Communicating in 2020, Psychedelics & Journaling for Well-being

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Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Communicating in 2020, Psychedelics & Journaling for Well-being

How can we capture human ingenuity?

This is how I get a lot of my best work done. It’s messy. It’s sporadic. Sometimes I write on paper. Other times I use my phone. Then it’s on to my laptop. The laptop isn’t good enough so I move to my desktop. 

We are missing out on so much powerful human knowledge. We are limited from capturing it.


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Everyone now everything is going well and I look back. Did a podcast with with my dentist last night in London ON? And. I do really good job, had 3 video cameras, he lighting at a guy who is there actually filming everything. I really impressed me was a dentist had just opened a new practice and he had a lot of.

Just motivation and passion and you know sort of you could just tell this sort of like. Unbridled enerji of. Wanting to learn more and suck up as much information and value. As possible so I felt really inspired an. You know as I had looked thrown it through his profile earlier in the day.

I realized. That, he had been publishing content for quite a long time, and very consistently and actually pretty high quality content as well, too. And so. I was really I was really impressed with that and you know it’s really interesting as I’ve worked on. A lot of them. Projects I’ve actually done,

I’ve been a big advocate of you know you need to document you know what you’re actually doing throughout that process. And by doing that there’s a really powerful way to actually build relationships with the. You know the audience. And. And so I have been listening to other thought leaders talk about this, I had been talking about it myself.

And I have experimented with. With video with audio but I really wasn’t sort of practicing what I was preaching and bad doing that podcast. The guy who is very busy in his career with the dental practice in new dental practice. Bring pretty intense work I mean, doing dental work. Seeing him have that that drive an ability to do it.

Show me that I do have the potential to make more. Make more time for this and you know, and really in so many. Cases of sit sit Somos today. Hum. I’m you know, I’m constantly right now going around talking to people telling them about the importance of.

Communicating. In this day and age and what is that communication look like whether it’s? For better for worse. We have in many ways 2 worlds that were actually communicating with one of those is the real world. That. That’s all of us are participating in having 1 on one conversations.

Hum. Having group conversations, having public speaking, you know, either things that you want to do or things that you don’t want to do. And you know, I think just as importantly, an even more regularly. We communicate with ourselves as well, too, so. You know, we have this internal dialogue in her head that is talking to us and we also want to make sure that that dialogue itself. Is? Is productive is positive and you know it’s really actually being a benefit to your life instead of hindrance?

And then the second piece of communication that we’re actually talking about is. Is? Communicating in this online world, the one that I’m recording digitally right now, I’m obviously sitting. In a room. And I’m recording this, but This is being distributed online and many of us now in the real world. Scenario whether that’s in a meeting whether that’s in a presentation or whether that’s workshop.

Whatever those things are now being filmed there now being caught. Audio through video so. We are so often, communicating it’s a cornerstone of the success of our lives yet so many of us do struggle with. The confidence to be able to do it. And that’s that’s a That’s a sad thing because I think a lot of the frustration for so many people comes.

From just not being able to. Articulately communicate what they’re trying to do I know. That’s going to source of suffering for myself and you know, I don’t believe that’s just an assumption on. If it comes back down to communicating properly. You need to actually able to participate in that virtual economy that virtual world. So what does that mean you need to be hurt you need to be discovered?

If you were trying to share it. A message but no one is hearing it. It’s not resonating with any one. You’re not going to be happy with that and. And it’s really going to be a sort of in a way of level of unsuccessful communication.

I think there is. You know something that tell yourself here that even if you’re creating content. You’re not getting the engagement. You want you’re not getting the views that you want or it’s not converting to the things that you’re looking for. On the processing itself is actually. So powerful.

In fact that you’re. Putting yourself in that situation. You’re putting your Know yourself on the line, you’re printing your? Thoughts. There. You’re taking a risk. The thought process that you’re actually going through all your doing that and.

Sort of. Sharing information, but also at the same time processing and watching yourself doing it and learning from yourself is very, very powerful. And so I think you know, so many of us also. Struggle when you maybe don’t see the metrics or the engagement that you’re looking for yeah, we have to take solace that. We’re doing this because we want to and we’re doing this because this is part of the process that we enjoy and it’s part of.

The human experience. Let me think about it that way we reframe it, I think. The. Suffering can be mitigated. The other side of this that.

I’m thinking about consistently is you know is just a question you know just why. So why. Why are we actually communicating? Why are we trying to communicate? What are we trying to actually get across? These are. Difficult questions. And you know something that I’ve continued to see here is just like.

So many of us are participating in this virtual world this virtual economy because. Everyone else has. We still level social pressure, we feel level of. You know that miss fear of missing out if we’re not. Participating in that if we’re not creating content if we’re not sharing things how many of you.

Maybe don’t have the greatest enthusiasm to create content yet. Because. That’s the way that you communicate with your friends that’s where how you let you know how you let your friends know where you are. Buddy that’s Instagram stories just Instagram Post Snapchat. Facebook Twitter, like all these platforms like in YouTube.

Of course, like these are ways that we actually communicate with each other now. It’s completely started to take over and be such a dominant source of the information exchange that we’re actually doing as people. And there is a sort of sense that if you’re not doing it. Your left out and if you’re not. Doing good enough job at it.

And. It’s It’s visible in it’s obvious that people don’t care dot is also causing a lot of frustration and I think that’s Why? If I do go to Instagram now, I think something about even just removing the likes on that likes count on. Underneath the the image I think that is a sort of a powerful statement. I think we need to. Change.

Our perception of what success is when you’re creating content because I think that’s. Where a lot of people do get upset because they? They grew up. At any point before this. And there was almost like the potential to. Be a star. To be famous to put something out there,

if you got on the TV you knew people were watching. If you you might on the Late Show with David Letterman or whatever that is, you knew that you had. A large captive audience and that was such a standardized thing that people would see that you knew it would make an impact. Whereas people still think there in that.

In that time. When they now try to participate for content out there and try to communicate. And they don’t get the large numbers to. The press the To all the things that came with mass media. I think it becomes a really disappointing thing and I think it stops a lot of people from actually.

I’m actually doing it. And. Again, where we need to take solace in this the fact that. We don’t need to have. A massive following is massive audience that just. Follows your every action in follows you every move.

I think generally. What we’ve seen is so many? People who actually grow that following. It becomes such a significant part of their life and one that many actually seem to not necessarily enjoy dealing with. And whether that’s online vicious digital. Supporters and audiences and communities. Who at one moment can love and hold you up as an Idol in the next moment?

Tear you down. To in life papparoti walking out of places and just having people surround you so impede you moving like. What what a crazy life that would actually be and how disturbing it could actually get I know just how much I.

Value. My time alone. And to know that that’s a difficult thing to get. That is that’s intense and again and. You know now for so many people who are Creatives, who are in media. Um. Businesses organization entrepreneurs, whatever like? It’s hard to get that silence when you know that people.

Are craving and expecting you know information expecting content from you and so many of us sort of do get caught in this rat race of creating and sharing and. Follow. Following as much as you can and not something I’ve thought a lot about in the last several years of my life. Knowing that. There is so much potential still to build.

You know significant audiences who care deeply about what you’re doing. There are so many amazing creators who have. A dedicated following the thought of 1000. People who truly support you are better than a million who who just sort of know who you are. I think that’s a really powerful thing. But you know, even at the same time,

there is still this capability to reach these large audiences and sometimes unexpectedly sometimes. Fortnight. And I think that’s I think that’s something to not also hinge on not to ride on. Because if that’s the thing that you’re chasing after. Most likely it’s not going to come and if it does, I sadly think that it’s not going to be necessarily.

The thing that you were looking for. So many of us have these. Lofty goals and lofty ambitions that can only be met by certain metrics certain numbers certain income. Thinking that if we get there that there’s going to be a plateau of a set Flatlands of happiness that you’ve just elevated too, and will remain on. But anyone who? Experience those highs experience Lowe’s Lowe’s know that happiness and in the human condition, is not necessarily a consistent and stable thing and.

No matter who you are no matter how much success. You have whether you’re wealthy whether you have. You know massive audiences falling you everyone has to’s difficult things in their life that. It kind of shaky they’re going to disrupt you they’re going to challenge you. Emotionally and spiritually and. Breakdown, who you think you are,

and what your purposes in life. And. It’s something that I need to be careful of and it’s something that we all need to be careful of it.

Really easy to. Just. Shiny object. In front of us and forget. All the things that are shining right around us. That’s why I spent so much time in these last.

Several. Years really. Pondering this trying to understand myself trying to understand. Why we are doing what we’re what we’re doing right now? In many cases in a rapidly accelerated pace. Almost every Person every company every organization that I talked to. Next year they’re going to create more content 2020 is going to be the year they do video.

You know, everyone’s got more blog posts to write more images to share on social media. Question is just. Why you know? And as more and more people move towards that. This generation younger than us there, so their digital natives and. Doing this stuff is natural to them whereas.

In the quite foreign to. Hum. You know my generation, even 1 below, but then, everyone above who. I haven’t been used to this paradigm where you were forced to create content and share things online if you wanted to communicate. So much information generated every single day? How do we actually navigate through that? How do we deal with this massive amount of data that we just? Can ever comprehend we could never digest in our lifetime? How do we actually do that? Should we be doing that? Should we be processing this much information should we be doing this much? Work.

And that’s not even to mention the. Privacy secure some concerns and the ethical dilemmas that are really coming with this, this documentation. Of our lives that is actually occuring and. Amazing discussion yesterday about. You’re being so much in for people think there’s so much information.

That. It doesn’t matter ’cause. No one will ever look at it and because it’s so much information it’s so. Hard to actually find, but Because. The way we’ve digitally documented things, it’s such quick retrieval mechanisms that we actually have.

We can search through so many things and through filtering through. IP addresses I distro. Different application use like we’re painting such a powerful portrait of who we are every single day that we participate in any of these digital. Platforms and online. It’s Really profound and I look at it from 2 sides because I’ve.

Been in this space, I’ve made money in this space. But I’m also. Person, who cares about Mike. My mental health my family’s health, the world’s. Safety like that there are so many other things, I think I’ve been just.

Participating in this economy so that you can generate revenue and profit. The amount that were. Participating in That we’re agreeing to. The applications that we’re using the terms of service and privacy policies, we ignore. There is a very powerful.

That comes along with this. They learn when I was in University by Michael Michael Fuko. It’s called the pin opticon. Open up Khan is. Versing Guardians Galaxy there is the jail.

That they go to and there are locked in. Haven’t seen the movie movie, it’s fantastic. But in that movie there’s a tower and then. Towers in the middle that’s where all the guards are and then. It’s basically a circle so around the tower in a circle. Are all the cells in in this?

Movie. And so you can actually see from the tower. The inmates who are in ourselves. And. I don’t think in the movie The windows are covered, but the main concept of Panopticon is that you could cover the windows.

Of the tower and never know if there was actually a guard in there. The thought that a guard might actually be in there. Makes you actually modify your behavior. And so that’s the other part that’s really. Sticking out to me right now is how many of our behaviors are actually modified how.

Much. Subconscious stress and tension we must have every day. From knowing that. By almost any digital activity were doing there is a chance that. That could have some pretty dangerous. Remicade ramifications whether you had good intentions whether you had bad intentions.

Whether it was a spur of the moment thing or whether it was a well thought out. Plan or piece of content or information or activity that we’re actually doing. And lately of course, we’ve seen so many people. Again weather. Good or bad.

Getting taking down. Getting it, you know with virtually attacked by leading to real life attacks as well for activities. That, they’ve done either now or in the past and some dating very far back. There are many things that are. Inexcusable.

But so many of us. User mistakes as A lesson as a learning opportunity. And it’s really easy to. Pull down someone when they? When they do something like that. When they cross a line.

Say something that was inappropriate. But they’re just humans as well, too, and. There are sometimes things to come out from our deep rooted.

Anger. Or bias. That are indicative of. Someone possibly having. Uncontrolled darkness inside them some anger towards the world and and possibly a dangerous street to them. But in so many cases. I think we are humans.

Are we’re testing the waters were testing the environments that we’re in we’re trying to See how much room we have to. Things or do things. And, of course, many times that can be. Because it actually allows us to push through the barriers that. So many of us actually facing that civilization.

Faces we need people who are willing to push the environments and break those things is often those things can lead to good. Up. And, of course, we’re also seeing the ramifications that come if they? And so here I am sitting on. According to this microphone. Communicating on creating.

I’m happy about it. I enjoy audio. And I don’t know if I will actually include this in the final. Peace here, but I’m actually listening to some beautiful. Sort of binaural beats in the background as well, too, and if I do share them.

I will definitely make sure I credit. The Creator. Something I’ve been also thinking a lot about lately has been the. The connection between audio.

Ourselves as people. The thoughts that we have. The. Mindstate, it brings. The last several years I’ve really done. And much deeper dive into.

Into sound and how that effects mood and focus. I’m in Enerji. How much I’ve been able to? Modify my own state. With different sounds. So I have.

My retrieval between Spotify and YouTube. No several just amazing. Soundscapes. That. I will listen to consistently. Could have made?

Drastic difference in my life just to give you. One example is uh mazing believe it. A father and mother, I guess the husband and wife duo. Call Dan Theo, who makes you know, basically call it like healing music healing music and it’s just. You know instrumentals in the background know know lyrics,

maybe miniscule lyrics. And since I’ve even discovered them like. I think they put so much intention into that. That music that it just just comes through it, and I felt much more. Capable and confident my own life to know that if things get a little bit, too, overwhelming or I’m too busy. Then I can generate almost.

Please. I really have to do is. Yeah, touch Spotify touch YouTube. Put it through the speakers or as I’m doing now listening through my headphones. And how many things. Or actually triggered.

By audio by these soundscapes by these instrumentals. It really is profound to me and I think there’s a deep connection between. Even right now, what I’m listening to and what I’m what I’m generating the words that I’m speaking right now. Something I’m really investigating a lot.

Uh. Technically, what I’ve been spending a lot of time on. Is how we actually isolate speech and audio? So that We can transcribe the speech cleanly and clearly. And then Re merge it back with the audio. And so this is actually a pretty big technical challenge.

There’s not many. Actually, I still haven’t come across a system that really allows you to do this and then. Generate for us what we’re trying to generate is our interactive player with speak. And by isolating and then we merging. Understand the connection between thought patterns speech. And the music and audio sounds behind it.

Actually becomes possible. And this resonates deeply with me right now because. In a lot of therapy. And specifically in. Psychedelic space with MDMA with Psilocybin.

So much. Of that is actually driven by sound so if you do an MDMA. Treatment right now, what does that actually look like? You actually lay back. On the right terminology. And. You take you take the pill. And lay back and I’ll print a blindfold on you and they’ll print headphones on you and that sounds scary,

the way I just said it. It actually looks quite relaxing and generally not generally there will be for MDMA Therapy. There will be and this is all my. General understanding from working in this space for but there’s going to be a female and a male. Counselor therapist psychologist, there with you.

They like to have 2 and they wanted to be a balance of male and female. And. And generally what’s happening in those sessions is UR? Company by music. And I was told it’s about a 50 to 50. 5050 ratio of the time spent listening to music silently.

Processing thoughts. Possibly speaking. And then a 5050. 50 dollar 50% of the time they’re actually maybe sat up, they sound like risen risen risen up. And the maybe pull off their headphones and they’ve they’ve got something to say.

And so. So many of these breakthroughs actually come in those moments and in my mind, a lot of that is actually triggered by the music that they’re listening to it can be censored guiding force. Um. In. Ayawaska ceremonies it grows in the company of music is actually a crucial element to a powerful successful ayawaska experience.

We look at the same thing with Holotropic breathing. So. What time? Trying to even accomplish there is how can we? The person going through the therapy is saying in the therapist in the room. How can we capture that? How can we capture the audio? How can we capture? How can we? Capture those separately so we have full control over them and then and then be able to re merge them back together.

For analysis for playback. For transcription and for information extraction. That is a huge gap right now one net. From my understanding is not something that solved. That is. I’m deeply interested in right now, just because.

It can be applied in so many. Different ways. And in my case, what we’re seeing is that it’s going to be used. The therapeutic setting. In a research setting.

With activities with sessions that can actually. Change the world. Nuts. Truly exciting to me, something that I am more than happy to invest my energy in time into. And. I know it’s

Still. Thing that I’m willing to do that. Something that’s changing quickly. But the stigma around psychedelics stigma around drug use and substances in general. In some cases.

Certain groups and sectors I’ve actually gotten more extreme. From my understanding from my personal experience an from. Sing. It’s really difficult to. Fully right off some of the potential.

Substances entheogens psychedelics and entheogen specifically is almost like a subsector of psychedelics that. Natural and used in a very spiritual and ceremonial contexts. Something like ayawaska. Bible gain. And so many cases.

People that I talked to who are invested in this space. We’re interested in this space at all. Have a reason for originally. Some sort of trauma. Some sort of. Gap that

They saw in their own lives. That. They believe Psychedelics. I have an impact on that have the ability to. He’ll Make people feel like they have purpose make them feel more complete.

Install them with more mindfulness. That draws so many people and. Answer doteli. When people have psychedelic experiences. Many of them at least feel like.

They turned into better people they become more conscientious they have more empathy. And even if that is a placebo, which in many cases were seeing that it’s not. Is that not a good thing? Do we not want more empathy in this world? Do we not want more people who are mindful. Of what they’re doing of who they are where they’re going of how they’re driving with how they’re behaving in the grocery store. People with their cards man got there.

I so much good that can be. From these experiences. Now proven by science. And that I felt in my own life. I just I can’t feel.

I can’t feel the. Ability to not. Participate. To try to advocate. Because of how profoundly it’s impacted me as a person the course that it’s.

Let’s put me on the ability of had to connect with people. In many cases. I’m not the only one to experience this, but there was a life. Before psychedelics and there was a life after psychedelics and. I think many of us.

Have experimented with marijuana use marijuana and. Possibly early in childhood and I think there are very powerful psychedelic experiences that come from marijuana, especially when you are young. Maybe I don’t know if the best thing when your brain is developing something that I consider a lot but. Those are very psychedelic experiences by in many cases because you’re so young your priorities and what you’re focused on there, not necessarily. Using the same learning capacity.

As. For example, you know, maybe a psilocybin mushroom trip later in your life actually basically creates for you. I think even a lot of people would use something like psilocybin or LSD, maybe early in their life. Not understanding the full potential of. How? It can be.

Amazing. A genuine personal development in self healing and growth. Again, just because of? Our age our lack of understanding are. Priorities. But as you. Do.

A little more mindful little wiser and as you age event. You see this. Perspective of life that then allows psychedelic experiences too. Start to have. I think larger benefits in many ways.

Perceptual changes that. Do you understand? Can be great can be good for you because? You now have this ability to reflect on your years of experience so far. And build these. And not even built takedown these. Barriers net.

I’ve been through our conditioning. Whether that’s Idol like that family. Whether that’s something that you’ve experienced yourself a trauma. That’s Condition you to have these thought patterns and beliefs.

In. I just I feel mobilized I feel inspired I feel energized. I feel like it is. Irresponsible. Some of these things. And I think for many reasons one being.

Of course, incidentally it’s helped me. Another being that I’ve now seen. Science. Improving many of our assumptions around this are actually correct. And I would say also.

Because I’ve had my own experience. Actually, seeing the dangerous path of psychedelics as well, too, because I was uneducated because it was mis educated. This idea that. Example magic mushrooms make your brain believed that you hear in school and public school in high school that. Make you Form opinions of users of those substances. That restrict you from having those experiences that limit you from?

The thought process that that’s something that. Is possible? Something that might be worthwhile. And led to me. Not me too. Going to a really difficult period in my life trying to reintegrate the psychedelic experiences that I was having.

Specifically, for me. High doses around. Very. Unique time in my life under existential pressure and then also. You know existential pressure of myself who I was why was doing just finishing my hockey career and then also the sudden? Stress of my father’s heart attack who? Which then led me to process and reflect on our relationship one that had been extremely difficult? And the idea that. It might not be that far away that.

I might not have the ability to. Talk to that person anymore, my father the person who. Like all of us had flaws, but Who also Did his best and cared? And loved my sister and I. And. Not fully understanding the? Power of psychedelics the idea of set and setting the mind state that you’re in the people that you’re with I didn’t have people with me.

I isolated myself and then I did this. Those can all be such. Dangerous steps. Things that we need to understand and anyone who is truly. Experience or cares about.

What the next years? Of our world look like especially as more enthusiasm grows around this. Notice the danger of this stuff as well, too. Knows the stories of. You know those stories of people who for example, and didn’t come back after an LSD trip. A DMT trip those things are dangerous.

You need to be mentally prepared you need to understand what you’re about to go through and you need to understand that there are. Times places moments in your life, you should not be using those things. And if we can’t responsibly share that part of what we’re doing. Then we have actually failed to successfully.

He. Solve so many problems and heal. People away that so many people in this space are actually trying to do. So yes, I consider myself psychedelics advocate. I hate that terminology I don’t really know what else to say if you have an idea, please give it to me.

We care. Compassion it. I want to educate. Inform. Stop people from. Going down the dark path of psychedelics. It’s possible if you don’t take care of yourself.

But also stop people from having to suffer. Without understanding why and that there are other alternatives out there besides. Hum. SSR eyes and And distractions and so many of the ways that we currently distract ourselves today from the problems that we’re facing. Things we feel that we’re scared to confront the issues ahead of us as humanity as people who live on this world. And they have not treated this world correctly to the point that it’s actually going to have large ramifications for us as?

Culture and society. If we can’t understand ourselves, we’re not going to be able to. Make it through these times. Many people have been lost.

2. Mental illness too. Other drugs opioids. Because they didn’t think there was a way to deal with the. The pain whether that was mental. In some cases where that was physical. Ann. As someone who is

Any cases dealt with both. Weather from hockey. The mental part and the physical piece the injuries, the concussions. Suffer. Not like this. And I like the way so many of us have?

We’ve named ourselves distracted ourselves. And we do our best, but the information that we’ve been given the way are. Parents raise just a culture that we grew up in. Information inadequate treatment. Don’t have people to talk to don’t have abilities to communicate what they’re going through.

And so I will take a stand on. On psychedelics, I’ll take a stand that. These substances have been so maligned for decades. Not for the right reasons. Don’t deserve to be maligned in the same way anymore to at least deserve.

Someone willing to experiment someone willing to test. Build hypothesis. Do therapy sessions. Understand what’s happening in them? We’re being or being the responsible if we don’t. I feel that.

I don’t apply this selfishly because I’ve had personal success with this. I believe that in so many ways. About anything about. You know any. Question that we have as a species.

As people. We should be able to ask those questions, he will attest if they are true if they were false. more things. I guess I’d like to speak on. One of them has been actually what I’m doing right now and that’s You know how can you use? Journaling.

For. Better mental health for better clarity. Is something I’m extremely fascinated about and? I’m just pulling up a couple tabs. I started to do some research into this about how. No how does journaling? Make you happy or make you healthier how what’s the best way to do it? How can we do it.

And I found some really fascinating things that surprising. Hum. Lack of information, I thought that was really interesting, but enough that there are some Golden Nuggets to actually. Pull from and I think.

As I move forward. I’m going to start to. You know think more about this and try to document how we can actually do this in a better way how can we? Use journaling to become more clear about. Our minds are. Are working? How are how are behaving? How our moods are? So much of this is actually guiding and directing the day-to-day decisions were actually making so I think this. Becomes a really crucial part of our success as individual people, but then also as communities and and a species.

And so I just want to quickly. And I say quickly. Meaning it won’t be quickly sorry for that. Just take a look and. Share with you what? I’m thinking in a couple ways.

Around this sort of topic. Uh. One of the things that’s been really helpful for me with journaling. And in this case what I’m seeing a lot is. Up.

So I think that becomes really powerful. I know. And specifically I’ve used Evernote for this for years. And I actually love Evernote as an application and in many cases. It actually inspired me too.

Do what I’m doing with speak right now because. I was. Journaling consistently into Evernote. And. Why you stressed right now? What are the challenges that you have today with the challenges that you have coming up? What are you worried about? What? What priorities do you have in your life right now? What are your obstacles what? What what’s blocking you from accomplishing those things? What mood are you in what? All these questions and you know for myself.

I need to deal with those questions. I need to. Be able to answer those understand myself, otherwise I do, I have this existential. Thought process that begins of. What am I doing here? What is this experience that we have is people that we didn’t truly choose? We are now living in each one of us,

many of us. Traumatizing confused. When? When I don’t answer these questions. Fortunately for myself and I don’t know exactly why whether it is genetic genetics whether it’s. The environment that I was raised in weather was psychedelic uses I’m not sure. What is exactly like to that existential crisis that can come if I’m not answering these questions but for myself that is.

Such an important part of my ability to be able to navigate through this world and so Evernote was. Allow me to do that and I continue to use Evernote every day in my life. There is not been a day I haven’t used Evernote. Hum.

I’m sure there’s birthday. But that’s a very you know. Actually. Close saying when I do it because it’s just I’m using it so much. But the questions that I started to have around Evernote for myself was. Why didn’t it? Give me any insights back into myself? Why doesn’t? Evernote with this vast amount of information that it has on me.

Knowing when I’m writing what I’m writing about. Topics. The patterns. Why is it not giving me any insights into myself? There are so many opportunities here Earth 2. Say Tyler you know you are.

Um. Satter in the month of June. Then you are in July. You struggle in. In September. When you start to lose.

Natural daylight. What are these trends that we can pull out these? Keywords these topics that we can. Start to provide back to myself as a user. I understand wow, I’m writing a lot about that I’m using. These negative words alive, I’m. I’m using Evernote, a lot more in the morning,

then I am at night. All these gaps. Information that I felt like I wanted to know we’re not being solved by by Evernote An. I felt this limitation. A limitation of what I want to know about myself how I wanted to categorise information.

And I think. Additionally, for myself it was. The ability to. Do much more with my voice. Speaking videos.

These. Sort of limitations led me to actually start what I’m working on today. And there’s I guess one. No, I sample I find pretty profound is actually from the movie Avatar. And I love it. Love it and Sam Worthington in that movie.

He is doing those lab notes and what he is. Basically reporting on. Just a research he was doing that day when his you know what he’s understanding his perspective mood that he said, and how he’s feeling about the research. And because it’s recording those lab notes every day and that’s on video.

Um. First of all it becomes a massive amount of information. Very personal and powerful information. Which leads to? Uh. The ability to not be able to comprehend it all. But it also paints a powerful portrait and narrative of your day-to-day perception of what you were thinking of.

Of a cookie bar. Ann. I wanted to. Do that I wanted to.

Have that ability. To understand myself better to gain an awareness of the way that I was thinking of the way that I was speaking. You know there’s so many ways to actually analyze themselves and whether that is the words that were writing that’s the. The voice I’m using right now, the tone that I’m in and how I ship that tone and what that actually means how that? Changes the way that you perceive it how it reflects on the mood that I’m actually in or what I’m feeling. My intention behind it, the meaning that I’m actually trying to get across. And then the facial expressions the body language how much. Have you heard how easy it is to read someone’s body language and tell if they?

Are you know happy or satisfied with where they are. There. If they’re trustworthy all these things you know if they believe in what they’re saying by recording yourself on video. Actual power that gives. Hum.

That wasn’t capable again through whether it’s ever know whether it’s Google Docs. Any of these applications. I couldn’t figure out how I could actually effectively do that. And so I was forced to sports that start trying to figure this out myself and build a system that would allow me to do it. And in many ways that vision remains true with what I’m doing now. I’ve had to take some you know, some turns and some shifts as?

You navigate through the. Infrastructure of the world today of the need for capital for the need for people to support you and having to pay them. Hum. Taking or add things in that allow it to have additional benefits beyond for example, personal therapy and journaling so how could I do that? How could I. Make this application that I want to build an in building now, which thankfully when a privilege it has been to actually do that. How can I make that valuable for day-to-day people? In Uh, In a context that it’s worth actual money? How can I do that so for myself. It had been coming down to what I had talked about a little bit earlier,

about how we can communicate. Actually has such a large impact on her life and without the ability to communicate successfully on line. It becomes a really difficult task and so I’ve had to morph. That vision and I’ve given people, the ability to for example, transcribe audio and video so that then they can. Share that into their website for search engine benefits Accessibility benefits and engagement.

Engagement increases. That’s also. Given. Has the ability to? Continue to build and then allow us to deliver insights back to people who are actually creating that content so. You know if we take audio and video.

We transcribe it, we extract keywords topics that own. The brains that we’re talking about who is speaking when. We can get this complex nuanced understanding. Ourselves of others the way that we’re communicating and if that’s successful or not. And. That is been actual actually a blessing as well, too, because I’ve been able to with a lot of help,

and want to pour a shift. This underlying objective of providing more awareness, to myself, crying providing more awareness to others. Hum. That still lives on at the core of what we’re doing, but we’ve enabled that to also provide benefits that other people are looking for an again willing to actually. Pay for and help them succeed in the context and world that they are living in.

And sometimes it’s sad that you don’t necessarily get to just focus on the original vision. But. In many cases. Mental health is still a tough thing. 2.

Rally around and especially in put investment into because. It’s a hard thing to. Return to get a return on to quantify. And I think there, I just have some additional interest in communication in marketing in. Getting a story out there and seeing how that can change people.

And if those are good stories. How can we get those ones to rise above the rest of the noise that we’re actually seeing? And so that path is curved, but that mission remains the same and I will never deviate from that. And it looks like there are some opportunities now to help with research. Um. Some with Extreme gravity for me.

A deep. Sense of fulfillment that I am getting right now and being able to help. Do that the fact that we’ve actually built a system that is capable of helping people. Analyze communications analyze research simulations help people turn abstract conversations into things that can be digested and manipulated an being able to.

Take. Information that is difficult. And turn that into. Pieces of content in narratives and information that can actually be shared in impact a larger audience change public sentiment. Public policy. What a blessing what? What are? Away for All these things that I’ve truly cared about things that have helped me a line together.

If I can continue to push forward I continue to. Make this. Successful. I will be a very happy I’m very fulfilled person. And it will allow me to continue that original mission of what I set out to do love. How can we understand ourselves more? How can we understand the way that we communicate better?

Even through these. Last 60 minutes, 64 minutes and 25 seconds to be exact. I’ve provided so much clarity. Hopefully do you buy definitely to myself, I’ve been able to watch my thought process as I work through this? Pass that my mind is going down and the ones that I choose to actually speak about or the ones I didn’t. Choose to keep within myself.

This is a form of therapy I could keep this internally. And have no one here it. Or I could share it out. And either way, there’s a therapeutic component to it.

Ann. I think that’s so many of us who are creating videos were creating audio and podcast and sharing blog. Articles and what we’re learning that’s what we’re trying to do trying to feel sense of connection. We’re trying to heal ourselves and we’re trying to heal others knowing that. When we do that. That’s truly the most fulfilling thing we can do is people.

Just like I feel. This guy responsibility to not. Talk about psychedelics. I feel the same irresponsibility. To not work on this project and I’ve had moments of difficulty. Moments of I’m spending so much money right now to actually do this.

Moments where I’ve tried to share what I’m doing in. For people to not understand. To be written off as either. Not smart enough, not technical enough, not business business savvy enough or maybe just crazy. The guy who talks about psychedelics.

All those scenarios have I’ve watched play out. That can so easily. Knock you off your chorus that can make you regret the decisions that you’re making that can scare you into. The idea that you’re not going down the right path that the money that you’re investing into something isn’t worth it. That has all resin that continue to rise that thought process will never go away that impostor syndrome not.

Idea that you’re there, but you’re not quite there that the things that your private prioritizing aren’t the right thing is to prioritize that will. Always be there. We think that so many people have this. Sense of clarity that they reached in specially we look at people who are successful and think they feel that way. I’ve been lucky enough to have some interactions with people who are considered that.

And have them candidly. Tell me that that’s not true. We are seeing better examples of this, no one has it. Figured out we’re all just. Flying through this life trying to understand what’s happening trying to process information in real time and hoping that we’re doing. And. Many of us are making mistakes,

many of us are doing the wrong things. We’re not listening to ourselves we’re not listening to others. We’re not getting the right information. And so how can we at least? Do our best to. To get there to be on the right path to feel like we are in the right place.

It is so much work to actually do and in my case. I need better tools to actually be able to do it. I need. More people around me to communicate with I need the right people. I need people can help me navigate through.

Legal heard of hurdles privacy hurdles. Hum. Financial hurdles. Mental blocks. Things that you just don’t know things that you couldn’t know.

Unless you’ve you’ve been through it. I’m still. Only 27 years old. Trying to figure out so many things. And with the world changing and shifting the way it is right now.

Every day. Comes clearer everyday to me that. To people that I thought new specifically in exactly what they were doing. They don’t. So you have to build trust in yourself. Got to build a relationship with yourself.

People filter through. The outside world, the stimuli, the information. The gurus the The massive amount of media that’s generated everyday an. You have to listen to yourself, you have to look internally. You have to take that into consideration, but you have to. Also,

look at yourself. And wouldn’t motivates you what do you truly want? I’m working really hard in that every day. Just like you are just like we are. And it’s not an easy thing to do. I haven’t figured it out.

I’m investing so much in technology. In. This application that I’m trying to build. Not fully comprehending. If it is the right thing to be doing.

Not understanding if technology is a solution to all our problems. But I’m glad that. I have the technical knowledge to be able to do it. Some of the amazing support to allow me to do it. Understand myself and critically look at those actions in things that I’m doing a lot of that has come from. Well, that’s come from? Journaling to myself

Doing things like this. Talking to others. Listening to music. Meditating. Exercising.

Steam room. And although I have so far to go. These. Intentions in this work has. Then, profound.

It’s Help me be a better person. Communicator. It’s a lot more work to go. But. I do feel with.

Proper support. They can continue to. Help comprehend My own experience so that. Hopefully help you comprehend. I’ve got a lot more to look into around this.

Around this idea of. Journaling how it can help with your mental health and clarity and mindfulness. Now you can do that through writing handwritten how you can do that through text and typing how you can do that from. Recording on a microphone like this, or filming a video. But that is my intention that’s my goal.

I. I’m on the right path, and that I am someone who is capable of doing that. The care. Hi. Need to do it, too.

Be able to cope with. Its own human experience that I’m having. And that we’re all dealing with. And so. Let me continue to explore this, let me.

Take a deeper look at about. Journaling helps with mental health. And. If you have any thoughts on this please let me know. Please let me know how you do it.

Up. I’m reading some really fascinating articles about how people manually do mood charts for their journals how they will do habit lists. You know how they actually. Set up this structured way to understand themselves to monitor their thoughts too. To clarify The feelings that we’re having to produce stress to solve problems more effectively. Resolve disagreements with others resolve disagreements with yourself.

I really do believe you can. You strategies and tools too. Prime yourself or Positive mind set up. Outlook away to reframe narratives in the things that you’re experiencing. Can help you with? Improve your memory I joked that.

I’m a hockey player and they just took a couple of too many hits to the head and so I need something to be able to recall. 2. To retrieve Can. Allow you to see a problem and tackle it from different perspectives. Can help you? I think achieve and manifest goals that you’re actually.

Actually, looking to accomplish. Help you create focus. Speech is something. To look back on. And I’m just scrolling through and looking at a couple of things right now and it’s just.

Small amounts of. Resources on it are already so compelling. So. Here are some of these out all documents some of these myself and I’ll continue to.

To make sure that. Everything that I do can be. Distilled in a way that actually can be used by Someone Like You and used by. A person in their data life lives and. Impact on So this was a good one. Our 17 minutes. What else do you have to say? Is there anything else that you’re thinking about?

I think I’m on quite a roller coaster ride ride right now. One that I have to be. Cognisant of I need to be more even more mindful. Whether that’s dealing with. Heading the people who are working with me.

Making sure that I’m taking care of myself. Delivering value for the people were working with. Filtering out the noise. All that. All the information that is coming at me rapidly every single day.

Making sure I have the right mentors to write supporters to people who are guiding me through this journey. I have things in place legally. Financially. These things can stress you these things can keep you up at night. They can force you to.

Confront things that you. Don’t want to didn’t think you’d have to. Overextend yourself. Take risk. Put faith in the world and per faith in the universe in Perth and people. And just like so many of us, it feels like it’s compounding it feels like it’s accelerating.

And I want that growth. I want that acceleration. I want the personal development that I’m getting but I also have to be careful. Not to take care of myself. After.

Take care of the people that I love. In many cases, it’s become clear to me that. We actually haven’t done. A good enough job of that. With my business.

That is. Took me away from others. That has Taken over so much of my life. I never thought it would. In ways that I can’t. Great. In ways that

But knowing I’ve made. Mistakes made sacrifices. So much time. We can’t. Play out all the scenarios.

That we see in front of us. Before we make a decision. And with every door. You Open. Another door closes.

Many times. You don’t know where that door leads to. And. The place that you are. You are in is so comfortable.

So familiar. Try to enjoy. Safety and security. And you know when you step out that door that. You’re leaving behind something that.

It’s a big part of your life is such a big part of your life. And sometimes that door can’t be. Open back up once you. Go through it, you can’t return to where you. Where you came from? I knew life would be hard, I knew there would be.

Want to tough decisions to make and a lot of. Moments that would come that. It would be difficult. Sometimes you just put your head down so much. You forget. What’s important you forget? How much?

The people. Around you love you. Just as much. Just the same way that you need connection and feel.

Like you need. Care. Support from someone. Other people feel the same way. We’re all here to. Each other and Work with each other through this experience. And it’s Offer that support. Because you’re

Trying to focus on supporting yourself and. I’ve had a lot of Luck in a lot of privilege in my life. They also had. Incessant. Need and drive. Can be

A layer of difficulty that is. Put over I had every single day. Keeps me. Forever. Trying to learn trying to look at what’s next.

Others. Trying to kill myself. And that ambition to heal others and help. So large.

I did I. I forgot to take care of. And the people right around me. I’ve been helping me from the start. The ones who have loved me when. No one else has.

Once you raise me up. In times of darkness and times of weakness. And brought me down. To where I needed to be when it. I’m over ambitious and over, enthusiastic and. Not thinking and taking care of myself the

To be successful, you need to be successful. In so many ways. Ann. Family friends love. Those will always be some of the strongest measures of success, we ever have.

So easy to get lossed. And the other things that we We value as people. Just trying to understand. Myself better the world better the people around me better. OK.

So many times I. Wish that Some of these things inside me. As I move forward. In. Play with this.

OK will continue to report. Will continue to? Try to share. It’s worked in what’s happening what happened. There may not be anyone listening. It might just be communicating with myself.

I’m just printing this piece of information into A. I see. Content that is generated. Every day in every 2nd. But it’s helped me.

Maybe it will help you. That’s all I can ask for. Thank you.

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