Intention Setting For Burning Man 2022

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Episode Summary

– No expectations
– Reconnect with an incredible community
– Connect with friends I can continue to have outside of Burning Man
– Remember why I loved the experience so much in 2019
– Contribute to our camp and Burning Man the best I can
– Be an amplifier of joy, energy and empathy for everyone
– Manage my energy properly to enjoy the entire experience
– Cathartic dancing
– Learn, interpret and internalize the 10 Principles of Burning Man better
– Do not cause any problems with law enforcement
– Continue to build self-reliance and resilience
– Document learnings for post-processing and memories
– Have a great time with my friend and co-worker Vatsal Shah
– Be a resource for those on their first experience or who need support
– Connect with people contributing to the psychedelic movement


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Automated Transcription

Hello hello Tyler Bryden here. I hope everything’s going well. I’m excitedly getting ready for Burning Man 2022 returning for the first time since 2019, which was my first time ever at Burning Man. So I come back with some experience but that seems like a long time between, but sort of, you know, can’t wait for this to settle in what felt like this timeless place in 2019 and it both took forever and was gone in a in a snap. And So what I wanted to do today. Just as I prepare for Burning Man and as our whole camp camp majestic at 4:30 and H come say hi if we would like to. I would love to see you. I’d love to connect with people who I’m creating videos and they’re somehow coming across. This would be awesome. Really what I wanted to do was some intention setting for Burning Man 2022. And I do think that there is this important thing to go into which is you need to have. And this is need is a tough word. Authoritative word maybe.

But it’s like you need to have sort of like no expectations because when you have expectations, that is when you know when expectations aren’t met. That is where suffering comes from. That’s where pain comes from. And so while I am setting intentions, I’m also cognizant of. This idea of going in with no expectations, living in the moment, being in the present and enjoying and contributing as much as I can. And with that being said, through, you know, some of my own journey, some of my experience something psychedelic, some just in life. In general, I find that intention setting is an important part of the process. And even if things are maybe not going necessarily the way that you want to, it can be a scaffolding that allows you to return to that, allow you to.

Prioritize time. Make the decisions that you feel aligned with that align with your purpose, with the vision that you have. And again, a lot of variables, a lot of things can pop up during this time, but I think that this is a helpful exercise and I hope you find value from it really. And this is a on video sort of meditation and intention setting that I I’m excited about and I hope that you are too. So let’s, you know, first jump right in. I just got a couple of notes. I’ll go through. If you know me, I’m Tyler. I can make things succinct.

Generally I don’t. So I will tell you my best to to do this on that. So one of the other first points here I just think is just reconnect with an incredible community. And I know that there were sort of some renegade burns that happened and there’s been local burns since the pandemic. But this is sort of the first full, you know, sanctioned event and return to the desert since 2019, which again feels like an eternity. And I know the energy there is just going to be incredible infectious.

Enthusiasm, almost. I’m guessing it may be almost overwhelming for people who have been, who waited too long to go back. And I know that there’s a lot of people who are now going for the first time, and I’ve been able to connect with them. And so I’m just connecting with that community. I learned so much during that time in 2019 that and I want to learn more and I want to meet more people and I want and I I feel like I felt like I belonged there. I felt like there was this return.

To a place that I belonged and I had been before had a lot of experiences of deja vu. And you know, still sorting through some of that was, you know, watching videos over time, dreams and then also possible other effects of things. But overall, there’s so many people that I met there and you know, people talk about the community being amazing and loving, but then also they’re being sort of like not negative side about it. But people who you know who have been going to Burning Man. For a long time and have seen it change, you know, maybe that culture sort of bike stealing and things like that. All of that is beautiful, so just celebrating that, accepting that you know maybe things don’t go perfectly along the way, but that this community is here and it’s such a deliberate, intentional and just emphatic group of people who are making this happen. So I’m really looking forward to that, and certainly some intentions there. I think one thing that I know is, you know, since that time the world has changed.

Pandemic has happened and I’ve found that it’s been harder to connect with people. In a way that I feel aligned with and and you know at Burning Man I’ve now first of all I’m very happy to know that a couple of friends are going outside of my camp that I’m and some of them are close to us at 4:30 and and that’s really exciting and I think. I’m hoping I can build connections there that transcend outside of burning, and I think it does naturally. But I’m hoping that there are people that I connect with regularly after this and also have some geographic vicinity from. I’m just outside Toronto that I can meet with again because every time I see a burner, I meet with the burner, you know, connect with the people I went with in 2019 and can’t just the crew I feel loving embrace. And so I would love to see that continue outside of this temporary city that we get to.

You know, have the privilege to be a part of it. I think you know one of us continuing this. Just remember why I love this experience so much. In 2019, one of the great sort of was a very transformative time in my life. I had a lot of I would say discouragement from people around me who had seen some trouble that I had gone through of going to Burning Man and and it was felt like a really risky decision at the time. And in the end it was probably one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made, and I listened to my heart. I listened to my gut, listened to my soul.

And because of that, it was rewarded with one of the most fruitful, memorable experiences of my life. And so to go back and just to remember why I love Burning Man so much, I think is a important part of this process. And I think that’s a very apparent, you know, as I’m looking through photo memories or just looking at some of the art installations there or some of the lineups for people who are playing music. Like there’s so much goodness there and I’m, I’m skipping ahead a little bit on one of mine, but it’s to have a great time with my friend and coworker, that’s all. And that’s all is a person I’ve worked with a long time. We’ve been through the ringer with the work that we’ve done at PKI, the software company that we’ve built together. And this is a very big jump out of his probably norm he that’s what comes from India and is part of the sort of Jane.

Religion. And with that, you know, there’s, you know, as he sort of explained, this is not me sort of process and this is just there is some sort of conservative aspects to this. And this is definitely, you know, he’s moving to what is a sort of beautiful hedonistic progressive, you know, temporary experience. And he’s going to see some things that he has not seen before, which I think are awesome. I think he thinks that’s awesome and I appreciate his open mindedness to that. And so my goal is to be.

A good friend, a good guide, a good resource and then also to help him, you know, have the experience that he, you know, not just I think hopes and wants and knowing that that’s the challenge there but that he deserves as being incredible person that he is so very excited for that I’m going to miss my good friend Sean who I went with and Bernie, Bernie man in 2019 and honestly taught me so much about I would say survival, self-reliance. I’m going to miss him a lot and I took lessons from him and so also taking the lessons that I learned in 2019. Applying them back in in 2022. So, so crazy to say that. And what’s amazing is that from 2019, that self-reliance principle that just is.

Endowed throughout every experience at Burning Man has carried through to my everyday life and made me meet more resourceful. And, you know, I feel like anytime I’m just going to the park or anything I think of these crazy days and nights on Burning Man where you just pack up with a backpack and a water bottle and you have no idea what is going to happen. So that’s sort of. A piece that I’m excited to sort of, you know, reconnect with that self-reliance as well too, and just generally connect with, I think, the 10 principles that are important part of Burning Man. And so, you know, here I’ve got the actual link, I’ve got a bunch of resources here that are the 10 principles of Burning Man. You can see them all amazing ones. There’s some that, you know, all of them really connect with me. But one of my intentions is to to learn these even more. Memorization seems very intense.

But I think that would be a beautiful thing. Interpret them and then internalize them. A couple of the other pieces, that ones that I think I’ve done a good job at are radical inclusion. I think that’s a big part of my life. Radical self-expression, communal effort, leaving now leaving no trace is definitely the one that I completely you know love and and I’ve had so many amazing moments in 2019 around this and have continued that and I think even gone beyond like with that leaving no trace, gone on to like if I go somewhere try to even pick up extra garbage so that you’re not even just leaving no trace. You’re also contributing to making the place that you were at even cleaner than it was. And then immediacy that is definitely been something I’m very proud to say that I’ve you know.

One well, and continue to try to excel at, but there are gaps in here and I know one of the ways that I’m, you know, so internalizing that and then also trying to figure out how better can I contribute because it’s my second time going. First time was very eyes, you know, naive eyes, trying to figure out how to help. And I didn’t necessarily get all the sort of structuring that I wanted to just because of everything going on. So my goal here is to help at Camp Majestic, at the camp as much as possible to just be an amazing resource and amplifier. Of energy for people and you know we do obviously sort of cocktail parties that can’t majestic 4:30 and H and but also.

Fixed bikes so that is I’m a not. You know sometimes not that handy of a person. Yet. I do love bikes and I know my way around them a bit and so I’m hoping I can contribute in that way and make sure that I’m a valuable resource not just to the camp, which is very important because they’ve done so much for me, but to the entire sort of Burning Man community, and so that’s a big part of it. So a couple other things I know. I’m already at 10 minutes, so crazy is to manage my energy properly, to enjoy the entire experience.

I think we actually did a pretty good job of that in 2019, but there was a very quick start to it which I would like to replicate again in some ways, but I think now knowing the experience a little bit, trying to pace a bit and so for myself. Hydration, sleep, food. Limiting alcohol definitely a huge driver me and this overall goal more in life. So while I will participate in some ways, I will be less reliant on that and be managing energy so I can be that energy amplifier be that resource, contribute and make sure that I’m doing the best I can to be a valuable piece to this beautiful Burning Man puzzle that is and. There are moments that stick out to me where I think empathy needs to be, you know, fostered even more. Remembering a moment in 2019 where a man who was in a very tough state lost a bike and he was out in the middle of nowhere. And I just still sometimes flashback to that and think like he was so scared. And I just wonder how, you know, we talked to him and tried to console him as best we could, but I just wonder how. What else could we have done? And so.

I’m sure that he’s OK. I’m you know, I know that he is but I can feel it in my heart. But I I just think that that empathy and just going above and beyond to help if you can is something that I’d like to see. So a couple other things. I’m coming. I promise I’m at the end here. Almost cathartic, dancing, taking a little deep from the north. I did not know how to dance in 2019. I never even really listen to EDM. I didn’t know the differences of the nuances between it since then. I was lucky to be with some amazing deejays and.

You know people who are, who know music really well and especially this, you know, techno and EDM and house and you know, sort of. And what I learned was the differences between them, how that can be a part of your life. And since then I’ve embedded myself in. Music listening to help me induce flow States and all of this stuff. But I also learned how to dance a little better and I remember our good friend at Burning Man. Sort of not not criticized but challenged me on my 2 step which was horrible still is to be honest, but it’s gotten much better and I had also this sort of uncomfortable rigidity of being sort of this hockey player and consumed by that and fear and shame that is gone. I have ridden that in the last few years. I will be dancing. I will be cathartically.

Dancing would be self expressing and I hope that that brings joy to other people too and we all get to dance together. So that’s another big one. Couple other last pieces might be one big one and this is a big one for everyone not to generalize, but I think I can almost say this is to avoid law enforcement getting in trouble with law enforcement. So there are a lot of great sort of tips on it. We’ve seen some of the group.

Share some resources on it on in our camp about, you know, consenting to search and not consenting to search and just making sure that you’re driving properly, obviously on the roads around Burning Man. But just also, you know, as you enter the Playa and driving slow and not getting in a rush to get in and everyone wants to get there safe and happy and have the experience that they want. And so I don’t know how I’m sending this specifically as an intention, but it’s a goal to help make sure that that happens and there’s a couple of resources here to ensure that. It does for everyone involved, and I hope for you as well too, because we all you know have waited a long time to go back to this and I hope that we get the experience that you know that that we we hope for and to do that we have to make sure that we’re, you know, respecting law enforcement, respecting the entry and the journey. And I’m setting that intention right now, having gone through that experience in 2019. So a couple last things I swear is to just like continue to build self-reliance and resilience. I’ve talked about that a bit.

I’ve gotten better at that, but I think there’s a lot more that I can do and so I hope to be a little bit more handy and you apply some, you know, bought a house last year and moved into it and and so. You know, I hope to be able to apply a little bit of some of the handy stuff that I’ve learned around the camp, or helping other people. One thing that just stuck out to me as I looked at this symbol was I tried to get a tattoo of the Burning Man on the last day of last year and they had just packed up all the tattoo stuff and so I don’t know if this is my intention yet, but I would love to get the little tattoo and I wanted to get it right. Sort of on my wrist so that when I looked down I remembered that you know there is this other world out there. There is this other reality of playfulness, of good, of energy, of timelessness, of just you know.

Complete. You know, difference from sometimes the world that we live in. Couple other again, I’ve said this a couple times, I’m sorry is to be again a resource for people who experience or need help in any way. Whether it’s holding and holding space, whether it’s dancing, whether it’s giving them water and remember these amazing experiences in 2019 where I would be, you know, thirsty and someone would pass me a drink and then someone else was hungry and passed them a protein bar or whatever that was. And that’s some of the beauty, the synchronicity that comes at Burning Man.

And I will hope to continue that and I think. Last piece I have here, and I guess unless anything else sort of explodes to me at the end, is just to connect the people specifically who are contributing to the psychedelic sort of movement. And I know that’s sort of a weird term. I have challenges with it. But generally there’s, you know, Rick Doblin, there’s maps, there’s some amazing people that I’ve connected with throughout the years who, whether through nonprofits or public benefit corporations or even private companies or public companies, are trying to help further sort of the progress, decrease stigma and make sure that this becomes.

Have a, you know, democratized, accessible way to heal and grow and understand and learn. And I believe in that through my own experiences. That’s a valuable part of our of of my life. And I think if you properly and done properly can be a valuable part of others. And so I hope that I can connect with people who are part of that, learn from them. 2019 was a huge accelerator of that, accelerator of understanding and accelerator of connections. I met some amazing people there and I want to see.

Happen again and continue and then reconnect and then figure out how can I continue to contribute. So that’s one of the last parts. I think that’s good. I’m at 16 minutes of intention setting and I hope that this was maybe helpful for you. If you’re interested in this, I know this has been helpful for me to talk through and sort of solidify some of the things that I’m thinking about. Again, camp Majestic 4:30 and 8:00. Send me a message if you’re interested. Would love to connect and if you can find you know website or whatever, send me an e-mail send me a text and figure out I know that’s a hard thing.

And I’ll say this, we’re going to connect that Burning Man. But at least if we know where the camp is and at least, you know, maybe have some way to communicate or figure it out as we get closer to the date that that we make these connections that are are meant to be possible. So this is when Tyler, Brian, I hope you like this video. I really hope that I’m also just as a final note, like, doing my best to like, I feel weird sort of talking about Burning Man sort of publicly and like, obviously it’s on YouTube and sort of social media. I really hope that I, you know, coming.

Off with the right sort of intent. I I really am here to just try to be, you know, learn from my experience and share with others and connect with others who are going. And you know, I’m only on my second time so I can’t think I’m much of an expert or veteran or even maybe a resource. But I’m just trying to do my best to be me and you know, contribute in in my own way. And this is I guess some way that I know how and I’m doing my best to do that. So would love to hear from you. This has been Tyler Braden’s talking about Burning Man 2022 and doing some intention setting for what?

Looks to be just amazing magical time ahead. Thank you so much for checking this out. Bye bye.



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