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This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

What are the competitive advantages of Speak? I don’t like to reduce the world to this. But, in the world we live in, it’s important to think about and articulate. 

The world is going through a difficult time right now. While some companies continue to concentrate their wealth, many struggle. Wealth inequality increases and individuals may be unemployed, protecting their money, and reducing expenses. 

So, it becomes as important as ever to clearly demonstrate the value of what we are building. The team and I have invested a lot of money, time, and energy into this work.  We know we’ve created something of deep value. It just needs to be deeply aligned with the goals of the people and the world today. 

To do that, you have to focus on three things if you are to build a sustainable, monetizable, and profitable business:

1. How are we saving you money
2. How are we making you money
3. How are we making you more productive

This is crucial to businesses but also to just normal people. I do think there are some other things tied to human nature that we do want:

1. We want respect
2. We want authority and status

I’d love to hear what else you would like to add to these lists! Drop me a note if you have any ideas or recommendations😊

Saves Time

Speak has definitely saved me time. Here are some precise ways:

– When transcribing audio and video. No more manual transcription. 

– When identifying meta tags for content

– Finding moments that matter in audio, video, and text

– If I want to create an article, email, or polished piece of video, the easiest and quickest way is to record myself speaking or quickly type up a note. With Speak, I can do both of those in just a few clicks. 

Makes Money

For companies, the SEO benefits, the tying together of data to provide business insights and intelligence can definitely produce novel insights that lead to making more money, decreasing costs, and becoming more profitable. 

You could easily identify what words are resonating with your customers most. You could capture and analyze conversations you and your team are having to discover what is leading to success. 

What about an individual though?

Search engine optimization has driven traffic, leads, and sales. I’d like to quantify how much but this is hard. I will look into what I can do. Other things will pay off over the upcoming months and years. 

While I ponder that here are some other ideas that are valuable to both organizations and indivudals:


Speak has given me so many breakthroughs already. I consider these valuable. I may have discovered some of these through other methods, but I’m not sure how, and I’m not sure as quickly, impactfully, and well-documented for retrievability. 

Breakthroughs are what we look for in life. For a while, I’ve put a lot of weight behind the word insights. But, breakthroughs are more than that. Revelations. 

Pattern Recognition

This is something I have a lot of belief in. 

By holistically combining audio, video, and text with the ability to tag and organize, you are able to surface connections, patterns, and insights like never before. 

Information Retrieval

Another huge one. Anytime I create a text note, audio, or video recording, I have confidence that I can retrieve at any moment with a simple query.

I can search through audio and video easily. No more lost, useless recordings.

Knowledge Management

More than that, Speak empowers a new chapter in knowledge management. There features to help you capture and organization valuable information. 

There are also new and different ways to explore my captured information through dashboards, search, tags, explorer, visualizations in the software, and exporting out CSVs for raw data manipulation and visualization and other data analysis systems. 

Improves Mental Health

This is something I’m trying to dig down into even deeper. It’s been hard to quantify sometimes (I can do a better job of that with validated quantitative PHQ-9 tests and more to track mood) but with not only the technology of Speak, but the process, and then the awareness of the what the technology is capable of, I have undoubtedly seen improvements in my mental health. 

Expressive writing, therapeutic journaling and journaling for well-being have become deep interests of mine. 

I didn’t understand why I took notes and wrote rap lyrics, and journaled growing up. 

There has been amazing work and research done on the connection between journaling and not just mental health but physical health. 


9 Benefits of Journaling on Your Health and Mental Well-Being
Therapeutic Journaling
A Step by Step Guide To Journaling For Your Wellbeing | Grace&Us
A new reason for keeping a diary
(PDF) Online positive effect journaling improves mental distress and well-being in general medical patients: Evidence from a preliminary randomized controlled trial (Preprint)

Improved mental health leads to improvements in all areas and has a direct impact on performance. For myself, that improvement in performance could be the difference between getting or missing out on life-changing opportunities.

Even small improvements that Speak has helped me with can impound incrementally and let me become the best version of myself. 

Note On Methods of Journaling:

One thing I would like to get more research on is the impact of writing versus speaking versus typing. There is a lot of encoding that happens when you physically write and almost all of the studies are done with that method. 

Talk therapy is beneficial and I believe Speak provides at least some form of connection and relief when understood and used well. And although you are not physically writing, there is a lot of great movement when typing. I find it particularly potent and satisfying to end a good sentence with a fancy tap 😂

Furthermore, the argument made is that simply transforming emotional upheavals into words is the powerful part of the process. That is happening with all three digital methods with Speak.

And who knows, I would absolutely love to do hardware one day where you can write with a pen and it will instantly sync into Speak. If it takes too long we may just be Neuralinked by then and will only have to articulate our words in thought. Too trippy and futuristic? I know.

Content Idea Generation

Using Speak and being able to seamlessly transfer between audio, video and text, extracting keywords, topics, people and more between them all. 

I especially like knowing audio and video gets transformed into text. I can seamlessly take an idea that is generated while recording an audio note that can then be converted into a text note. 

The stream of consciousness that comes with recording long-form audio and video is incredible. You can achieve a similar effect with expressive writing. Being able to combine those all together and interweave between them seamlessly while in a creative mindstate has been responsible for neverending output, ideas, breakthroughs, healing moments and more.

Instant Replay

Some of the best athletes of all time attribute it to watching back their games. Great comedians often recorded and listened or watched back to their sets. The highest-performing salespeople review their calls. 

Speak has given me an instant replay for everything in my life that I want to capture. It’s been revolutionary for me. 

I don’t have to record everything. But everything I do I can immediately playback, review, analyze, retrieve, and share with others. 

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