TechTo’s 2022 Canadian Rocketships List

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
TechTo's 2022 Canadian Rocketships List

TechTO‘s 2022 Rocketships List

– Over $3 billion raised in 10+ industries

– Segmentation by company stage

– Some of my favourites Cohere, Clutch, and Ada

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Hello Tyler Bryden here. I did a little bit of a separation today. Actually recorded a video earlier today. Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morale Big Steppers album first listening. I mean a matrix right now I see myself seeing myself seeing myself and I thought this wasn’t if you’re watching this on LinkedIn, that appropriate slash probably didn’t want to hear me talk about this for upwards of 20 minutes, which doesn’t even fit into the time frame of when to do those videos. Also, I posted that to YouTube and other places separately if you’re interested in hip hop. Interesting Kendrick Lamar interested in it, I guess initial reactions there is that option for you, but today what I wanna talk about instead is this tech Teo Canadian rocket ship release and so we’ve got here. I’ll pull it up, we’ve got a dog. Got deja barking.

Peace, OK, we’ve got Techtel rocket ship so they do this every year. Pick a bunch of the companies that are just accelerating in Canada right now over 3 billion raised 10 plus countries. All stages of growth, thousand open rolls hiring in 50 cities, hiring in 50 cities. I don’t know exactly what this means. I don’t know if it means all over the place whatever, whatever that that means. But great to see hiring jobs if you’re looking. Obviously there’s a connection point for careers here as well too, and.

You mentioned them on a couple of these. Again, whatever the hell these things are that tetio huge fan of the community there. And think they’re doing excellent work, Steve. Just driving tech driving culture. Driving innovation here in the City of Toronto and now expanding in Vancouver and other places. So, but they’ve done.

List of all the companies you can see them all here. I’ll share this link and then what you can do is, you know, pick one click and then you see you’re founded by Park founders founder names and if they’ve appeared in Tech Teo. I think for ones they have there you go. You can collect, pop, open the YouTube so this was back in 2020 but still relevant sort of thing. I will say that you could add a little bit more metadata in here, maybe how much raised etcetera etcetera would also be nice to know.

A little bit more of the criteria for these for the Rocketship, and maybe maybe Alex talks about this a little bit more about how does one company. Land in here versus one that does not get in, and I’m thinking, you know, just as I looked through this list a lot of great companies within some ones that not as that I’m surprised aren’t there. The one that specifically comes to mind for some reason is voice flow. I’m not sure if they’ve been on the rocket ship list previously, but you know hired a big round last year from some leading investors and have continued to grow and do some really great work. So again, not sure the exact criteria, but some great organizations that are on here and then what I’ve done correctly just pick out a couple of companies that I like. No surprise here.

A lot of them are to do with language so we’ve got cohere oh a little update to the website here. That’s fantastic. Making NLP, part of every developer’s toolkit so people could compare them. Maybe to open AI. And using large language models to do generative AI as well as some extractive AI, they have a portal logged in. I’ve played around with it, and yes, you can see it looks like it’s got a little bit of you know work work to do here, but so many different use cases, so many different applications and they come from a background of some. You know, some people who contributed to the early success of transformer models. Aiden Gomez here, and I mean have raised a significant $125 million round.

Last year I scaled from 25 to 80 plus employees continuing to grow and obviously just so much space in this in this world. To create value. I’m so excited to follow them along. We’ve got sort of this classify function as well as the generate function, and you know definitely worthwhile company checking out if you’re in Toronto. Think they’re doing some exciting stuff and I’ve had to, you know, pleasure to talk to a couple people on their team and passionate, curious, exciting.

And love to see language companies in Toronto. So definitely make that list there. Other one that I, you know, continue to interact with and people talk about sort of innovation in technology. But then there is also this. You know more practical way of applying? You know, applying sort of, you know just technology in a in a business practical way and one of the companies that have done that just in an incredible way is clutch. And really what it seems. And I don’t know as much about them as I know about coherent except that I interact with the website all the time because they’ve done an incredible job building sort of the structure and content to rank incredibly well.

On search engines, and So what they’ve done categorized, categorized different businesses by what they actually do, what they offer, and then if I hop into advertising list of the best advertising agencies and marketing firms. Beautiful locations filtered by services, client budgets, hourly rate, industry reviews. I can see it’s also becoming away a little bit of like a a Google review like Portal where there is actually verified reviews that you can get on the site. There are then sponsored listings, not sure where it’s indicated, but you can see sponsor here and now because of the traffic and the volume that they’re getting. Companies are looking at this as an important place to list their business list their organization, categorize themselves properly and then reap the benefits and then with the review mechanism.

With the building mechanism. You can very quickly find a a service provider for what you’re looking at. What I’m really what I think is really powerful is this idea of the service focus, and we went through it. I’m not sure if we ended up getting listed on the site actually, but they ask you sort of where the service focuses and they break it down so great you know it’s a digital marketing agency, but you don’t know the split. Now you can see advertising paper, click social media, search engine, email marketing. I’m looking only for email marketing, so I want a company that’s just doing that can start to also be more precise with the companies that you’re reaching out to for support.

Or of course, the other way if you’re trying to reach out to. Companies for partnerships? Or you’re trying to sell to them? If I’m interested in companies specifically doing some market research, I have the ability to then segment them properly. Find the list filter by location, and then start generating that lead list. Definitely some nice data structure to scrape from here and then. Some release good stuff from the market leaders, metrics and different sort of reasons.

Sort of following. I would say this sort of crunch based model. Which obviously lists organized companies more from our startup perspective, but does a fantastic job. Also, segmenting comparing and even something like a G2 and things like that, but those are more for software products and not necessarily for some of the services for some of the service firms that they that that are provided here so really fascinating, think they’re doing an incredible job, they’re going to grow just because the structure of their site to content on it, and how well organized is, and definitely a company to follow along. I will continue to follow them.

And then lastly ADA so. The I followed them for a long time. I’ve been lucky enough to join a couple sort of events where I believe M1 of the cofounders spoke and they went through quite a journey to end up where they are and then became a Unicorn billion dollar valuation here in Canada. Have continued to grow and had some very like tight times where they just didn’t think they were going to make it and now have. Accelerated beyond that point, grown significantly and doing a lot of, I mean went from basically managing support, building chat bots, and then building all these layers of interaction with customers to bring down the amount of manual sort of human labor or support that’s required and then driving better experience, and they’ve just sort of continued to grow, build out their offerings and and grow that even more. What’s been nice.

They’ve even been had some inbound people come their way looking for more sort of like speech analysis, kind of work, and then they’ve actually sent people our way. So we’re thankful for the people at ADA considering us knowing who we are and sending us some some interesting leads and and conversations. And then some some great stuff from an entire sort of overview and platform of all the ways that they’re personalizing journeys, driving revenue, building better brand support, and obviously using exactly a lot of AI. A lot of NLP to. To do this so no code developer ready. Effortless integration is easy implementation that had crespy love it guys and what I’ll do just for something that was I think is sort of fun. For example this this was what everyone was curious about. So add adoras, right? Well, search already did this, you can see here. Click on it. OK, transform your written work into audio. Obviously a really easy way to repurpose content that’s done automatically. If you can personalize it, there’s a lot of value.

Here and. I know this just makes a lot of sense from. A content perspective in this world of content that we live in customized sound, instant distribution, live data tracking and then monetization. So it’s no doubt to see that they’re growing. I’m not sure how far they are in the journey, and you know something that I would often do. They’ve got sort of eight employees on the team and so this idea of a rocket ship. That’s what I’m interested in. Did they just raise what what happened that actually got them classified on this list? Again? Maybe they will talk about this.

On the podcast that Alex did, you can see at Oris what we’re seeing. OK, so investors, but nothing too much from a details perspective on there. Google Cloud Accelerator next, so those aren’t really big big investors, so Crunch base is obviously a great source. And then OK, here we go. Pitch book as well too. So growing 1.15 million.

December 21st, so yes, they’re on this path. They’re probably growing significantly right now, they’re hiring, and another reason why they’re on this list, and I’m guessing, you know tetio is obviously trying to support these companies that are hiring and making this connection of supporting them, as well as trying to find people careers and talented people to end up on these on these companies so. Ton of other great organizations on this list. I’ve already got 10 minutes here and you can check out this list yourself, so I’m not going to barrage, you know, attack you with too much else, but I definitely something worth while checking out. Fascinated whether you’re in the space or not, it’s great to know that those Canadian companies growing doing awesome work, innovating and continuing to grow and thrive. And in time where there’s a lot of companies struggling to do that.

Time, think what else? We’re at the end of a week here. It’s been another fascinating week in the in the world. Some stuff that maybe I’ll talk about that speak a little bit later. One thing I’m interested in sharing. I’ll probably do this next week sometime. It’s just like how this sort of stack of content that I’m creating here and then one of that little automations that I’ve brought into play using speak through ZAP, YouTube, Zappa and then speak to deploy transcripts on on the website. So I think that’s a little bit of an interesting piece there, but so much more.

In the in the work, so much more to share and you know I was grateful to have a couple more interactions this week where some people had been saying that they’ve been watching these, checking them out and that they had learned and gotten some insights. They had felt that. They had built up a level of understanding of who I am and the trust level so that that that’s been really fascinating. It’s been from a customer perspective and investor perspective, and then just also friends that I hadn’t connected with for a long time, and so I’m on. I think this is episode.

2021 that’s a lot of days, and things continue to to happen and develop because of it, so I’m going to continue at this even when I’m looking out at the sun, even though it’s a Friday. I do enjoy this a lot and it’s been a nice part of the routine, so thank you to everyone. Hope you all have a great rest of the day. If you have any favorite companies on the rocket ship list from tech to let me know if there’s any companies that you think they got. They got burned by not being added on the list, or if those companies that you don’t think deserve to be on the list. That’s a horrible thing to say.

Shoot me a message. Would love to discuss this and glad to connect with the techno community a little bit this week and then see some of this stuff come to life. So thank you again. Have a great day. Look forward to seeing you next week. Bye bye.


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