Personal Goals For 2023

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Personal Goals For 2023


Personal Goals

10,000 Subscribers By the End Of 2023

Getting eligible for YouTube monetization In 2022 is the first step milestone toward this goal. YouTube monetization is 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watched content, and no active community strikes. YouTube monetization was actually the original goal for this but I had that as a goal in 2022 that failed. Based on the data, I should reach YouTube monetization eligibility in early to mid-2022.

At the end of July 2022, I started consistently creating Youtube videos. Since then, the YouTube channel has had over 70,000 views and currently has just under 700 subscribers,

I’ve got a lot of work to get to the quality that I want but overall it’s been a valuable experience that has helped me grow, connected with me great people, built a personal brand, and given me a feedback loop of learning.


I am almost at this goal. To do this, I need to improve my video quality

Here is what I need to do to achieve this:

  1. Improve video quality (sound, camera, background,
  2. Get a green screen, white screen, and black screen setup
  3. Write scripts before filming
  4. Hire a video editor
  5. Create intro and outro graphics
  6. Create clips and original content for TikTok
  7. Create better banners, descriptions, titles, and thumbnails


  1. A trip to India at the start of the year could disrupt filming
  2. Running out of ideas and inspiration to continue creating
  3. Doing content that gives me copyright strikes or content bans
  4. Poor research and decision-making around content

Stretch Goal: 100,000 Subscribers By the End Of 2023

I think I would have to figure out almost everything above quickly and effectively to get this done while getting some serious love from the algorithms.

I’ve seen an old friend Nicole Coenen who is a beautiful spirit, excellent video creator, and storyteller creating content on TikTok and reaching a surprisingly massive scale in a short period of time. I haven’t figured out how to make high-quality shorts yet but doing that for both YouTube and TikTok along with other checkboxes on the list above could make this improbable but feasible.

Invest 10% of earnings each month

While I am not starting to accumulate some money I am still not doing a good enough job investing that money. In 2023, I want to build a clear financial strategy to invest money and set myself up for a good future.


  1. Find the right financial advisor
  2. Make an actionable plan
  3. Put the investments on autopilot so it automatically comes out of my account


  1. Failure to proceed with investing
  2. Data overwhelm and decision paralysis

Make over $10,000 CAD a month after taxes

I’ve achieved this milestone several times in flux states as my companies SixFive and Speak Ai have grown and then struggled in different market conditions. However, I have a goal to achieve this consistently. Right now, I am predicting close achievement of this goal but not surpassing it in 2023.

It will take certain events and changes to achieve this goal without compromising the business integrity of Speak Ai. Depending on the start of the year, this goal may need to be reevaluated.


  1. Make more sales at Speak Ai
  2. Successfully raise investment
  3. Diversify income generation through content, real estate, and other investments
  4. Optimize how I accept, invest, and use my capital for return on investment and taxes


If I am unable to raise funding, reduce expenses and drive sales to reach break-even or profitability our runway at Speak Ai will decrease, and the only way I may be able to extend it will be to reduce my own salary.

Make $1,000 from affiliate sales

This goal still does not have full clarity. I don’t exactly know where this money is coming from or who the affiliate is.

We do have an affiliate program at Speak Ai, but I’m unsure if I want to classify that program into this goal. Generally, I am thinking more about leveraging my personal Tyler Bryden YouTube channel and this website to drive affiliate revenue from programs like Amazon, web hosting, and software platforms.


  1. Sign up for good affiliate programs
  2. Insert links and affiliates nicely throughout my content
  3. Do product reviews
  4. Create high-quality content
  5. Increase my audience size
  6. Acquire audience members who will purchase through my recommendations
  7. Add a web page for every product I buy


  1. Poor affiliate programs
  2. Oversharing affiliate recommendations and tarnishing reputation and content quality

Increase my net worth

Having even a positive net worth was not an achievable goal for a long time. I am struggling with this goal because some may consider that I already have a positive net worth. I have no personally liable debt but I do have a significant mortgage that will not be paid off for several years even in the most ideal scenario. I am also leasing a vehicle and have other expenses that I want and need to continue paying for. y

Some would say that a mortgage is an appreciating asset and I don’t need to consider this a factor in that positive net worth goal. And, because Monika and I won’t be able to pay off the mortgage in full focusing specifically on a positive net worth may be misguided. There is some concern about house prices being underwater right now with interest rates. But, considering our location, the quality of the house, continued immigration, and other trends there is still a good belief that if we hold on to the property for long enough it will appreciate and pay off.

So, the focus is to of course have a positive net worth and continue to increase it year after year.


  1. Continue to take a salary that covers all expenses and leaves room for investment
  2. Invest in assets that appreciate and don’t depreciate
  3. Reduce unnecessary expenses
  4. Diversify my income streams


  1. Lose my salary from Speak AI and/or other sources
  2. Make poor investment decisions
  3. Spend more money than I am making

Make $200,000 CAD in personal income in a year

This is another goal that ties together my work with Speak Ai and my personal work with YouTube, speaking, affiliates, ad revenue, and other revenue channels. In the current state, I am achieving a good percentage of this but several events will have to take place to hit this overall $200,000 CAD number.


  1. Raise investment
  2. Diversify personal income streams


  1. Failure to raise investment
  2. Losing consulting clients
  3. Personal content creation investment not driving any return-on-investment
  4. If Speak Ai fails, the inability to find a job with compensation that achieves that target

Increase my Hindi Fluency

With the wonderful Monika in my life, I have the motivation to learn Hindi. One of the driving forces is her parents who speak limited English. I believe the relationship with them is important and making an effort to learn their language and open up a communication channel is a meaningful endeavour.

Currently, I have been learning Hindi using Duolingo, which I have enjoyed immensely. I am surpassing a 100-day streak and have felt my grasp of the language, structure of sentences, and ability to pick words and phrases out from conversations increase.


  1. Keep my Duolingo streak alive
  2. Practice as much as I can with Monika
  3. Immerse myself in Hindi while in India
  4. Use Google Translate in India
  5. Commit to speaking Hindi
  6. Speak my Duolingo lessons out loud


  1. Losing motivation or inspiration
  2. Bad time prioritization
  3. Shame and embarrassment about poor comprehension and pronunciation

Fitness & Well-Being Goals

15% body fat

I struggle consistently with weight gain, volatile health and the ups and downs of food addiction, and emotional (or even bored) eating. To try and set a goal with numerical clarity that would be rewarding to accomplish I have set a goal to achieve 15% body fat by the end of the year. Currently, I sit between 22% and 26% and after Christmas, I’m definitely leaning on that higher end.

Time will tell if this is achieved but I will be doing my best to set up my habits and environment in a manner that is conducive to success.

30-inch stomach width

This goal ties in closely with the fitness goal above. I can range from 32 to 34. But, if I am sitting at 15% body fat with a lean stomach I should be a 30-inch stomach width.

Weigh 195 lbs

This is another fitness goal that brings me back to what I believe is my ideal weight. Currently, I sit around 206 pounds and have hit as high as 211 pounds in 2022 after a series of several vacations and as low as 202 pounds with focus, exercise, and healthy eating.


  1. Run at least 3 KMs three times per week
  2. Do weight exercises at least three times per week
  3. Do heavy weights at a real gym (squats, bench presses)
  4. Remove heavy milk-based chai in the morning
  5. Don’t eat after 8:00 PM
  6. Drink 4 litres of water per day


  1. Continued food and sugar addiction
  2. Emotional eating
  3. Lack of inhibitions when travelling and at events
  4. Future Injuries
  5. Poor weather (not an excuse)

Fun Time: Goals Without Fear Of Failure Or Embarrassment

While the goals above are real goals, there is realism, practicality, fear of being overambitious and the shame of stating these may be unrealistic goals (especially within a one-year timeline) baked in.

So, in this last section, I want to share a few goals that I have that may not be achieved in 2023 but if I was to imagine this world tapped directly into source with a flow of success would be achieved.

Pay Off My Mortgage

I want to have financial freedom and paying off my mortgage is a big version of that.

Make A Million Dollars Personally In A Year

Growing up, so many of us were instilled with the idea that being a millionaire is a valuable goal. Although there are so many things that conflict with this goal, it is still something I want to achieve. Money is time and time is freedom.

Get 1 Million Subscribers On YouTube

I still have a core belief in YouTube. This may be a vanity metric but it speaks to the fact that I’ve created something valuable in this world and that there is a meaningful audience who likes that content and at the core, me.

Travel To 3 Countries in 2023

The travel bug got me in 2022. I had planned on doing some travel before the pandemic that obviously never crystallized. In 2022, I was able to do Burning Man, Portugal for Web Summit, and Oakland and San Fransisco for Foundercon. In 2023, I am doing an extensive 50-day trip to India. I am hoping a few more trips may emerge. I am trying to not be overwhelmed when it comes to travel which it definitely has been in the past. I am getting better on focusing on enjoying the experience, not worrying about “productivity loss” and understanding the importance of having these moments in life.

Automated Video Transcript By Speak

OK. Hello. Hello. Hello. Tyler Bryden here. I hope everything is going well. I’m recording this on the last day of 2022. I’ve put together a little series of videos sort of wrapping up. I like to do this a little bit of a reflection. I’ve got goals for 2023. That’s what I’m gonna be talking about today if you didn’t check it out. I also did what I’m grateful post here. I’m scrolling all over the place and also some predictions for 2023. So I made some, you know some articles about those, some videos if you’re interested in that. But what I wanted to jump in specifically today was my goal is for 2023 and.

I’ve talked about this a little bit before, but I have this Google sheet which I think is super interesting and it helped me sort of set goals in a more structured way that are very sort of concrete. And you know when you’ve done it right, you know when you failed. And so it has sort of, and I’m not sharing it directly on the screen, but basically has sort of the goal, the deadline, the percentage of that is accomplished, the days to the so then it’s cool. It sees also your the days to the deadline of when you set that date. And then what age you’re going to be at it. And then there’s a priority level too. So, you know, if I look and I say, hell, I have this year ahead of me, I have ten goals. But these three specifically are highest priority. I can make that assessment and maybe switch on the fly or prioritize and deprioritize because maybe that was too much to take on. And so in this video I used or for this video, for this article, I used that Google sheet.

Filtered by 2023, and I’ve said here’s what goals that I, you know, in a previous iteration said that I wanted to accomplish. I also made some iterations on those goals as I was putting together this article. And in my, you know, grateful post, I talked about some goals that I had achieved that I was unsurprisingly grateful for. In this case, what I’m doing is sharing these goals, public goals, publicly. It’s revealing. It’s, you know it.

Feels vulnerable. It feels like there could be possibility of shame if they don’t accomplish these goals. And then there’s some really interesting research around why you shouldn’t share your goals publicly. And I’m always, you know, I’ve relatively been this sort of transparent person. But you know, I heard this before and I wanted to do a little bit of a deeper dive, so I actually put this in the article. And I mean, just is like, yeah, you get premature praise when you share your goals, so that makes you less likely to follow through. You also get the sort of, yeah, like dopamine.

Rush. And so you can sort of relax. You think, hey, I’ve at least shared my goals. That’s something that’s pretty impressive itself in its own right. And one of the other interesting notes was about the sort of idea of share goals publicly because it puts in accountability. But in most cases, say, me doing this article, me doing this video, sharing these goals, maybe, you know, you watch this and I really appreciate you if you do watch this or you read this, but there’s not that much of a threat of failing to follow through. And so you know what they talk about in the article. And I’ve got all these linked here for you.

You can check them out is that fear is what drives accountability, and fear often comes from a painful consequence if you do not achieve that goal. And maybe that’s some sort of financial setback or personal setback, or maybe it’s just shame and embarrassment, but that’s a sort of crucial part of their recipe in making sure that you actually achieve goals. So I’m thinking about that. I think about how I can punish myself, how I can make more fear and build them into these goals. And I think overall I’m.

Trying to come from a point of. OK, well I’m sharing these posts publicly. I’m almost going against this advice, but at least I have the awareness and I spent time assessing. Why this may be detrimental and then how I can then counteract it? Trello shared another a couple pieces on this. I think they were super interesting about why you should why you should not share goals publicly. So possibility of negative feedback, generally negative feedback doesn’t dissuade me too much. And I think generally if you set goals and a couple people giving you feedback to suede, you maybe that wasn’t the right goal to begin with or you sort of need to reassess your motivation and why you’re trying to accomplish it. Fear of competition, that was sort of another interesting insight. If you, you know, give some feedback and someone says, hey, there’s already X doing this or you know, blah blah.

You might just say, ah, well, I guess I should quit and not do this goal. And so there’s that. Peace. And then there’s this idea of and I think they elaborate a little bit more on it in this great article, but personal versus sort of process. If I can find it person in person, let’s be smarter about this. Tyler could decrease so this idea of like related to the individual, so feedback related to the individual instead of the actual method taking and so super interesting. Check out that article if you’re interested in what Psychology Today recommended, and I linked this as well to is instead of just setting general goals you know they do recommend to keep goals private but set implementation goals instead of those sort of overarching.

Lines. And so I actually took that to heart. And while I have these overarching goals, I put an implementation layer into it. And I also put a blockers layer into these goals so that I could say, OK, here’s what they need to do to implement these. And these are the actual sort of action items or tasks that I need to do to achieve this overarching goal. And here’s the possible blockers that will emerge in this. And I think there’s constant iteration, there’s learning that will go on from this, but I think it’s super, you know, important to think about couple other last things they sort of said about this.

Set monthly progress updates. You could probably even do more regular than that, but that’s a good one. Quarterly is also really nice. And then convert distracting events, things that could distract you, into queues to help you sort of refocus and stay on target. And obviously I’m doing this as a sort of goal setting exercise for myself, but I’m hoping that this creates value for you and in your own sort of journey. And if in your own goal setting that maybe some method emerges from this, you know, chaotic life and madness, that is myself.

But, you know, I’m always on the search for best, way better ways to do this. And maybe there are some insights to help you set your goals and achieve those goals. And that’s my goal here today. Wow loop. The part that I also wanted to touch on is this idea of manifesting. And, you know, people, we can talk about the Woo, Woo, we can talk about all that stuff. But I do believe that there is this energy flow in the universe that when you put something out there and maybe it’s not even as sort of.

You know, abstract is that it’s like you put this out there, maybe someone who has capacity to help you reads it and says, wow, I’d like to help or. And then there’s the more energy version, which is like, yeah, you print it out there, the universe seems to. Take that energy and then send it and share it around in some way. It can come back. And I’ve seen that happen many, many times in life. Often it’s not in the exact timeline. You’re a little bit impatient. You want to accomplish those goals quicker than you know. Then they might actually happen. But I I do believe in that force. I believe in that power and that power that I believe in overwrites. I think some of the, you know, risks associated with sharing goals publicly and the lack of motivation. I think it’s up to me to be motivated and to make sure I’m selecting the right goals.

And if I do that, then those challenges aren’t going to emerge in the same way. I will say it’s it is scary to do this. It’s can lead to embarrassment. But I think J. Cole says this beautifully. It’s like to aim high, you know, aim high, the land low. At least you aimed high and you’re probably higher up than if you never aimed at all. So I think that’s something really beautiful. I wanted to touch on one thing from the manifestation, layer two, which was Jack Harlow is making that song. Dua Lipa, apparently.

Now they’re dating. I know this is very material things, but I think that if that’s true, man, that’s manifestation. And I think that’s sort of a hilarious example of doing that. And we’ve seen that over and over again with artists sort of manifesting things through music or art. And you know, it’s such a strong force, I think it’s hard to ignore. Quick disclaimer, there are some things that I’m not sharing. I think these are just personal things that.

If if you knew what what they were, then you would also be like yeah, you probably shouldn’t share that there. You know I think in the future possible to share. But for now I’m not not sharing them. So I’m starting with, OK, I’m starting with personal goals. I realize these are not in order of priority, so that’s just the way they are and I just put it into sort of personal and then professional goals and that’s probably even maybe two, you know, limited of a scope. I think you should add there’s other ways to tackle this and they’re sort of spiritual but.

And other sort of layers that you can bring, but for me one of them big ones is 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2023 actually originally started with. The goal of YouTube monetization, but that was a goal in 2022. I failed to reach that goal, but I got close. I got 3000 views, 700 subscribers, about 2/3 there, over 2/3 of the goal achieved. And so if I think that I put that as a goal in 2023, I think this is something to ask yourself is like, is this really that, is this an ambitious enough goal where there is some sort of fear of failing? Because if I look at the trends and the data, I should accomplish this as long as I continue to creating and so that’s sort of the 1st.

Lost on that milestone is YouTube monetization, 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch content and no active community strikes. And I think that that should happen in early to mid 2022 if I keep creating good content, hopefully this is part part of that. However, so far in these series on sort of these grateful predictions, less sort of content and it’s really, it’s not optimized for search for anything, but I still think they’re valuable videos and it’s a great way to build relationships with you. And I mean that’s what I’m doing here. I’m not just all optimizing for search and traffic.

Kind of thing. So I got a lot of work to do. Now, one thing I hate, I’m using elementary on my site here and it breaks out my bullet points. These were beautiful bullet points with spacing and everything. But I sort of talked about this implementation layer. And so a big drive of that is to improve video quality. I’m not going to touch on anything, otherwise this video would be, you know, everything. I’m already at 10 minutes, so I got to be careful. There is improving video quality with that sound camera, the background, green screen, white screen, black screen, there’s. I think there’s some things that I can do there.

Writing a script before filming. Getting a video editor intro and outro graphics clips for TikTok which Tiktok I have some reservations about but can still drive sort of you know some huge growth and adoption of your content and then better banners, titles, descriptions all that good stuff. The blockers in that set and this is sort of laying this out I think you know trying to be do the best of this is I’m going to India at the start of the year could disrupt filming but it could also utilize that successfully. Could run out of ideas and inspiration to continue creating. I could do content that gives me copyright.

Rights or content bands have had one little warning here already, and that was an accident. And then poor research and decision making around content. So I could just make bad content, which is ideally not what’s going to happen. And the stretch goal, this was interesting. I didn’t do this for, I don’t think any of the other ones really, but was like 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2023. I need to get some love from the algorithms. I need to do a lot of these things that I talked about from the implementation layer to make that happen. But you know, I’ve seen a great friend and creator, Nicole Conan, check her out if you want to, especially on TikTok. Awesome videos of her like chopping wood and you know, making some real cool.

Stuff during that and she’s just shot up in the popularity because of those videos and so I think. Improbable that stretch goal but possibly feasible a couple you know as I move on that was that’s the YouTube layer the invest 10% of earnings each month and I think this is something that many of us are recommended and strive to actually don’t know exactly how I ended up on the 10% but I’m not doing a good enough job of it. I’ve got money for the first time in my life and I want to use that money in the right way. You know if you don’t have any money that’s a problem and then you have money and then that’s also a problem. You’re not really sure what to do with it. You’re trying to maximize the, the.

The utility of that cache. And then it’s a super interesting environment that we’re in right now. So for me to do this, I need to get a financial advisor that I can trust and actually is willing to work with and need to make an actionable plan and sort of bullshit terms. But that’s true. And I think a big part is, is once I make the commitment to that plan, the autopilot, so that it automatically happens each month. So I’m not manually doing it, creating a friction point. It’s super important to do that. And so I think anyone of us who are, you know, hoping to go down this investment path and it was obviously a tumultuous year in 2022, but maybe 2023 is a good opportunity and how can we set that?

Autopilot, you know, average down as we put those investments in. And where should we put our money so I could get, you know, I could just not proceed. I could get overwhelmed with data and just decision paralysis likely in some cases. That’s what I’m very good at doing. But I hope that I can persevere through that and come back to you with some results from next year. So a couple other things on this sort of sort of personal finance side, 10,000 Canadian month after taxes. Some people would say this isn’t ambitious enough. I like the after taxes part. I think that’s an important part of this.

Because taxes are huge and in Canada here and I’ve achieved this in multiple times in my life. I don’t exactly know where I am right now because I sort of toggle up and down depending on where we are with PKI. But I I’m predicting a close achievement of this goal but possibly not surpassing it. So certain events are going to have to configure to make this happen and I’ve got some work to do to to to do it and and so from implementation layer we’ll see some of these repeated. So I’m not going to touch on on all of them.

Like make more sales, that’s OK. That’s definitely works successfully raise investment at PKI and I’ll talk about that a little bit professionally diversify income. So I think all of us here who want to make more money, we need to diversify how we make money. So I’m obviously, you know working as a owner of the business, it’s OK. I I do some sort of consulting and marketing work to generate revenue and try to do it in the right avenues. And then I’m also looking at real estate, other investments and how can I do this. And so and overall I also need to optimize how I use that.

Capital and the way that I interact with it so that my tax profile is as you know, optimal as possible and I think that’s something that we all strive to do. So if I’m unable to raise funding, reduce expenses and drive sales and reach like break even or profitability with PKI, that runway will decrease. And so I could end up in a situation where I need to reduce my own salary. And then there’s this interesting conflict that could emerge where I have this personal goal and then I have this professional goal with speak. And those could start to conflict directly with each other. And so that’s when prioritization release starts to happen and that’s when you know tough decisions are often made. And so that’s something that can possibly emerge here in 2023.

And something I’m not fully prepared to deal with yet. So as it gets closer and hopefully it doesn’t get closer, that’s I’m going to have to figure out a couple other sort of layers. On the personal one is make $1000 from affiliate sales. This is a goal that as I’m creating content I’m trying to figure out we’ve got an affiliate program at speak, I’m sort of discounting that in this regards. I’m looking more at sort of my personal YouTube channel that I’m doing here that I’m creating this video and watching and also like driving affiliate revenue from like Amazon Web hosting, other software platforms that I can do and so.

Is an implementation layer here, is signing up for good affiliate programs, inserting links throughout the content, doing product reviews or creating a high quality content and then just increasing that audience size because you need to create high quality content that audiences will then use to purchase, you know, to recommendations. And I think also there’s a way to like create a web page for every product that I sort of buy, say on Amazon. If I bought that product, I believe in it. I did the research. I spent way too much time researching. So maybe I should do that and then add the affiliate link. Now, the one thing that I.

Say is that you can screw up with poor affiliate programs, but more it’s about it’s not pumping your content full of affiliate recommendations and tarnishing your reputation. Your content quality is something that I’ve seen many people do, unfortunately, something that I don’t want to do, and especially in this early stage, it doesn’t really make sense. It’s not the ideal thing that I want. So on this goal here. Talking about increasing net worth, at one point this was that, you know, sort of striving for a positive net worth.

I have this indecisive solution or like sort of resolve of where I am on this. So positive net worth overall with no sort of personal liabilities. But I also have a mortgage which is a substantial mortgage and then also a lease on a vehicle. And so those are payments. There’s other payments that I’m responsible for, but some would say, hey, your mortgage, your house isn’t appreciating asset, don’t count that in that. But when there is mortgage on that, that’s debt that is something to think about and you know considering the housing market, the interest rate environment right now that is actually sort of a concern.

And so. You know, we do have this belief that considering the location, the quality of the house, the immigration that’s happening in Canada, that if we hold on this property for long enough it will appreciate and pay off. But that isn’t as certain as a belief that was maybe held at the start of 2022 or maybe the end of 2021. And I sort of talk about implementation layer on this. You just like I think in the end it’s like remove expenses, you don’t invest in assets that appreciate don’t lose money on your investments, take a salary that covers all expenses and leave room for that investment and then diversify the income streams there too. I think in the end it’s just like make more money than you spend and this goal sort of making 200,000 Canadian and personal income sort of aligns with that after tax piece and again a little bit of conflict.

Here are between personal and professional and just as you know for your reference it’s like when you’re in the stage of the company that I’m in doesn’t necessarily make sense to draw that much of a salary out of your business. A lot of you know found or sort of investors would say don’t do that. But as a founder you have responsibilities, you’re trying to pay for your mortgage, you’re trying to build a family, you’re trying to make investments. So you’re there’s this dichotomy and sort of conflict and tension in that. And so again depending on how we execute with PKI there could be a conflict within.

That personal goal here of income versus the reality of what can be done through PK on in that case diversified income streams need to be done, investment needs to be raised and there may be other, yeah, other ways that revenue needs to be generated. So Matt, this sort of switching gears a little bit, this is still personal, but Hindi fluency is something that I want to increase. I don’t know what percentage I want to be fluent. So I don’t have that clarity on it, but I’ve been using Duolingo 100 days today. Super excited about that. I feel like my grasp of the language, the structure of sentences, the ability to pick up words and phrases from you know, conversations has improved. But I got a long way to go and as soon as I talk to someone who’s actually speaking Hindi blackout forget everything. So I got some work to do. But the goal is to keep my dual lingo Stroop alive when I’m in India, to just immerse myself in Hindi practice as much as I can with Monica. Use Google Translate, which is amazing tool. And then I think one thing that happens when you’re trying to learn a language is you’re like.

Tired to say things because you feel like you’re not pronouncing it right or you’re missing. You know you’re not doing right and that fear blocks you from learning. And I’ve had that discussion with a couple other people, one friend who just moved to Germany. And so I need to commit and I need to try, and I need to not be embarrassed. And maybe I’m pronouncing things wrong. You need if you can try, then that’s better than not trying at all. So I’m at.

19 minutes already. Oh my God. Fitness and well-being goals. Let’s do it. 15% body fat. I’m fat right now. I’m sick between like 22% and 26% of leaning on that higher end after Christmas. So I mean from the implementation layer, and I have sort of these all grouped together. First of all, I need to do some of these measurements up front so that I know exactly where I’m at and then have a process to be able to measure and make, you know, see that difference. So there’s the 15% body fat, 30 inch stomach width and then 195 in terms of weight. That’s sort of my ideal.

Weight profile that takes me back to my hockey days. Cut, lean, strong and I think is healthy for me. So to do that then I’m set up this implementation layer because that’s a great goal to have. But if you don’t have the tactile ways to achieve it, then you’re just setting up goals that you’re not going to achieve. And so I need to run 3 kilometers at least three times per week. I’m doing that. I have been doing that. I had a little toe incident, but that’s now got heavyweights I think is a super important part of this. So three times per week for that. So.

That means that I need to actually drive to a real gym where I can do squats, I can do good bench press and just instead of just sort of the small weights that I have to house, really focusing on those heavyweights. That’s a super part, important part of getting to the muscle density that I also want, which maybe should be a goal. I’m pretty good at fasting, but I’m drinking a lot of Chai in the morning that’s very heavily milk based, so I’m sort of breaking my fast and, you know, just bringing a bunch of bad stuff into me right in the morning. So I got to stop that. I’ve got to stop eating after 8:00 PM and then I’ve got a drink.

4 liters of water per day. All of those are, you know, important sort of implementation layers for me to achieve that goal now. In this regard. I’ve got a blocker here, which is this continued food and sugar addiction, and I’m fighting it. I’m fighting hard on it. And I’m also an emotional eater. I lack an ambition when I’m traveling and events and I need to get over that. And so, you know, this is a super difficult thing that I’ve struggled with for many, many years, and I’m trying to figure that out. And I think there’s actually maybe some, some mental work or some therapy work that needs to go into that to make it successful. So.

I’m spending some time on that in 2023 and hopefully I can come back with some of these goals achieved and you’ll be seeing a better looking, healthier version of myself. That’s the idea in the end is better healthy health wise, better well-being. I didn’t touch enough on some of the spiritual layers of elements that I want to accomplish in 2023 in this, but I think that’s an important one. I need to crystallize some of those goals. Some of those are set up for 2024, but you need to just can’t just have a year without any spiritual work, any healing work. So I will be working on that and so.

I was thinking maybe I should break this into. New videos. So I’m going to actually end this here, and I’m going to do personal goals for 2023. I’m going to stop recording and I’m going to fire this up. And so if you’re interested in professional goals that we have, that I have here at speak AI and you’re interested more in that layer, I’ll have a video and I’ll break those two apart so you can check that out. This was sort of my personal goal.

Layer I hope that you got some sort of insights out it. I do have some super interesting I’ll jump for it and just sort of close this out with some fun time, which I think is. These are goals that I said without failure, fear of failure or embarrassment. And I think while these goals above that I’ve shared with you, especially on that person, are real goals, there’s sort of this realism layer. There’s this practicality, there’s fear of being overambitious and the shame of sort of stating these unrealistic goals, especially within this timeline, are all sort of prevalent. And so.

I wanted to share a couple of goals that I, you know, truly have that you know, are scary to share, but that I think are are true. They’re honest. And so one is to pay off my mortgage. I believe that’s a version of financial freedom, and paying off a mortgage is a big version of that, and that’s a. Significant tasks that I have to do and, you know, along with that goes. And you know, it feels weird to be so materialistic in this regards of making $1,000,000 personally in a year. But money is time, time is freedom. The idea of being a millionaire is a is a valuable goal sort of instilled from the time, you know, we’re young and growing up. I have things that conflict with what it takes to accomplish this, but overall it’s still a goal that I have and it allows me to accomplish these other things that are part of my life.

I also said I want to get 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, and I think that I have this core belief in YouTube. I think it’s a, you know, powerful thing. There is this vanity metric to it, but I think it shows that I’m actually capable of creating something valuable in this world and that there’s a meaningful audience who likes that content. And at the core of that, they like me. And if you’re watching this video right now, you’re stuck with me for 24 minutes of personal goal setting, then I that means a lot to me. Truly, truly, truly does and.

And then lastly on that big one, and I probably have so many of these dream stretch vision goals whatever they are, but it’s to travel to three countries in 2023. So 2022 the travel bug got me got delayed. You know, before the pandemic never sort of really. You know these goals that I had around travel never crystallized before that I was in a basement, heads down, not really doing anything. And this year in 2022, I was able to do Burning Man. I was going to Portugal for Web Summit, Oakland and San Francisco for Founder CON 2023. I’m going to India and there’s a.

Other few trips that I hope may emerge. So I’m really focusing on not trying to be overwhelmed when it comes to travel and just understanding that you know, enjoying the experience, not worrying about like losing productivity and that these are important moments in life. Are you know are are realizations that I’m continuing to try to build and instill in me and I think are very important to a life full of success and lack of regret when you finally move on from this world. So these were my personal goals for. 2023, I hope you got some insight and hopefully you know some things around sort of the challenges of sharing goals publicly, the ideas of manifestation, the opportunity to build implementation in and not just having the goals, and then even maybe identifying blockers that will emerge. And I look forward to sharing a video for you on professional goals in 2023. Thank you so much for checking this out. I hope you have a wonderful end of 2022 and an amazing, amazing 2023

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