Tyler Bryden

I have always loved music.  I got my first microphone and DAW when I was 14. Life takes you in multiple directions but writing and wanted to create great music has always been a constant. 

Past Releases (Also known as Brydzy)

All The Best (2015 EP)

In 2015, after a difficult couple years, I put together a release called “All The Best.” I never truly promoted it, but it is amazing to see the impact it has had on the people who have listened. So thank you.

The Recommended Listen

Out of all the songs I have done, everyone has always loved this one the most. It’s even got it’s own wonderful Spanish fanbase.


First Single off the EP titled “All the Best”.

All We Can See It (Freestyle)

A freestyle as part of a couple releases during April when I focused on releasing some content. 

Classified #TheCanadianClassicTour Submission

Thanks again for putting this together Classified. Much love and respect. Enjoy the tour!


I am trying to build a great life for myself and the people around me. I hope that one day that includes music. 

For now, I continue to write and create. I’m also learning the piano a little bit. If you are interested in making awesome music too let’s connect and see if we can make something happen.


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