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This is is part of my live-learning series! I will be updating this post as I continue through my journey. I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. This is a practice to help me share things that are valuable without falling apart from the pressure of perfection. 

First of all, I’m very lucky to work with an amazing group of people already.




Individual people. Not companies, organizations, groups etc. If I like a whole group, I will split them into individual people.

I am putting intent into a diverse group of people who I admire. I do not want to see all Tim Ferris like people on this list 😂. 

Definition of “Work”

This is something am still working on. Work is such a catch-all term. Generally, the goal is to connect and have a working relationship with someone that benefits both of us and enables us to both generate some level of sustainability and growth in our lives.


Actually generate the list of people. I’m doing this as I go and it will be fascinating and revealing who I add to this.

Formulate somewhat of a plan. Okay, if I now know this is a person I want to work with, what can I do to make that happen? Already some interesting things here. For example, some of the music artists below. There would have to be a good reason people as popular as them would want to work with me. It must be valuable for them. Most likely in a lopsided way. So, either I need to present them with some amazing music and a following that is worthwhile tapping into. At the very least a vibe that they feel. Or, I need to create a compelling business case or an unforgettable experience. I’ll come back to this. 


I will be adding links to each person over time. This could be links to their website, their social media, my favourite posts, or content, or media, the best way to reach them and more. 

These links will generate contextual connections to the people. Already, for organizations, I’ve seen myself ranking in the top 10 of Google. This can compound. This might make them aware of me. It should build up some domain authority for me. And, it will be a valuable resource for myself and others.

Establish Why

Why do I want to work with this person? What draws me to them. What is valuable for me? What is valuable for you as a reader.

Help others create their own “people I would love to work with” list

Eric Janssen from Richard Ivey Business School and Intellitex showed me the “Dream 100”, which is the 100 dream customers you could have. That really stuck with me. There is so much good that can come from an activity like that. The first time I did it, there was a newfound focus. I didn’t execute the way I wanted to necessarily but its a list I can revisit. Some of that has found its way in here. 

Organize Data Well

This will be a lot of information. The page could load slow. It could be unruly. It could be hard to find people. Do I do it in alphabetical order? Is there ways I could let people sort?

Avoid Duplicates

This will be hard to do. How do I best categorize people? Do I need sub-categories? If so, how do I display this information?

Data Maintenance

How do I detect when links break?


This is a creepy post and thing to do 😂 I don’t know. How can you manifest things? This seems like a good way to do it. I really do love all these people.

Someone on this list is divisive. I can already see for example Jeff Bezos is on the list here who is wildly controversial for his impact to the world. How do I reconcile that? This is good self-reflection and something I need to address.

Someone does something bad I didn’t know about when I added them to the list. 


Because I am stream of consciousness typing people on a first pass as I add them, I may spell names or categorize them wrong. This could be misrepresentative and hurt someone’s feelings or success (in some way I know that’s a stretch lol). 

Investment of Time

This could be a massive task that takes months or years. 

Information For Each Person

Need to have

At least one link.

An image. 

At least one social media link to follow. Preferably Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Instagram.

One website link. To Wikipedia at the minimum. To their site, if they have one.  

Nice to have

People I’m already privileged to work with

Vatsal Shah

Roy Gowler

Rokham Ford

Lorne Collier

Brittany Maia

Jeff Van Heumen

Anita Sutton

Ashley Congynham

Ben Kaplan

Alfred Farrington

David Champion

Alex Edwards

Caitlin Helwig

Christina Fox

Eugene Bomba

John Pollock

Frank Erschen

Jason Winders

Jeremy Ward

Joseph Barker

Joseph Francis

Justin Finkelstein

Karen Schulman Dupuis

Shawn Slade

Ketan Ramji

Lindsay Dearlove

Loredana Wainwright

Matt Akins

Michael Oliver

Michael Pratt

Michelle Baldwin

Nikolai Vassev

Olivia Standish

Patrick Poulin

Rachael Luby

Richard Goodine

Sean Grabowski

Timothy Fosteman

Trevor Millar 

Pascal Tremblay

Salimeh Tabrizi

Zamir Khan

Victoria Bright

Marik Hazan

Annette Markvoort

Bhavesh Shah

People that I would love to work with:


Tiago Forte

Conor White-Sullivan

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Aubrey Marcus



J. Cole

Chance the Rapper

Dr. Dre


Young Thug

Anderson .Paak

Ari Lennox



Jeff Bezos


Albert Tai

Alexandra MCalla

Alex Speiser

Andre Vashist

Bernie Batt

Chris Dowding

Corey Shelson

Del Jolly

David Brebner 

Cor Van Lith

Cristiano Micheli

Daniel Kharlas

Dave Rabin

David Ciccarelli

Deborah Kaye

Dr. Ketan Patel

Dr. Taryn Taylor

Colin Couchman

Eesmyal-Santos Brault

Eric Janssen

Eric Klingenberger

Gary Manning

Gregory De Rocher

Ian Haase

Jack Bunce

Joe Dales

David Bilson

Kelly Bender

Kevin Crosby

Kevin Matthews

Larry Lau

Leon Li

Lina Bowden

Lucia Huang

Mariam Hayward

Mark Haden

Murray Sanders

Nolan Ladoucer

Patrick Moher

Patrick Gregory

Payton Nyqvuest

Rick Doblin

Reid Thornley

Rokham Ford

Ross Ingram

Ryan Weaver

Sasha Sirotkin

Sheri Eckert

Simeon Schnapper

Stacey Wallin

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Steve Mann

Tanja Schomann

Tharshan Muthulingam

Owen Winkleton

Tiffany Pope

Tiffany Roshkcow

Tyler McKinley

Yaron Conforti

Zach Haigney

Marc Benioff

Warren Buffet

Ursula Burns

Stewart Butterfield 


Ali Wong

Tom Segura

Bo Burnham

Dave Chapelle

Bill Burr

Jerry Seinfeld

Chris Rock

Eddie Murphy

Amy Schumer

Jim Gaffigan

Sarah Silverman

Aziz Ansari

John Mulaney

Wanda Sykes

Trevor Noah

Seth Meyers

Larry David

Kate McKinnon

Talk Show Hosts

Stephen Colbert

John Oliver


Joe Rogan

Andrew Schultz

Marc Maron

Tim Ferris


Abdullah Snobar

Government Organizations

Ketan Ramji


Ben Greenfield


Paul Stamets

Rick Doblin

Dr. Berra Yazar-Klosinski

Robin Carhart-Harris

Stacey Wallin

Amanda Fielding

Hamilton Morris

Robert Laurie

Dennis McKenna

Kyle Klingsbury


Robert Greene

Yuval Noah Harari

Michael Pollan

Jordan Peterson

Brian Christian

Ari Herstand

Ronald Siegel

Russell Brand

Mark Manson

Tina Fey

John Medina

Steve Martin

Chris Smith

James Fadiman

Actors & Actresses

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Rock

Sofia Vergara

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kevin Hart

Penelope Cruz

Denzel Washington

Daniel Day-Lewis

Halle Berry

Will Smith

Angelina Jolie

Natalie Portman

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Aniston

Morgan Freeman

Emma Stone

Mila Kunis

Anna Kendrick

Kiera Knightley


Elon Musk

Steve Mann


Tony Robbins

Brian Tracey

Robert Kiyosaki

Mel Robbins

Deepak Chopra

Gary Vaynerchuk

Eckhart Tolle

Zig Ziglar

Dave Ramsey

Steve Wozniak

Simon Sinek

Brene Brown

Malcolm Gladwell

David Goggins

Arianna Huffington

Venture Capital

Neha Khera

Paul Graham


Barack Obama

Andrew Yang

Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders


Ayesha Seha

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