Tumblr and WordPress Selling Data To Midjourney and OpenAI

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Episode Summary

In this insightful video, Tyler Bryden explores the recent developments in the digital world and their implications for the future of AI and data monetization. Key highlights include:

Breaking News: Tumblr and WordPress are reportedly preparing to sell user data to Midjourney and OpenAI, sparking discussions in the tech community.

Personal Connection: Tyler shares his long-standing relationship with WordPress and its significant role in his professional journey, highlighting the platform’s impact on his success.

Data Privacy Concerns: The video delves into the challenges of data privacy and control, questioning the transparency of data usage and the rights of users.

AI and Proprietary Data: The importance of exclusive data for AI model training is discussed, along with the competitive advantages it brings.

Open Source vs. Business Models: Tyler reflects on the open-source nature of WordPress and the potential shift towards more business-oriented models in the face of evolving digital landscapes.

Future Trends: The video speculates on the future of content licensing and the role of AI in reshaping media consumption and creation.

Community Feedback: Tyler invites viewers to share their thoughts and concerns about the changes in WordPress and Tumblr, and the broader implications for the digital community.


Tumblr and WordPress to Sell Users’ Data to Train AI Tools

Hacker News

Tumblr’s owner is striking deals with OpenAI and Midjourney for training data, says report – The Verge

Jason Koebler on X: “NEW from @samleecole: Tumblr and WordPress are preparing to sell user data to Midjourney and OpenAI, according to internal documentation we’ve reviewed https://t.co/vqpzbCmAZZ” / X

Tumblr, WordPress Announce User Data Sales for AI Training: Privac…

Exclusive: Reddit in AI content licensing deal with Google | Reuters

Reddit has struck a $60 Million deal with Google to Use its content for training AI models : google

Reddit has struck a $60 Million deal with Google to Use its content for training AI models
byu/Yazzdevoleps ingoogle

Google is reportedly Reddit’s $60 million per year AI content licensing customer. – The Verge

Reddit has struck a $60 Million deal with Google to Use its content for training AI models : Bard

Reddit has struck a $60 Million deal with Google to Use its content for training AI models
byu/Yazzdevoleps inBard

Automattic – Making the web a better place


How to Thrive in an AI World, Tips for Life’s Darkest Hours, & The Art of Sabbaticals (4K) – YouTube

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Join Tyler Bryden as he navigates the complexities of the digital age and the evolving landscape of AI and data. Share your thoughts in the comments and engage in this important conversation about the future of technology and privacy.

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