Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
Ontario Elections, Washington Capitals, Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain

On June 8th, 2018, I share my thoughts on the results of the Ontario Elections, in which Doug Ford and The Progressive-Conservative Party (PC) won a majority and are now in power of the province.

I also discuss the Stanley Cup playoffs and the win by Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.

Lastly, I look at the public suicides of celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, who many people admire. To highlight this, I share a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week that shared that from 1996 – 2016, there has been nearly a 30% increase in suicide rates.

It’s a weird world we are living in. I am part of it. I’ll continue to share my experiences and insights on it. Check me out on YouTube or visit https://www.tylerbryden.com/ for more!

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Transcript (Unedited)

Hello everyone is “terrigen here June eight, 28. it was a big day for “Antara up to day we woke up to a PC, majority. And if we’re not from entering from Canada, PCs are the conservative side here, Liberals on the left the more progressive side, they have been in power for 15 years and last night they took a radical slide down and lost power, but not only that, they actually lost what we see as official party status, meaning he only got seven seats they needed eight seats. That means that their funding gonna decrease they’re gonna lose levels of funding for research. And it’s quite a shock to the Liberal Party who has been in power for so long, who objectively has done some real good in our province whether in helping out with education, giving prescription medicine to people under 25 for free, some really fantastic things, but has also had a fair share of scandals over this time as well, too, and has a negative impact on the province. So we now have for nation Trump light as many people are considering he is empowered with a majority government. He said that he was gonna deliver Toronto? He definitely did do that. Toronto just crushed it for that PC, party. And they are now that majority have a ton of seats and it’s gonna be really interesting to see what they do with that power. They are really able to change them stuff unimpeded, and it makes for a definite shift in Canadian politics, especially for us here in Ontario who’s often who is a considered pretty progressive and for a lot of people, it was a shock to see just how many people voted for a PC. You can see sort of some of the results out here and DP up there, and you can also see some heavy, heavy blue down here. So Toronto very PC, a lot of other places. One thing I do wanna note, London, Ontario and I find it here it is, I think, miss my region, specifically we are often known as a very conservative town, so to see it or have a pretty strong NDP base here in London is, is pretty cool to see.

And I look forward to London or continuing to be a future-oriented forward-thinking city. Maybe not as… maybe not as conservative as we actually once thought so we’ll see saying that there is still a lot of blue surrounding us. And that seemed to be the tending the training thing across the province, people wanted to change. We’ve got a change depending on… you are what your objectives are and just what your priorities are as a person. That could be a good change. Well, that could be a bad chain. So there’s definitely a different feeling in Ontario today, I know as being here at a co-working space with a lot of non-profits and social enterprises, there is definitely a little bit of a sullen, mood a little bit of worry. Traditionally, when conserves getting power, they’re looking at ways to make a smaller government, to lower government waste and a lot of times, a lot of those things that go out of the window are social services and health care which is already a problem in Ontario even when we had a liberal government. So it’s definitely gonna have an impact. I wanna break this up though. There was some positive from last night. One thing that I’m really excited to see and that is a gender, even watching the game.

Last night, it was the Stanley Cup Finals, this guy has been working for so long to actually get this championship and I’m so happy for him. I’m a hockey player myself, and I just know you just look at the guy help passion that how much he cares about this stuff, and it’s just amazing to see a vegan who backed Tom a couple of guys on their team they truly did deserve it and just amazing to see and just wanted to congratulate you really do deserve it.

Showed to devote Smith Pelly on it on here, who was playing against us back in the day at a trip away level, and he was always, always a fantastic player. I’ll never forget. The biggest hit of my career that I ever had was on the andesite. I tried to hit him, and he ran through me like a god down truck. And so, congratulations Washington, you are champions, so you’ve deserved… and I’m really happy to see the Stanley Cup, and Eve’s hands there. So that’s the base thing I saw, there was one other thing I just wanted to quickly touch on here today that really shocked a couple of people this week and that was a couple celebrity-suicides. The first one was Kate amazing fashion designer person who has touched a lot of people’s lives, and I know my girlfriend was disappointed in so many young girls, who admire what she’s done, who have seen Kate Spade as just a symbol of success and for her to lose a life to mean to illness, to depression to anxiety in a suicide is just… it’s really tough to see. And the second one we saw which we just found about last night, was Anthony boarding” really truly admired person, a person who brought food to the world, trying to expose different cultures. I really had some open conversations about consciousness about living a life having some problems and trying to get through them in making your best life and it was a calm voice thing. Someone that people really cared about and I know it. I know it’s really sad these FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE, overlying this and sort of supplement like just highlighting this is what we saw this week was report actually come out, you can see here from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which show that from 1999 to 2016 as a nearly 30 percent increase in suicide rates.

And this is a really tough thing to see. It’s something that we continue to see. Something I don’t think is gonna stop. And again, it’s just exponential increases in the need for mental health in mental health services. And I think taking a really proactive role instead of just a preventative role instead of just a crisis, role. And that’s what we’re saying in the… Terry was a probate and when we bring that back to what’s happened is election it makes a lot of people worried, I think not. I think I know that people who struggle with mental health, they struggled financially, disturb productive, they struggle to pay taxes and give back to society and down the roading creates additional costs with health care and just treatment and the time that it takes to actually serve serve these people going through this stuff. And the PC majority they have all the parties were aware of just how important of an issue was and the PCs, himself pledged two billion dollars over ten years for mental health, but the other parties were much more aggressive, I believe, it was about the same amount over only four years. And I really do think we truly underestimate the cost and the impact that not spending and not taking care of mental health has on society and I think is true. Does it worries a lot of people we know how important know how important this is? I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve seen it in the sector the scene here in London and we continue to get a better understanding of mental health, a mental illness raising awareness, but we now need to build a better system and execute on that system to serve these people better take care of it proactively and not just when we get to a spot like this when there’s people committing suicide, there’s people in crisis they’re hurting themselves and trying to treat them in that situation. So I just wanted to touch on that. Especially when celebrities when people who we consider successful go down like this, I really do, think it’s, it’s a time for people to re-evaluate what they believe success is what they believe makes people happy. Obviously these two examples here, they had the wealth they had the fame, he had amazing people around them and they still couldn’t find that happiness and struggled deeply with mental illness and ended up taking their own life. So it’s a weird word for living in… I am part of that world, and that’s what I’m here today to do. I’m trying to contribute or trying to be part of this consciousness as we move forward as people… as a planet. I really do struggle, I struggle with a Facebook with the Instagram. I tried remaining GED and present in the time I’m in, and I really find that those they get in the out of it, whether that’s firing up and it’s the Grand post text and whatever, whatever, this is to try to share my message, get myself out there, whatever it is, I can’t do that through the traditional means. I don’t wanna take pictures all day I just, I can’t do it. So I’m trying to look for a channel for a platform of how I can contribute to the collective without infringing on my own, my own Police that also infringing on just the work that I’m putting in of trying to be present, trying to be engaged in life and so I don’t know exactly how this looks.

I’ve played around with a couple of concepts and everything, but I’m really liking the video being less share this stuff and I hope to talk about some of the events and stuff going on, but also share some stuff around marketing from the stuff that I’m doing and hope to hope to build us up, get some people on and just have some real good discussions.

So if you are listening… tenant’s impressive, Thank you guys, I appreciate that very much on “tiebreak in its June 8th 2018. please don’t lose hope. Continue to be optimistic if you are a progressive left-leaning person, there is still so much work we have left to do and we can all contribute individually and make a change, whether there is a PC majority whether whatever party is in place here. So, be optimist to be oval continued. The great work you’re doing. I’m signing off but have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to touching base with you guys.

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