The Best Daily Habits

Best Daily Habits

I am currently trying to implement some change in my life. At a core level, this comes down to habits that I have. A few years ago, I read Atomic Habits by James Clear. That book was a compelling overview of not just the importance of habits but how to build ones and make them stay. Since then, I’ve experimented with habits. Some have been successful. Others have not.

I analyzed the good habits that I currently have and of course the bad. There were quite a few of both. I see opportunities for improvement. This is an iterative process.

I am using a Trello Board with a repeater card which is creating a checklist. That checklist has the tasks that I would like to complete daily. If I hit 50% of the tasks it is a good day. If I do over 80% that is an excellent day.

Scratch that. I’ve actually updated my Trello card to a Google Sheet so I can keep track on a longitudinal basis. I love data analysis so it adds excitement and better output. 

Habits form a good life. If I can cement these now at 29 I can be set up nicely as I continue to age. Some of these revolve around health. Others are personal. Others are for business and financial. 

Here is my current list of best daily habits:

60 Squats
60 Pushups
60 Sit-Ups
60 Pull-Ups
60 Shoulder Presses
60 Bicep Curls
Read a book for 10 minutes.
Drink green tea.
Stop electronic usage at 10:00 PM.
Stretch for 10 minutes.
Record and share a video.
Wake up at 8:00 AM.
10 minutes of breathwork.
10 minutes of meditation.
Take my supplement pill.
Go for a run.
Get a new sale.
Write a blog post.
Review this checklist before the day is over.
Message someone new.
Follow up with someone who can use your help.
Go rollerblading.
Brush teeth twice.
Floss teeth.
Have a profitable day.
Didn’t smoke marijuana.

If I continue to do all of these every day, I believe I can be happier, healthier, and more free. 

Here are some resources:

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