Jasper Raises $125 Million At A $1.5 Billion Valuation For Its AI Content Platform

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Episode Summary

– Jasper leverages AI to generate content for blog articles, social media posts, website copy and more.
– Have secured a $125 million series A funding round at a $1.5 billion valuation
– Led by global software investor Insight Partners and joined by other leading firms including Coatue, Bessemer Venture Partners, IVP, Foundation Capital, Founders Circle Capital, HubSpot Ventures and more
– Like that Jasper is giving every customer 10,000 to 150,000 free credits
– Great Twitter thread about how long of a journey this has been
– Dave Rogenmoser, J.P. Morgan and Chris Hull are Y Combinator alumni who had founded Proof
– Built the platform from OpenAi’s GPT-3
– Copy.ai, WriteSonic, Peppertype, Wordtune and Simplified are competitors
– Have introduced Jasper Art for image generation
– Crossover investors between Jasper and Stable Diffusion
– Share challenges with copyright, ethics, intellectual property and more
– “We are a hypergrowth company that is also focused on profitability”
– Jasper has more than 70,000 customers and generated $40 million in revenue last year
– The company expects to end 2022 with over double that revenue at $90 million

Other Insights

Jasper AI (incorporated as Jasper AI ltd) competes with companies like Wordtune, Copy.ai and more to automatically generate marketing copy using natural language generation. Jasper apparently has almost $40 million in recurring revenue and is trending towards $90 million which is insane growth. They have business customers from all over the world.

Paul Yacoubian from Copy.ai recently raised a round with a large copy.ai valuation that is not fully known but was was funded by great firms like Craft Ventures, Tiger Global, Wing Ventures and more.

How did we go from NYC to GPT? There has been a huge shift in the AI world and it is penetrating marketing brining companies like Jasper AI and copy.ai to entirely new heights.

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