A talented marketer and consultant with deep expertise in search engines and websites.

SixFive, a Google Partner, sets Nonprofits up for the Google Grants Program, which provides registered nonprofits $120,000 USD a year in free advertising. We set up analytics, create ads, and optimize the account to drive relevant targeted traffic to your website (up to 1000 people a day). Connect with SixFive if you are interested in a massive growth in your marketing budget today.


Businesses: You Run Your Business. We’ll Find You Customers.

We pair you with a specialized member of our talented, vetted team to deliver top-of-the-line marketing services so you can grow your organization.


Located at Innovation Works, London’s most prominent co-working space, SixFive has 24/7 access to a 32,000 square foot work facility. Our 750 square foot office and production space have a full infinity wall and professional camera equipment to create inspiring video and photo work. We also have office space in Toronto at CSI.

Not in London or Toronto? No worries at all. We are proud to offer many of services virtually.

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