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Speak With Tyler Bryden
How To Capture Inspiration

How To Capture Inspiration

An audio note for my live learning from a walk around Toronto. One of the best ways to capture inspiration for myself is actually walking. I explore some of the opportunities and challenges with trying to help people capture inspiration.

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I’ve been pondering this for quite some time. In the writing vs speaking article I shared some of my frustrations on the limitations of writing and typing speed.

Speaking (or freestyling 😂) has always been one of the best ways to tap into my consciousness. When you do that, you can enter this altered state where you access a different kind of information. Sometimes I think that may be my truer, higher self. It’s beautiful, it’s ethereal, and it’s hard to capture.

In this post, I explore the opportunities and challenges of capturing inspiration while I go on a late night walk in Toronto.

I love capturing audio because I can transcribe it and turn it into text. Once you do that, you can use the transcript to increase accessibility and search engine optimization. You can analyze the transcript. You can share quotes from the transcript across platforms. You can upload the audio as a podcast or even transform it into a video. And, you can also do that quickly. It’s an exciting and fulfilling process and experience that I continue to optimize.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on capturing inspiration! Where do you find it? What tools do you use to capture it? Once you capture it, how do you mobilize it?

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Thank you for live learning with me!

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Automated Transcription (Unedited)

15 min read (2921 Words)

So one of the things that I’m trying to capture is inspiration and. In so many ways. Sort of tap into your stream of consciousness. Most valuable way that you actually can.

And so that’s something I’m really focused on and. Was difficulties, sometimes you stop yourself from even. Sharing Your inspiration, or even generating it because, for example, I look at the podcasting. Movement and of course there’s this deep desire for sound quality and. That’s very important to I listen.

I know how good of a experience it is when. Some things perfectly recorded and edited and all the DSO is put into it and everything is removed.

Problem that I think a lot of people running to possibly and I know I run into myself is.

You know not everyone has the opportunity to have, for example, media studio setup or a recording situation where they can capture something in the exact way that they want, so maybe. It’s hard to say that when we have that the phone qualities that we do and sound quality of microphones on her on everything on all of our devices. I’ve got Bluetooth headphone on it.

It’s crappy right now, so I know that this audio recording is even worse. Now I’ve actually just switched over to my phone, so maybe this will be better, but the idea here is.

Sometimes it’s really hard to generate inspiration and. That will recorded areas and So what are you trying to do is sort of capture it wrong? That’s what you know. He sort of leaves me here in a way is I get a lot of my inspiration, maybe later at night when I’m walking throughout Toronto when I’m. Walking wherever I am and the sounds, the smells, the. The the temperature everything has such impact on the consciousness that you’re experiencing and in many ways.

Is that consciousness is. Will it be easy to? Sort of, tap into and feel inspired when you’re walking around the city in that leads to lower sound quality. At least all these problems and then on a more technical basis, it even leads to if I’m trying to transcribe this lower transcriptions, so I’d have to go back and make more edits, so there’s a lot of things that actually arise when you don’t record and capture information in the proper environment. However, there’s a lot of. Good that comes from.

Doing those activities that make you inspired and so. One of the things. That I’m trying to explore is just how can we actually capture inspiration, and that’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time,

and it actually may be comes from a drive of being a young person who just love the audio and left hip hop and we record all the time and

I couldn’t really right. That well, in a way, it was a decent writer, but. And when I’m talking about writing raps and then the problem is, I would. Writer app and then I wouldn’t know how to do the flow and what would happen is a very clunky, you know, sort of. I am Tyler and here I go.

I’m just a guy and I have the flow like that’s what would happen when you would. Right the rhymes and then actually try to rap. There’s a lot of great artists in hip hop. Maybe you know not just in hip hop music in general, who didn’t actually, for example, right lyrics down in a way they would tap into this stream of consciousness and Jay-Z being a famous one of those. Ann That’s how I felt I was.

I was good at freestyling. I could hit this zone and for me, and no positive or not a big part of that is.

You know, late night altered substances. Things like that. That’s where a lot of my creativity comes out, and even maybe just, you know not even that. But especially in University. In high school you have a night out with friends and strengths and marijuana.

And then you’re all chill and listen to music and someone puts an instrumental and the inspiration from the night. All the people around you generate. So this perfect moment where you sort of tap into this state and you can. Flow and flow without. Any? Friction or effort and those moments are the beautiful moments that we actually have is keep on the question is how can we. How can we capture those?

And maybe in some essence I have to be considerate because maybe the. The fact that it actually didn’t get captured in away is part of what makes it so magical and gives you the ability to tap into those states. But I’m guessing with the right technology with the right. Way to do this, There’s unintrusive ways to capture these moments of inspiration in quite high quality. And I know this is most likely not that I’m walking down Toronto,

there’s cars everywhere. There’s traffic. We’ve had some trains, some bikers go by, so this is an experience. An one of the other things I’m even thinking about that is to get off a little bit of the topic of inspiration. But inspired by what I’m doing right now, is. How can I record this audio? I’m not I don’t want to do video,

it’s just it’s not me and I I’m giving video within this system because I think a lot of people like it, but it’s not really for me.

But how could I then relive this audio note? That’s a big question that I have right now,

so I know that I just ran across the street. I’ve got Geo location signals and we have Google Street View.

For example. How accurately could I recreate this audio note in a way and almost journey the location and walk back and listen to it? Maybe even see you know keywords.

Superimposed on the environment and the buildings that I’m walking by and as I. Go to those keywords. There’s some sort of animation or interaction you know there’s some very interesting things that you can do there with technology in the right data,

and you know my question is, is that valuable, is that? Worthwhile. Is anyone going to help me do that? ’cause I can’t do that myself. But it comes back to just inspiration again, like that. Those are the things that I feel excited.

To do like. And so this goal of just. Trying to figure out how. Not only can I help capture inspiration, but how can we help Foster? How can we help create the moments that bring that the triggers that it is that that generate the the the flow state for someone? It’s such a.

Powerful in. Valuable thing that I’m trying to figure out with this flow state peace because.

It just seems to be correlated with people feeling purpose and happiness and meaningfulness. And so if we can help foster flow States and help people get inspiration and then also help them capture that information or the inspiration. It’s like they are tapping into a different kind of consciousness, one that you know maybe arguably is our higher self and the value from from doing that then allows you to extract that information from those moments,

reflect on them, use them. Learn from them. And that’s just something that I guess. I’ve I’ve wanted personally for a long time and I’m so excited to see you know technology that is harnessing that. And you know my. Solution is only one of many doing that,

and I’m more than happy to share the companies that are. That are there and doing a great job, but. It’s just mind blowing that before we could lose all these amazing moments and thoughts and notes and time and pieces like I. I really do feel, feel blessed in a way that this opportunity is here and I hope you know what I can do is share in a way that that’s that just makes sense like this has been a really hard thing to communicate to. People really hard thing to explain,

but I think a lot of people understand inspiration and know how important that is in our lives and and maybe have also had some experience with flow states or altered status states of consciousness that seem to tap you into. You know the right, the right,

the right mood, the right mindset. Whether you’re a artist in your singing and you’re hitting the perfect note or your athlete near. Blocking and punching like like you’ve never done before. These are moments where. We can really feel so many powerful things as humans and a loser track of time and essence and. That’s something that I want to deeply explore, and specially if it helps people and you know,

frankly, of course it helps me too. There are a lot of challenges with actually exploring. How to capture inspiration and one of them, of course, is the sound environment that discussed. The accuracy that actually comes from me recording a note like this. There is a lot of ways to actually lose,

you know valuable information. So the fact that I’m not recording video right now is a loss of information information. If I wanted to then reflect back, I could see the facial expressions while I say the things how animated I am, I would learn from the environment in the back of the video. But you know, even in that state were missing out on so much information, we’re not getting a 360 Panorama. There is a lack of angles and lighting and people. People don’t have to hold things.

I’m probably not holding this right. There’s a lot of lot of challenges actually with that. One of the other things that I really think about two is music with music and what I’m now trying to do is, can I actually talk in a way that allows me to generate headings for a blog post ’cause I’m going to transcribe this and post it later? Most likely in an unedited fashion, and there will be errors, but the closer I could get to paragraph formatting and then Headings, That’s very fascinating and very powerful because. This raw ability to then format you’re you’re speaking and your thoughts really in a way, it’s me typing my thoughts in away is all the sudden, much more possible and enjoyable and easy.

So music is a huge part of our. Journey as people and also you know,

very powerful for us to tap into these states. I can’t even, you know.

Imagine sometimes getting into flow state without without without music. and I have different music that I know and music without lyrics is a big part of that. Instrumental and driving piano and sounds that just allow you to hone in and focus and lots of work going into. Looking at, you know how our brains reacted, music and so amazing companies doing things in that area Endo Dot IO ENDEL dot IO.

Fantastic company, really excited about down in these personalized sound environments that they’re generating based on your location in your weather, in your heart rate and all these things so they’re really trying to put you in a state of either relaxing, relaxation or sleep or focus right away and. That’s. That’s just a beautiful thing I’ve experienced myself, and there are some incredible creators with Animations and all these beautiful things.

And really, you know that’s a music is a huge part of inspiration and the more work in research that gets done in that area that the more happy lives

that I believe we can actually live. I’m currently out at the dock at.

Lakeshore in Toronto and other things that’s really interesting for. Capturing inspiration and I just experienced them as well to was when I’m writing.

Problems with inspiration. When you’re writing. So that would be a heading right there. And the idea here is. I was like I say writing, but what I really meant is problems with even typing, but writing. Also I guess factors in,

but I’m using the example of. I was just writing A blog post. Not that long ago tonight. Actually. Just before I came on this walking. Now if I want to go back and edit,

it’s not like the people get to see in a way visualize where I came back and edit a new. For example, added sections stay hard, very hard to represent time. It’s very hard to represent the way that something was created in a way, and that’s a gap because the way that someone creates something helps people learn so much it informs us so much about the creation process, not something else that I’m really thinking a lot about is. How can we help? Capture the creative process and even measure that so that we can gather insights into the world’s best creators and just one thought like is measuring key topic. Like every character that you type on a keyboard and you understand, for example, the quickest rate per minute that that person reach. The most words per minute, the parts where they slow down at you know these are moments where,

for example, that’s to bring it back to inspiration. Where we measure where maybe someone’s inspiration fades where they loot, get out of flow state. They come up against the barrier, and those are worthwhile moments of exploring and still don’t know exactly what it is.

That all the stuff that I’m trying to connect, and that’s always trying to connect and Lorna’s trying to connect as we believe. Amazing and beautiful and it means so much to us and we think it should mean and will mean a lot to other people as well too. If we can communicate fully what we’re trying to do and. For that journey in the mission myself,

it’s been very important to use a tool like what I’m doing now with with my voice knowing that it’s going to be recorded in the power that I have of putting it in. Our system, like this has allowed me to figure out how to communicate things a lot better refine what I’m talking about. Breakdown and distill all these complex pieces that are hard to connect and comprehend, especially. It’s not like I’m I’m just coming from this normal sort of experience in away a lot of things set me up to have some weird thoughts to be

Frank. Hum. So there’s a lot of I don’t know where I am on that thought personally, but you know, the thought of the challenges of writing and just have representing how we created is fascinating to me.

Something I’m exploring. Trying to think of anything else just around inspiration.

How do we capture inspiration?

Typically inspiration last in long Spade so like. Not it doesn’t last in long spades. I guess. What sometimes, maybe I need to separate here. The difference between inspiration and flow state, ’cause they’re different things. I get inspiration when I’m in flow state,

but inspiration is almost something that comes to you quickly and out of nowhere.

So I need to clear out my own definitions here. This is all part of live learning. I’m posting it on tylerbride.com. Be transcribing all, turn it into a podcast.

I don’t know if I should create it as a new podcast, live learning with Tyler Bryden.

That’s sort of what I was doing already in a way, but do I just post it to speak with Tyler on now? I’m just asking myself questions. I forgot that there’s you know, people who will be listening to this, and I apologize for that,

everyone. I should wrap up now if that’s where my mind is taking me. I’m going for a beautiful walk around Toronto here and I’m going to embed this player in my.

Post which will be titled How to capture inspiration. And I’ll continue to work on this. I’ll put the embeddable player to see that you guys can see. And it will be custom branded. My colors, which I’m that makes me so happy to see. And then I’ll also post the raw transcript unedited below to start, which is going to be quite a few words. I’ve talked for 18 minutes. I don’t know what my projections are. I don’t want to sound really off,

but if I’ve talked for 20 minutes I should have produced probably. Uh-huh myself, I can’t think of this right now,

maybe maybe 10,000 words. We’ll see.

I talk fast and part of that I mentioned in the writing piece that I shared today were actually created.

Today. I will share tomorrow is.

You know, it feels very nice to be able to speak.

You can speak. I can speak at a quicker pace than I can type, even though I can type pretty quick. I my mind, my mind moves quick and I want to speak quick. And so there’s a freeing part which allows me to get that inspiration. I felt inspired to write today, but I hit a wall and I needed to speak and record, and that’s why I went through this walk, and I’m so glad that I did.

I’d love to know just what you are all thinking about. Just inspiration in your own lives. What ways do you tap into it? How do you? How does inspiration come to you?

How can we all start to get more inspiration in our lives? Blow out post. The some links from that you know if you want to connect with me or anything like that,

and I’m I’m live learning along with you here and I’m feeling very inspired. I came back from Vancouver. I just saw just way that people were living in. Just a change in perspective, just an experience like that can be so life changing and I’m so grateful for that.

It’s giving me this inspiration. It’s giving me this clarity some momentum. Lot of just changing the environment allowed me to think differently and now I’m back with the. You know just a a great mindset in very excited to be sharing some of the stuff with you and I think those come alot of things that I. I sort of concluded that.

Will help us take some awesome steps for it. I can’t. I can’t wait to share some of this stuff with you because I think if we can do this right, it’s. So it’s it’s it’s hopefully something beautiful for everyone so. Thank you so much for listening to this reading this.

Feel encouraged to connect with me and. Let me know your thoughts and inspiration. I always love hearing hearing from ya and. This is an amazing thing about the community that can be built in the collective intelligence that we all have.

Thank you.

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