Is Microsoft Sabotaging Stability AI On LinkedIn?

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An interesting story developing about Stability Ai being labelled as malware and then being completely removed from LinkedIn after the CEO Emad Mostaque critiques and shares job offer with OpenAI employees.

Emad on Twitter: “Open offer to anyone @OpenAI who actually wants to work on Open AI: We will match your salary, benefits etc but you can work on any open source AI projects you like, ours or others. Collaborate, be open and prioritise good outcomes over self interest:” / Twitter

Emad on Twitter: “So @LinkedIn autochanges to a malware site. Really? We get so much more crap behind the scenes too, compiling them in a list. Keep calm and continue to code, open and diverse AI is the way ✊” / Twitter

Emad on Twitter: “After changing any links across @LinkedIn to malware site warnings & messing the formatting of job ads, the @StabilityAI LinkedIn presence has been fully erased and deplatformed. I am sure there is a *completely* reasonable reason. What do you think? 🤔” / Twitter

Emad (@EMostaque) / Twitter

“stability ai” | Search | LinkedIn

Cyril Diagne | LinkedIn

CEO of Stability AI, an OpenAI rival, reportedly told employees they were ‘all going to die in 2023’ as competition heats up

Stability AI CEO to Staff: ‘You’re all going to die in 2023…’ (Due to Competition) – In the news – OpenAI API Community Forum

Microsoft and OpenAI extend partnership – The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft extends OpenAI partnership in a ‘multibillion dollar investment’ – The Verge


Microsoft buys LinkedIn – Stories

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

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