Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Impressions

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Episode Summary

– Played about 3 hours overall
– Some glitches but overall good quality and smooth experience
– There was one update error that forced me to delete local files on the computer
– Did not do much customization of loadouts
– As someone who has taken many years off of Call of Duty the experience hasn’t changed much
– It was weird playing with AI players but understand why they were including them
– Super excited about the number of players enabled in different game modes
– There were still some spawn issues where you are being killed as soon as you are spawned
– Always had a lot of love for Infinity Ward
– Was sad when the beta was no longer available so that is a good sign
– A lot of recoil in some of the weapons
– My fingers were clunky and unused to PC gaming after all this time
– Nice diversity in maps with the ability to run n’ gun and also snipe
– A ton of things going on all the time with UAVs, gunships, and precision strikes barely knew what was happening
– Never had any experiences with hackers but did lose connections a few times
– Bigger maps felt a bit more like Battlefield
– Main screen and in-between game match lobbies were really nice
– Footsteps and noise were definitely loud and helpful
– May not be new but I loved closing the doors on people to create one more blocker

YouTube Video


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Automated Transcription

Hello, hello, Tyler Bryden here. I hope everything’s going well. A little bit different topic than I talk about usually on this channel. I got into it. I got into Call of Duty. If you didn’t know I was a huge player back in the day. I feel like I missed the train of you know, competitive gaming had a lot of fun. My my gamertag on Xbox was the codfather. I got a 19 on there, but there was a huge part of my life used to game every day after after school with my friends and I miss it very much. I’ve been away from Call of Duty for a very long time. But I I for some reason this one spoke to me. I have a couple of friends who are gaming right now who said they were gonna buy this one. And we said, hey, let’s link up on this team, let’s play. So I played the beta on Steam on PC. It’s been a long time, probably only played about three, 3 1/2 hours overall and just wanted to share, you know, a little bit of my experience of it. This is sort of not a, this is not a review, this. I’m not going to give a score at the end of this. It’s just some of my impressions here of the game. I’ve got a video that I did. I did my first.

I hate Call of Duty. I was very focused. I have not a streamer, so that was quite an interesting experience. You can see, you know why I originally saw people getting like 7000 views on their videos for Call of Duty streaming. It I got 14 no, no chats and I did not know how to communicate. And you can see them staring very intently. So I’ll just play this in the background while I speak. And then I got a couple other links from some people who, you know, I think made some really good points overall about about the game, about the experience. I’m not going to be, you know, too much of an expert on this or too much of a.

You know, high up, you know, perspective in this regard, just a few things that that I’m thinking on my side as someone who’s casually jumping back into Call of Duty, I had a lot of fun over the weekend playing it and in the end was sad that it was gone. So I think that was a positive sign. You know, maybe there was a couple of things that, you know, didn’t like or were annoying or frustrating, but overall I was sad that I was gone. So I’ll hop here, apologies for the quality and you can just sort of see a little bit of a kill streak out having some fun on this video here and I’ll just talk about. A couple of things that that I thought. So when, you know, one of the things people talk about was, you know, glitches and errors and hacks and all this stuff, apparently there was some sort of hackers who got in the game. I personally did not. This is me shooting, by the way. I did OK here. These guys were terrible though, you know, people were having experience of hackers sort of ruining the game and I didn’t have that experience at all. I never had one of those. I did have one error that forced me to basically go into local files and to main of Call of Duty and Steam delete that because otherwise it was just caught in this, you know?

Sort of pause screen of trying to gather update. Seemed like it was a known issue once you know, it was annoying to make that change, but overall that was, you know, pretty simple fix game worked right away. So I think, you know besides a couple things that go on a couple games that lost connection, you know, froze a little bit, you know overall pretty smooth experience for a beta. They’re obviously getting, you know this has been a long, it’s been a lot of Call of Duty throughout the year. So I feel like they’ve got this down. Always been a huge fan of Infinity War and I felt that it’s been sort of like the tightest.

Version of Call of Duty, at least for me personally, as someone who’s loved it so much. So again, pretty casual. I was pretty clunky with the old finger, you know. This was probably my one of my better streaks here in Call of Duty that I’m playing here right now that you’re watching, but overall it’s pretty clunky. I was throwing grenades when I meant to do whatever, I didn’t even know all the controls. I was pretty horrible. So keeping that in mind is a disclaimer as I was playing that. Probably not playing to the full potential of what some of you are who are maybe more passionate about Call of Duty, or at least playing the more recent versions.

I think, you know, one of the things that stuck out to me is the experience hasn’t changed that much. I was thinking, yeah, I’m going to be rusty, but overall, especially on PC, it’s just like point at this person’s head click, shoot, hopefully, you know, kill in this regards and definitely have straight away from my, you know, tendency towards, I mean never, never a violent person. But you know, it feels weird to actually be in, you know, this, playing a first person, shooting a shooter or killing people again, that’s, you know, that’s not something that I do much anymore. So it was a lot of fun. That, you know riddled with anxiety. You can see my face down. I guess you can’t see it in this but if you check out the original video, I was I was very zoned in, very focused in and you know did mine. There we go, throwing a grenade when I’m not meaning to. So definitely a lot of fun. A little bit of anxiety along the way and I remember that jolt of playing this game that made it so much fun and that’s why I was you know pumped to have the experience over the weekend and and get some play in and overall ton of ton of fun. Great to you know hear some voices when you’re close to people on and awesome to play.

These matches where apologize, we’ve got some serious LinkedIn messages coming in here. I’m going to mute that so you don’t have to hear that again. I apologize. Basically, I had a lot. I had a lot of fun playing like, I used to love Battlefield 2 and that you could play with so many people in one game was always so cool to me. And I’m so glad that they’ve actually increased that in this. I don’t know if it was in previous games, apologize if I sound like an idiot, but that was a big one. Played multiple game types and I like that. There was some tight maps, you know, very tight. You can see me sort of.

You know, even though I’m perching up here, there was, you know, there was a lot of like sort of close encounter games and sort of maps. And then there was also very many, you know, open spaces where I like to switch commonly between the salt and then switching back into sort of, you know, sniping and to have that mix sort of seamlessly throughout and even on the same map was really cool. And I think that was a little bit of the battlefield feel that I had. So overall, that was great. Nice diversity on the maps I played. I don’t think we played all of them cycles.

Or couple some consistencies, none of them released like stood stood out to me of like this crazy like you know this is mind blowing this map which was a little disappointing, but functionally they felt cool, felt like I was playing some paintball or something and they all made sense to me. I never had too much of an experience of like this is super boring or not nice or whatever. Couple other notes and then I’ll wrap this up. I’ve been going for 5 minutes here already. In some of the game modes, I’m thinking Team Deathmatch, where you actually had, and finally my streak is over.

I was happy both my my team scored at that point but in some of the game modes I believe Team death match there was this one of the challenges is always been with Call of Duty is where you spawn and then our people killing you right away. And I had that experience and a couple of the matches there where you know couple people camped out on whatever point D or A or whatever, soon as I’m alive I’m dead. And you know that’s always been an ongoing struggle with Call of Duty. Would love to see them correct that. I’m not exactly sure how they do that, but that would be nice and.

Other things that I thought were super interesting where this sort of AI bots that we were playing with. So I believe in this match there would have been AI bots. I’ll just hop forward and see if we can get another game, probably one that I’m, you know, definitely not playing, playing as well, but just so you can continue to see some game play. Playing with these bots. Super interesting. And, you know, you think you’re killing someone who’s not an AI bot and you’re like, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And and then you realize it’s may I bought you get like one point. You’re sort of disappointed. But I also understand like, you know, super interesting to think of this perspective that Infinity Ward is training these sort of engines within the game. And overall, I get respect why they’re doing it. Super, super interesting. And, you know, I killed lots of them. So that always felt good. Built it up a little bit now.

Trying to think if there’s anything else that really sticks out to me. The main screen and the in between the match game lobbies, they were super nice. You know, they’ve always continued to improve. Those used to be so simple and sort of boring. And now you can zoom in. You look at everyone, everyone’s dressed all cool and customized. Again, I did little customization, but that’s OK. The rifle that was in that default loadout sucked. The sniper rifle that sucked. I’ve, you know, two shots, even shoulder, neck. I felt like I was not killing, you know, anyone here. You see my game, I’m dying a lot here. And then the other thing that I saw sort of people complaining about was?

Said you have like sort of. So like footsteps and noise actually thought that was super helpful in most cases. It wasn’t like overbearing. It seemingly fine. And then the one thing that I loved and maybe this was, you know, old, but like, I didn’t. I had never like closed doors in games before, so maybe that dates me in my own Call of Duty experience, but I just thought that was hilarious. And also just sort of like tactically a nice block or just to stop someone for one second. If you’re, you know, holding up in the place, trying to play, you know, a little bit defensively, you’re post up in a spot where you’re getting lots of good stuff.

Went on. So I think, you know, overall that’s a good I’m, I’m, I I played the beta. I was sad when I saw that I couldn’t play, I realized it was gone. I look forward to playing the, you know, the the actual full game when it comes out at the end of October, definitely, you know, not probably going to be playing the, you know, 12 hours that I used to play back in the day straight. I got too much going on in my life, got a dog, I got people I love. But it was fun to return and it didn’t get, you know, boring.

The way I thought it might have super fun, super crisp, fast, high paced, intense, sort of very focused, you know, close the door there, very focused during those games. And that was, you know, a lot of fun. And I’m thankful to everyone who creates these games, that continued excitement around Call of Duty. It’s been so long that they’ve been making these games. And I’m, you know, I’m a huge fan continually, even in my, you know, later years, you know, it’s fun to, you know, kill people during these games and then, you know, realize I’m in a game lobby with a bunch of people who are much younger than me.

And, you know, even though I killed some of them, they killed me a lot more than I killed most of the time. So husband, Tyler, Bride, again, a little different than my normal, you know, videos that I’m creating around like AI and tech, psychedelics and all those different things. But I thought it was worthwhile, a worthwhile experience, you know, and love to connect with anyone who’s playing these maybe a game once this awful thing comes out. And just want to share my sort of feedback of the experience overall from someone who’s maybe a little bit more casual and not as deep into it. Maybe I’m not who Infinity Ward cares about, but still have some perspective as a long time.

Over Call of Duty. You like this? Send me a message, comment, whatever. All those good things I’ve been telling Brian. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye. Bye.


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