How To Make Your Google Analytics Data More Accurate

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This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

Sometimes you have moments where you’ve been relying on data, and all the sudden you realize it has been inaccurate. The decisions you’ve making, the knowledge you believe you have stem from this information. It hurts when you get it wrong. Especially, if it affects other people negatively.

What if you’ve told your employees, or investors, or customers, or other shareholders impressive stats that turned out to be far overblown? What if there are errors you believe are only happening minimally but you find out are happening all the time? 

These are some of the reasons it is important to try to get accurate data.

Google Analytics

I am currently focused on Google Analytics as I am doing some optimizations on my own web properties. 

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  3. Dark traffic that didn’t really come from direct.

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