I’m Tyler Bryden. I help people, businesses, and nonprofits grow.



Need some help with marketing? I specialize in customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization. If you are looking to grow, let’s chat.

Studio & Video

I have my own studio based out of Innovation Works. With advanced equipment we are ready to create great content anytime. 

Professional Speaking

An experienced corporate trainer and workshop facilitator with a 100% recommendation record, hire me for practical strategies and inspiring talks.


Always a hip-hop head, I’ve created music for over 10 years. I continue to appreciate, create, discuss, and promote music. Connect if you do too.


I’m deeply experienced with WordPress applications. I’m recently beginning more complex software applications too. Give me a shout.


Speak is a new project I am working on. It revolves around speech analytics. If you’re interested, let’s chat and see if there’s something there.

You Do What you do.

I’ll help you Succeed.

If you want to reach the right people at the right time, shoot me a message.

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Why Tyler?

I work very hard at what I do. I love it. I’ve been doing this for several years now and have dedicated my life to growing my own business and helping others grow theirs. If you are interested in building your vision, let’s connect.


Discover some of the most recent content and insights I’ve documented on my journey.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

I love PPC because of the speed, control, and ability to optimize quickly based on results. It's goofy I know, but the first time I knew I loved marketing was watching Matthew McConaughey in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". In the movie, Matthew is working on all these...

Live Looping With The Boss RC-300

Live Looping With The Boss RC-300

I am pumped to have a new piece of gear for audio and music production. The Boss RC-300 is a loop pedal that allows you to instantly playback what you just created. It is widely used for guitar, voice, and midi piano but works with most instruments. I got the RC-300...

Drink A Cup Of Water As Soon As You Wake Up

Drink A Cup Of Water As Soon As You Wake Up

After a difficult period in my life where I gained a ton of weight, I have now lost over 80 pounds and rebuilt muscle mass. More than that, I've rediscovered confidence and love for my body, for sports,for exercise, and for health. When I gained all the weight I...

My Skills

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  • UX Design – 85%
  • Marketing – 87%
  • Speaking & Training – 85%
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Currently, I run SixFive, a community-driven company that works with both businesses and nonprofits. We have provided marketing, website design and optimization for over 55 organizations.


UX Design




From Our Clients

I’ve worked with a lot of great people and businesses. Here are just some of them. Contact me to join a great group of happy clients.
“SixFive have been extremely easy to work with and have helped us understand how online marketing and ads work.” Andrew Lutowicz

Owner, Verto360

“SixFive contributed greatly to the success of our National Forest Week marketing activities including the striking design of our Hug Me Promotion posters seen all across London and the full production of an amazing video which captured people’s love for trees and the spirit of National Forest Week. I highly recommend SixFive and their talented people.” Sheila Creighton

Partnerships & Marketing Manager, ReForest London

“Tyler was great at asking questions to nail down exactly what I was looking for in my marketing strategies. He was well informed and had lots of terrific ideas. ”

Wanda Davis

Founder, Elements of Healing

“Tyler has really gone above and beyond in his work for me. Not only has his company done a great job, they have also educated me about various topics related to web design. His team is great and I foresee big things in the future for SixFive.” Joseph James Francis

Owner & Financial Advisor, Budget Boss

I’ve Proudly Worked With

I’ve Proudly Worked With



201 King Street

London, Ontario

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