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– Raised a $5 million seed round led by Daniel Gross – Active Discord Community – Founder is Sharif Shameen – Sharif was previously the CEO of Debuild using LLMs to generate full-stack web apps – He had gone through Y Combinator in Winter 2019 – Sort by image relevancy or prompt – Expect to see more filters, sorted by popularity and other granular search functions – Would love to see an analytics layer that shows trending searches and views of prompts – Was also awarded the AI Grant which is supported by leaders from Stability.ai, Leap Motion, Tesla, Scale.ai, Replit, Vanta, Figma and more
Learn more about Stable Diffusion prompts, Stable Diffusion search, Lexica AI, concept art, generated images, prompt engineering and stable diffusion as a whole. There are some super interesting things happening right now in Stable Diffusion prompt sharing and how to get Stable Diffusion good prompts.

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Hello. Hello. Tyler Bryden here. Hope everything is going well. Today I want to talk about something super interesting and it is lexica now. A lot of interesting points about lexicon. First of all, what is it? It’s a stable diffusion search engine. So the title of this video is search for and find stable diffusion prompts with lexica. What I can do basically scroll through this, they’ve just got it populating. You can search by image relevancy. You can search by prompt text amount of columns that you want. So I can actually decrease this and see you know the images bigger. Say there’s one that I really like. This is super fascinating. I can see the exact prompt that was then used to create this output and stable diffusion, creating a couple sort of alternatives that Will Smith wearing luxury suits and some very specific terms that then creates this output. You’ve got some guidance, scale and then the final dimensions and I can then copy this prompt directly, or I can copy the URL, I can share it, and then I can go ahead and I can explore this style. So it allowed me to, sort of. Use a couple pieces of that prompt to then find other images that are related. So. Why is this so fascinating? I’ve done videos in the past about this idea of prompt engineering, and in that case, you know, in this case, this is a huge demonstration that prompt engineering people searching for the amount of prompts that are, you know, possible to create the images that they want is becoming wildly popular and very important. And what also goes around with this is that lexica is getting then funded to build this. So Sharif. And I apologize if I get the name wrong. I’ve got a couple of links for him if you’re interested specifically in him. They raised a $5 million seed round to build out lexica. So that was ran by Daniel Gross, who I should probably have maybe a link to him up there. And then also this AI grant and I’ve been reading a little about this AI grant, which is super fascinating and I’m going to maybe do a dedicated video on this just to sort of dive a little bit deeper into it. So they funded this and it makes a lot of sense. There are advisors and speakers from, stability from. Mid journey from GPT 3 and so sort of open AI. Basically a lot of companies that are participating in this, or at least the CNC CEO’s of Figma and Vanta who have abundant resources and talent and are fascinated with this space. So I’m not going to spend too much time on that. What I’m going to do is pull up just a couple of links of Daniel Gross so we know who he is and you’ve got his Wikipedia article here. Basically joined Y Combinator. So his company Q was sold to Apple and then he led this investment into Lexcorp. Sharif in his own right has done some super interesting things here. Let me pull the screen off for a SEC just so I can make sure that I’m not having any emails or messages or anything pop up because I usually do. So we’ve got Sheriff here, so founder Lexar and then he was previously working ad build which and then before that was actually part of why commentators Winter 2020 nineteen batch. So he has history. He looks like he has, you know, a credible sort of natural talent for computer science. Maybe not natural. He’s obviously worked hard on it. And then delving into the machine learning and then did build, which looks like it’s sort of wrapped up at least his, you know, place at. At his role as CEO there is now done where he was using large language models to generate full stack web apps, which sounds super ambitious in its own right. And, you know, anyone who has these kind of ambitions generally can find something new that they’re interested in. And then continue to execute on it. So that’s exactly what he’s done here with lexica with this $5 million CD-ROM. I’ve got a bunch of, you know, basically a bunch of his stuff where he talks about, you know this this round getting led his first sort of introduction which was in August, which is you know not that long ago. And and you can see how quickly like the interest is for this and the ability to be able to pull together $5 million. To then you know drive this growth forward is super, super fascinating. So a couple of things that I think are interesting is that although? It doesn’t really have too high of a traffic or a keyword ranking. I think there’s a lot of opportunities with them. You can already see some sort of. Prompts that are. People are interested in searching and then it’s appearing for and people are getting, you know, driving to their website for that. I think they have a lot to go, especially if they sort of optimize this, you know, sort of these pages that you click on for a little bit, maybe more for SEO. So people can discover these based on searches that they put in. So I think they’ve got some incredible opportunities ahead of them here. You can also upload an image for reverse image search, which I haven’t actually tested, but super, super fascinating. And then they’ve got this idea filters. Right now it’s only search by image. Search by prompt but. I think this will continue to increase in sort of the options and scale that you can do. So sort by popularity, but then sort by art style, sort by. You know, most people who have copied that prompt after they’ve viewed the image, so I think there’s a big layer here to go. I also think there can be a really amazing discovery engine that’s part of lexicon. Lexicon, which is like. If I come to here, what I could see it becoming is, you know, pull up an example is this idea of sort of like an exploding topics? Exploding topics sort of idea, which is basically, hey, here’s the prompts, or the keywords within those prompts that are shooting up in popularity, meaning that more and more people are using them. You could do both. Here’s prompts that are populating the image engine, and then here’s prompts that people are searching for. Or here’s prompts that people are copy and pasting, you know, copying from the actual pages itself so that then they can, you know, sort of track those. And if new art styles are emerging, emerging, or new prompts are emerging. Starts to feed this engine off people optimizing their prompts to get better results, and this is specifically stable diffusion. Not sure exactly why, but I’m guessing some of the open source nature maybe relationships there. I think this could be most likely. Probably expanded to other sort of generative AI engines and maybe that’s the plan. I’m not sure, I haven’t seen too much of that. Other thing that is super worthwhile mentioning is that there is. Fairly popular. Discord engine. So right now there’s about almost 2000 people online. You can see people sort of talking, having real conversations in here, the classic general ideas and request bugs, off topic, development, prompt, share. And so you know that from the site is right there, you can jump into it and start contributing to the community, being part of it, learning. And you know, I think that’s a super excited opportunity for anyone who is excited about generative AI, image generation, stable, diffusion, Daly, all these wonderful things. Couple of other quick things. Here are just some links. You can see some great comments here, including emod of stable diffusion so people. He also seems to have a bit of a network here already. What is Insta here? Appreciate you Sharon brother. And then what I noticed in this case is that he’s been hacking away at some things for quite a while. So in this case, he was doing turning EEG activity into speech using a Muse headband. And you can see that he was actually making that happen. So like this guy has technical talent. I don’t need you, but you can see some details on crunch base, you can see medium, you can see hugging face profile and then also GitHub there as well too. And I think overall this is just a super interesting project to follow. I know like as I sort of. If I scan through it, I don’t want to do if I just go to the actual main site here, go back. Like you can take some time here, even if I pop up the number of columns and there are just some beautiful astounding images and then you OK some weird ones as well. Too classic, but click and you can understand much, much more closely how people are. Getting the output that they’re getting and most of us still, I think are pretty new and it’s pretty novel. We see these in, you know, just these stunning outputs of these engines were like, how do how do we make that happen? This is, you know, a way that that is being crowdsourced and then understood, you know, very, very explicitly. So take some time to do it and you can see like stable diffusion in its own right has the ability to really, you know, source. So I’m guessing this is Ronaldo, like you can say, hey. I want this person and there’s been some concerns around ethics and stuff about that, but in the end, like a close up shot of Ian McKellen is King Oberon? I don’t know. So that is. But like the fact that you can use actual real people. You’ve got Gal Gadot here, you’ve got Homer Simpson. Waterproof? Well, the fact that you can sort of have all this, you know, capabilities without the restrictions of maybe, say, dollies printing on you, which I think in some cases is a good thing, but that we can do so much with stable fusion. And now that information is building a feedback loop that allows us to learn how these prompts are working and create more and more incredible outputs is super, super exciting. So I’m continuing to follow them along. I’m going to see if I can connect with the the team here some super, you know, super interesting to see the founders there, definitely. Fascinated to see a little bit more of this AI grant I’ve got the actual. Website of him here as well too. And you know, he’s really doing some incredible sort of breaking, you know, cutting edge work specifically now with lexicon. So I hope this was insightful. I had not, I don’t know when I first came across this company, maybe Ahmad from state stability, I comment on. And then I ended up on the route here, came across it, saw it was interesting, didn’t see much of it. And then I saw this $5 million seed fund and took a deeper look at it and it was pretty mind-blowing of of what’s capable. Here and I think with someone like this who has such a deep vision. What is most likely to come? I think it’s going to be super, super beautiful and I think a worthwhile for any of us who care about this generative AI space to check out, to get inspiration from, to learn from and maybe even find some ways to contribute. So this is it. I’ve been telling Brian, I hope you enjoyed this video. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Look forward to being back talking about all this AI and all this good stuff. If you do like it, comment, subscribe, all those good things. Thank you so much. Bye bye.  

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