofounded by Brian Dean, Brian Dean is incredible SEO thought leader expert. He was originally sort of the creator of Backlinko, which was like tactical guides on how to rank on SEO on how to do some incredible things there. I think it’s sort of.

Shows and the traffic that he gets through through through backlinko and then even on his YouTube channel. Here almost 500,000 subscribers. I am one of them. Proud to be and you know, even though he’s creating. Like not even created a year. He’s still, you know he’s still getting, you know, hundreds of thousands of views on lots of his videos. And because they’re so well done, I think that that makes a lot of sense. So I’ve got lots of links to him. I’ve got his actual him following him on LinkedIn. I’ve got his actual Twitter blah blah blah all this stuff. So all that’s included in here just to give you a little bit of context and the credibility that goes into exploding topics and why this was great. The other part that I wanted to touch on is like.

A lot of you know people might be familiar with Google Trends, Google Trends, fantastic tool. Obviously surfacing through searches that are coming on Google and then they’re grouping them in many different ways. To allow you to find those trends, and I think it’s a very powerful tool in its own right, I think they can be run in parallel. I think they can supplement each other and overall there are some gaps that exploring topics has. And then there’s some gaps that Google trends have, and I think they’re very complementary if you’re trying to do this sort of trend identification analysis, understanding where it is in its life cycle of popularity, and then you can then make decisions on content or just in business in general, or personal creation. Whatever you actually doing.

With that information, so I’ll hop back to actually just the about page on here, which is obviously looking at here. Help investors and entrepreneurs find exploding trends before they take off. I think that’s maybe where they’ve focused down on their maybe value prop to the companies. But or to these two groups, but they do a lot more than that. You can see some of the companies that use them and then they’re trying to identify trends before their trends. So a trendspotting algorithm identifies under the radar industries products categorized months or years before they take off.

Fantastic, sounds great. Now let’s go into the main interface and anyone can view this. You don’t have to be a Pro member to actually view this information and immediately one thing that’s really interesting is always sorts by default by past five years, but then you can sort by different time periods. I believe if you export to pro, which I have not done, so there is some limitations on what I’m doing here which take a quick look at pro to see what the actual advantages are of it. Not seeing it there we go weekly trend, full trends, database reports, library trends search. So a little bit more real time access some API access, some trend alert etc. 47 per month. So pretty reasonable on that. And if you investor which I don’t know a little bit more pieces here in $97.00 a month I’m sure this is a pretty profitable software business because it’s not costing them that much to. You know, scrape and and get all this information. It’s text data and and readily available for them. But I digress.

I’ll hop back into what I’m looking at here and then what’s nice, so they’ve got it by time period. And obviously this is something that’s interesting you. So if we hop into a year, we’re going to see a different one. And Tik T.O.K ads extremely, you know, I have a friend at a company hashtag paid who’s benefiting off this. We can see in the past one year we can see the growth we can see if I expand this. If I say pass five years, huge growth if we look all the way back and you can see it really starting to actually come together in 2000. Yeah late, yeah, yeah 2019.

9600% growth 96. Yeah, 100% growth and then some related topics that go along with it. So some supplemental insights that are really valuable. I think and fascinating. Great first look. The other piece here is that you can then hop into different categories if you’re interested in it. So for example, I’m talking about marketing in marketing. I like marketing. Here’s a couple other things that are now trending, so we’re looking at the past year and we can start to see interesting. Here’s some stuff that is really growing, so AI content.

This is what I’m, you know, this is what I’ve been seeing and I’ve been benefiting from this from a little bit of a content creation piece. Here you can see 222% growth in the past year, and then if I want to go to the past 10 years, almost 1600% growth a huge spike in the last few months. And you know, to me it doesn’t necessarily say that’s exactly but Daly. Some of this image generation stuff would be connected with this as well as GPT 3 and copy generation etcetera etcetera. So there’s a lot of.

You know quickly, based on the topic or the industry you’re interested in, you can go ahead and pull those out very quickly. I think I’ve got. I’ve already see this. Let’s type in Dali just to see. I don’t know if this is actually gonna work and if it if it don’t no so it’s pre populating the searches. So that is 1 limitation at least in here in this version. And then you can see that it’s actually asking to add a topic so there is an add a topic to look up for me. Obviously in the psychedelic is one that I always love.

It’s kind of. Let’s see if we have second out there. We go. 2nd Alex therapy. Let’s go that past five years there we go. We can see even in the last while you know, I’m guessing maybe a little bit of corresponding. This is interesting. You can start to see maybe events that would accelerate. This would be how to change your mind by Michael Pollan’s Netflix documentary. So then there’s been a huge spike since, so that’s fantastic. There is a newsletter so newsletter is available with exploding topics. I do recommend it. I follow it, super interesting and just sort of curate.

Things to you here. The part that I wanted to sort of show. Which is great. Now I know hey I’m Tyler, I’m wanting to create content on my other, creating it for myself at, you know, at and and if I go back one second here or I’m creating for PKI the software business. So which one? Which one is really interesting to me both? I’m going to use this as an example and I’m going to say, OK, fascinating AI content. It’s growing, especially in the last five years. I think there’s an opportunity here, it’s spiking right now, and I know there’s lots of corresponding.

Topics with it, what I would say is 1 tool that I can’t really show you because it requires too much sensitive information and it’s sort of frustrating the way that they’ve done it. Google Keyword Planner plug-in for example. AI content into Google keyword planner and then what you’re going to do is get. You know, basically get how many people are searching for this. The exact so this is where Google starts to supplement this information. How many people are searching for this? What is the competitive landscape escape? Is it high competition? Is it low competition? Is how much would it cost for me to advertise on on the top of the page kind of thing so it’s going to give me some understanding of that search term. I’m going to go into here though and I hope Sam Rush. Usually I’m actually paying for SCM Rush, but I’m off it right now, you little, you little guy here, let me let me see if I can.

Quickly log in and then I’ll show you. Hopefully I can get a search. For you here, just to show you some of the results and then how you can then curate. How you can sort of take what exposing topics is giving you and then. Make sure that it’s actually worthwhile. Plus, find some supplemental insights on how to do it. I just saw my hair, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for anyone who is watching this. It’s a little better now here. So now I have typed in. I’m in United States and I’m on desktop. I typed in AI content and I can see you know the volume is actually surprisingly low on SEM rushes tool. Semrush however you want to say it again. Backlinko sold to Semrush. Brian Dean sold to Semrush.

This connection here, but you know, I wonder where all this information is coming and then how accurate it all is. That’s one thing to consider. And then they’re showing you just so you can sort of close out this chapter of sort of how to find trends before they take off with exploding topics, and then hopefully execute on them so I can see the volume specifically in the United States. On desktop it can decide mobile versus probably for going worldwide we could. We would see that bigger trend. Overall you can see the global volume, but one point 4K specifically, typing in AI content and and then we’ve got a commercial intent, so they want to investigate brands or service. This is a great little application at Semrush is added in.

Sort of labeling is, it’s just someone looking for information or someone actually wanting to buy something. So fantastic way to understand that. And then we’ve also got results. So 2.9 billion results. If you type this type this in, you can see sort of even a preview of the search engine results page to see some of the results in the top ranking results, and then you can sort of break those down. See why they’re valuable pieces of content and then replicate and then continue to add on top to make it more valuable. You can also see here cost per click, so cost per.

768 So it’s going to cost you quite a bit if you actually want to advertise on the on the term. So if you have the budget, fantastic move forward, start advertising on it. If not, you maybe want to create some content and high quality content and whether it’s video whether it’s written content, you have a couple of pieces to move forward with them. What I really love about some rush is the way they’ve broke it down, which is keyword variation. So you know, once you add up all the volume of all of these, I’m sure that it’s going to start to start to add up to quite a bit of volume that you’re going to see.

The other one that I like is that it damn it didn’t let me do my control. Let me see if I can go back here as well too, but. It’s also giving you which questions basically So what there’s other questions. That people are literally asking around this topic, and if you’re interested in this, you can literally. I would say supplement this creative video or create content for each one of these questions. Now that you know it’s something that you’re focused on and you know that people are asking questions. And again you don’t know.

Like it’s showing low volume, generally I find that the volume is actually sometimes lower, but often lots of times higher than what it is. Let me see if I can find. So what is content AI? That’s a general question a little bit more informational. It doesn’t have the intent because the volume is not high enough, but that would be informational. And then you’ve got the keyword difficulty, which in this case let me see if I can just pull back. Sorry here.

No sorry, let me pop off this screen here just so I can see. What I want to go back and actually show you is the competition, the competition level there so that you can see an actual one in detail where it has it. So I’m going to view all. Pop this up. Sorry, a little bit of switching around here.

Promise this will be worthwhile. Maybe I should say that maybe I’m wrong. Here we go beautiful, so you’ve now there we go. So AI content generation, commercial intent. So that’s someone who actually wants to use an AI content generator. You’ve got the volume. How many people are searching for it in this specific United States where there are the trend so spiked up a little bit appears to be spiking again the keyword difficulty. So what’s really interesting is how difficult this content is, then allows you to understand. Hey, should I create content about this or not, or how much of a battle is this actually going to be? And then you’ve also got the cost per click so.

And generally you look for things that are under 50. It actually gives you here. If it’s 55%, you will need to have 33 referring domains and optimized content to compete here, so that’s actually relatively low. But you can start to see some of these other terms. AI content writer, much more competitive and so then you know, OK, maybe I need to do some work. Or maybe you need to have a high domain authority site or YouTube channel to be able to execute on this. Then that cost per click could be expensive. You’re seeing the actual results you can see and open up and see the results.

In that page there for that query and so this gives you a lot of heads up analysis and you’ve gone from exploding topics. Specifically, we had one around. Way too many tabs open here. There we go. AI content. We started with this we see that it’s spiking past five years. Significant jump we know some related topics and then now we’re drilling down into semrush and understanding is you know what other questions are people asking about this. What variations of keywords, what are related keywords? What is the competition level? What is the total volume? Is the intent commercial or is it informational and you can use that to sort of supplement the journey of content that you want to be on and then we can also see you know the actual top ranking.

Websites here, so we’ve got for example AI tools for content strategy, search engine, journal. So these are some awesome websites that have always done really good at ranking. Here I’ll pull up a couple of these and include them in the resources just so you can sort of see all the way through. And I look at these and I say, wow, I need to create a good website page for this if I want to compete or I need to create a really good video for this. And sometimes I’m good at that sometimes I’m not. I’m doing my best and I know that you are as well too and we can see very quickly that these look very in-depth. They’ve got nice links.

This hyperlink screenshots these are good reads for anyone who is interested in this with nice references phrase fantastic website doing some really interesting stuff and so you can see they’ve just plugged and pumped content out and now you have some ideas for your own content, but you also have sort of the competition or the quality level that you need to reach to produce that and then you can do the same thing, sort of from the YouTube perspective here, which now there are tools for. You too, I’m not going to get into that today just because they already coming for time. But sorry, click through again and content just to make sure I’ve got the right term but always recommend doing. AI content and seeing what’s there. So we’ve got top ranking videos specifically for this. And just like you’re looking at the website pages and seeing how is this content good, you’re going to have to do the same thing for this if you’re going to want to see your videos ranking up here and getting the traffic that you want to do so, I’m using this process myself. It’s working in many cases. I’ve actually seen some benefits of it because I’ve hit a couple of topics at the right time. I’m not even doing it in that systematic.

Give away yet, but you know I’ve seen Dolly as I said, why Combinator Bloom? This one just went live when I did this, so this has benefited. Burning Man is is starting to peak because Burning Man is coming up and people are looking for a collision conference at the time. And so if you do identify those trends, you identify those themes even if they’re micro and niche related to you. You can capitalize on those, make good content that is at the core level. You need to make good content and then and then publish that and hopefully reap some of the benefits. And I think if you do this in a systematic way.

Were you identify these trends that are underserved, create high quality content around it and you really do have a chance. You’re increasing your likelihood of success and I think that’s what we’re all trying to do here, so this has been toddler Brighton checking out how to find trends before they take off with exploding topics. I hope you like this video. If you did like comment subscribe, help me with those algorithms, send me a message. I always appreciate hearing from you. This has been a ton of fun creating this video and just glad to share some insights from the process that I’m on. Learn it, put it into action. I’ll continue to keep you updated.

On the journey and would love to have the same for you. Send me a message alright. Thank you very much. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Bye bye.


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