Pyschedelics Advocate

I struggled with childhood trauma and a sense of purposelessness after finishing my competitive hockey career. When other strategies and treatments didn’t work, I turned to plant medicine. Like many of us who have had the privilege to experience psychedelics, I sensed immediate changes that have continued to improve my life to this day.

I truly believe this is the next frontier in helping people become happier, healthier, and more empathetic. I’ve dedicated myself to the mental health and psychedelics space in several ways:

I own which has a large focus on helping improve the research on psychedelic experiences through extracting insights from audio, video and text. The software can also help with marketing and knowledge mobilization to improve public awareness, sentiment, and policy.

Additionally, I own which helps nonprofits increase their awareness and support through Google Grants and gives them $10,000 USD a month in free Google Ads! I want to help psychedelic nonprofits amplify their message using this program. For one example, I helped MAPS Canada get approved.

I also started the first Psychedelic Community in London, Ontario which has grown quickly and been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We’ve held several successful events including an introduction evening, an open mic, and screenings of Fantastic Fungi and DOSED. If you are interested or want to contribute please check it out:

I also own several other domains for this work: (not yet live) (not yet live)

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