Using “From The Perspective Of” In Your OpenAi DALL·E 2 Image Generation Text Prompts

This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Using "From The Perspective Of" In Your OpenAi DALL·E 2 Image Generation Text Prompts

For example, you can use “from the perspective of”

  • an ant
  • a shark
  • a bird
  • a human climbing a tree

to create images where DALL·E 2 understands what the view would be like from that object or being and renders the output accordingly.

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YouTube Video


Automated Transcription

Hello Tyler Bryden, here, hope everything’s going well today. I want to talk about a little bit exploration in DALLE that I thought was very interesting for image generation. Just sort of triggered once from successful prompt that then gave me some ideas and I’m just exploring that in a couple of ways. And that is basically adding from the perspective of and in this case what I did was a massive Willow tree from the perspective of an Ant, and I’ve actually seen some even, you know, more interesting. Renders of this where it’s like showing an Ant directly on the ground. Sort of looking up with the massive scope and with like sort of the vision that an Ant may have of a of a tree, and I thought that this was.

Really fascinating sort of modifier that you could put on the daily image generation engine or any image generation system in general that allows you to create images from a certain perspective that I think opens up a lot of doors and what I’ll do. I’ll duplicate this one just so you can show a couple and then hopefully I’m going to see if I can get another version of this on the fly so we can see and I don’t look like an idiot, but here is the same mass, basically the same prompt, massive Willow tree from the perspective. Of a bird and you can see very, you know, intelligently took the bird’s perspective of flying above the tree, looking down on that Willow tree and giving you that image in the end. So I thought that one was really fascinating. I originally tried to do 1 as a squirrel. Now I want to check out these two Ant versus tree branch. It looks like there’s a lot of similarities, even possibly almost the same. Images here, and I put a little bit of a modifier on it and also a tree branch is not a being.

But from that perspective, you do get, you know you do get this image. Generated in this in this in this view, even if not fully accurate. I also tried one more which was from the perspective of a shark, my original shark one didn’t work and then I did a perspective of the shark in the ocean. Now this one seemed a little bit less impactful. Just I mean first of all, why is a shark doing that and?

You know where? Where is the shark? It probably doesn’t know where to place this, so that while there are many nonsensical. Things you can see that maybe it can’t handle all of them or it doesn’t make sense for a shark to have an environment in it. You know, in the water there. And that’s why I got the one that I got. I’m going to click quickly here just to show what we would see if we just type typed in a massive tree. The actual image generation that we get there. So you do still still see a couple ones with the branch, but generally you start to see a little bit more of a further back view. And then I wanted to do one last Test, one on the fly. So we’ve got a massive Willow tree from the perspective of a.

Person climbing the tree and again all I wanted to show with this in this video. Just a very quick one is that there’s an option to add modifiers that can make a huge difference on the output that dally creates for you. In this case if you add from the perspective of, it generally seems to understand that there is a person there. We go beautiful. So now this one you can actually see the person and this one. You can see the person, but these two it looks much more like a human actually climbing the tree trees.

And I just think generally the understanding of Daly to know that. That there is a perspective looking through the eyes of a being and that knowing that that being, or even in this case a tree branch has. Should have a modification on the output of the image. Shows some of the intelligence that that the system has, and I think if you are creating art, if you’re creating images from, this is a worthwhile thing to to check out and try so hope you enjoy this video. Just a short tight one as I sort of experiment continuously with open AI’s Daly image generation. I’ve shared how to get access to it. I’ve also shared some alternatives to it and generally enjoying this journey a lot as I explore this. Hope you are too. If you have any other prompts that are interesting to you that you found or uncovered.

Please feel encouraged to let me send me a message, drop it in the comments below or in general if you’re interested or curious, or you have ideas for prompts because it’s breaking my brain trying to think of them sometimes send me a message. Appreciate everyone who checks these videos out very much. Hope you have a great rest of the day. Bye bye.


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